ILK :: Volume #42

#4135: The seniors save a life!

Soul after all is not big Expert that practices breathing exercises, is only Innate Great Perfection, what moreover the crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality gate most excels refines Medicinal Pill. 丹元子毕竟不是练气的大高手,只是先天大圆满而已,况且丹鼎门最擅长的是炼制丹药 Saw that Sect disciple constantly was led to slaughter by the whitecap demon, soul child both eyes blood red, the left hand shivers takes out jade bottle, pours Medicinal Pill toward the hand. 见到宗门弟子不断被白浪魔帅所屠戮,丹元子双眼血红,左手颤颤抖抖的取出一个玉瓶,往手上倒出一颗丹药 This is all over the body black Medicinal Pill, fierce swallows down. 这是一颗通体黑色的丹药,猛的一口就吞了下去。 Today I put together the short remaining life also to you cut to kill in this place.” “今天我就是拼了老命也要把你斩杀在此地。” Under the clothing/taking the Medicinal Pill soul child imposing manner rises suddenly suddenly. 服下丹药的丹元子身上的气势忽然暴涨。 Easy block whitecap demon graceful Blade Technique. 轻而易举的挡住白浪魔帅的刀法 Every one strikes to break Blade Technique, saves next several crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality disciples. 每一击都能破去刀法,救下好几位丹鼎门弟子。 Whitecap demon graceful retreat. 白浪魔帅后退 Soul, on you really also has Feng Mo / Demon Seal pill.” “丹元子,你身上果然还有封魔丹。” Insanity pill can let strength of person, in a short time promotes several tenths, but are most the time of this time also burning a joss stick, once passed this time, a enter weak condition, soul you really will be very determined, for the disciples of your crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality gates, was really ready for any sacrifice.” “疯魔丹可以让一个人的实力,在短时间内提升好几成,可这个时间最多也就一炷香的时间,一旦过了这个时间,就会进入一个虚弱的状态,丹元子你还真是挺有决心的,为了你这些丹鼎门的弟子,真是豁出去了。” The whitecap demon leads whole body spread all over blade light. 白浪魔帅周身遍布着一道道的刀光。 No matter soul in Movement Technique or the strength promoted about 60%-70%, crushes these defense blade light again and again. 丹元子不管身法还是力量上都提升了60%-70%左右,连连击碎这些防御刀光。 The whitecap demon leads also cunning, retreat, not hard soul making a move. 白浪魔帅也狡猾,不停的后退,并没有硬丹元子的出手 „The time of even if burning a joss stick, I can still cut to kill you here.” “就算是一炷香的时间,我也能将你斩杀在这里。” Soul child at any time to cut to kill this whitecap demon more graceful. 丹元子比任何时候都要想斩杀这白浪魔帅。 So long as cut to kill this whitecap demon to be graceful, Demon Sect naturally can retreat, the crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality gate will also be preserved, can come survive to day cloud sect Expert again badly. 只要斩杀了这白浪魔帅,魔门自然会退去,丹鼎门也会得到保存,再不济也能坚持到天云宗的高手过来。 Soul, you want to kill me is not easy, I in know your hand have Feng Mo / Demon Seal pill, to prevent you have this, I prepared a gift for you specially.” The whitecap demon graceful takes out Talisman, rips open in the front instantaneously. “丹元子,你想杀我可没那么容易,我早就知道你手上有封魔丹,为了防止你出这一手,我特意为你准备了一份礼物。”白浪魔帅取出一张符箓,瞬间在面前撕开。 Saw only the Frost strength to fill the air together directly. 只见一道寒冰的力量直接弥漫了开来。 ! 哗哗哗哗! In certain range, changed to a white world instantaneously. 在一定的范围内,瞬间化作了一片白色的世界。 Originally under the crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality disciple of beginning was less than suddenly by this chill in the air to the attack, changed to Ice Sculpture. 原先在动手的丹鼎门弟子骤然不及之下就被这寒意给侵袭上了,化作了一道道的冰雕 Cold Ice Symbol lu, you dare to use Cold Ice Symbol lu unexpectedly, this is first Heaven Level Talisman.” Soul child whole body is in the anger. 