IC :: Volume #25

#2482: Subdues Dead Soul

Congratulates your highness to break through Four Tribulation Half Saint successfully!” The Yu Ming seven people arrive in front of Huang Xiaolong, straight respectful say|way. “恭喜殿下成功突破四劫半圣!”余明七人来到黄小龙面前,齐然恭敬道。 To be honest, formerly saw the Huang Xiaolong Four Tribulation Saint Tribulation terror, seven people also really worry. 说实话,先前看到黄小龙四劫圣劫的恐怖,七人也着实捏了一把冷汗。 Huang Xiaolong smiles to seven people of nodded: Walks, we go to the Myriad Annihilation Saint Sect headquarters!” 黄小龙对七人点头一笑:“走吧,我们去万灭圣门总部!” Seven people are startled. 七人一怔。 Also goes to the Myriad Annihilation Saint Sect headquarters? 又去万灭圣门总部? Your highness, do you also want to look for Myriad Annihilation Saint Symbol and that Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact?” Yu Ming has hesitated, said: By seeing of subordinate, perhaps absolutely does not have that Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact, even if has, Myriad Annihilation Saint Symbol and that Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact only feared not in Myriad Annihilation Holy Land.” “殿下,你还想找万灭圣符和那件始祖道器?”余明迟疑了一下,说道:“以属下之见,说不定根本就没有那件始祖道器,就算是有,万灭圣符和那件始祖道器只怕也不在万灭圣地了。” After all, they searched for two. 毕竟,他们都已经搜寻两遍了。 Moreover in the past Evil Demon Palace, Holy Land Union also had audiences Ancient Clan, after Holy Land extinguished Myriad Annihilation Saint Sect, digs three chi (0.33 m) entire Myriad Annihilation Holy Land, if present, Evil Demon Palace and Holy Land Union audiences Expert(s) impossible not to have discovered. 而且当年邪魔宫,圣地联盟还有众古族,圣地灭了万灭圣门后,将整个万灭圣地掘地三尺,若是有,邪魔宫圣地联盟高手不可能没发现。 Huang Xiaolong hears word, said with a smile: Who said that I must look for Myriad Annihilation Saint Symbol and that Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact.” 黄小龙闻言,笑道:“谁说我要去找万灭圣符和那件始祖道器了。” Aren't Li Sword Saint how many person of accidents, look for Myriad Annihilation Saint Symbol and that Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact? Does that also go to the Myriad Annihilation Saint Sect headquarters to do? There stretch of ruins, Death Qi was strong, is more impossible to have other treasures. 离剑圣人几人意外,不是去找万灭圣符和那件始祖道器?那还去万灭圣门总部干嘛?那里已经一片废墟,死气浓重,更不可能有其它宝物。 Walks.” Huang Xiaolong has not explained that breaking space, has not ridden Winged Dragon Saint Ship, bringing seven people of direct breaking space to fly. “走吧。”黄小龙也没多作解释,破空而起,也没乘坐翼龙圣船,带着七人直接破空飞行。 As for Wan Zhuoyuan, in Ji Zhang, Lu Ding, Song Cheng and the others Saint Soul, Huang Xiaolong swallowing, was not planning to subdue Myriad Annihilation Saint Sect that several Dead Soul to go back Tian Zhu Holy Land anxiously to swallow first again not lately. 至于万卓远,于济漳,卢鼎,宋成等人的圣魂,黄小龙也不急着吞噬,打算先收服了万灭圣门的那几头死灵再回去天主圣地吞噬不迟。 When breaking space flight, the Huang Xiaolong three Great Saint souls launch. 破空飞行时,黄小龙大圣魂展开。 After crossing this Four Tribulation Saint Tribulation, Huang Xiaolong three Great Saint souls the strength of Saint Soul turned time once more, before the indiscoverable Space subtle point, now, 11 receive the Huang Xiaolong mind clearly. 