IFB :: Volume #8

#766: Do you want to act to me?

Person many perhaps useful, but, solely your seven people, want to retain me , was too rather naive?” Lin Tian not salty not pale saying, slightly without, because the opposite party person are many, has the least bit to be anxious. “人多或许有用,但,单单你们七人,就想把我留住,也未免太天真了吧?”林天不咸不淡的说道,丝毫没有因为对方人多,就有半点紧张。 Even, on his face, including a dignified color, cannot look. 甚至,在他脸上,连一丝凝重之色,都找不出来。 As if this faces is not seven Immortal Monarch, but is seven trash ants is ordinary, has not paid attention to them completely. 仿佛这面对的不是七尊仙王,而是七个再垃圾不过的蝼蚁一般,完全就没将他们放在眼里。 Sees this, these Immortal Monarch complexions are cloudy. 看到这一幕,那些仙王脸色阴沉。 Forest lunatic, you also rather pulled rank a point!” “林疯子,你也未免太托大了一点吧!” Powerful Immortal Monarch, cold Shengheng said. 一尊气势如虹的仙王,冷声哼道。 Pulls rank, you try, wasn't OK?” “是不是托大,你们来试试,不就可以了?” Saying that Lin Tian thinks otherwise. 林天不以为然的说道。 Stands in the space, crosses the hands behind the back to stand. 站在天上,负手而立。 The meaning of as if continually making a move does not have. 似乎连出手的意思都没有。 May be this, opposite Immortal Monarch, is dignified. 可越是这样,对面的仙王,就越是凝重。 They look at each other mutually. 他们相互对视。 Although on the mouth, everyone is saying, Lin Tian is inferior now in the past, nowadays, is only the crossbow of strong bow, their seven people, cope completely sufficiently. 虽然嘴上,大家都说着,林天现在不如当年了,现如今,只是强弓之弩,他们七人,完全足以对付。 May really probably begin, actually no one, dares easily to act. 可真要动手的时候,却没一个人,敢轻易出手。 Only Lin Tian this name, lets their great prudence sufficiently, is prudent. 只‘林天’这个名字,就足以让他们慎重慎重,再慎重。 Sees this, the monster purple moon/month is somewhat shocking, some cannot believe that the scene that at present oneself see, that is Immortal Monarch, seven Immortal Monarch! 看到这一幕,妖紫月有些震惊,有些不敢相信,眼前自己看到的这个场景,那可是仙王啊,七尊仙王啊! But this, they do not dare easily to start toward Lin Tian even. 可就算这样,他们也不敢轻易朝林天下手。 This was Lin Tian, what degree fierce to the past? 这个林天,当年到底厉害到了什么程度? Be responsible for guarding these immortal clan powerhouses on perishing alpha of ursa minor, just like the monster purple moon/month, is the promising youth, regarding forest lunatic the meanings of these three characters, knows nothing. 负责镇守在殒帝星上的那些仙族强者,和妖紫月一样,都是后起之秀,对于‘林疯子’这三个字的含义,一无所知。 Therefore sees this, their heart, is the shock. 所以看到这一幕,他们心头,也是震惊不已。 Has not thought, in oneself clan, the king of keeping aloof, will really have such a. 怎么也没想到,自己族内,高高在上的王,竟然也会有这样的一幕。 The fearful aura, congeals regarding the perishing alpha of ursa minor. 可怕的气息,围绕着殒帝星凝结。 The sidereal revolution main road, is trembling. 周天大道,都在颤栗。 Forest lunatic, you and between my immortal clans, set the agreement in the past, well water not interfering with river water, nowadays, what meaning is your?” At this time , the empty shades, arrived again. “林疯子,你与我仙族之间,当年定下协议,井水不犯河水,现如今,你这又是什么意思?”这时,又有一尊虚影,降临再次。 Although has not manifested a presence truly, but also is real Immortal Monarch. 虽未真正显圣,但也是一尊货真价实的仙王 So long as the need, he can catch up immediately. 只要需要,他就能立马赶来。 Hears the interrogation of this Immortal Monarch, Lin Tian sneers, is pointing at around this perishing alpha of ursa minor, the whole face ridiculed: Agreement? Did you discuss the agreement with me?” 