寒冰符箓,你居然敢用寒冰符箓,这可是先天级符箓。”丹元子整个人都处于愤怒之中。 Boundless cold air infiltrates. 一股磅礴的寒气渗透过来。 Soul bears the brunt. 丹元子首当其冲。 Also was not finished!” “还不算结束!” The whitecap demon leads and takes out fire Talisman. 白浪魔帅又取出一张火符箓 The flame covers dreadfully coldly on crisp, an ice cremation does unusual *****. 火焰滔天覆盖在寒爽上,一冰一火化作的奇特的*****。 Bang bang! 轰隆轰! These by frozen crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality disciple bang bang bang bang blast, at the scene by Insta-kill. 那些被冰封的丹鼎门弟子砰砰砰砰的炸开,当场就被秒杀 Even soul in the face of this now cold now hot strength, were infiltrated instantaneously, put out a blood, whole body becomes not as good as before. 即便是丹元子在这一冷一热的力量面前,瞬间被渗透了,哇的一声吐出了一口鲜血,整个人变得不如之前 Soul, my gift, do not know do you also satisfy.” The whitecap demon leads look light saying that ate soul. “丹元子,我这份礼物,不知道你还满不满意。”白浪魔帅一副吃定了丹元子的神色淡淡的说道。 Regarding at present casualty crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality gate younger brother, soul child heart in drop blood. 对于眼前死伤的丹鼎门弟,丹元子心在滴血。 Coughs! 咳咳咳咳咳! Never expected that your Demon Sect also has such Talisman Expert, can refine ice cold two Talisman unexpectedly, all achieves first Heaven Level to send out a stronger might in the mix at a detonation.” Soul took out Medicinal Pill to take hastily. “没想到你们魔门还有这样的符箓高手,竟然能炼制出一冰一寒两种符箓,全都达到先天级在混合在一起爆发出更强的威力。”丹元子连忙取出了丹药服了下去。 Even if so, body also constantly presents the strength of Frost strength and flame, whole body situated in the ice fire, strength sells at a discount alternately greatly. 哪怕如此,身上也不断出现寒冰力量以及火焰的力量,整个人处于冰火交替之间,一身实力大打折扣。 Soul Zifu used Feng Mo / Demon Seal pill to promote strength, fleshly body to receive serious injuries under this attack, he underestimated this whitecap demon was graceful, had certain alert to his insanity pill. 丹元子服用了封魔丹提升了实力,肉身在这侵袭之下还是受了重创,他低估了这个白浪魔帅,对他的疯魔丹有了一定的戒备。 If know these two Talisman such is difficult to deal with/ferocious, the soul child will definitely not flush harebrainedly. 如果知道这两种符箓这么厉害的话,丹元子肯定不会冒冒失失的冲上来。 I do not believe in your hand also to have other what preparations.” Soul plunges the whitecap, the five fingers grasps, five cold winds shot. “我就不相信你手上还有什么其他的准备。”丹元子扑向白浪,五指一抓,五道寒风射了过来。 The whitecap demon leads the front, the blade light to flash before. 白浪魔帅面前,刀光闪现。 Bang bang bang bang hits in together, whitecap whole body retreat again goes out. 砰砰砰砰的撞击在一起,白浪整个人再一次的后退出去。 Puts the arrow!” “放箭!” ! 咻咻咻! Several black flowing light directly soar. 十几道黑色的流光直奔而来。 This is I for the 2 nd gift that you prepare, the enhancement broken god arrow, the might is double of ordinary broken god arrow, specifically is used to cope to look like your Innate Great Perfection Expert.” “这是我为你准备的第二份礼物,加强型的破神箭,威力是普通破神箭的双倍,专门用来对付像你这种先天大圆满高手。” Several point out frankly god arrow one, soul realized to trouble, counted the palm to pat. 十几道破神箭一袭来,丹元子就意识到麻烦了,数掌拍了出去。 Does not dare to choose shoulders hardly! 不敢选择硬扛! . 咻的一声。 In soul child behind cold light, the broken god arrow that was less than suddenly shot. 在丹元子后面寒光袭来,骤然不及的破神箭射了过来。 Where soul expects also some people to hide unexpectedly, throws one to point out frankly the god arrow to put from his left shoulder, making his speed one slow. 丹元子哪里料到居然还会有人藏着,扑哧一声一道破神箭从他的左肩穿着过去,让他的速度一缓。 ! 咻咻咻! The body were many three broken god arrows. 身上便是多了三道的破神箭。 At this time presents ten forms in the distant place. 此时在远处出现十道的身影。 