IFB :: Volume #8

#761: Snaps fingers to write off( second)

When the monster purple moon/month does not know, arrived at behind Lin Tian, look somewhat anxious asked in a low voice: How did you come back? Doesn't ask you to leave?” 妖紫月不知道什么时候,来到了林天后面,神色有些焦急的低声问道:“你们怎么回来了?不是让你们走吗?” Relax, all right.” “放心,没事。” Lin Tian smiles to him, then looks to that several immortal clan powerhouses, said: Can take undeserved credit taking advantage of my head/number of people? That is very skillful, I also want to borrow your head/number of people, holds a memorial service some ghosts, might as well make me first come?” 林天对他笑了笑,然后看向那几尊仙族强者,道:“要借我人头去邀功吗?那很巧,我也想借你们的人头,去祭奠一些亡魂,不如让我先来?” hears word, that came from to ask powerhouse bright celebrate coldly snort one of the immortal sect, disdained say/way: „, Does not know so-called!” 闻言,那来自问仙宗的强者明庆冷哼一声,不屑的道:“呵,不知所谓!” Right?” “是吗?” Saying with a smile that Lin Tian shows neither approval nor disapproval. 林天不置可否的笑道。 Sees his appearance, the monster purple moon/month urgently, urges in a low voice: Brothers, you walk quickly, leading the princess they to walk, these reinforcements, we help you block, otherwise treated to that several angels came back, or was other immortal clan powerhouses catches up, but was bad, when the time comes, we could not leave.” 看到他这个样子,妖紫月急得不行,低声催促道:“兄弟,你快走吧,带着公主他们走,这些援兵,我们帮你们拦下来,不然待到那几尊天仙回来了,或者是另外的仙族强者赶来,可就糟了,到时候,我们谁也走不掉。” Purple moon/month uncle, you do not worry, all right.” “紫月叔,您别担心,没事的。” The day phoenix princess is facing monster purple moon/month shook the head, hints him to feel at ease. 天凰公主在后面对着妖紫月摇了摇头,示意他安心。 Before the Lin Tian strength, perhaps she understood insufficient clear, but this time, she was the clear experience, even the Heavenly Dao, does not dare with it fighting, at present these, what was also considered as? 林天的实力,以前或许她了解的不够清晰,但这一次,她可是清楚的见识到了,连天道,都不敢与之争锋,眼前这几个,又算得了什么呢? But monster purple moon/month actually not clear these. 而妖紫月却并不清楚这些。 Hears the day of phoenix princess's words, he is anxious and is helpless. 听到天凰公主的话,他又急又是无奈。 My princess, you follows to deliberately create trouble, if you had/left a point anything matter, I how day later, they confesses with the immortal emperor.” “我的公主殿下啊,你怎么也跟着胡闹啊,若是你出了一点什么事情,我怎么跟天后,跟仙帝他们交代啊。” The monster purple moon/month is burning with impatience. 妖紫月心急如焚。 Here war, wants not to need to think, also knows, definitely brought to all parties' attention. 这边的大战,想也不用想,也知道,肯定引起了各方的注意。 If no result for a very long time, that side the immortal clan does not send to aid, was fishy. 若是久久没有结果,仙族那边不派援手来,才有鬼了。 When does not walk here, wants to court death? 待在这里不走,难道是想找死吗? The monster purple moon/month is helpless, has to look to ya zi, said: This dragon brother, was inferior that you did urge your...... the uncle? This place is not the long-term place.” 妖紫月无奈,只好看向睚眦,说道:“这位龙兄,不如你来劝劝你们这位……世叔?此地绝非久留之地。” What a pity, is similar to the day phoenix princess. 可惜,和天凰公主差不多。 ya zi had not been worried. 睚眦并没有怎么担心。 It swung the giant dragon's head, said: Excuse me, I cannot persuade.” 它摇了摇巨大的龙头,道:“不好意思,我劝不到。” Monster purple moon/month hears word, helpless immediately to the extreme. 妖紫月闻言,顿时无奈到了极点。 