UP :: Volume #22

#2117 Part 2: Being scolded

These two before being grasped, is the generations of being pampered since childhood, even if became the ore slave, is not willing to endure hardship, is the ore slave status is humble, the people in evil rill at all not ore slave, when the person looks, without the words of ore exchange contribution, cannot receive in exchange to eat. 这两人在被抓来之前,俱都是娇生惯养之辈,哪怕成了矿奴,也不愿吃苦,可是矿奴身份低贱,邪月谷的人根本不把矿奴当人看,没有矿石兑换贡献的话,根本换取不到吃食。 Therefore these two brothers then squat frequently before some ore exit|to speak, takes by force ore slave who these leave behind, many people are therefore hapless, not only the ore of laborious mining is robbed every day, but also was hit half dead. 所以这两兄弟便经常蹲在矿道的某个出口前,打劫那些落单的矿奴,不少人因此倒霉,不但每日辛苦开采的矿石被劫走,还被打个半死。 Looks at the newest correct content, please download to like reading the novel 看最新正确内容,请下载爱阅小说 Previous time they want to take by force land leaf, the result is not an opponent, was taught. 上次他们就是想打劫陆叶,结果不是对手,被教训了一顿。 Has not thought that this few days, also bumped into these two brothers. 不曾想,这才没几天,又碰到这两兄弟了。 The same meter/rice raises hundred types of people, in the ore slave likes Brother Liu so the generation of being gluttonous and lazy, has the person of dream like the land leaf like this. 一样米养百样人,矿奴中有如刘氏兄弟这般好吃懒做之辈,也有如陆叶这样心怀梦想之人。 In this year, the land leaf through the contribution that the ore exchanges, besides the guarantee daily warm and sufficient condition, all received in exchange for blood qi pill taking. 这一年来,陆叶通过矿石兑换到的贡献,除了保证每日的温饱之外,皆都换取了气血丹服用。 Numerous he took more than 30 blood qi pill. 林林总总他服用了不下三十枚气血丹。 This created land Yeqiang in physique of overwhelming majority ore slave, although his build is not grandiose, the strength of but in the body containing, has exceeded the average person. 这就造就了陆叶强于绝大多数矿奴的体魄,虽然他的体型不算壮硕,可身躯内蕴藏的力量,已经胜过普通人。 Copes with two being gluttonous and lazy ore slaves, is naturally a cinch. 对付两个好吃懒做的矿奴,自然不在话下。 Liu Boss is still asking for mercy, when land Yezhi has not heard, holds his hair, raises another stone, pounded ruthlessly. 老大还在告饶,陆叶只当没听见,一把抓住他的头发,扬起另一手的石头,狠狠砸了下去。 More than one year of ore slave profession, land Yejian too many tragedies, has understood a truth, in this inhuman world, any pities and sympathy does not have the use. 一年多的矿奴生涯,陆叶见过太多惨剧,早就明白一个道理,在这人吃人的世界,任何怜悯和同情都是没有用处的。 The ore slaves are not a harmoniousness, the ore slaves from different influence is doomed not to have the means to unite, for the one piece of good ore, badly beaten that the ore slaves can hit frequently. 矿奴们也不是一片和睦,来自不同势力的矿奴注定没办法团结起来,为了一块上好的矿石,矿奴们经常会打的头破血流。 In the ore say/way the daily metropolis/can deceased person, walks a distance every time, can see bleached bone that scatters on the ground. 矿道中每天都会死人,每走一段距离,就能看到一具散落在地上的枯骨。 Because was taken by force the ore slave who starves to death to be not infrequent. 因为被人打劫而饿死的矿奴不在少数。 Liu Boss accordingly but actually. 老大应声而倒。 land Yejian returns to own ore pickaxe, conducts the back the ore basket, takes a step to go toward the exit|to speak line, he has not killed Brother Liu, is actually softhearted, how long but the injured ore slave could not live here generally. 陆叶捡回自己的矿镐,重新背上矿篓,迈步朝出口行去,他没有杀刘氏兄弟,倒不是心慈手软,而是受伤的矿奴在这里一般都活不了多久。 Downloading likes reading the novel to look at the newest content 下载爱阅小说看最新内容 Walks few steps, the exit to/clashes a person suddenly flustered. 才走没几步,出口处忽然慌慌张张冲进来一个人。 Downloading likes reading the novel to look at the newest complete content 下载爱阅小说看最新完整内容 Go away! That person is drinking lowly, a palm of the hand toward land leaf sweep. 滚开!那人低喝着,一巴掌朝陆叶扫了过来。 This flash, the land leaf all over the body lives coldly, because only he sees in the opposite party palm to have the pale blue ray to wind through. 这一瞬间,陆叶遍体生寒,只因他看到对方掌心中有淡蓝色的光芒流过。 That is the spiritual power ray, in other words, what acts to him is a member! 那是灵力的光芒,换句话说,对他出手的是一个修士! Opens the spirit hole to have the qualifications of practiced, has the qualifications to be called the member. 开启灵窍才有修行的资格,才有资格被称为修士。 Downloading likes reading the novel to look at the newest content 下载爱阅小说看最新内容 spiritual power of member is an extremely mystical strength, land leaf once saw the member in evil rill to act, although without too strong power and influence, but a that person of palm, then the racket broke to pieces the one piece of ore gently, has seen that mystical one, land Yecai sets firm resolve, must open the spirit hole, becomes a member. 