ILK :: Volume #42

#4131: Understanding

Lin Fei to the Sunset City not too big interest. 林飞落霞城并没有太大的兴趣。 A small 100,000 population, majority is practices martial arts, majority stays in the bright vigor to dark vigor Level, are not many as for the stage of perfection master. 一座小小十万的人口,其中大部分都是练武的,大部分都是停留在明劲到暗劲的层次,至于化境宗师并不是很多。 Generally speaking is not outside person can compare. 总体来说也不是外面的人可以相比的。 Lin Fei arrives at Kunlun Mountains Secret Realm to know the situation, to him Kunlun Mountains Secret Realm is only one lets he quite interested place. 林飞来到昆仑秘境只是想了解一下情况,对他来说昆仑秘境只是一个让他比较有兴趣的地方。 Perhaps this place will have to let the thing that his Immortal Divine Body restores, for example this Heaven and Earth spiritual energy, one absorbs crazily, making his strength restore 10%. 也许这地方还会有让他不朽神体恢复的东西,就比如这天地灵气,一顿狂吸收下来,让他的实力恢复了10%。 20% strength that were also very savage. 20%实力那也是非常的凶残了。 Where Sunset City lord to dare to say a non- character, first most precious thing will take. 落霞城主哪里敢多说一个不字,第一时间将最为珍贵的东西都取出来。 Originally in the Sunset City main hand wears Storage Ring, but this Storage Ring does not seem big, the thing that puts also disappoints Lin Fei somewhat. 原来落霞城主的手上戴着一个储物戒指,不过这储物戒指似乎并不大,放出来的东西也让林飞有些失望。 All is some bottles of cans of Medicinal Pill and some Cultivation Technique, some were prisoner of war Talisman, most precious fearing was that Fly­ing Sword. 全是瓶瓶罐罐的一些丹药以及一些功法,还有一些就是俘符箓了,最为珍贵的怕是那一口的飞剑 This Fly­ing Sword at most is also only magical tool, even the magic weapon is not. However this magical tool spread all over a big gap, under this Lin Fei sword light the spread all over every large or small gap, does not have tattered is the luck is good. 这口飞剑顶多也只是法器,连法宝都算不上。不过这件法器已经遍布了一大大的缺口,在这林飞的剑光之下早已遍布大大小小的缺口,没有破烂都是算是运气好了。 Your this Sunset City main is very poor, these things also want to send any cat and dog.” “你这落霞城主很穷啊,就这些东西也想打发阿猫阿狗。” Sunset City main very ashamed, lowering the head, this was his all net worth, was the Sunset City best thing. 落霞城主非常的羞愧,低着头,这可是他的所有的身家了,也是落霞城最好的东西了。 Now is talked into not the popular thing by the senior, but also was filled a poor character, Sunset City main really wants to cry, had he been rich in good very much? 现在却被前辈说成不入流的东西,还被灌上一个穷字,落霞城主真的很想哭,他已经很富有了好不好? Like this Sunset City main does not dare to say. 这样的话落霞城主不敢说出来。 Iron boxing champion Daoist realized that the opportunity came, without delay, senior, in my hand also some good things, to glance.” 铁拳王道人意识到机会来了,二话不说,“前辈,我手上还有一些好东西,请你过目。” The iron boxing champion lord also dog-leg, said one to invite the character. 铁拳王大人也狗腿,说出了一个请字。 In took out one bunch of things of own storage, meanwhile took out release light medicine fragrant medicinal herb. 从自己的储物间里取出了一堆的东西,同时还取出了一株释放淡淡药香的药材。 This is I the medicinal herb that in seeks certainly in Kunlun Mountains Secret Realm one, 2000 year, will be used to refine Medicinal Pill well, the effect.” “这是我在昆仑秘境一出绝地里寻到的药材,足足有2000年的年份了,用来炼制丹药,效果会非常的好。” Iron boxing champion Daoist is also intelligent, probably such senior, strength inevitably compared with them, even stepped forward Innate that first step, in Kunlun Mountains Secret Realm, that was also Top Grade Expert, if the opposite party were happy, met his small request, for example killed Sunset City main is not impossible. 