IFB :: Volume #8

#764: Will I fall from the sky?

The war breaks out on the perishing alpha of ursa minor. 大战在殒帝星上爆发。 One monster moon/month, carries the fearful power and influence, just like must extinguish the world general, drops from the clouds, under the monster purple moon/month stimulation of movement, falls ruthlessly toward the immortal clan powerhouses. 一轮妖月,携着可怕威势,宛如要灭世一般,从天而降,在妖紫月的催动下,狠狠朝着仙族强者落去。 Lin Tian one step treads. 林天一步踏出。 So long as close to his surrounding area one li (0.5 km) immortal clan powerhouse, were strangled to death by an invisible strength directly. 只要靠近他方圆一里的仙族强者,直接就被一股无形的力量绞杀。 Just likes the space exorcize demons lord, is really the world Jupiter god. 犹如天上降魔主,真是人间太岁神。 The colorful life, elapses one after another unceasingly. 一条又一条鲜活的生命,不断逝去。 Suddenly, does not know that many immortal clan powerhouses fall from the sky. 眨眼间,不知多少仙族强者陨落。 Monster dragon Hengtian, the dragon body moves, some innumerable immortal clan powerhouses, explode the blood fog. 一条妖龙横天,龙躯甩动间,更是有无数仙族强者,爆成血雾。 In powerhouse who two revere the God rank, acts under with Lin Tian simultaneously, on perishing alpha of ursa minor, suddenly, just like the world end, no matter the sage is also good, sage, even if the would-be emperor, puts in an appearance, must fall from the sky. 在‘两’尊天帝级别的强者,和林天同时出手下,殒帝星上,一时间,就宛如人间末日,不管是贤者也好,圣人也罢,哪怕就是准帝,照面间,也要陨落。 No one goes to the manages, these people are innocent. 没人去管,这些人是不是无辜的。 sad intent on perishing alpha of ursa minor, let Lin Tian and monster purple moon/month they moved the anger. 殒帝星上的悲意,让林天和妖紫月他们都动了怒火。 As for ya zi, is some shall be gratefuls as a personal favor. 至于睚眦,则是有些感同身受。 Their dragon clan, had also suffered such matter. 他们龙族,曾经也遭受过这样的事情。 dragon Xueran expansive sky. 龙血染长空。 Sad intent everywhere. 悲意漫天。 Therefore, it kills especially vicious. 所以,它杀的格外的凶狠。 Might sad intent who the past years cannot vent, here, falls in torrents the common, fearful dragon claw completely pats, a mountain, will blast out shortly. 像是要将当年没能发泄出来的悲意,全部在这里,倾泻出来一般,可怕的龙爪拍去,一座大山,顷刻炸开。 Little Black and day phoenix princess they are also acting, is capturing and killing fish slip through. 小黑和天凰公主他们也在出手,捕杀着漏网之鱼。 Only has Lu Liuli, stands there dull. 唯有陆琉璃,呆呆地站在那里。 Elder sister's aura...... 姐姐的气息…… She really felt. 她真的感受到了。 Will not be wrong. 不会错。 Even crossed for billion years, that type with the lineage/vein connected feeling, did not make a mistake. 即便是过了千百万年,那种同脉相连的感觉,错不了。 Recalled when the monster purple moon/month previous words, in the Lu Liuli mind, presented the elder sister colored glaze fairy maiden to fall from the sky the scene, liked clean her, was encircled by several people kills, last Immortal Monarch came, to wave to project a lance across the sky, nailed tight her ruthlessly in front this lands. 回想起妖紫月先前的话,陆琉璃脑海中,不禁出现了姐姐琉璃仙子陨落时的场景,喜欢干净的她,被几人围杀,最后一尊仙王横空而来,挥手投出一根长矛,将她狠狠钉死在了前面这片土地。 The white clothing bloodstained, on the beautiful face, performing is beautiful but unfortunate. 白衣染血,绝美的脸上,尽是凄艳。 „” “啊” Unexpectedly, Lu Liuli face upwards the long and loud cry. 蓦地,陆琉璃仰天长啸。 Two lines of tears of blood, do not have the flaw following her brightly and cleanly, cannot pick up on any problem elegant face, coasts slowly. 