IC :: Volume #37

#3611: Said that my Ying Wuyou must see them

Ying Wuyou, is the God of Creation Ying Ze grandson! Also is 13 Great Perfection peak Expert. 赢无幽,是创世神赢泽的孙子!亦是一位十三大圆满极致高手 God of Creation Ying Ze, is on Endless Earth few Half-Step God of Universe, although does not have Lin Qiankun to be ancient, but the strength is not weaker than Lin Qiankun, Ying Wuyou as the Ying Ze grandson, in addition own natural talent and strength, therefore, in all around major Heavenly Dynasties, the fame is very big. 创世神赢泽,也是无尽大地上为数不多的一位半步宇宙之神,虽然没有林乾坤古老,但是实力不比林乾坤弱,赢无幽身为赢泽的孙子,再加上自身天赋和实力,所以,在四周各大天朝,名气很大。 Ying Wuyou this time accompaniment his father, namely Ying Wan comes Universe Heavenly City, discusses marriage to Universe Great Emperor, but object Universe Heavenly Dynasty Princess Lin Yi that discusses marriage, the average person said that it is Princess Yi. 赢无幽这次陪同他父亲,即赢万前来乾坤天城,是向乾坤大帝提亲的,而提亲的对象正是乾坤天朝林忆公主,一般人称其为忆公主 Although this Princess Yi is only 12 perfection, but natural talent is very high, moreover beautiful appearance, therefore, was hounded by Child of Creation of all around many Heavenly Dynasties. 忆公主虽然只是十二圆满,但是天赋很高,而且美貌,所以,受四周不少天朝的创世之子追捧。 Ying Wuyou arrives in front of Princess Yi, said with a smile: Originally Younger Sister Yi really in this.” 赢无幽来到忆公主面前,笑道:“原来忆妹妹真在这。” Lin Yi has stood, nodded the head, called one: Brother Wuyou.” 林忆站了起来,颔首,称呼了一声:“无幽哥哥。” That two old women respectfully called out to Ying Wuyou: Has seen Your Highness Ying Wuyou.” 那两个老妪则对赢无幽恭敬叫道:“见过赢无幽殿下。” Ying Wuyou nodded, then and Lin Yi sat, after Ying Wuyou sits, then makes Bathing Phoenix Building Expert deliver three Bathing Phoenix Building Bathing Phoenix Bird to come, and said with a smile to Lin Yi: This Bathing Phoenix Building Bathing Phoenix Bird, after my father previous time has tasted, but has been worrying about, waits to meet me to take along two to go back, Younger Sister Yi do not tease is.” 赢无幽点头,然后和林忆坐了下来,赢无幽坐下来后,便让浴凰楼高手送三只浴凰楼浴凰鸟过来,并对林忆笑道:“这浴凰楼浴凰鸟,我父亲上次尝过之后,可是一直惦念着,等会我捎带两只回去,忆妹妹可别取笑才是。” The Lin Yi dimple said: Where can, Brother Wuyou be the filial piety praise worthy.” 林忆笑靥道:“哪会,无幽哥哥是孝心可嘉。” Then, two people joke gets up. 然后,两人笑谈起来。 Actually, Ying Wuyou must come Universe Heavenly Dynasty to discuss marriage, Lin Yi is knows that regarding this Ying Wuyou, she has not loathed, but is still far from likes. 其实,赢无幽要过来乾坤天朝提亲,林忆是知道的,对于这赢无幽,她也没厌恶,但是也谈不上喜欢。 Naturally, if two are related through marriage, is properly matched. 当然,若是两家结亲,也算是门当户对。 However, when two people joke, the Lin Yi look will occasionally flutter to Huang Xiaolong, number of times were many, Ying Wuyou noted this situation. 不过,两人笑谈时,林忆眼神偶尔会飘向黄小龙这边,次数多了,赢无幽注意到了这一情况。 Ying Wuyou looks to Huang Xiaolong this table, when sees Tao Hang that Huang Xiaolong shares a table, when Tao Han'er is only Primal Ancestor and Saint Realm, is stunned. 赢无幽不由看向黄小龙这一桌,待看到黄小龙同桌的陶行,陶涵儿只是一个始祖圣境时,不由错愕。 „Does Younger Sister Yi know that young man?” Ying Wuyou asked. 忆妹妹认识那年轻人?”赢无幽问道。 Lin Yi shakes the head: No, but thought that this young man is really interesting, can bring Primal Ancestor and a Saint Realm servant unexpectedly comes Bathing Phoenix Building.” 林忆摇头:“没有,只是觉得这年轻人甚是有趣,竟然会带一个始祖和一个圣境的仆役过来浴凰楼。” Lin Yi behind an old woman opens the mouth to say to Ying Wuyou: This young man is holds the God of Creation golden sea Jin Residence token to come up.” 林忆身后一个老妪开口对赢无幽道:“这年轻人是持创世神金海的金府令牌上来的。” „.” Ying Wuyou one hear, in the heart a loosen, said: Originally is Jin Residence.” “哦。”