铁拳王道人也聪明,像是这样的前辈,实力必然比他们强,甚至跨出了先天一步,在昆仑秘境之中,那也是顶级高手了,万一对方高兴了,满足一下他的小要求,比如弄死落霞城主也不是不可能。 Iron boxing champion Daoist very happy, can the thing of trivial wealth be what? 铁拳王道人会非常的高兴的,区区钱财之物又算得上什么 That has to compare favorably with destroy completely the happiness that Sunset City lord. 那有比得上灭掉落霞城主来的痛快。 Perhaps the medicinal herb of 2000 year, changed into others' words really to have a liking for the eye, was in the eye of Lin Fei, these 2000 medicinal herb was very common, without what was worth moving. 2000年份的药材,换成别人的话或许真看得上眼了,可是在林飞的眼中,这2000年的药材真的很不很一般,没什么值得动心的。 Although Lin Fei cannot have a liking, but something are very useful, for example the medicinal herb, oneself do not need to the apprentice they to use, now the resources are not fond of playing jokes. 林飞虽然看不上,不过有些东西还是挺有用的,比如的药材,自己不用可以给徒弟他们去用,现在资源不好弄了。 He comes back after the different world, Storage Ring explodes, that also has the what thing. 他从异世界回来后,储物戒指都爆掉了,那还有什么东西。 Although these things look do not glance, but can also assemble reluctantly. 这些东西虽然看不上眼,但也勉勉强强可以凑合。 These bottles of cans, I took away including the medicinal herb, looks in you such share sincerely, forgives your lives.” “这些瓶瓶罐罐,包括药材我都收走了,看在你们这么诚心诚意的份上,就饶过你们的性命。” This saying, iron boxing champion Daoist and Sunset City main obviously relax. 这话一出,铁拳王道人落霞城主明显就松了一口气。 This is really draws cash to buy the life not to buy is not good. 这真的是拿钱买命不买都不行。 Iron boxing champion Daoist rejoiced oneself are intelligent, know ahead of time first step, if silly does not hand over, it is estimated that present may not have the what good end. 铁拳王道人更庆幸自己聪明,知道提前一步,要是傻乎乎的不交出来,估计现在的自己可没什么好下场。 Really these senior one have not been be open to discuss that one evil one positive, life and death in the opposite party in an instant. 果然这些前辈没有一个是好商量的,一邪一正,生死在对方一念之间。 Said that Kunlun Mountains Secret Realm recently had the what lively matter.” Lin Fei light saying. “说说昆仑秘境最近都有什么热闹的事。”林飞淡淡的说道。 My know, my know.” Iron boxing champion Daoist first said, snatched in front of the Sunset City lord. “我知道,我知道。”铁拳王道人最先说道,抢在了落霞城主前面。 My know day cloud sect has a sacred place, the cultivation of hearsay in that will be quick, 10 days of Houtian(Acquired) cloud Zongjiang will open this sacred place, inviting Innate Expert within entire day cloud sect range to visit, it is said was makes their Sect Saint Child attack that Realm, but we were invited.” “我知道天云宗有一处圣地,传闻在那里面修炼会非常快,十天后天云宗将会开启这一处圣地,邀请整个天云宗范围内的先天高手去参观,据说是让他们宗门一位圣子冲击那个境界,而我们都受到了邀请。” Sunset City main clenches teeth secretly, was forestalled first step by this bastard fellow. 落霞城主暗自咬牙,又被这混蛋家伙抢先了一步 My also know day cloud sect has the place certainly, had/left many treasure, many people had gone, I will feel senior should to this interested.” Sunset City main saying hastily. “我还知道天云宗有处绝地,出了不少的宝物,已经有不少人前去了,我觉得前辈应该对这个会有兴趣。”落霞城主连忙的说道。 No matter iron boxing champion Daoist or Sunset City main want in Lin Fei front performance. 不管是铁拳王道人还是落霞城主都想在林飞的面前表现一下。 In the front of senior, although said that the opposite party kept their life, but whose know this saying to be is really false? Must make a good impression to say again. 