两行血泪,顺着她那光洁无瑕,挑不出任何毛病的俏脸上,缓缓滑下。 Next quarter. 下一刻。 The Lu Liuli aura, started to rise suddenly rapidly. 陆琉璃的气息,开始迅速暴涨了起来。 Endless sad intent, stimulated her innermost feelings. 无尽悲意,刺激到了她的内心。 The sidereal revolution spiritual energy, gathers toward her unceasingly. 周天灵气,不断朝她汇聚。 This is the rhythm that must break through. 这是要突破的节奏。 Lin Tian then looked at one, but has not actually gone to manage, before Lu Liuli, the cultivation has been to Emperor Realm, at this time, Cultivation Base went back again, pours does not calculate breaks through forcefully, is insufficient to overstate, therefore pours not to use the manages. 林天回头看了一眼,但却没有去管,陆琉璃之前,就修炼到过帝境,这个时候,修为再回去,倒也不算强行突破,不至于走火入魔,所以倒也不用去管。 Breaks on the contrary, the Lu Liuli heart is not at ease, will also be more dangerous. 反倒是就此打断,陆琉璃心气不顺,还会更加危险。 Brat, secure Ganqi my immortal clan?” “竖子,安敢欺我仙族?” On the perishing alpha of ursa minor, transmits sonic boom to drink, several fearful aura, at a very terrifying speed, come toward here suddenly/violently to rush, the person , the magical powers cross has not killed spatially. 殒帝星上,传来一声爆喝,数道可怕的气息,以一种十分恐怖的速度,朝着这边暴冲而来,人未至,神通已经跨空杀来。 Does not need to think. 不用想。 This was the powerhouses of immortal clan arrives. 这是仙族的强者到了。 The fearful emperor fights, immediately erupts. 可怕的帝战,当即爆发。 A character of angel rank, found the monster purple moon/month at the scene. 一尊天仙级别的人物,当场找到了妖紫月。 Remaining people, then surrounded ya zi and Lin Tian. 剩下的人,则围住了睚眦和林天 As for Little Black, saw that the situation is not right, turned around to lead the day phoenix princess and Wu three man (Han) they ran, it was very clear, the war of this rank, was not they can participate. 至于小黑,眼看着情况不对,转身就带着天凰公主和吴三汉他们跑了,它很清楚,这种级别的大战,不是他们能够参与的。 Nine days of odd/surplus evil?” “九天余孽?” Immortal clan powerhouse cold sound asked. 一尊仙族强者冷声问道。 How is, how isn't?” “是又如何,不是又如何?” Monster purple moon/month cold -ly snorted and said. 妖紫月冷哼道。 Killed, did not kill.” “是就杀了,不是也杀了。” Another immortal clan powerhouse, overbearing incomparable saying. 另一位仙族强者,霸道无比的说道。 ya zi disdains to smile, soars, laughs saying: You, I want to know actually how to kill us.” 睚眦不屑一笑,腾空而起,哈哈大笑道:“就你们这些人,我倒是想知道,怎么杀了我们。” Sir Immortal Monarch is catching up, you think, you can get away?” 仙王大人正在赶来,你以为,你们走得了?” The character of that angel rank, the ridicule said. 那尊天仙级别的人物,讥讽说道。 hears word, had been lost the monster purple moon/month of intelligence angrily, the look sobered, flashes through worried look. 闻言,已经被愤怒迷失了神智的妖紫月,眼神清醒了一下,闪过一丝忧色。 Had Immortal Monarch to come? 仙王来了么? He looks in an instant to Lin Tian. 他不由转眼看向林天 Also does not know, such powerhouse, Lin Tian can cope. 也不知道,这样的强者,林天能不能够对付。 Immortal Monarch how? Immortal emperor how? Today who dares to come, then stays here.” 仙王又如何?仙帝又如何?今日谁敢来,便留在这里。” Lin Tian flicks the sleeve, white clothing flap flap. 林天拂袖,白衣猎猎。 The snow white silver thread, flutters calmly. 雪白的银丝,无风飘动。 Peerless and...... unparalleled! 绝世且……无双! In his as if sky collapses under the imposing manner of not turning hostile, but also without beginning, the immortal clan powerhouses felt that a greatest pressure, felt oneself seem is facing Immortal Monarch...... not, is the immortal emperor is ordinary. 