UP :: Volume #22

#2141: human nature and divine nature

Has the mountain torrent tsunami bellow, resounds from Grand Vastness Three Continents, transmits from the Taiya Main Star deep sea and high mountain, in Ashen Territory by the starry sky reverberation that God Clan holds. 有山洪海啸般的轰鸣声,从浩漭三块大陆响起,从泰亚主星的深海和高山传来,在灰域许多被神族占有的星空回荡。 The a stream of panic-stricken vision, in different stellar world, looks together to that say/way appearing suddenly form. 一道道惊骇的目光,于不同的星辰天地,共同看向那道突现的身影。 The photostar surface proliferates Opening Heavens Luminary Star of numerous profound cavern, is sparkling seven-colored splendid light, at this moment is splendid. 星体表面遍布众多幽深洞穴的开天耀星,闪耀着七彩华光,此刻熠熠生辉。 With Opening Heavens Luminary Star this for same material quality Beheading Dragons Platform, on hovering sky over Opening Heavens Luminary Star, Yu Yuan true body is standing, as if with the entire Ashen Territory unified whole. 开天耀星本为同一材质的斩龙台,就悬停在开天耀星上空,虞渊本体真身站立着,仿佛和整个灰域浑然一体。 He has no astonishing action, does not have original that Yang God, becomes infinite huge. 他并没有任何惊人之举,也没有原来那具阳神般,变得无穷巨大。 But he at this moment, reappears Ashen Territory by Beheading Dragons Platform suddenly, and has not covered up own trace and aura, made all God Clan, Evil God and Heavenly Demon is shocked. 可他在这个时刻,突然以斩龙台重现灰域,且没有遮掩自己的踪影和气息,还是令所有神族邪神天魔感到震惊。 Some time ago, Grand Vastness' heart origin soul, by him Undead Supreme body, explores death spring's mouth. 不久前,浩漭之心源魂,以他“亡灵至尊”的躯身,去探索一个死亡泉眼 Some time ago, Great Demon God Bertan, left through Opening Heavens Luminary Star suddenly. 不久前,大魔神贝尔坦斯,忽然通过开天耀星离开。 But he is changing constantly, begins in new times slowly the present, goes to return unexpectedly, does not know that returns to Grand Vastness from what world. 而他在风云变幻,在一个新时代徐徐拉开序幕的现在,竟然去而复返,不知从什么天地回到浩漭 Why does he come? 他为何而来? God Clan these Supreme, numerous Unrestrained Realm great cultivator, stare at Opening Heavens Luminary Star above Yu Yuan, the mood dough making look changes extremely complex, many people do not know how should treat present Yu Yuan. 神族的那些至强者,众多自在境大修,凝望开天耀星上方的虞渊,心情和面色变得极为复杂,很多人不知该如何对待如今的虞渊 How to come back unfortunately?” “怎么偏又回来呢?” Star Moon Sect Duan Yisheng, rubbing the eyes, when to seeing clearly is really Yu Yuan, he sighed: that person, the self- will awakens comprehensively, in the near future will repeatedly provide source to cast supreme seat. Human Clan becomes God Clan, is the fact that is irreversible changes, sober and not sobriety approved, now how do you come back to be able?” 星月宗段奕生,揉了揉眼睛,待到看清果然是虞渊时,他不禁叹息:“那位,自我的意志全面觉醒,近期不断发放本源铸就至高席位人族成为神族,已经是不可逆改的事实,清醒和不清醒者都认同了,你现在回来又能如何?” Duan Yisheng saw, in the Grand Vastness original Star Moon Sect position, a crescent moon raises slowly. 段奕生看到了,在浩漭星月宗的位置,一轮弯月冉冉升起。 Above crescent moon , to promote Supreme by source, by Grand Dao of Moon conferred the God title Tan Junshan, clearly feels a heartfelt admiration to that person accomplishment. 弯月之上,以一股本源晋升至高,以月之大道封神谭峻山,分明对那位造就者心悦诚服。 The original Ancient Desolate Sect position, Zhongli Dapan rides the dragon, bolt of white silk flesh essence's energy, rainbow encirclement all around. 古荒宗的位置,钟离大磐骑龙而成,匹练般的血肉精能,彩虹般环绕周遭。 A silver dragon under Zhongli Dapan buttocks, sends out the dismal pitiful yell, is conducting the back he heavy unusual body, carries over the sky outside Grand Vastness him. 