IC :: Volume #36

#3559: Unknown place

Hundred Dynasties League Chen Fenli and the others the famous person look at each other, is actually nobody opens the mouth. 百朝盟陈奋力等人闻人相视,却是没人开口。 The present fact was too weird. 眼前的事实是太邪门了。 Ao Ying, Zhu Yaowen and other talented people are less than a half hour, then completely vanished? Ao Ying, Zhu Yaowen and the others were tidied up without doubt by a Huang Xiaolong side! 敖影,朱耀文等人才不到半个小时,便全部消失了?敖影,朱耀文等人无疑是被黄小龙一方收拾掉了! A half hour, tidies up about 20 Perfection Boundary, two great perfection, this is what strength is good. 半个小时,收拾掉近20位圆满境,两位大圆满,这得是什么样的力量才行。 But, Huang Xiaolong's side these Expert? 可是,黄小龙身边那些高手呢? Since everybody has not opened the mouth, I may probably leave.” The Huang Xiaolong tranquil say/way, then the steps left Planet. “既然各位没有开口,那我可要离开了。”黄小龙平静道,然后踏步出了星球 Sphered Planet Hundred Dynasties League and other Expert, lets the outlet automatically, making Huang Xiaolong leave. 本来围住星球百朝盟高手,自动让出路来,让黄小龙离开。 Chen Fenli and the others look at Huang Xiaolong to leave helplessly, does not have one person to dare to begin. 陈奋力等人眼睁睁地看着黄小龙离开,却无一人敢动手。 Huang Xiaolong has not paid attention to Chen Fenli and the others vision, actuates Purple Thunder Mountain Peak, turned into light of Purple Thunder, vanished in the universe horizon. 黄小龙没有理会陈奋力等人目光,驱动紫雷山峰,化成了一道紫雷之光,消失在了宇宙天际。 Huang Xiaolong was not does not want one and tidies up Chen Fenli and the others, has vanquished, Sun and Moon Purple Thunder Formation that but, he arranged only covered the Planet range, Chen Fenli and the others, if scattered in all directions to run away, Huang Xiaolong is unable 11 to pursue, therefore, Huang Xiaolong then considered as finished. 黄小龙不是不想将陈奋力等人一并收拾,降伏了,只是,他布置的日月紫雷大阵只笼罩星球范围,陈奋力等人要是四散而逃,黄小龙也无法11追赶,所以,黄小龙便算了。 However, after leaving, Huang Xiaolong has not planned to return to the Permanent Heaven League headquarters immediately, but sought a place, starts to close up, so long as refining Ao Ying, has swallowed Ao Ying World Creation Yellow Dragon Bloodline Source Strength and great world's strength, he can break through 11 billion great world's strength. 不过,离开后,黄小龙并没有打算立即回恒天盟总部,而是寻了一个地方,开始闭关,只要炼化敖影,吞噬了敖影创世黄龙血脉本源之力大世界之力,那他便可突破一百一十亿大世界之力了。 At that time, is true fearless Half-Step God of Universe. 那个时候,是真正的无惧半步宇宙之神 Then is God of Creation Palace Kun Feng, Kai Dong, the Hong Xuan three people collaborates, he does not fear. 便是创世神殿昆峰,凯东,鸿煊三人联手,他都不惧。 Therefore, Huang Xiaolong looked for Small World, arranges Formation, then incarnation Star Dragon Divine Tree, starts refining Ao Ying. 于是,黄小龙找了一个小世界,布置阵法,然后化身星龙神树,开始炼化敖影 When Huang Xiaolong refining Ao Ying, the first universe actually has blasted out the pot. 就在黄小龙炼化敖影时,第一宇宙却是炸开了锅。 What?! Ao Ying, Zhu Yaowen and the others encircled kills Huang Xiaolong, actually completely vanished?!” Only Me League League Lord Jiang Hong obtains the news, the whole person stays there. “什么?!敖影,朱耀文等人围杀黄小龙,却全部消失了?!”唯我盟盟主蒋宏得到消息,整个人呆在那里。 Yes, it is said before is Huang Xiaolong comes, on the road has arranged formation and has ambushed large quantities of Expert, then directs Ao Ying, Zhu Yaowen and the others to enter formation, then begins!” Only Me League great perfection God of Creation said: Moreover was less than a half hour, Ao Ying, the Zhu Yaowen more than 20 people then completely vanishes!” “是,据说是黄小龙来之前,早在路上布置了大阵和埋伏了一大批高手,然后引敖影,朱耀文等人进入大阵,便动手!”唯我盟一位大圆满创世神说道:“而且不到半个小时,敖影,朱耀文20多人便全部消失了!” A half hour!” The Jiang Hong both eyes circle stares. “半个小时!”蒋宏双眼圆瞪。 