听到这位仙王的质问,林天冷笑一声,指着这殒帝星四周,满脸讥讽道:“协议?你跟我谈协议?” Azure emperor and immortal immortal emperor their things, regardless of the time being, your ancestor has the excuse, but several million years ago things? I nine days of people, open and aboveboard coming up, how also to become odd/surplus evil in your mouth?” “青帝和长生仙帝他们的事情,暂且不论,你先祖另有借口,可数百万年前的事情呢?我九天的人,堂堂正正的上来,又怎么就成了你们口中的余孽?” They do not attend to stupidly, harbor a descendant of not dead phoenix clan, but also stole not the dead ceremonial fire of god clan, shouldn't be chased down?” “他们冥顽不顾,包庇不死凤凰一族的后裔,还盗取了神族的不死圣火,难道不应该被追杀吗?” That Immortal Monarch cold sound said. 那位仙王寒声说道。 Stole not the dead ceremonial fire of god clan?” “盗取了神族的不死圣火?” Hears this saying, Lin Tian stares, this matter, he has really not known. 听到这话,林天一愣,这件事情,他还真不知道。 However quick, he sneered, robber has not robbed the ceremonial fire, I first regardless of the time being, said only the front this issue, why, not a dead phoenix clan, can't exist in this stretch of the world?” 不过很快,他又冷笑了起来,“盗没盗圣火,我先暂且不论,单说前面这个问题,为什么,不死凤凰一族,就不能存在于这片天地呢?” Because, their ancestors, once prevented you, prevented the step of god clan?” “就因为,它们的先祖,曾经阻止了你们,阻止了神族的步伐吗?” Because, they in the past, although I go on an expedition the north and south, sweeps away the paradise, making you bear a grudge?” “就因为,它们当年,虽我征战南北,横扫仙界,让你们怀恨在心了吗?” If so, number one who then my Lin Tian, you put to death?” “如果是这样的话,那么我林天,岂不是你们诛杀的头号人物?” Lin Tian facial color like ice, artillery language continuous asked. 林天面色如冰,炮语连珠的质问道。 Facing these issues, Immortal Monarch on the scene, is only cold snort/hum, no one replied. 面对这些问题,在场的仙王,都只是冷哼,却没一人回答。 In fact, no matter Lin Tian is also good, is these Immortal Monarch, knows, this is the fact, they because of this, chase down not a dead phoenix clan. 实际上,不管是林天也好,还是那些仙王也罢,都知道,这就是事实,他们就是因为这个,追杀不死凤凰一族。 As for the Lin Tian last issue...... 至于林天最后一个问题…… Hehe, this also with thinking? 呵呵,这还用想吗? If not for his strength is too strong, no one dares easily to begin, he does not have long known that collaborated by the god clan and immortal clan, puts to death many spread, must kill absolutely must murder. 若不是他实力太强,没人敢轻易动手,他早就不知道被神族和仙族联手,诛杀了多少遍了,绝对是必杀中的必杀人物。 Ok, the idle talk little said that since your immortal clan does not defend the agreement, then the initial agreement, stopped there, since then the paradise, did not have the peaceful day again, my Lin Tian, lived up to one's words!” “好了,废话少说,你们仙族既然不守约定,那么当初的协议,就此作罢,从此仙界,再无宁日,我林天,说到做到!” Right?” “是吗?” Hears the Lin Tian words, Immortal Monarch looks the taunt, saying that then disdains: Past you, if said this saying, our immortal clan, probably must attach great importance, but now......” 听到林天的话,一尊仙王面露嘲讽,然后不屑的说道:“当年的你,如果说出这话,我们仙族,或许还要重视一番,但现在么……” You want the strength, did not have the past strength, but...... hehe, was not I said hand/subordinate, the forest lunatic, you had a look, this paradise, in this ten days, are several people, willing to go on an expedition for you?” “你自己要实力,也没了当年的实力,而手下……呵呵,不是我说,林疯子,你自己看看,这仙界,这中十天,还有几人,愿为你征战?” The Lin Tian eye pupil narrows the eyes, without speech. 