IC :: Volume #29

#2899: With Qiao Family disciple

Your highness, do you look?” Hears the call for help, Duan Feng looks to Huang Xiaolong. “殿下,你看?”听到呼救声,断风不由看向黄小龙 go and take a look.” Huang Xiaolong hesitates to say. 过去看看。”黄小龙沉吟道。 Therefore, Huang Xiaolong several people following calling for help the direction fly. 于是,黄小龙几人顺着呼救方向飞去。 Quick, several people then saw young men and women were being encircled by one group of people are killing. 很快,几人便看到了一对年轻男女正被一群人围杀着。 Sees that group of people who encircles kills the young men and women, Duan Zheng actually was shocked: Is the Qiao Family person!” 看到围杀年轻男女的那群人,断正是吃惊:“是乔家的人!” Qiao Family! 乔家 Duan Feng, Long Jianfei looks at each other, feels greatly surprised. 断风,龙剑飞相视,倍感意外。 Is Scarlet Blood Cave Heaven Qiao Family?” Huang Xiaolong asked. “就是赤血洞天乔家?”黄小龙问道。 Before Duan Zheng has said that with him inquired about together this Cave Mansion good friend is Scarlet Blood Cave Heaven Qiao Family disciple. 之前断正说过,与他一起探寻这洞府的好友便是赤血洞天乔家弟子 Is your highness, is that Qiao Family!” When Duan Zheng nodded, looks to that crowd of Qiao Family disciple, the complexion is somewhat bad, appointed after all who were betrayed by own good friend, extremely will be at heart uncomfortable. “是的殿下,就是那个乔家!”断正点头,看向那一群乔家弟子时,脸色有些不善,毕竟任谁被自己好友背叛,心里都会极其不舒服。 At this time, then to was encircled the young men and women who killed to see Huang Xiaolong several people, the desperate complexion inspired. 这时,那对被围杀的年轻男女看到了黄小龙几人,原本绝望的脸色不由一振。 Several seniors, help!” They urgently however shouted ask. “几位前辈,救命!”两人急然呼求道。 Huang Xiaolong lifts hand one finger/refers, then sees to encircle to kill their crowd of Qiao Family disciple to be shaken to fly upside down. 黄小龙抬手一指,便见围杀两人的那群乔家弟子被震得倒飞出去。 They are startled, the great happiness, hurried to fly to Huang Xiaolong several people. 两人一怔,大喜,赶紧向黄小龙几人飞了过来。 „Below Nine Palaces Holy Land True Yang Sect disciple Yuan Lin, many thanks senior take action rescues.” That male, thanks thanked say/way to a Huang Xiaolong face. “在下九宫圣地真阳门弟子袁林,多谢前辈出手相救。”那男的,对黄小龙一脸感激谢道。 Nine Palaces Holy Land, is Huang Xiaolong several people of present Holy Land. 九宫圣地,便是黄小龙几人现在所处的圣地 Before coming, Huang Xiaolong several people had understood Nine Palaces Holy Land, knows that True Yang Sect is this Nine Palaces Holy Land second largest influence. 来之前,黄小龙几人了解了一下九宫圣地,知道真阳门是这九宫圣地的第二大势力。 Listens to the opposite party is True Yang Sect disciple, Huang Xiaolong several people somewhat are also accidental. 听对方是真阳门弟子,黄小龙几人也有些意外。 At this time, that crowd was again shaken Qiao Family disciple that flew upside down to encircle to Huang Xiaolong several people by Huang Xiaolong. 这时,那群被黄小龙震得倒飞出去的乔家弟子再次向黄小龙几人围了上来。 Who is your excellency?” In that crowd of Qiao Family disciple, a face is enormous, the eye actually minimum middle-aged person opens the mouth saying: We are the Scarlet Blood Cave Heaven Qiao Family people, I urged your excellency not to meddle our Qiao Family matter well.” “阁下是谁?”那群乔家弟子中,一个脸极大,眼却极小的中年人开口道:“我们是赤血洞天乔家的人,我劝阁下最好别插手我们乔家的事。” Although these Qiao Family disciple were shaken by Huang Xiaolong finger strength a moment ago flies, but this middle-aged person faces Huang Xiaolong, the tone was extremely powerful was still hard. 虽然这些乔家弟子刚才被黄小龙指力震飞,但是这中年人面对黄小龙,语气仍然是极强硬。 However, the opposite party also indeed has the strong energy. 不过,对方也的确是有强硬的底气。 Qiao Family, even if in entire Scarlet Blood Cave Heaven, is Big Family! 乔家,就算是在整个赤血洞天,都是大家族 Moreover is Scarlet Blood Cave Heaven most top/elite that its influence is not weak in general Dao Lineage, Qiao Family Old Ancestor is Dao Venerable Layer 4 Late Stage Peak Expert. 