That several immortal clan powerhouses and chaos stone Guo God see that sneers, these people, were really the idiot arrived at the extreme, can walk obviously, has not walked. 那几位仙族强者和混沌石国的天帝见状,不禁冷笑,这几个人,真是白痴到了极点啊,明明可以走的,还不走。 When really these people, can't retain them? 真当自己这些人,留不住他们吗? clear(ly) celebrated wailing one, the sound passes through the highest heaven. 明庆尖啸一声,声音贯穿九霄。 Called the person?” “叫人了吗?” The monster Jawol-myun color sinks. 妖紫月面色一沉。 Then hesitated. 然后犹豫了起来。 Their world of human beings, in this stretch of the world, besides the ten days of people, other helpers, for example several million years ago, that group of powerhouses of coming up, following, existence of ascending a height to get a broad view paradise. 他们人界,在这片天地,除了中十天的人之外,也还有其他帮手,例如数百万年前,上来的那一批强者,还有后续,登临仙界的存在。 But these people, in the day of paradise, actually do not feel better. 可这些人,在仙界的日子,却并不好过。 Almost with the immortal clans, had many hatreds. 几乎都与仙族之间,结下了不少仇恨。 Now does not know, conceals where. 如今也不知道,藏在什么地方。 Although the monster purple moon/month has the means that looks for several, but once involves them, their tranquil days, were almost broken, if stared by the immortal clan powerhouses, even risk of falling from the sky. 妖紫月虽然有办法,找出来几个,可一旦将他们牵扯进来,他们平静的日子,几乎就被打破了,若是被仙族强者盯上,甚至还有陨落的风险。 Therefore finally, the monster purple moon/month bore. 所以最后,妖紫月忍住了。 This is their Monster Race matter. 这是他们妖族的事情。 Is a matter of not dead phoenix clan, 是不死凤凰一族的事情, He does not want others, to pull again into. 他不想将其他人,再次牵入进来。 After all, these people, can successfully leave in the past, is very lucky. 毕竟,这些人,当年能够成功走掉,已经十分侥幸了。 Later I will go all out, blocks them, you must walk, do not come back again.” The monster purple moon/month then looked at Lin Tian, the serious urging said. “待会儿我会拼命,将他们拦住,你们一定要走,不要再回来了。”妖紫月回头看了一眼林天,郑重叮嘱道。 Sees this, Lin Tian feels somewhat funnily. 看到这一幕,林天觉得有些好笑。 This fellow, silly, but also is very lovable. 这家伙,傻乎乎的,还挺可爱的。 „To walk? Possibly?” “想走?可能吗?” But these immortal clan powerhouses, with the chaos stone Guo God, detected that the action of monster purple moon/month, from each direction, they surrounded Lin Tian immediately. 而那些仙族强者,和混沌石国的天帝,察觉到了妖紫月的举动,立马从各个方向,将林天他们围住。 By their strengths, although said that keeps here monster purple moon/month and the others completely, is impossible. 以他们的实力,虽然说将妖紫月等人全部留在这里,是不可能的。 But they drags Lin Tian here some time, the waiting aid catches up, does not have the issue. 但将林天他们拖在这里一段时间,等待援手赶来,还是没有问题。 After all, to their Realm, stretched across Heaven to come, is very quick matter. 毕竟,到了他们这个境界,横跨天界而来,可是非常快的事情。 Kills!” “杀!” The monster purple moon/month has not paid attention to the idea of Lin Tian again, confesses the words, looks to surround own immortal clan powerhouses and chaos stone Guo God, drew a sword to kill directly. 妖紫月没有再去关注林天的想法了,把话交代完,看着围住自己的仙族强者和混沌石国的天帝,直接拔剑杀了上去。 The emperor sword god is only radiant. 帝剑神光璀璨。 The monster moon/month across the sky, illuminates the gloomy universe. 妖月横空,照亮暗淡的宇宙。 The day phoenix princess looks to Lin Tian, although has not spoken, but the worry color of her eye, can look, this was urging that Lin Tian acts. 