Broken god crossbow that these ten forms grasp, this broken god crossbow compared with wanting of before in a big way 1st, appears savage of family/home. 这十道的身影都手持的破神弩,这破神弩比之前的要大了一号,显得更家的凶残 The 2 nd round of broken god arrow raids once again, covers the soul body. 第二轮破神箭又一次袭来,笼罩住丹元子的身上。 Received the soul under Serious Damage child is also incapable of resisting radically again. 受了重伤之下的丹元子根本就再也无力抵挡了。 He shook flies several to point out frankly the god arrow, is looking at remaining several, could not block. 他震飞了几道破神箭,望着剩下的几道,根本就挡不住。 Sect Master, I save you.” 宗主,我来救你。” At this time distant place passed on. 此时远处一声传了过来。 Then saw that several gravel flew, one by one strikes on these broken god arrows, shook forcefully displaced many positions, scratched the soul side to fly, threw off much behind palace part. 便见到数颗的石子飞了过来,一一击在在这些破神箭上,强行震偏移了不少位置,擦着丹元子的身边飞出去,将后面宫殿一部分掀翻不少。 Has not thought that here also has a fish slip through.” The whitecap demon leads then to look to recognize the opposite party, is crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality gate Innate Great Perfection Expert. “没想到这里还有个漏网之鱼。”白浪魔帅回头一看认出对方,正是丹鼎门的一位先天大圆满高手 Clock Elder walks quickly, they are prepared early, do not come to take risk.” Soul exhausts the strength to shout. “钟长老快走,他们早有准备,别进来冒险了。”丹元子用尽力气喊道。 The bell courage anger soars to the heavens, immediately the fine hair stands, because the form depends to come up together, is that whitecap. 钟大勇怒火冲天,随即汗毛而立,因为一道身影靠上来,正是那白浪。 The blade light has delimited in his front directly. 刀光直接在他的面前划过。 Originally we also plan to tidy up you slowly, now you come back on own initiative, that came to made me extinguish you.” “本来我们还打算慢慢收拾你,现在你自己主动回来,那正好让我灭了你。” The bell courage springs the strength again and again, one after another strokes above these blade light, but even so, there is stroke of a blade light together from him. 钟大勇连连弹出力量,纷纷击打在这些刀光之上,可即便如此,还是有一道刀光从他身上划过去。 Whitecap Blade Technique very is difficult to deal with/ferocious. 白浪的刀法非常的厉害 The bell courage is also Innate Great Perfection Expert, led one compared with miss the frontline with the whitecap demon. 钟大勇也是先天大圆满高手,和白浪魔帅一比还是差了一线。 This was doomed to fight is in the weak trend . Moreover the bell courage has not expected the whitecap strength. 这一线就注定交手就处于弱势了,况且钟大勇没有料到白浪的实力 Wrong underestimate whitecap strength, naturally ate one to owe. 错误的低估白浪实力,自然是吃了一个亏。 The bell courage spread out, falls, in the ground drew back five steps to stop continually under. 钟大勇拉开了距离,落在地上连退五步才停了下。 The blade light of whitecap compelled again. 白浪的刀光再一次逼了上来。 Sees only one such as the antelope to hang the corner/horn Blade Technique to cut. 只见一道如羚羊挂角的刀法一斩而来。 The bell courage chaotic fist rumbles. 钟大勇乱拳轰出。 Bang bang bang bang the collision sound non-stop. 砰砰砰砰的碰撞声音不停。 Whish! 哗! Raids together in left cold wind. 在左侧一道寒风袭来。 „It is not good!” “不好!” When does not know, the whitecap flees to the bell courage left unexpectedly, a blade delimited to his neck. 不知何时,白浪居然窜到钟大勇的左边,一刀划向了他的脖子。 You are not my opponent, I deliver you a regulation.” The whitecap showed the cruel smiling face. “你不是我的对手,我送你一程。”白浪露出了残忍的笑容。 This blade comes was too fierce. 这一刀来的太凶猛了。 bell Dayong does not have the protection, sees with own eyes the blade smoothly the neck, an intermittent stabbing pain. 钟大勇毫无防备,眼见刀光滑过脖子,一阵阵刺痛。 Senior saves a life.” “前辈救命。” Reading website: 阅读网址:
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