IC :: Volume #37

#3618: Yin-Yang treasure map was seized

Regarding the change of Endless Earth, Huang Xiaolong does not certainly know. 对于无尽大地的变化,黄小龙当然不知。 Huang Xiaolong unceasingly refining these Universe Qi, study and understand the universe deep meaning and Principle in Universe Qi, along with unceasingly refining, unceasing study and understand, before Huang Xiaolong, as a result of swallowing Huang Sheng and the others World Creation Yellow Dragon Bloodlines the toxin of accumulation, was purified unceasingly. 黄小龙不断炼化着这些宇宙之气,参悟宇宙之气中的宇宙奥义和法则,随着不断炼化,不断参悟,黄小龙之前由于吞噬黄昇等人创世黄龙血脉而积累的毒素,不断被净化。 Suddenly, is the 100,000 year passes. 眨眼,便是十万年过去。 100,000 year later, on this day, last Universe Qi was been clean by refining, closed eyes practice Huang Xiaolong has opened both eyes slowly. 十万年后,这一天,最后一道宇宙之气炼化干净,一直闭目修炼黄小龙缓缓睁开了双眼 Through these hundreds of thousands years of practice, Huang Xiaolong can feel that the whole person was lither, the toxin that before, these within the body accumulated, through this time practice, purified 1/10 unexpectedly! 通过这十几万年的修炼,黄小龙能感觉整个人轻盈了许多,以前,那些体内积累的毒素,通过这次修炼,竟然净化了1! Huang Xiaolong discovered that own great world's strength not only broke through 18.4 billion buckets, but also golden great world's strength in three Great World changed several times. 黄小龙发现,自己的大世界之力不仅突破到了18400000000斗,而且三个大世界之内的金色大世界之力变多了十几倍。 Huang Xiaolong happily however. 黄小龙喜然。 Also, his these years practice in Universe Boat formation, fuse with Universe Boat are closer, this way, have 11 more than hundred High Grade Universe Source Spiritual Vein again, he can open Universe Boat formation 2nd-layer. 还有,他这些年在宇宙之舟大阵修炼,与宇宙之舟融合更紧密,照这样下去,再有十一百多条上品宇宙本源灵脉,他就能开启宇宙之舟大阵第二层了。 At the appointed time, so long as opened Universe Boat formation 2nd-layer, he is hopeful to be clean the toxin purification that whole body within the body accumulates, is the thorough purification. 到时,只要开启了宇宙之舟大阵第二层,他就有望将全身体内积累的毒素净化干净,是彻底净化。 Huang Xiaolong now boundary was too low, although before , by swallowing Huang Sheng and the others World Creation Yellow Dragon Bloodlines made the strength rise suddenly, but the foundation was too superficial, even if with the aid of Universe Boat formation 1st-layer Universe Qi, can purify within the body toxin, but, to break through Perfection Boundary, was by far insufficient. 黄小龙现在境界还是太低了,虽然之前是靠吞噬黄升等人创世黄龙血脉让实力暴涨,但是根基还是太浅薄,哪怕是借助宇宙之舟大阵第一层宇宙之气,能净化体内毒素,可是,要想突破圆满境,还是远远不够。 At the appointed time, the Huang Xiaolong meeting card above big accomplishment peak, only feared that the several billions year tens of billions year is not even able to break through Perfection Boundary. 到时,黄小龙会卡在大成极致之上,只怕数十亿年甚至数百亿年都无法突破圆满境 But if, can enter Universe Boat formation 2nd-layer practice, that effect certainly be better on many than 1st-layer, so long as enters Universe Boat formation 2nd-layer, through study and understand Universe Boat formation 2nd-layer Universe Qi, he hopefully breaks through Perfection Boundary. 可是,若能进入宇宙之舟大阵第二层修炼,那效果肯定是要比第一层要好上许多,只要进入宇宙之舟大阵第二层,通过参悟宇宙之舟大阵第二层宇宙之气,他就有望突破圆满境 After a meeting, Huang Xiaolong returns to normal state of mind, walked from Universe Boat formation. 一会后,黄小龙平复心境,从宇宙之舟大阵走了出来。 The 100,000 year passes by, under the guidance of Golden Bear King five Beast King, Tao Hang, Tao Han'er two people strength has promoted much, 十万年过去,在金熊王兽王指导下,陶行,陶涵儿两人实力又提升了不少, However, Huang Xiaolong comes out, Tao Hang then said to Huang Xiaolong: Sir, Lin Feng Your Majesty said that if you go out, then informs him, he must see you, said important matter reporting in you.” 