渡过这次四劫圣劫后,黄小龙的三大圣魂的圣魂之力再次翻倍,以前难以发现的空间细微之处,现在,都11清晰地收入黄小龙脑海。 As leaves the Myriad Annihilation Saint Sect headquarters to be getting more and more near, Death Qi rolled like the sea, strongly is similar to must condense to say. 随着离万灭圣门总部越来越近,死气翻腾如海,浓烈地如同要凝聚成云。 However, this Death Qi, was similar to nominal to Huang Xiaolong. 不过,这点死气,对黄小龙来说如同虚设了。 Huang Xiaolong does not even put on Four Sea Saint Armor, does not use the strength of defense Half Saint, the toxin of Dead Soul whatever in these Death Qi contains contaminates the body surface. 黄小龙甚至根本不穿四海圣铠,不用半圣之力防御,任凭那些死气中蕴含的死灵之毒沾染到体表。 Yu Ming, the Chen Zhi seven people see that is was shocked. 余明,陈知七人见状,都是吃惊不已。 Did their your highness main bodies defend to this situation strongly? Even if they, does not dare, whatever the toxin of this Dead Soul seeps within the body, otherwise drives out not to be small troublesome. 他们殿下本体防御强到这种地步了?哪怕是他们,也不敢任凭这死灵之毒渗透进体内,不然驱除起来麻烦不小。 Suddenly, loud sound day severe Jiao the horizon from far rolling transmits, Space is loudly unstable. 突然,一声震天厉叫从远边天际滚滚传来,空间轰然动荡不安。 The Yu Ming seven people of complexions change. 余明七人脸色一变。 Is that endures to compare Saint Realm Layer 3 Dead Soul! 是那头堪比圣境三重死灵 In seven people think when Huang Xiaolong will bring they are avoiding that Dead Soul, Huang Xiaolong suddenly transfers to them saying: Your seven people defend in this, does not make the person come, I subdued that Dead Soul in the past.” Then, does not need seven people to respond that then the breaking space rapid flight goes. 就在七人以为黄小龙会带着他们避开那头死灵时,黄小龙突然转首对他们道:“你们七人守在这,不让人过来,我过去收服那头死灵。”说完,也不待七人反应过来,便破空疾飞而去。 Seven people dull silly. 七人呆傻。 Then, seven people of complexions startled however change. 接着,七人脸色惊然大变。 What?! Does your highness want to subdue that Dead Soul? This!” Sun Jiangji however said: Was too dangerous! Even if your highness three Great Saint souls, have Dark Saint Ring and Winged Dragon Saint Ship, was impossible to cope with that Dead Soul! That Dead Soul endures to compare Saint Realm Layer 3!” “什么?!殿下要去收服那头死灵?这!”孙降急然道:“太危险了!就算殿下有三大圣魂,有暗圣戒翼龙圣船,也不可能对付得了那头死灵!那头死灵可是堪比圣境三重!” We quick in the past!” Chen Zhi also anxious sound track. “那我们快过去!”陈知亦急声道。 Wait / Etc.!” Li Hua jun start to talk hindrance waylays: Your highness's order, was made our seven people defend in this moment ago, did not make other people rush.” “等等!”李华俊开口阻拦道:“刚才殿下的命令,是让我们七人守在这,不让其它人闯过去。” Other six people stare. 其它六人一愣。 Your highness such orders, reason that definitely has your highness, perhaps does your highness have the means to subdue that Dead Soul?” Li Hua jun hesitates saying: What method is only your highness does not want to make us know with, therefore our anxiously to overtaking words, meeting?!” “殿下这么命令,肯定有殿下的原因,说不定殿下有办法收服那头死灵呢?”李华俊沉吟道:“只是殿下不想让我们知道是用什么方法,所以我们这样急冲冲赶过去的话,会?!” The Chen Zhi six people look at each other. 陈知六人相视。 At this time, front transmitted the astonishing Power of Destruction fluctuation suddenly. 这时,前面突然传来惊人的毁灭力量波动。 