林天眼眸微眯,没有说话。 That Immortal Monarch continues saying: Must make a move, in the past these people, should make a move, but they do not have, then now, they are more impossible to act.” 那位仙王继续道:“要出手,当年那些人,就应该出手了,可他们没有,那么现在,他们就更不可能出手。” At this point, he swept Lin Tian behind ya zi and monster purple moon/month two people, taunted: Is towing a remnant body, leads two ineffective and worthless troops, wants to overturn the heavens in the paradise, rather too my immortal clan, didn't pay attention to?” 说到这里,他扫了一眼林天身后的睚眦和妖紫月两人,嘲讽道:“拖着一具残躯,带着两个虾兵蟹将,就想在仙界翻天,也未免太不把我仙族,放在眼里了吧?” How is?” “是又如何?” Lin Tian is narrowing the eye, spits to say slowly: Even did not have these people to help, my Lin Tian, can throw off this paradise as before, what kind of, wanted...... to try?” 林天眯着眼睛,缓缓吐道:“就算没有了那些人帮忙,我林天,依旧可以掀翻这仙界,怎么样,要……试一下吗?” Also Lin Tian, that four pronunciations fall finally. 随之林天,最后那四个字音落下。 The sidereal revolution spiritual energy, moves restlessly suddenly. 周天灵气,骤然躁动起来。 Is ordinary just like the violent storm, gathers toward Lin Tian on. 宛如狂风暴雨一般,朝着林天身上汇聚。 Pays attention powerhouse who this is fighting, sees this, in the heart all one cold. 关注着这一战的强者,看到这一幕,心中无不一凛。 The people know. 众人知道。 This was must begin. 这是要动手了。 The monster purple moon/month and ya zi looks at each other one, the complexion is dignified, simultaneously draws back. 妖紫月和睚眦对视一眼,脸色凝重,同时退开。 This they do not want to help actually not. 这倒不是他们不想帮忙。 But is the fight of Immortal Monarch this rank, even they, are unable to participate. 而是仙王这个级别的战斗,就算是他们,也无法参与进来。 Goes in rashly, that is not giving Lin Tian to help, but is a drag on Lin Tian. 贸然进去,那就不是在给林天帮忙了,而是去拖林天的后腿。 Forest lunatic, gives you again for the last time the opportunity, fast retreat, and takes an oath, henceforth does not become an immortal, today's matter, we can take responsibility, later does not go into one's past, puts you to depart, if you continue again, stupid does not attend, does not take it ill us is not impolite!” “林疯子,再给你最后一次机会,速速退去,并且起誓,从此不登仙界,今天的事情,我们可以做主,以后既往不咎,放你们离去,你若再继续,冥顽不顾,就休怪我们不客气了!” Saw that the Lin Tian aura rises suddenly gradually, asked that the Immortal Monarch look is dignified, the angry sound shouted. 看到林天气息渐渐暴涨,问仙王神色凝重,怒声喝道。 What a pity, facing this saying, Lin Tian actually looked that continually does not have the belt/bring to look at his one eyes, directly disregarding. 可惜,面对这话,林天却连看都没带看他一眼,直接将之无视。 His form, hikes up slowly. 他的身影,缓缓飘起。 The pupil fluctuates gradually. 瞳孔渐渐变幻起来。 First is becomes empty, does not have any sentiment, looked like died generally. 先是变得空洞,没有任何感情,就像是死去了一般。 The profound pupil light, reverses. 紧接着,深邃的眸光,倒转起来。 In the small eye pupil, contains this piece of galaxy probably. 小小的眼眸中,像是蕴含着这片星河。 The Lin Tian eye shuts. 林天眼睛闭起。 The whole person, as if melts with the starry sky for a body. 整个人,仿佛与星空融为了一体。 . 一颗。 Two. 两颗。 Five. 五颗。 Six. 六颗。 The photostars , the eye of Lin Tian opens suddenly, lightens, erupted instantaneously the ray that exceeded several times, the trim starry sky, all of a sudden, as if changed to the daytime. 一颗又一颗星体,随之林天的眼睛突然张开,点亮开来,瞬间爆发出了超越自身数倍的光芒,整片星空,一下子,仿佛化作白昼。
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