钟离大磐屁股下的一头银龙,发出悲凉的惨叫,驮着他沉重异常的躯身,将他带出浩漭外的天空。 Your New Grand Vastness plan fail, cannot keep the promise, but Its refining source are also many enough, who can reject the God Position seduction? Especially, goes to Abyss to discover after Human Clan root originally is It, who can also resist It?” “你们的新浩漭计划失败了,没有能兑现诺言,而祂精炼本源又足够多,谁能拒绝神位诱惑?尤其是,去过深渊发现人族的根源本就是祂以后,谁还能抗拒祂呢?” Duan Yisheng looked at side one, bathes under starlight, looks at a loss to beyond the heavens Liu Ying. 段奕生望了一眼身旁,沐浴在星光之下,茫然看向天外柳莺 In his eye flashes through a pain intent. 他眼中闪过一丝痛意。 Liu Ying does not seem to remember that who Yu Yuan was, sees the Beheading Dragons Platform above form, in recalled desperately, but in eye puzzled was getting deeper and deeper. 柳莺似乎不记得虞渊是谁了,怔怔地看着斩龙台上方的身影,在拼命地回想,可眼中的困惑却越来越深。 Yeah , my anything does not know, anything has not seen.” “哎,罢了罢了,我什么也不知道,什么也没看到。” Duan Yisheng kept sighing, he cancelled the thought of innermost feelings, remained silent in the sober condition. 段奕生长吁短叹,他打消了内心的念头,在清醒状态下保持着沉默。 He like Shi Jing'er, such as has not promoted Supreme, has not integrated source Unrestrained Realm great cultivator, is not silly also chooses to play the fool. 他如石景儿,如很多尚未晋升至高,没有融入一股本源自在境大修般,不傻也选择装傻。 Only then plays the fool and forgets, can go on living very well, can the sect and side important is pulled 只有装傻和遗忘,才能很好地活下去,才能不让宗派和身边重要的人受牵 Including. 连。 ...... …… Ashen Territory.” 灰域。” Yu Yuan foot treads Beheading Dragons Platform, narrows the eye to look, discovered Barlow and Brisett, at this moment by soon dying that two Evil God suffered. 虞渊脚踏斩龙台,眯眼一看,就发现了巴洛布里赛特,此刻被两位邪神折磨的即将死去。 Brisett can also open eyes reluctantly, sees his image. 布里赛特还能勉强地睁开眼,看到他的形象。 But Star Clan Barlow, within the body almost does not have the vitality, the strength of unexpectedly continually opening eyes does not have, perhaps can only hear all powerhouses to shout his name the sound. 星族巴洛,体内几乎已经没有生机,竟然连睁眼的力量都没,或许只能听到各方强者呼喊他名字的声音。 Divine nature, human nature.” “神性,人性。” The Yu Yuan complexion is tranquil, the innermost feelings explode the startling thunderclap. 虞渊面色平静,内心炸起惊雷。 He needs by true body, to feel the feeling of his Yang God, can raise to the sympathy of Barlow and Brisett, to caring of these two Supreme. 他需要以本体真身,感受他阳神的感受,才能升起对巴洛布里赛特的同情,对这两位至高者的在意。 He realizes from experience carefully, increasingly realized that builds Soul Divine Altar in him, more casts when the floor is higher, his original human nature is becoming pale. 他细细地体悟,逐渐意识到在他打造出“灵魂神坛”,将台面越铸越高时,他原有的人性正在变淡。 Soul Divine Altar existence of god character, making him have a divine nature that ignored all living things, and gradually profound. 灵魂神坛”中一个神字的存在,让他有了一种漠视众生的神性,并渐渐深刻。 He understood finally. 他终于明白了过来。 He by true body, is maintaining the exchange with Yang God, is feeling emotions of Yang God within the body, when takes a fresh look at Barlow and Brisett, in heart annoyed ascends slowly. 他以本体真身,和阳神保持着交流,感受着阳神体内的情绪,重新去看巴洛布里赛特时,心中的恼火缓缓升腾。 Meanwhile, he discovered the temple that is situated in Grand Vastness, has the complex induction with him. 与此同时,他发现那座立于浩漭的圣殿,和他存在复杂的感应。 He is trying affecting by mental effort divine ability. 他以心力神通试着牵动。 Bang! Bang! 轰!轰隆! Temple as if ancient, by the divine tool of his casting, was skidded suddenly by him, worries to clash to Grand Vastness, wants to return to his under foot. 