IC :: Volume #26

#2599: Different palace

Purple Dongping sees [gold/metal] Non- to dare to interrogate own hospitality unexpectedly coldly, both eyes one: You lead your [gold/metal] Chanzu person to tumble out the main hall now completely, leave! Otherwise, I break then to throw completely your dog-legs!” 紫东平见金非竟然敢质问自己的待客之道,双眼一冷:“你现在带着你金禅族的人全部滚出大殿,是滚!不然,我将你们的狗腿全部打断然后再扔出去!” The [gold/metal] non- complexion, he said ugly is also lord of the territory, was purple Dongping rolled by oneself unexpectedly in the presence of everyone? Leave looks to Foreign Race Expert(s) of all around territories? 金非脸色难看之极,他怎么说也是一域之主,紫东平竟然让自己当众滚?滚给四周各域的异族强者看? Purple Dongping Sir, you!” When the [gold/metal] non- is just about gets angry however opens the mouth, suddenly, then sees the purple Dongping right hand to wield, formidable letting in the palace the people to strength that suffocate rushes flies. “紫东平大人,你!”金非正要怒然开口时,突然,便见紫东平右手一挥,一股强大到让殿中众人窒息的力量澎湃切飞而过。 [gold/metal] Non- also has the [gold/metal] imperial sacrifices clan people of coming together only to think that the both legs fierce pain, then all falls departs the main hall, pounds to fall to the open area outside main hall large gate. 金非还有同来的金禅族众人只觉双腿剧烈一痛,接着全部摔飞出大殿,砸落到大殿大门之外的空地上。 Before I have not changed the mind, you leave now, but also with enough time!” The purple Dongping cold voice resounds. “在我没改变主意之前,你们现在滚,还来得及!”紫东平冷冽的声音响起。 [gold/metal] Non-, [gold/metal] Chanzu audiences Expert is startled fears and gets angry. 金非,金禅族众高手又惊又惧又怒。 Purple Dongping Sir, this matter, I meets reporting surely my Old Ancestor sect!” The [gold/metal] non- endures suffering, opens the mouth to say. “紫东平大人,此事,我定会禀报老祖宗!”金非忍痛,开口道。 Such being the case, you do not need to walk!” The purple Dongping cold [say / way], [gold/metal] Non- and the others have not responded that then sees the purple Dongping easy pressure, a huge purple light flame superhuman hand falls baseless. “既然如此,那你们不必走了!”紫东平冷然道,金非等人还没反应过来,便见紫东平反掌一压,一只巨大紫色光焰巨掌凭空落下。 Audiences Expert that [gold/metal] Non- as well as [gold/metal] Chanzu come together only listens to loudly the bang, then thoroughly passed out. 金非以及金禅族同来的众高手只听轰然巨响,便彻底失去了知觉。 In the main hall various all around territory audiences Expert(s) startled however look that sees only [gold/metal] Non- and the others to be been completely clean by purple light flame incinerated, does not have remaining including the corpse remnant soul. 大殿中四周各域众强者惊然看去,只见金非等人全部被紫色光焚化干净,连尸体残魂都没剩下。 [gold/metal] Non-, existence of Saint Realm 8th-Layer, such die! 金非,一尊圣境八重的存在,就这样殒落 Numerous Saint Realm that [gold/metal] Chanzu comes together. 还有金禅族同来的众多圣境 The people with amazement, are panic-stricken. 众人骇然,惊怵。 Is this prestige of Primal Ancestor?! 这就是始祖之威?! Has not thought that the lord of [gold/metal] non territory, actually said killed then kills. 没想到金非这一域之主,竟然说杀便杀了。 After a meeting. 一会后。 The ceremony continues. 仪式继续举行。 This time, nobody breaks again. 这次,再没有谁打断。 The ritual finishes, in the palace in various Foreign Race Expert(s) hearts looks at Huang Xiaolong complex. 礼毕,殿中各异族强者心中复杂地看着黄小龙 However, in the a lot person heart takes pleasure in others'misfortunes. 不过,不少人心中幸灾乐祸。 This time, [gold/metal] Non- audiences [gold/metal] Chanzu Saint Realm was killed, [gold/metal] Chanzu will definitely not give up, will criticize this account absolutely maliciously, but Huang Xiaolong as this matter chief criminal, definitely becomes number one goal that [gold/metal] Chanzu criticizes. 这次,金非一众金禅族圣境被杀,金禅族肯定不会善罢甘休,绝对会狠狠地清算这笔账的,而黄小龙做为这次事情的“罪魁祸首”,肯定会成为金禅族清算的头号目标。 Really, less than quite a while, [gold/metal] Non- and the others is spread by the news that purple Dongping kills various territories, various territories are shocking, ebullition, stir. 果然,不到半天,金非等人被紫东平所杀的消息便传开各域,各域震惊,沸腾,轰动。 „Is this rhythm that takes two clans to battle against?! Did the injury in purple Dongping restore? A comes out then so high-sounding talk?!” “这是要两族开战的节奏?!