而且是赤血洞天顶尖的那种,其势力不弱于一般的道统,乔家老祖宗乃是一尊道尊四重后期巅峰高手 Many disciple in Qiao Family, were enter scarlet blood Dao Lineage, some were the high-ranking in scarlet blood Dao Lineage. 乔家中的许多弟子,更是拜入了赤血道统,有的在赤血道统身居高位。 The middle-aged person also said: „, The place of this swamp, several months ago, has turned over to our Qiao Family, several should better then retreat now, otherwise.” 那中年人又道:“还有,这片沼泽之地,在数个月前,已经归我们乔家所有,几位最好现在便退走,不然。” Otherwise again?” Duan Zheng sinking sound. “不然又如何?”断正沉声。 Otherwise, waits for meeting several to walk cannot get away.” Middle-aged person cold sound said. “不然,等会几位想走都走不了。”那中年人冷声道。 The Huang Xiaolong complexion is tranquil, Qiao Family divides into oneself to have the place of this swamp, obviously for that Dao Venerable Cave Mansion, it seems like that the Duan Zheng good friend already matter of reporting and Qiao Family high level Cave Mansion, received exchange for the benefit of family by this, now Qiao Family has dispatched Expert to come to seek this Dao Venerable Cave Mansion. 黄小龙脸色平静,乔家将这片沼泽之地划为己有,显然是为了那座道尊洞府,看来断正的好友已经将洞府之事禀报乔家高层,以此来换取家族的利益,现在乔家已经派遣高手前来谋取这道尊洞府 Huang Xiaolong took a fast look around this crowd of Qiao Family disciples eyes indifferently: I , if not want to walk, is your Qiao Family Old Ancestor arrives, is unable to make me leave.” 黄小龙淡然地扫视了这群乔家弟子一眼:“我若是不想走,便是你们乔家老祖宗亲临,也无法让我离开。” Qiao Family numerous disciples is startled. 乔家弟子一怔。 Big tone.” The middle-aged person laughs smiles especially: You meant, our Qiao Family Old Ancestor did arrive how your small Primal Ancestor?” “好大的口气。”那中年人大笑特笑:“你的意思是说,我们乔家老祖宗亲临都奈何不了你一个小小始祖?” Although he a moment ago was shaken by Huang Xiaolong draws back, but the itself strength is not weak, is Primal Ancestor Layer 6 Late Stage Expert, because Huang Xiaolong has not gone into hiding oneself boundary, therefore he sees Huang Xiaolong is only Primal Ancestor Layer 6 Middle Stage Peak. 他刚才虽然被黄小龙震退,但是本身实力不弱,乃是始祖六重后期高手,由于黄小龙并没有隐匿自己境界,所以他看出黄小龙只是一个始祖六重中期巅峰 At this moment, distant place, flies several forms. 就在这时,远处,又飞来数道身影 Qiao Family numerous disciple sees clearly the person, on the face one happy, comes the person impressively is Qiao Family Expert, moreover is Primal Ancestor Layer 9 Expert, one, is existence of Primal Ancestor Layer 9 Late Stage Peak. 乔家弟子看清来人,脸上一喜,来人赫然是乔家高手,而且俱都是始祖九重高手,其中一尊,更是始祖九重后期巅峰的存在。 This time, to seek this Cave Mansion, Qiao Family dispatched four Dao Venerable Expert to come, it may be said that extremely attached great importance. 这次,为了谋取这座洞府,乔家派遣了四位道尊高手前来,可谓是极其重视。 True Yang Sect that two men and women disciple see and has Qiao Family Expert to come, the complexion changes, they have depended toward Huang Xiaolong's side, now, they also can only hoping to pin on Huang Xiaolong several people. 真阳门那两个男女弟子见又有乔家高手过来,不由脸色一变,他们往黄小龙身边靠了靠,现在,他们也只能将希望寄托在黄小龙几人身上了。 Sir Qiao Shuanghe!” Qiao Family numerous disciple welcomed to came the person, to the forefront that young man respectful say/way. 乔双赫大人!”乔家弟子迎向了来人,向最前面那年轻人恭敬道。 This Qiao Shuanghe, is Primal Ancestor Layer 9 Late Stage Peak. 乔双赫,正是始祖九重后期巅峰 Qiao Shuanghe to Qiao Family that crowd of disciple nodded, then looked to Huang Xiaolong, Duan Feng several people. 乔双赫乔家那群弟子点头,然后看向了黄小龙,断风几人。 Said with them, the place of this swamp, has turned over to delimit our Scarlet Blood Cave Heaven Qiao Family.” Qiao Shuanghe asked to that brazen middle-aged person indifferently. “和他们说了没有,这沼泽之地,已归划我们赤血洞天乔家。”乔双赫对原先那脸大中年人淡然问道。 