在前辈的面前,虽然说对方留了他们一条性命,可谁知道这话是真是假?怎么也要留下一个好印象再说。 know day cloud Zongnei some situations that Lin Fei maintains composure. 林飞不动声色的知道天云宗内的一些情况。 Comes Sunset City, Lin Fei to know the situation, as for the true goal is to go to the crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality gate. 落霞城,林飞只是想了解一下情况,至于真正的目的是前往丹鼎门。 Like crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality gate Sect that refines Medicinal Pill has the ancient medical prescription that has spread inevitably. 像丹鼎门这种炼制丹药宗门必然有一直流传下来的古方。 Lin Fei must seek for these ancient medical prescriptions. 林飞要寻找这些古方。 This is this tour most important goal, is dispensable as for other. 这才是这一趟之行最重要的目的,至于其他都是可有可无的。 remember, will leave next time began again harebrainedly, is not everyone looks like me is so good to speak.” 记住了,下次别再冒冒失失的动手了,可不是所有人都像我这么好说话的。” Lin Fei first step stepped, in an instant vanishes outside the hall. 林飞一步跨了出去,转眼就消失在大厅外。 Sunset City advocating peace iron boxing champion lord looked at each other one, mood complicated. 落霞城主和铁拳王大人对视了一眼,情绪复杂 Iron boxing champion Daoist cold snort/hum, this time matter, I on heart.” 铁拳王道人冷哼了一声,“这次的事情,我会记在心上的。” The Sunset City main complexion is calm, looks that iron boxing champion Daoist left the hall. 落霞城主脸色沉着,看着铁拳王道人离开了大厅。 This matter must report immediately to Sect, quite makes them have an alert, like Expert, if made the what matter to come on that day, absolutely was the no small matter, I do not want to bear one to be unjustly discredited greatly.” “这件事必须马上汇报给宗门,好让他们有一个戒备,像这样的高手,万一在那天闹出什么事来,绝对是非同小可,我可不想背上一个大黑锅。” Although cannot see any Realm on the opposite party, but Sunset City main does not dare to have slight neglecting, turned around to return to own study room, discovered a normal biography note, passed on here news. 尽管在对方身上看不出任何的境界,但落霞城主不敢有丝毫的怠慢,转身回到了自己的书房,找出一张正常的传音符,将这边的消息传了过去。 Lin Fei had/left Sunset City, felt Luo courage aura. 林飞出了落霞城,就感受到了罗大勇的气息。 This fellow is standing on a tree, the look of glancing right and left worries, must go in the ponder. 这家伙正站在一棵树上,左顾右盼的神色着急,显然在思考要不要进去。 My also think you make a getaway, you are never so expected that honest.” “我还以为你逃之夭夭呢,没想到你这么老实。” Lin Fei quietly appearance without interest on tree. 林飞悄然无息的出现在树上。 The bell courage complexion big change, the eyeground reveals a happy expression immediately, low said, senior, you came.” 钟大勇脸色大变,随即眼底露出一丝喜色,低声道,“前辈,你来了。” I do not come, are you very happy.” “我不来,你是不是很高兴。” Senior misunderstood, my bell courage how outside this and other seniors.” “前辈误会了,我钟大勇怎么会在这外面等前辈。” Lin Fei smiles came one, you feared was seen the relations between you and I by the Sunset City lord, when the time comes blames on the crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality door, does not dare to come.” 林飞笑的来了一句,“你这是怕被落霞城主看到你我之间的关系,到时候怪罪于丹鼎门头上,才不敢进来吧。” bell Dayong the hollow laugh, do not know said that what was good, some of his truly this worries, realized that cannot easily play the what tricks. 钟大勇干笑了一声,更不知道什么好了,他确实有这个担心,意识到不能轻易耍什么小聪明。 Leads me to go to the crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality gate.” “带我去丹鼎门。” Senior, this direction walks!” “前辈,这个方向走!”
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