不过,黄小龙一出来,陶行便对黄小龙道:“大人,林枫陛下说,你若出关,便通知他,他要见你,说有重要的事禀报于你。” That makes him come.” Huang Xiaolong nodded. “那就让他过来吧。”黄小龙点头 Tao Hang should be respectfully. 陶行恭敬应是。 Is the Huang Xiaolong ponder, the related Yin-Yang treasure map matter? 黄小龙沉思,难道是有关阴阳宝藏图的事? Sir, I.” Nearby Tao Han'er starts to speak but hesitates. “大人,我。”一旁的陶涵儿欲言又止。 How, Han'er?” Huang Xiaolong asked. “怎么了,涵儿?”黄小龙笑问。 I want to go to Hengshan mountain range informed and experienced.” Tao Han'er said scruple. “我想去横山山脉历练一番。”陶涵儿迟疑道。 These years, she has been following Huang Xiaolong, Tao Hang practice, almost does not leave the mansion fully, exits, strolls in the city, therefore she wants to leave very much, exits outside informed and experienced. 这些年,她一直跟随着黄小龙,陶行修炼,几乎足不出府,就算出去,也是在城池内逛逛走走,所以她很想离开,出去外面历练一番。 This is also good.” The Huang Xiaolong hear, said: You should also go out for a walk.” “这也好。”黄小龙听完,说道:“你也是该出去走走。” Although Tao Han'er and Tao Hang follow themselves to come Universe Heavenly City from Golden Sea Heavenly City, but this all the way, Huang Xiaolong hurries along, Tao Han'er does not have any informed and experienced opportunity, other time, practice in the mansion, did not have the informed and experienced opportunity basically. 虽然陶涵儿陶行跟随自己从金海天城乾坤天城,但是这一路上,黄小龙都是赶路,陶涵儿也没什么历练的机会,其它时间,基本都是在府邸内修炼,就更没历练机会了。 Tao Han'er hear of Huang Xiaolong agreed that on face one happy, beams from ear to ear: Thanks the Sir.” 陶涵儿黄小龙同意,脸上一喜,笑逐颜开:“谢谢大人。” This, I make Azure Luan King accompany you to go together.” Huang Xiaolong said. “这样吧,我让青鸾王陪你一起去吧。”黄小龙说道。 Tao Han'er sweet smiles: I know that the Sir most loves me.” The look is mischievous. 陶涵儿甜甜一笑:“我就知道大人最疼我。”眼神调皮。 However, although agreed Tao Han'er goes to the Hengshan mountain range to be informed and experienced, but Huang Xiaolong exhorts her do not enter the Hengshan mountain range deep place, the Hengshan mountain range is the Universe Heavenly Dynasty biggest mountain range, formidable Ominous Beast are innumerable, wants bad risk many compared with Golden Sea Heavenly Dynasty Zhiyi Mountain Range. 不过,虽然同意了陶涵儿去横山山脉历练,但是黄小龙还是嘱咐她不要进入横山山脉深处,横山山脉是乾坤天朝最大的山脉,强大凶兽无数,比金海天朝知一山脉要凶险许多。 Tao Han'er looks at Huang Xiaolong softly, clever nodded. 陶涵儿柔柔地看着黄小龙,乖巧点头 After a meeting, Universe Great Emperor Lin Feng arrives, has met Huang Xiaolong respectfully. 一会后,乾坤大帝林枫到来,恭敬叩见了黄小龙 Listened to Tao Hang saying that you did have the important matter to see me?” yellow little asked. “听陶行说,你有要事见我?”黄小问道。 Universe Great Emperor Lin Feng looked at Tao Han'er. 乾坤大帝林枫看了一眼陶涵儿 All right, said.” Huang Xiaolong said. “没事,说吧。”黄小龙说道。 Lin Feng then respectfully said: Is the related Yin-Yang treasure map matter, Yin-Yang treasure map, our Endless Heavenly Dynasty Yin-Yang treasure map had been robbed by Sir Dragon Tyrant.” 林枫这才恭敬道:“是有关阴阳宝藏图的事,阴阳宝藏图,我们无尽天朝的阴阳宝藏图已经被龙霸大人抢走了。” Chicken tyrant?” Huang Xiaolong greatly is the accident/surprise. “鸡霸?”黄小龙大是意外。 Although he expects by the Endless' Lord strength, feared that cannot preserve Yin-Yang treasure map, but has not thought that meets is robbed by Dragon Tyrant, a Huang Xiaolong brow wrinkle, if were dominated study and understand to pass Yin-Yang treasure map by that chicken, takes Yin-Yang Wind-Fire Wheel, the strength rises sharply, to Huang Xiaolong is not the good deed. 虽然他料到以无尽之主的实力,怕是保不住阴阳宝藏图,但没想到会是被龙霸抢走,黄小龙眉头一皱,若被那鸡霸参悟透阴阳宝藏图,取到阴阳风火轮,实力大涨,对黄小龙来说可不是什么好事。 Lin Feng hear of Huang Xiaolong shouted of Dragon Tyrant their Unknown Space Five Great powerhouse was the chicken tyrant, stayed the long time. 