赢无幽一听,心中一松,说道:“原来是金府的。” Although golden sea is big accomplishment boundary God of Creation, but in his eyes, cannot actually be regarded anything, his grandfather Ying Ze is Half-Step God of Universe, but his father, is Perfection Boundary God of Creation, regardless of his grandfather or his father, is existences of rolling golden sea. 金海虽然是大成创世神,但是在他眼里,却算不得什么,他祖父赢泽半步宇宙之神,而他父亲,是一位圆满境创世神,无论他祖父还是他父亲,都是辗压金海的存在。 Knows Huang Xiaolong is Jin Residence, Ying Wuyou said with a smile: This young man is leading Primal Ancestor and a Saint Realm servant blatantly seeks publicity like this, I looked , is noticeable, but, this grade of act, disciple hiring joke.” 知道黄小龙是金府的后,赢无幽笑道:“这年轻人带着一个始祖和一个圣境仆役这样招摇过市,我看,也是想引人注目罢了,不过,这等行径,徒招人笑话罢了。” Lin Yi behind an old woman said with a smile: What Your Highness Wuyou said is.” 林忆身后一个老妪笑道:“无幽殿下说的是。” I thought but actually he is interesting.” Lin Yi said with a smile: He does not care about its person look, this and other refined mentalities, is no one has.” “我倒觉得他有趣。”林忆却是笑道:“他不在意它人眼神,这等超俗心态,不是谁都拥有的。” Ying Wuyou hears word, a brow wrinkle, Lin Yi this saying, said slightly he doesn't have this and other refined mentalities? 赢无幽闻言,眉头微微一皱,林忆这话,岂不是说他没有这等超俗心态? He looks at Huang Xiaolong again, sees the Huang Xiaolong wind light cloud to discuss that is enjoying Bathing Phoenix Bird there, easely but actually the good wine, is not pleasing to the eyes to Huang Xiaolong some. 他再看黄小龙,见黄小龙正风轻云谈地在那里享用着浴凰鸟,还有悠然地倒着美酒,不由地对黄小龙有些不顺眼。 At this time, Bathing Phoenix Building Expert three Bathing Phoenix Bird had delivered Ying Wuyou a moment ago. 这时,浴凰楼高手赢无幽刚才点的三只浴凰鸟送了上来。 Goes, called that table of young man.” Expert of Ying Wuyou to Bathing Phoenix Building said that a finger/refers of Huang Xiaolong that table: „A that young man pair of servant one and called, said that my Ying Wuyou must see them.” “去,将那一桌的年轻人叫过来。”赢无幽浴凰楼高手道,一指黄小龙那一桌:“还有那年轻人的一对仆役一并叫过来,就说我赢无幽要见他们。” Ying Wuyou is bossy, tone order. 赢无幽颐指气使,语气命令。 Bathing Phoenix Building Expert has hesitated, but does not dare to defy the Ying Wuyou orders finally, walked to Huang Xiaolong that table, although Bathing Phoenix Building behind also has God of Creation, but also is only the great perfection boundary, compared with Ying Wuyou ancestor Ying Ze, missed much. 浴凰楼高手迟疑了一下,不过最终不敢违抗赢无幽命令,向黄小龙那一桌走了过来,浴凰楼虽然背后也有创世神,但是也只是大圆满境,与赢无幽祖上赢泽相比,还是差了不少。 Lin Yi hear of Ying Wuyou make Bathing Phoenix Building Expert call the Huang Xiaolong master and servant three people, opens the mouth saying: Brother Wuyou, what do you want to see that young man to make? Here is Bathing Phoenix Building, do not cause trouble, so as to avoid the uncle was not happy.” 林忆赢无幽浴凰楼高手黄小龙主仆三人叫过来,不由开口道:“无幽哥哥,你要见那年轻人做什么?这里是浴凰楼,还是不要生事了,免得伯父不高兴。” Then also said: Moreover two said that young man is not simple.” 然后又道:“而且两位麽麽说,那年轻人不简单。” Listened to Lin Yi saying that Huang Xiaolong was not simple, in the Ying Wuyou heart was not quick, on the face said with a smile: Younger Sister Yi does not need to be worried, I called him to come, but wants to become friends with 12 with him, and there is a matter to ask him, not other meanings.” 林忆黄小龙不简单,赢无幽心中更是不快,脸上却笑道:“忆妹妹不用担心,我叫他过来,只是想和他结交12而已,并且有事情要问问他,并没有其它意思。” Lin Yi opened the mouth, has not said anything finally. 林忆张了张口,最终没说什么。 