难道紫东平的伤势恢复了?一出世便如此高调?!” „A fruit, the purple Dongping injury is impossible to convalesce! I looked that purple Dongping this is the rhythm that must make!” “没有道果,紫东平伤势不可能痊愈!我看紫东平这是要作死的节奏!” Look, then, [gold/metal] Chanzu crazily will definitely retaliate the purple spider clan, purple spider clan junior absolutely is the everybody feels insecure, I looked that purple spider clan junior definitely withdraws at the appointed time in Hong true Holy Land, does not dare to leave Hong true Holy Land Half-Step!” “看着吧,接下来,金禅族肯定会疯狂报复紫蛛族,紫蛛族弟子绝对是人人自危,我看紫蛛族弟子到时肯定是龟缩在洪真圣地,不敢离开洪真圣地半步!” All people discussed. 所有人议论不已。 Naturally, all people recognized that purple Dongping this does, the injury has not convalesced comes out then to incur to get angry [gold/metal] Chanzu unexpectedly, nobody favors the purple spider clan, nobody favors purple Dongping. 当然,所有人都认定紫东平这是作死,伤势没有痊愈竟然一出世便招怒金禅族,没人看好紫蛛族,没人看好紫东平。 After all, the purple spider clan is not the past purple spider clan, purple Dongping is also not the past purple Dongping. 毕竟,紫蛛族已经不是当年的紫蛛族,紫东平也已经不是当年的紫东平。 Purple Dongping Dao Heart is damaged, after the severe wound vanishes these years, the foreign land has spread the discussion of each edition, the a lot person is even talking into purple Dongping has lacked the purple spiders of four legs, said that purple Dongping is the waste in Primal Ancestor, said that purple Dongping now so is also little than Saint Realm 9th-Layer Late Stage peak. 紫东平道心受创,重伤消失后的这些年,异域一直流传着各个版本的讨论,不少人甚至将紫东平说成是缺了四条腿的紫蜘蛛,说紫东平是始祖中的废物,说紫东平现在也就比圣境九重后期巅峰强上那么一点点而已。 Said that two Saint Realm 9th-Layer Late Stage peak collaborate, can definitely hit the purple Dongping crying father to shout mother. 说两个圣境九重后期巅峰联手,完全可以打得紫东平哭爹喊娘。 ...... …… [gold/metal] Chanyu, imperial sacrifices Yu Li obtains [gold/metal] Non- and [gold/metal] Chanzu audiences Saint Realm by the news that purple Dongping kills, immediately then gets angry however bellows: Purple Dongping, your this waste spider, dares to kill my clan these many Saint Realm unexpectedly!” 金禅域,禅于礼得到金非和金禅族众圣境被紫东平杀死的消息,当即便怒然大吼:“紫东平,你这只废物蜘蛛,竟然敢杀我族这么多圣境!” With [gold/metal] imperial sacrifices clan that [gold/metal] Non- travels together, altogether 26 people, 26 Saint Realm, besides [gold/metal] Yue, other died in purple Dongping. 与金非同行的金禅族,一共26人,26个圣境,除了金玥之外,其他的都死在了紫东平手里。 26 Saint Realm, moreover six are Saint Realm High Rank! 26个圣境,而且六个是圣境高阶 Therefore, no wonder imperial sacrifices Yu Li is angry. 所以,也难怪禅于礼大怒。 The imperial sacrifices forever the rising sun is also the angry however cold sound track: Purple Dongping kills my 26 Saint Realm, we then kill purple spider clan five Twelve Saint Realm!” 禅永旭也是怒然冷声道:“紫东平杀我26个圣境,那我们便杀紫蛛族五十二圣境!” Immediately, imperial sacrifices Yu Libian called [gold/metal] Chanzu the numerous high levels, then ordered, sees the purple spider clan, killed without the amnesty! 当即,禅于礼便将金禅族众高层召来,然后下了命令,见到紫蛛族,杀无赦! Makes people disseminate the news, I must meet purple Dongping, with him at a Death Domain war!” The imperial sacrifices said in ritual coldly. “让人将消息散播出去,我要约战紫东平,与他在死域一战!”禅于礼冷冷道。 In the past, he with a purple Dongping war, lost the purple Dongping half move, the honor lost greatly, this time, his new hatreds on top of old calculate together that took carry back all things completely! 当年,他与紫东平一战,输了紫东平半招,脸面大丢,这次,他新仇旧恨一起算,将所有的东西全部拿回来! Old Ancestor, purple Dongping, if doesn't dare to accept a challenge?” [Gold/Metal] imperial sacrifices clan Senior Elder said scruple. 老祖,紫东平要是不敢应战呢?”一位金禅族元老迟疑道。 The imperial sacrifices Yu Lileng sound smiles: If he does not dare to accept a challenge, then disseminates the news that he does not dare to accept a challenge, lets be called him for the purple turtle, then called the purple spider clan for the turtle clan! I must make him forever and ever live in the shame!” 