林枫黄小龙呼他们未知空间五大强者之一的龙霸为鸡霸,呆了半晌。 Tao Han'er, covers mouth actually smiles tenderly, laughter crisp ear. 倒是陶涵儿,捂嘴娇笑不已,笑声脆耳。 Lin Feng forced smile, if by a Sir Dragon Tyrant their Unknown Space Five Great powerhouse hears Huang Xiaolong saying that he for the chicken tyrant, does not know how to respond? Feared that can act crazy at the scene? 林枫苦笑,要是被他们未知空间五大强者之一的龙霸大人听到黄小龙称他为鸡霸,不知会如何反应?怕是要当场发飙吧? When Yin-Yang was treasure map is robbed by the chicken tyrant?” Huang Xiaolong asked. “阴阳宝藏图是什么时候被鸡霸抢走的?”黄小龙问道。 Closes up in the Sir not long, Sir Dragon Tyrant arrives at Endless Heavenly City, the Endless' Lord big human desire contends with Sir Dragon Tyrant with the aid of the Endless Earth battle formation, but was defeated by Sir Dragon Tyrant, then has won Yin-Yang treasure map.” Lin Feng shakes the head: Heard that Sir Endless' Lord the injury has not restored now.” “就在大人闭关没有多久,龙霸大人亲临无尽天城,无尽之主大人欲借助无尽大地的阵势抗衡龙霸大人,不过还是被龙霸大人击败,然后夺走了阴阳宝藏图。”林枫摇头:“听说无尽之主大人现在伤势都还没有恢复。” Huang Xiaolong does not have the accident/surprise, Dragon Tyrant as Unknown Space Five Great powerhouse, battle strength has surmounted the 20 billion bucket, Endless' Lord 18 billion bucket, how also possibly is the Dragon Tyrant match, even if with the aid of the Endless Earth battle formation, is impossible to win Dragon Tyrant. 黄小龙也没意外,龙霸身为未知空间五大强者,一身战力已超越两百亿斗,无尽之主一百八十亿斗,又怎么可能是龙霸对手,哪怕借助无尽大地阵势,也不可能打得赢龙霸 This is also now the reason that Huang Xiaolong restrains point, he now and Dragon Tyrant, Ominous Demon, Green Ghost, Zhu Chen, the Death God five people have very big disparity, if his point reveals, causes the Dragon Tyrant five people to pay attention, perhaps Universe Boat, Star Dragon Divine Tree, Four Great Source Divine Fire will then expose, was at the appointed time dangerous. 这也是黄小龙现在收敛锋芒的原因,他现在与龙霸,凶魔,绿鬼,朱辰,死神五人还有很大差距,若是他锋芒太露,引起龙霸五人注意,说不定宇宙之舟,星龙神树,四大本源神火便会暴露,到时就危险了。 Only if Huang Xiaolong breaks through Perfection Boundary, surmounts 21 billion bucket of great world's strength, if Huang Xiaolong breaks through Perfection Boundary God of Creation, has 21 billion bucket of great world's strength, in addition Universe Boat, Star Dragon Divine Tree, Four Great Source Divine Fire, does not need scruples the Dragon Tyrant five people. 除非黄小龙突破圆满境,超越两百一十亿大世界之力,若黄小龙突破圆满境创世神,拥有两百一十亿大世界之力,再加上宇宙之舟,星龙神树,四大本源神火,就不需要顾忌龙霸五人了。 „, Ying Ze, Ying Wan two people are missing for many years, has brought to the Endless Heavenly Dynasty attention.” Lin Feng said: Now Endless Great Emperor has sent for investigating Ying Ze, the matter of Ying Wan missing.” “还有,赢泽,赢万两人失踪多年,引起了无尽天朝注意。”林枫说道:“现在无尽大帝已经派人来调查赢泽,赢万失踪之事了。” If Endless Heavenly Dynasty continues to look up, feared that must look up on Huang Xiaolong. 无尽天朝继续查下去,怕是要查到黄小龙头上。 This is the matter of Lin Feng worry. 这是林枫担心的事情。 Huang Xiaolong hears word, at the accident/surprise, had not said: „ Endless Heavenly Dynasty must investigate, makes them investigate, you do not need to pay attention with intervene. „ 黄小龙闻言,却没在意外,说道:“无尽天朝要调查,就让他们调查,你们也不用理会和去干预。“ Lin Feng should be respectfully, then Lin Feng Nightless Sea beast tide retreated and on Endless Earth to Huang Xiaolong reporting several other matters, but, these were the immaterial matters. 林枫恭敬应是,然后林枫又向黄小龙禀报不夜海兽潮已经退去和无尽大地上其它几件事情,不过,这些都是无关紧要的事了。 You investigate, Ice Mountain Zhou Chi whether in Ice Mountain.” Huang Xiaolong said suddenly. “你去调查一下,冰山周驰是否在冰山。”黄小龙突然道。 The matter, he wants to go to Ice Mountain. 此间事了,他想去一趟冰山了。
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