Even if Huang Xiaolong's side strength Gao Yu/above Ao Ying, Zhu Yaowen and the others one time, impossible to solve Ao Ying in a half hour, Zhu Yaowen and the others. 就算黄小龙身边力量高于敖影,朱耀文等人一倍,也不可能在半个小时内解决掉敖影,朱耀文等人。 Yes! Huang Xiaolong's side, only fears many great perfection God of Creation Expert!” Only Me League that great perfection God of Creation said: Now the God of Creation Palace Kun Feng complexion was blue, heard that Kun Feng oneself began personally, leading God of Creation Palace numerous Expert to go to the Permanent Heaven League headquarters, wanted Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong two people hands over Huang Xiaolong!” “是的!黄小龙身边,只怕有多位大圆满创世神高手!”唯我盟那位大圆满创世神道:“现在创世神殿昆峰脸色都青了,听说昆峰本人亲自动手,率领创世神殿高手前往恒天盟总部了,要陈以真林童两人交出黄小龙!” Jiang Hong shakes the head: Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong two people impossible silly to handing over Huang Xiaolong.” 蒋宏摇头:“陈以真林童两人不可能傻到交出黄小龙。” At this moment, Jiang Hong then saw a daughter Jiang Xiaoyu face to run pleasantly surprised. 就在这时,蒋宏便见女儿蒋晓雨一脸惊喜地跑了进来。 Father, you said before, kept a promise?” Jiang Xiaoyu first then asked. “父亲,你之前说的,算数吧?”蒋晓雨第一句便问道。 The Jiang Hong complexion is complex. 蒋宏脸色复杂。 Before, he had said that if Huang Xiaolong this time can evade Ao Ying, Zhu Yaowen and the others chased down, then agreed that two people associated. 之前,他说过要是黄小龙这次能躲过敖影,朱耀文等人追杀,便同意两人交往。 But, I heard that Huang Xiaolong's side had Wang Meiqi.” Jiang Hong saw the daughter, said. “不过,我听说黄小龙身边已经有一个王美淇了。”蒋宏看了看女儿,说道。 Jiang Xiaoyu gawked, has hesitated, said: I do not manage.” 蒋晓雨一愣,迟疑了一下,说道:“我不管。” In the Jiang Hong heart sighed. 蒋宏心中一叹。 ...... …… Permanent Heaven League headquarters. 恒天盟总部。 The Huang Tianquan complexion is ugly: How can like this! Is impossible, how Huang Xiaolong's side possibly has these many Expert! This matter has certainly the fishy!” 凰天权脸色难看:“怎么会这样!不可能,黄小龙身边怎么可能有这么多高手!这事一定有蹊跷!” Knew when the news Tao Shi, Qian Shaolin and the others were shocked, similarly the doubts are puzzled. 得知消息的陶石,钱少林等人震惊之余,同样疑惑不解。 Huang Xiaolong's side, only has Ao Shenghai obviously, Ao Guang, the Wang Meiqi three people. 黄小龙身边,明明就只有敖胜海,敖光,王美淇三人。 If not Huang Xiaolong's side has numerous Expert, how he does solve Ao Ying, Zhu Yaowen and the others?” A person opens the mouth saying: Perhaps, we had been hoodwinked by Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong's side, incessantly Ao Shenghai, Ao Guang, the Wang Meiqi three people, his other Expert have gone into hiding actually in the hidden place, has not made an appearance, not only we, were deceived by him including God of Creation Palace.” “若非黄小龙身边有众多高手,他是怎么解决敖影,朱耀文等人的?”一人开口道:“或许,我们都被黄小龙蒙蔽了,黄小龙身边,其实一直都不止敖胜海,敖光,王美淇三人,他身边其它高手一直隐匿在暗处,并没有露面,不仅我们,连创世神殿都被他骗了。” Tao Shi, Qian Shaolin and the others all do not make noise. 陶石,钱少林等人俱不出声。 Several tens of thousands years quick in the past. 数万年很快过去。 These several tens of thousands years, the first universe almost all influences are seeking for Huang Xiaolong, but Huang Xiaolong actually again vanished from the first universe. 这数万年,第一宇宙几乎所有势力都在寻找黄小龙,但是黄小龙却再从第一宇宙消失了。 In the first universe all people guessed whether when Huang Xiaolong fled the first universe, on this day, sky over the Permanent Heaven League headquarters, presented a silhouette, vanishes for a long time Huang Xiaolong. 就在第一宇宙所有人猜测黄小龙是否已经逃离了第一宇宙时,这一天,恒天盟总部上空,出现了一道人影,正是消失许久的黄小龙 Huang Xiaolong returns toward own Cave Mansion. 黄小龙往自己洞府返回。 However, Huang Xiaolong just returned to oneself Cave Mansion, just and Ao Shenghai, Ao Guang, the king beautiful Qi three people could not speak of several, Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong two people then sent, inviting Huang Xiaolong in the past. 