修士的灵力是一种极为神奇的力量,陆叶曾见过邪月谷的一位修士出手,虽没有太强的威势,但那人只是轻轻一掌,便拍碎了一块矿石,正是见过那神奇的一幕,陆叶才下定决心,一定要开启自身灵窍,成为一名修士。 He had also once appraised secretly, even if evil rill cultivation base lowest member, can hang to hit ten with ease. 他也曾暗暗评估过,哪怕邪月谷修为最低的修士,也能轻松吊打十个自己。 When detected what towards oneself acts is a member, land leaf apparent must be faced with imminent disaster. 所以在察觉到朝自己出手的是一位修士的时候,陆叶便知自己要大难临头了。 The life and death crisis moment, he stops the step forcefully, will leap fiercely in the future. 生死危机关头,他硬生生止住步伐,猛地往后跃去。 A chest hemp, the bone fracture sound resounds, land leaf flies upside down accordingly, falls down. 胸膛一麻,骨折的声音响起,陆叶应声倒飞,跌倒在地。 The fierce ache makes him be clear-headed much, after realizing oneself are also living, he sets out immediately. 剧烈的疼痛让他头脑清醒不少,在意识到自己还活着之后,他立刻起身。 Well! That member of making a move is somewhat surprised, that held him a moment ago, although not with full power, but lays out conveniently, but should not be the ore slave can withstand. 咦!出手的那个修士有些惊讶,刚才那一掌他虽然没有用全力,只是随手拍出,但也不应该是矿奴能够承受的。 Sees clearly the appearance of ore slave taking advantage of the glimmer, takes off/escapes the tastes: land leaf? 借着微光看清矿奴的容貌,脱口道:陆叶? land leaf has shown the posture of turn tail at this moment, after hearing the sound, startled: Yang manager? 陆叶此刻已经摆出转身逃跑的姿势,听得声音之后也愕然至极:杨管事? This member surnamed Yang is an young manager on ore, land leaf often can do with him, because blood qi pill exchanges from his hand, therefore also calculates to know extremely well. 这个姓杨的修士是矿上的一个小管事,陆叶时常会与他打交道,因为气血丹就是从他手上兑换来的,所以彼此间也算熟稔。 Yang manager favors land leaf very much, the ore slave who if after all he so can bear hardships and stand hard work is very rare. 杨管事很看好陆叶,毕竟如他这般能吃苦耐劳的矿奴很少见。 Downloading likes reading the novel to look at the newest complete content 下载爱阅小说看最新完整内容 However favors to turn over to favor, and has no special giving favored treatment, one day has not straightened out, between land leaf such mortal and member have the hard-to-pass gap. 不过看好归看好,并没有什么特别的优待,一日没有开窍,陆叶这样的凡人与修士之间都有难以逾越的鸿沟。 After recognizing land leaf, Yang manager felt relaxed regarding the matter that a oneself palm cannot pat the dead opposite party, land leaf exchanged many blood qi pill from his hand in this year, physical quality originally compared with general ore slave, in addition he strikes conveniently, deliberately do not kill people, the opposite party can live is not strange. 在认出陆叶之后,杨管事对于自己一掌没能拍死对方的事就释然了,陆叶这一年来从他手上兑换了不少气血丹,身体素质本就比一般的矿奴强,再加上他只是随手一击,没有要刻意杀人,对方能活下来并不奇怪。 Yang manager opposite place, in land Yexin beats a drum. 杨管事对面处,陆叶心中直打鼓。 The member in evil rill will not pay attention to the life of ore slave generally, they also know that the ore slave will have the matter of fighting in the mineral lode frequently, only if were met by them, otherwise does not do to pay attention basically. 邪月谷的修士一般不会理会矿奴的死活,他们也知道矿奴在矿脉之中会经常发生打架斗殴的事,除非被他们碰见,否则基本不做理会。 The land leaf Brother Liu badly beaten that hit, faints, turned the head Yang manager to pat his palm, looked like in the land leaf, this was Yang manager is clearly teaching itself. 陆叶这边才把刘氏兄弟打的头破血流,昏倒在地,转头杨管事就拍了他一掌,在陆叶看来,这分明是杨管事在教训自己。 Looks at the newest correct content, please download to like reading the novel. However is quick he not to feel right, because Yang manager to/clashes the look is flustered, does not seem like for the appearance that Brother Liu raise one's head. 看最新正确内容,请下载爱阅小说。不过很快他又觉得不对,因为杨管事冲进来的时候神色慌慌张张,不像是在为刘氏兄弟出头的样子。 Downloading likes reading the novel to look at the newest content 下载爱阅小说看最新内容 The web content renews slowly, please download to like reading app to read the newest chapter content. Downloading likes reading app, the reading experience. When he indulges in flights of fancy, Yang manager has shown the pleasantly surprised look, as if here bumps into land leaf is what good deed, before bullying the body, shoulder that holds land leaf: Follows me! „ 网站内容更新慢,请下载爱阅app阅读最新章节内容。下载爱阅app,阅读体验更加。就在他胡思乱想的时候,杨管事已经露出惊喜的神色,似乎在这里碰到陆叶是什么好事,欺身上前,一把抓住陆叶的肩膀:跟我走!“
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