禅于礼冷声一笑:“要是他不敢应战,便将他不敢应战的消息散播出去,让人称他为紫乌龟,然后叫紫蛛族为乌龟族!我要让他永生永世活在耻辱之中!” Yes!” “是!” Not long, imperial sacrifices Yu Li met purple Dongping then to alarm the entire foreign land in the Death Domain news. 没有多久,禅于礼约战紫东平于死域的消息便惊动了整个异域。 The wars of two big Primal Ancestor, this absolutely is the foreign land important matter. 两大始祖之战,这绝对是异域大事。 Quick, Huang Xiaolong and purple Dongping then also obtained the news. 很快,黄小龙和紫东平便也得到了消息。 This imperial sacrifices Yu Li meets Patriarch , knew perfectly well that is bullies Patriarch Dao Heart to be damaged has not recovered, was too simply shameless!” Purple spider clan Head Palace Hallmaster angrily uneven [say / way]. “这个禅于礼约战族长,明知是欺族长道心受创没愈,简直太无耻了!”紫蛛族总殿主愤然不平道。 But, Patriarch , if not accept a challenge, at the appointed time passes on, is disadvantageous to the Patriarch prestige!” Purple spider clan vice- Patriarch sorrow however said. “可是,族长若不应战,到时传出去,对族长威望不利!”紫蛛族副族长忧然道。 Huang Xiaolong hesitates saying: That makes him to fight hundred years later again.” 黄小龙沉吟道:“那就约他在百年之后再战。” Hundred years later?” Purple Dongping is stunned, but immediately, he understood in the Huang Xiaolong heart the meaning. “百年之后?”紫东平愕然,不过随即,他明白了黄小龙心中意思。 Huang Xiaolong is plans for hundred years, obtains a fruit, lets his injury healing. 黄小龙是打算百年之内,得到道果,让他伤势痊愈。 But within hundred years, can Huang Xiaolong really obtain a fruit? 可是百年之内,黄小龙真的能得到道果吗? Good, depends on the word of Palace Lord!” Purple Dongping nods immediately. “好,就依府主之言!”紫东平随即点头。 Although is unable determine / certain Huang Xiaolong within hundred years to obtain a fruit, but he also knows that the matter of meeting cannot drag too for a long time, hundred years of time steadily is not short, is just appropriate. 虽然无法确定黄小龙百年之内能得到道果,但是他也知道约战之事不能拖得太久,百年之期不长不短,刚好合适。 The quick, purple Dongping accepting a challenge imperial sacrifices at the matter of ritual, then spread, naturally is a vibration and discussion. 很快,紫东平应战禅于礼之事,便传开来,自然又是一番震动和议论。 Passed by the several th. 几日过去。 When various territory vibrations and discussions, Huang Xiaolong left Hong true Holy Land, heads for the different palace. 在各域震动和议论时,黄小龙则离开了洪真圣地,启程前往异府。 This time, Huang Xiaolong has not led its person, led black Luo, naturally, in a vault of heaven palace also has ten Saint Realm 9th-Layer Dead Soul and four ghosts that in the ancient battlefield surrenders. 这次,黄小龙也没带它人,就带了黑罗,当然,苍穹道宫中还有古战场中降服的十头圣境九重死灵和四头幽魂。 The different palace, becomes a territory, the entire different palace is bigger than the dissociation territory, in the central area of foreign land, Huang Xiaolong must overtake, even if rides a vault of heaven palace, takes 34 months of Time. 异府,自成一域,整个异府比游离域还要大,在异域的中心区域,黄小龙要赶过去,哪怕是乘坐苍穹道宫,也要34个月时间 Safe. 一路无事。 Huang Xiaolong has slowed the speed intentionally, stops from time to time. 黄小龙故意拖慢了速度,一路走走停停。 Two years later. 两年后。 Huang Xiaolong arrived at ice thunder Holy Land of gal France territory, passes from ice thunder Holy Land of gal France territory again not far, was the different palace boundary. 黄小龙来到了伽法域的冰雷圣地,从伽法域的冰雷圣地再过去不远,就是异府边界了。 Some days have been the different palace next time will recruit the time of disciple, 100,000 years ago start, the different palace then relaxes the disciple to recruit the condition, heard that our Young Patriarch few days ago also early the passing different palace had registered, does not know that can join the different palace!” “过些日子就是异府下次招收弟子之期了,100000年前开始,异府便放宽弟子招收条件,听说我们少族长前些日子也早早过去异府报名了,不知能不能加入异府!” Softens terms, has not placed first hundred Enlightened Saint Spark, simply does not have the hope to join the different palace! Young Patriarch wants to join, difficult!” Front, ices thunder Holy Land several different clan junior sub- discussions to say. “就算是放宽条件,没有排名前百的成道圣格,也根本没有希望加入异府!少族长想加入,难!”前面,冰雷圣地几个异族弟子议论道。
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