不过,黄小龙刚回到自己洞府,刚和敖胜海,敖光,王美丽淇三人说不到几句,陈以真林童两人便派了人过来,相请黄小龙过去。 The person who Chen Yizhen two people send is great perfection peak Jiang Yan, initially Huang Xiaolong came the Permanent Heaven League headquarters, is Huang Xiaolong that Jiang Yan greets. 陈以真两人派来的人是大圆满极致蒋俨,当初黄小龙前来恒天盟总部,就是蒋俨来迎接的黄小龙 After Jiang Yan sees Huang Xiaolong, is very polite, said Chen Yizhen, Lin Tong they have the important matter to ask Huang Xiaolong to discuss in the past, Huang Xiaolong had not refused, then in the past saw Chen Yizhen along with Jiang Yan, Lin Tong two people. 蒋俨见到黄小龙后,很是客气,说陈以真,林童两人有要事要请黄小龙过去商谈,黄小龙也没推却,便随了蒋俨过去见陈以真,林童两人。 Huang Xiaolong fellow daoist has solved Ao Ying, Zhu Yaowen and the others, making the God of Creation Palace strength damage greatly, when two League Lord learn of the news, claps the hands to express gratification happily.” On the road, Jiang Yan said with a smile to Huang Xiaolong. 黄小龙道友解决了敖影,朱耀文等人,让创世神殿实力大损,两位盟主得知消息时,高兴地拍掌称快呢。”路上,蒋俨黄小龙笑道。 Huang Xiaolong said with a smile: Hears Kun Feng, Kai Dong, the Hong Xuan three people came the important person personally?” 黄小龙笑道:“听说昆峰,凯东,鸿煊三人亲自来要人?” Yes, at that time Kun Feng three people of that complexions, ugly.” Jiang Yan said with a smile: You have not seen the Kun Feng three people of that complexions, I have not seen the Kun Feng complexion to be so ugly.” “是,当时昆峰三人那脸色,难看得要死。”蒋俨笑道:“你是没看到昆峰三人那脸色啊,我可从来没见过昆峰脸色那样难看的。” „Hasn't Mei Jie come?” Huang Xiaolong asked suddenly. 梅杰没来?”黄小龙突然问道。 Jiang Yan is startled: Mei Jie has not come, this tens of millions of years, he has been closing up must break through great perfection boundary, but.” Here, he has hesitated: Heard that he few days ago went to the unknown place.” Then suddenly stops, has not said. 蒋俨一怔:“梅杰没来,这几千万年,他一直都在闭关要突破大圆满之境,不过。”说到这,他迟疑了一下:“听说他前些日子去了未知之地。”然后突然停下,没有说下去。 Unknown place?” Huang Xiaolong astonished, does he feel in the Jiang Yan words to have the words, Mei Jie goes to the unknown place to do suddenly? “未知之地?”黄小龙讶然,他感觉蒋俨话中有话,梅杰突然去未知之地干什么? Afterward, Jiang Yan has staggered the topic, mentioned Only Me League and some Hundred Dynasties League recent matters unintentionally. 随后,蒋俨错开了话题,有意无意间说起了唯我盟百朝盟最近的一些事情。 Two people discussed also well. 两人相谈还不错。 After a meeting, Huang Xiaolong saw Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong two people, but makes Huang Xiaolong not think is Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong asks him to come, is not and he discusses Ao Ying, the matter of Zhu Yaowen. 一会后,黄小龙见到了陈以真林童两人,只是让黄小龙没想到的是陈以真林童找他来,不是和他谈敖影,朱耀文之事。 „Did Universe Boat have the news?!” Huang Xiaolong looks at Chen Yizhen greatly accidentally/surprisingly, Lin Tong. 宇宙之舟有消息了?!”黄小龙大是意外地看着陈以真,林童 Universe Boat, first Universe Supreme Treasure, Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong will two people actually the important matters tell oneself this and other? 宇宙之舟,第一宇宙至宝,陈以真林童两人竟然会将这等重要之事告诉自己? Chen Yizhen nodded: Good, we inquired news, opened Universe Boat the ball of universe, appeared, the ball of universe divided into two, on the hemisphere was the space, got down the hemisphere is the eon, now under the hemisphere should in the unknown place.” 陈以真点头:“不错,我们打听到消息,开启宇宙之舟的宇宙之球,已经出现了,宇宙之球一分为二,上半球为宇,下半球为宙,现在下半球应该就在未知之地。” Also is the unknown place! 又是未知之地! The Huang Xiaolong mind flashes, said: Mei Jie goes to unknown place, seeks for Zhou (宙) Sphere!” 黄小龙脑海一闪,道:“难道梅杰前往未知之地,就是寻找宙球!”
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