圣殿仿佛一件古老的,由他铸造的神器,被他给突然撬动了,着急地想要冲离浩漭,想要回归他的脚下。 But Grand Vastness' earth, such as the between Heaven and Earth most fearful magnet, absorbs stubbornly the temple. 浩漭的大地,如天地间最可怕的磁石,将圣殿死死吸附住。 The temple vibrates unceasingly, but cannot get rid of Grand Vastness, without the means returns to his palm. 圣殿不断地震动,但就是摆脱不了浩漭,没办法回归他的手掌。 Master.” “主人。” Guardian in the breaking open hole mouth, bows to salute toward him, on the withered face wrote all over reluctantly, was sorry, Its order I cannot violate.” 守护者在破开的窟窿口,朝着他躬身行礼,枯槁的脸上写满了无奈,“抱歉,祂的命令我不能违背。” Before was loyal to him, for Guardian of his watch over this temple, because of him and that person broke off thoroughly the new choice. 以前忠于他,替他看护这座圣殿的守护者,因他和那位的彻底决裂有了新选择。 Great Lord of Abyss!” “伟大深渊之主!” Wonderful ugly incomparable Spirit Reaver Grimes, pays homage to toward him in the Grand Vastness upper air, in the meatball the giant eye filled the frantic light. 奇丑无比的掠灵者格莱姆斯,在浩漭的高空中朝着他膜拜,肉球中巨大的眼睛充满了狂热之光。 If Grimes Evil God, only then a small part, is also saluting at this moment respectfully. 格莱姆斯般的邪神,只有一小部分,此刻也在恭敬行礼。 If initially just saw when him is the same. 如当初刚看到他时一样。 But as for 2/3 Evil God, because of him and that person breaking off, same made the new choice with Guardian, has not lain prostrate in worship toward him. 但至于三分之二的邪神,因他和那位的决裂,和守护者一样做出了新选择,没有朝着他顶礼膜拜。 These Evil God attitudes ponder indifferently, in waiting to be looking at the joke, after looking at him to return to Ashen Territory, how can go out. 那些邪神态度冷漠而玩味,在等着看笑话,看他回归灰域以后,怎么才能出去。 ! Whistling! 呼!呼呼! Tan Junshan, Lu Hongpeng, Qin Luo, Lin Yu, Zu'an, Fan Heqing, old and new Primodial God Supreme, or in Grand Vastness or in Taiya Main Star, has azure-black source, receives the control of that person strength. 谭峻山,陆宏鹏,秦珞,林煜,祖安,梵鹤卿,一位位老的和新的元神至高,或在浩漭或在泰亚主星,都拥有一股青黑本源,都受到那位力量的掌控。 High Priest Reed, has the death symbols spring's mouth place in that dissipation , the vision deeply looks like. 大祭司里德,在那散逸出死亡符号泉眼处,也目光深沉地看来。 2/3 Evil God, numerous Human Clan Supreme, Heavenly Demon tribes, Grand Vastness' heart It, this strength of filling Ashen Territory is highly unified. 三分之二的邪神,众多人族至高,天魔族群,还有浩漭之心的祂,这股充满了灰域的力量高度统一。 Ashen Territory World's principle, Grand Vastness and Taiya Main Star mystery, the whole world also under the sweep of Its. 灰域天地法则,浩漭泰亚主星的奥秘,整个世界也在祂的笼罩下。 I come, is to carry off Barlow and Brisett.” “我来,是要带走巴洛布里赛特。” Yu Yuan lifts a hand, aims at Gemaisi and Oleg that two Evil God, said: Person gives me to carry off, reading in you is also in the Abyss tribes share, I only kill you two, will not make your ethnic group exterminate.” 虞渊抬起一只手,指向戈麦斯和奥列格那两位邪神,道:“人交给我带走,念在你们也是深渊族群的份上,我只杀你们两个,不会令你们的族群灭绝。” Barlow? Brisett? 巴洛布里赛特 The Yu Yuan words, with the attitude of his clear expression, let Taiya Main Star and Grand Vastness many Human Clan powerhouses, finally notices two foreign race patriarch pitiful present situations. 虞渊的话语,和他清楚表达的态度,让泰亚主星浩漭的许多人族强者,终于注意到两位异族族长的凄惨现状。 Yu Yuan, you violate Its order, no longer is the Abyss master.” 虞渊,你违背祂的命令,就不再是深渊的主人。” Gemaisi of octopus strange shape, takes the lead to sneer, from filling the frantic chaotic abyss force Grand Vastness atmosphere appears, each thick extravagant tentacle, before absorbing compared with the Abyss land that him lives, but also wants frantic but rich energy. 