在他这仿佛天塌都不会变脸的气势下,还没动手,仙族强者就感觉到了一股莫大的压力,觉得自己好似在面对一尊仙王……不,是仙帝一般。 Immeasurably deep, the terrifying is incomparable. 深不可测,恐怖无比。 Who also does not know is, suddenly fell the vision on not far away, on breaking through Lu Liuli, shouted loudly: Quickly, first solves that woman, do not make her continue to break through.” 也不知道是谁,突然将目光落在了不远处,正在突破的陆琉璃身上,大声喊道:“快,先解决那个女人,不要让她继续突破。” Other immortal clan powerhouse hears word, looked, immediately on Lu Liuli, felt very dangerous aura, probably the suppression from soul, making them somewhat awe. 其余仙族强者闻言,不禁看了过去,顿时在陆琉璃身上,感觉到了一股很是危险的气息,像是来自灵魂上的压制,让他们有些敬畏。 May be this, such person, more must cut completely. 可越是这样,这样的人,就越要斩尽。 Otherwise, in the future absolutely is a big trouble. 不然,未来绝对是个大患。 Kills!” “杀!” An immortal clan powerhouse of Great Emperor rank, the eye pupil concentrates, in the pupil sends out together the golden light, is ordinary just like the killing sword of essence, cuts instantaneously toward Lu Liuli. 一尊大帝级别的仙族强者,眼眸一凝,眸中发出一道金光,宛如实质的杀剑一般,瞬间朝陆琉璃斩去。 Sees this, the Lin Tian vision concentrates. 看到这一幕,林天目光微凝。 The next quarter, he feels immediately, on the perishing alpha of ursa minor, familiar aura, are recovering fast, and flushed. 只是,下一刻,他又立马感受到,殒帝星上,有一股熟悉的气息,在快速复苏,并且冲了过来。 Is the friend non- enemy! 是友非敌! The Lin Tian eye narrows the eyes slightly. 林天眼睛微微眯起。 He had guessed correctly, was who comes. 他已经猜到,是谁来了。 Hand that lifted, does not prohibit the exploding, still by the magical powers of that immortal clan Great Emperor, killed toward Lu Liuli. 原本抬起的手,也不禁放了下来,仍由那位仙族大帝的神通,朝陆琉璃杀去。 This, lets ya zi and monster purple moon/month two people, stares. 这一幕,让睚眦和妖紫月两人,都不由一愣。 What's the matter? 怎么回事? Hasn't Lin Tian acted? 林天怎么没有出手? Their this/Ben thinks, Lin Tian will intend to rescue, the meaning of therefore from the beginning , without acted, meaning that but now, evidently, Lin Tian has not acted, what's all this about? 他们本都以为,林天会出手相救的,所以从一开始,就没有出手的意思,可现在,看样子,林天也没有出手的意思,这是怎么回事? Two people are puzzled. 两人不解。 But in next quarter. 可就在下一刻。 Together very terrifying aura, from the distant place raids. 一道非常恐怖的气息,自远方袭来。 When responded to the monster purple moon/month and ya zi the time , the aura had arrived at them at present. 待到妖紫月和睚眦反应过来的时候,气息已经到了他们眼前。 This is together the radiant god light/only, is ordinary just like the colored glaze, shortly, will fall on Lu Liuli, will cover her, the killing sword that immortal clan Great Emperor will evolve, will fall on the god on light/only, but will have a loud sound, then instantaneous shatter. 这是一道璀璨的神光,宛如琉璃一般,顷刻间,落在了陆琉璃身上,将她笼罩,那位仙族大帝演化出来的杀剑,落在神光上,只是发出一声巨响,便瞬间破碎。 This is......” “这是……” The immortal clan powerhouses facial color changes, in the eye is somewhat unbelievable. 仙族强者们面色一变,眼中有些难以置信。 Although Lu Liuli now had entered a very marvelous position, but to outside matter, as if also the heart has a feeling, the teardrops following the cheeks, looked like the bead of line, muttered said: Elder sister......” 陆琉璃现在虽然已经进入了一个十分奇妙的境地,但对外面的事情,似乎也心有所感,泪珠顺着脸颊,就像是断了线的珠子,喃喃说道:“姐姐……”
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