At this time, Bathing Phoenix Building Expert arrived at Huang Xiaolong behind, said: This Young Master, Your Highness Ying Wuyou said that must see you, let you and your two subordinates saw him in the past.” The tone is respectful, since Huang Xiaolong has the relations with God of Creation golden sea, is not he can offend. 这时,浴凰楼高手走到黄小龙身后,说道:“这位公子,赢无幽殿下说要见你,让你和你这两位手下过去见他。”语气恭敬,黄小龙既然和创世神金海扯上关系,也不是他能得罪的。 Four building many Expert noted Huang Xiaolong. 四楼不少高手都注意到了黄小龙这边。 Huang Xiaolong from attending to is pouring out the liquor there, has not returned, said indifferently: Ying Wuyou? Any any cat any dog, did not know, told him, I tasted the good food here, asking him to leave harasses me again, if affected me to taste the good food the mood, that was he courts death!” 黄小龙自顾在那里斟着酒,头没回,淡然道:“赢无幽?什么阿猫阿狗,不认识,告诉他,我在这里品尝美食,叫他别再来扰我,若影响了我品尝美食的心情,那是他找死!” The Huang Xiaolong sound is not loud, but actually clearly reached in four building numerous Expert ears, naturally, passed to Ying Wuyou and in the Lin Yi ear. 黄小龙的声音不大,但是却清晰地传进了四楼众高手耳中,当然,也传到了赢无幽林忆耳中。 All people one dull, including Princess Lin Yi, includes that two. 所有人一呆,包括林忆公主,也包括那两麽麽。 The Lin Yi look looks at Huang Xiaolong strangely, hasn't Huang Xiaolong heard Ying Wuyou? It is estimated that is God of Creation golden sea, does not dare to say what any cat any dog splendidly Ying Wuyou is? 林忆眼神怪异地看着黄小龙,难道黄小龙没听说过赢无幽?估计就算是创世神金海,也不敢堂而皇之地说赢无幽是什么阿猫阿狗吧? This young man of Jin Residence, feared that was insane?” “这金府的年轻人,怕是疯了吧?” Then feared that could not save him including God of Creation golden sea, perhaps also will implicate Golden Sea Heavenly Dynasty.” “这下怕是连创世神金海都救不了他,说不定还会连累金海天朝。” Four building many Child of Creation discussions. 四楼不少创世之子议论。 Huang Xiaolong held the token of Jin Residence to come up a moment ago, four building many people inquired. 刚才黄小龙持金府的令牌上来,四楼不少人都打听到了。 In the Ying Wuyou heart is angry, face darken, both eyes cold glow: Boy, you if now crawls, then kowtows to apologize, looks in the God of Creation golden sea share, I have then forgiven you, otherwise, I make you choose a cause of death!” 赢无幽心中大怒,脸色阴沉,双眼寒芒:“小子,你现在若爬过来,然后叩头谢罪,看在创世神金海份上,我便饶了你,不然,我让你选一种死法!” Worked as numerous Child of Creation also to have the Lin Yi surface by Huang Xiaolong, said own any cat any dog, in Ying Wuyou heart killing intent strongly. 黄小龙当着众创世之子还有林忆的面,说自己阿猫阿狗,赢无幽心中杀意浓烈之极。 All people look at Huang Xiaolong, wants to look how Huang Xiaolong will choose. 所有人看着黄小龙,想看黄小龙会如何选择。 A Lin Yi also brow wrinkle, she also thought that young man too did not know the weight. 林忆亦眉头一皱,她也觉得那年轻人太不知轻重了。 At this time, Huang Xiaolong has put down the wine glass, said indifferently: I said that if you affect me to taste the good food the mood, that is courts death! What a pity, you have not listened.” Here, the Huang Xiaolong right hand moistened the liquor water, wielded, then saw these liquor to hydrate dozens silver light, shot to come to Ying Wuyou, then penetrated the Ying Wuyou whole body instantaneously. 这时,黄小龙放下了酒杯,淡然道:“我说了,你若影响我品尝美食的心情,那是找死!可惜,你没听进去。”说到这,黄小龙右手一沾酒水,一挥,便见那些酒水化成了数十道银光,向赢无幽一射而来,瞬间便穿透了赢无幽全身。 Ying Wuyou sits there, the body is unbending, both eyes however looks dozens silver light pinholes that on dull the body appears, these silver light pinholes, are having the silver light to scatter unceasingly, he felt that the vitality of his within the body, is scattering along with these silver light, his consciousness starts to blur gradually. 赢无幽坐在那里,身体僵直,双眼呆然地看着身体上现出的数十个银光小洞,这些银光小洞,正不断有银光飘散而出,他感觉到他体内的生机,正随着这些银光飘散,他的意识开始逐渐模糊。
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