章鱼怪形态的戈麦斯,率先冷笑着,从弥漫狂暴混乱深渊力量浩漭大气层显现,他每一只粗阔触手,都在汲取比他以前生活的深渊陆地,还要狂暴而浓郁的能量。 His tentacle in the close electric current and blood flow in the sound, inflates unceasingly enlarges, gives birth to the strange eye. 他触手在细密的电流和血液流淌声中,不断地膨胀放大,生出更多诡异的眼睛。 „, Right.” “哦,对了。” Tentacles, wrapped Fiend Demons Cauldron departs from the Evil Gods Temple hole mouth, suddenly flutters to his Lord limbs. 一条条的触手,裹着煞魔鼎邪神圣殿的窟窿口飞出,突然飘荡到他的主肢体。 The root hair distributes to tentacle, Yu Yiyi that also with his limbs connection, was covered by Fiend Demons Cauldron, on the simple and beautiful face covers entirely the color of struggling. 根须般分离出去的触手,又和他的肢体连接,被煞魔鼎罩住的虞依依,清丽的脸上布满挣扎之色。 ! pū pū! 哧啦!噗噗噗! Dark demon energy light barrier is twisting, Supreme Fiend Demon make an appearance, looks fierce in cauldron wall demon marks, they are tearing tentacle that has the eye, with Gemaisi's strength resistance. 黝黑的魔能光幕扭曲着,一位位至强煞魔露面,在鼎壁魔纹中龇牙咧嘴,他们撕扯着有眼睛的触手,正在和戈麦斯的力量对抗。 These fiend demon are anxious extremely, sends out a call, wants to awaken to be at a loss Yu Yiyi. 那些煞魔焦急万分,发出声声的呐喊,想要唤醒迷惘中的虞依依 Under the influence of that person invasion strength, the Yu Yiyi memory confused will is fuzzy, is unable to focus on resisting Gemaisi. 那位侵染力的影响下,虞依依记忆错乱意志模糊,无法集中力量对抗戈麦斯。 Therefore Fiend Demons Cauldron protects stubbornly her, lets her not by Gemaisi's violation, but this mystical big cauldron, was held by these tentacles, was pulled off that palace forcefully. 所以煞魔鼎将她死死护住,让她不受戈麦斯的侵害,可这尊神奇的大鼎,也被那些触手抓住,被强行拖出了那座宫殿。 This little lowly maid, dares to pound my hand with the tattered big cauldron unexpectedly.” “这个小贱婢,竟然敢以破烂的大鼎砸我的手。” Gemaisi is bold, he depends the temple in Grand Vastness, depends existence of Grand Vastness' heart that person, numerous Evil God and Human Clan Supreme, provokes to Yu Yuan on own initiative: You , if willing the obediently place, oneself to enter Grand Vastness' heart, took possession by our creator, I let off her.” 戈麦斯胆大包天,他仗着圣殿就在浩漭,仗着浩漭之心那位的存在,还有众多的邪神人族至高,主动向虞渊挑衅:“你要是肯乖乖地,自己进入浩漭之心,被我们的造物主附体,我就放过她。” Such you, are still our Lord of Abyss, is God Clan old patriarch.” “那样的你,依然是我们的深渊之主,还是神族老族长。” Otherwise, she will die of this, you will also die in Ashen Territory.” “不然的话,她会死于此,你也会死在灰域。” Gemaisi many tentacle void swings. 戈麦斯诸多触手虚空摇摆。 Not long, even you such small and weak Evil God, dares to make threatening gestures to me?” “曾几何时,连你这样弱小的邪神,也敢向我张牙舞爪了?” Yu Yuan indifferently looks like, knits the brows saying: I remember vaguely, in your Abyss tribes, Evil God at least three that I kill, they are your ancestor, they are more powerful than you today.” 虞渊冷漠地看来,皱眉说道:“我依稀记得,在你们这个深渊族群中,我所杀死的邪神至少有三个,他们都是你的老祖宗,他们都比你今日强大。” I know! I know certainly! We have the instruction and painting scroll that the generation spreads, told me, you had once made anything to our ethnic group!” Gemaisi is screaming. “我知道!我当然知道!我们有世代流传下来的教诲和画卷,告诉我,你曾对我们族群做过什么!”戈麦斯尖叫着。 He several hundred thick extravagant tentacles, are waving crazily, rolls Abyss air current rushed out that from Grand Vastness. 他数百只粗阔的触手,疯狂地舞动着,从浩漭滚荡的深渊气流冲出 !! 蓬!蓬蓬! However, he is separated from the Grand Vastness World range that instant, these python tentacles, explode suddenly are blood mist. 然而,他在脱离浩漭世界范围的那一霎,那些蟒蛇般的触手,突然就爆为血雾 ...... ……
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