Reply Sir Qiao Shuanghe, subordinate a moment ago said to them, but, the boy said extremely funny laughable words, he said that if he does not want to walk, is our Qiao Family Old Ancestor arrives, is unable to make him leave!” “回禀乔双赫大人,属下刚才已经对他们说了,不过,那小子却是说了一句极其滑稽可笑的话,他说,若是他不想走,便是我们乔家老祖宗亲临,也无法让他离开!” Qiao Shuanghe and another three Primal Ancestor Layer 9 are startled. 乔双赫和另外三尊始祖九重一怔。 Another three Primal Ancestor Layer 9 have smiled. 另外三尊始祖九重不由笑了起来。 Qiao Shuanghe also smiles, looks at Huang Xiaolong: „Did you say seriously? Your excellency thinks that does not know our Qiao Family Old Ancestor is the what kind of character.” 乔双赫也笑,看着黄小龙:“你当真是这么说的?阁下想必是不知道我们乔家老祖宗是何等人物吧。” Also is, like your this small Primal Ancestor Layer 6 Middle Stage Peak, does not know that our Qiao Family Old Ancestor boundary is also normal.” “不过也是,像你这小小始祖六重中期巅峰,不知道我们乔家老祖宗境界也是正常。” Qiao Family numerous disciple has smiled. 乔家弟子笑了起来。 Dissolute!” Duan Feng, Duan Zheng, the Long Jianfei three people see the opposite party to ridicule Huang Xiaolong, all angrily rebukes. “放肆!”断风,断正,龙剑飞三人见对方嘲弄黄小龙,皆是怒斥。 Dissolute?” That Qiao Wuhe complexion sinks, sneered: Since you did not walk a moment ago, that present then completely keeps this!” Here, absorbed void, obstructed the day hand imprint to emerge out of thin air, covers Huang Xiaolong several people of all around all space, the bang pressed suddenly. “放肆?”那乔无赫脸色一沉,冷笑:“既然你们刚才不走,那现在便全部留在这吧!”说到这,虚空一摄,一个遮天手印凭空出现,笼罩住了黄小龙几人四周所有空间,猛然轰压下来。 In his opinion, depending on his Primal Ancestor Layer 9 Late Stage Peak strength, under this palm, opposite party several people meets is patted by oneself instantaneously half dead, does not die also remnantly. 在他看来,凭他始祖九重后期巅峰实力,这一掌之下,对方几人会瞬间被自己拍得半死,不死也残。 An opposite party ignorant junior actually despises their Old Ancestor, therefore, he has used 60% strength! 对方一个无知小辈竟然藐视他们老祖宗,所以,他动用了六成力量 True Yang Sect that two disciple watch bang to press, but below obstructing day hand imprint, both eyes convulsed with fear, desperate. 真阳门那两个弟子看着轰压而下的遮天手印,双眼惊恐万状,绝望。 Huang Xiaolong is actually looked that has not looked at the opposite party to obstruct the day hand imprint, at this moment, Primordial Ice Qilin opened mouth, ice blue rays of light breaking space, that obstructed the day hand imprint then to turn into ice blue qi mist together instantaneously. 黄小龙却是看也没看对方遮天手印,就在这时,混元冰麒麟张口,一道冰蓝光芒破空而出,那遮天手印瞬间便化成了冰蓝气雾 What?!” “什么?!” Qiao Wuhe and Qiao Family numerous disciple is astonished. 乔无赫乔家弟子惊愕。 True Yang Sect two people also stunned look at Primordial Ice Qilin. 真阳门两人也是错愕地看着混元冰麒麟 At this time, Primordial Fire Qilin opened mouth, scarlet flame rays of light, then has swallowed together Qiao Family numerous disciple instantaneously, including that Qiao Wuhe, turned into the ashes completely. 这时,混元火麒麟张口,一道赤焰光芒所过,瞬间便将乔家弟子吞噬,包括那乔无赫,全部化成了灰烬。 Huang Xiaolong absorbs single-handed, then Dao Soul completely absorbs Qiao Wuhe and the others with, throws into Primordial Cave Mansion formation. 黄小龙单手一摄,便将乔无赫等人道魂全部摄拿下来,扔进混元洞府大阵内。 True Yang Sect two people look at present one, is opening the mouth, for a long time has not gotten back one's composure. 真阳门两人看着眼前一幕,张着口,许久没回神。 You can leave.” Huang Xiaolong looks that Yuan Lin two people for a long time have not gotten back one's composure dull, open the mouth to say. “你们可以离开了。”黄小龙看着袁林两人呆愣许久没有回神,开口道。 Yuan Lin two people awaken, hurries to thank politely to Huang Xiaolong once more, this all leaves. 袁林两人惊醒过来,赶紧对黄小龙再次拜谢,这才慌然离开。 After two people depart, Huang Xiaolong and Duan Feng several people continue toward the swamp deep place. 待两人离去后,黄小龙断风几人继续往沼泽地深处而来。
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