天凰公主看向林天,虽然没有说话,但从她眼里的担忧之色,也能看得出来,这是在催促林天出手。 shook the head, Lin Tian trod. 摇了摇头,林天踏了出去。 He also wants to fish several big fish to come out, now looks like, feared that did not have the opportunity. 原本他还想钓几条大鱼出来,现在看来,怕是没有机会了。 This monster purple moon/month, was too anxious. 这个妖紫月,太急了。 Oh, ok, a while, pushes horizontally is.” “唉,算了,一会儿,横推过去便是。” Lin Tian sighed one lightly. 林天轻叹一声。 Then faces forward to step forward one step. 然后朝前跨出一步。 That flash, the space forbids, the surrounding area ten thousand li (0.5 km), were blocked instantaneously. 那一刹那,空间禁止,方圆万里,被瞬间封锁。 No matter the powerful magical powers, are the monster purple moon/month they, by the strength of Lin Tian fearful main road, suppression in same place, is unable to move, the strength of God, but also insufficiently instantaneous, breaks through the blockade of Lin Tian. 不管是强大的神通,还是妖紫月他们,都被林天可怕的大道之力,生生镇压在原地,无法动弹,天帝之力,还不足以瞬间,打破林天的封锁。 This is......” “这是……” Not only the powerhouses of chaos stone Guo and immortal clan, the monster purple moon/month were also frightened, does not know that what happened. 不只是混沌石国和仙族的强者们,就连妖紫月也都被吓到了,不知道发生了什么事情。 Sees only Lin Tian to stroll to come, arrives in front of that several immortal clan powerhouses slowly. 只见林天漫步而来,缓缓走到那几位仙族强者面前。 On this strength, wants to take my head/number of people?” “就这点实力,也想取我人头?” On the Lin Tian face flashes through to ridicule, then shook the head, asked you clan immortal emperor to come, under immortal emperor, in my eyes, but ants.” 林天脸上闪过一丝讥讽,然后摇了摇头,“叫你族仙帝来吧,仙帝之下,在我眼里,不过蝼蚁罢了。” The sound falls. 声音落下。 Lin Tian puts out a hand, toward that several immortal clan powerhouses, remote spatial finger/refers. 林天伸手,朝着那几位仙族强者,遥空一指。 Bang! 砰! Their bodies, are common on such as the mirror immediately, instantaneous shatter, as for Divine Soul, wants to escape, finally after actually that piece was shattered, jet black void, swallows, does not know the life and death. 他们的身体,顿时就如镜子一般,瞬间破碎,至于神魂,想要逃,最后却被那片破碎后,漆黑的虚空,一口吞噬,不知生死。 This, lets the chaos stone Guo God and monster that purple moon/month, feels absolutely terrified. 这一幕,让混沌石国的天帝和妖紫月,都不由感到毛骨悚然。 Who are you?” “你到底是谁?” Asking that the chaos stone Guo God, the sound shivers. 混沌石国的天帝,声音颤抖的问道。 Although was imprisoned void, but this does not hinder him to speak. 虽然被禁锢在了虚空中,但这并不妨碍他说话。 Lin Tian smiles, returns said: Who I am unimportant, more importantly, your Emperor stone also owes me an account, later, I will go to your chaos stone Guo to step onto, calculates well.” 林天笑了笑,回道:“我是谁不重要,重要的是,你们石帝还欠我一笔账,待会儿,我会去你们混沌石国走上一趟,好好算算的。” Hears this saying, the chaos stone Guo God, only thought that the sole lives a chill in the air, the direct impact crown of the head, he cannot bear shouts greatly: You, if dares to go to my stone Guo, Emperor stone decides however makes your life and death difficult.” 听到这话,混沌石国的天帝,只觉得脚底生起一股寒意,直冲天灵盖,他忍不住大喊道:“你若敢去我石国,石帝定然让你生死两难。” „? Right? That waits.” “哦?是吗?那拭目以待吧。” Saying that Lin Tian thinks otherwise, then hit a sound to refer, before then, you could not see, felt at ease, is waiting for your Emperor stone below.” 林天不以为然的说道,然后打了个响指,“不过在此之前,你是看不到了,安心去吧,在下面等着你们石帝。”
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