Even if the great distance is extremely far, seven people can still be able to feel that Power of Destruction terror, this strength terror, making seven people have a fearful and apprehensive feeling. 哪怕是相隔极远,七人仍然能感觉得到那毁灭力量的恐怖,这力量的恐怖,让七人都有种心惊胆颤之感。 Your highness and did that Dead Soul junction begin?!” The Li Sword Saint throat is dry. “殿下和那头死灵交上手了?!”离剑圣人喉咙干燥。 Then, bang day crack transmits unceasingly. 接着,轰天炸响不断传来。 Power of Destruction one after another is similar to the rough sea waves is ordinary, making seven people with trepidation, although seven people have no way to see, but, they can imagine that earth-shakingly, landslide cracks in the earth, intense scene of day but actually moon/month falling. 一波又一波的毁灭力量如同巨浪一般,让七人不禁提心吊胆,七人虽然没法看得到,但是,他们能够想像得到那翻天覆地,山崩地裂,日倒月坠的激烈情景。 So has continued for nearly a half hour. 如此持续了将近半个小时。 The Power of Destruction fluctuation is weaken suddenly, then finally stops, vanishes, silent. 毁灭力量波动突然减弱下来,接着最终停止,消失,寂静。 What's the matter? How suddenly?” Chen Zhi is amazed, subsequently the complexion changes: Isn't your highness he?” Had an accident?! “怎么回事?怎么突然就?”陈知惊诧,继而脸色一变:“不会是殿下他?”出事了?! The Li Sword Saint six people are also the complexion change. 离剑圣人六人也是脸色一变。 It looks like in seven people, Huang Xiaolong has three Great Saint souls, in addition Dark Saint Ring, Winged Dragon Saint Ship also has the Black Snake rope, has supported for a half hour, finally was given by that Dead Soul? 在七人看来,黄小龙有三大圣魂,再加上暗圣戒,翼龙圣船还有乌蛇绳,强撑了半个小时,最终被那头死灵给? Quick!” “快!” Seven people cannot attend to other again, however was overrunning to Huang Xiaolong anxiously. 七人再顾不得其它,急然向黄小龙所在冲了过去。 However seven people just did not run out far, then sees the form to fly together from the opposite, who isn't this form Huang Xiaolong is? Moreover they discovered that Huang Xiaolong behind unexpectedly follows that to have ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) fully, whole body Death Qi rolled such as sea Dead Soul! 但是七人刚冲出没有多远,便见一道身影从对面飞来,这道身影不是黄小龙是谁?而且他们发现,黄小龙身后竟然跟随着那头足有万丈,全身死气翻腾如海的死灵 This endures compared with Saint Realm Layer 3 Dead Soul, follows in Huang Xiaolong behind, clever serious, that appearance, looks like a tagalong, which likely is ominous prestige remnant offense Dead Soul? 这头堪比圣境三重死灵,跟随在黄小龙身后,乖地不得了,那模样,就像是一头跟屁虫,哪像是凶威残戾的死灵 Seven people stayed for a while. 七人一时呆了。 Sees the Yu Ming seven people, Huang Xiaolong said: „Do you do, I do not make you defend there, does not make other people come.” 看到余明七人,黄小龙道:“你们过来干什么,我不是让你们守在那里,不让其它人过来吗。” Seven people then get back one's composure, is quite awkward, the look is slow of speech. 七人这才回神过来,颇为尴尬,神色讷讷。 Your highness! We are also worried about you, therefore.” Li Sword Saint eats to say. “殿下!我们也是担心你,所以。”离剑圣人吃吃道。 Huang Xiaolong said: Has anything to be good to be worried that I, since said makes you defend in that you defend in that.” 黄小龙道:“有什么好担心的,我既然说了让你们守在那,你们就守在那。” Seven people should be respectfully. 七人恭敬应是。 Walks, we continued to find several other Dead Soul.” Huang Xiaolong has not blamed seven people, then said. “走吧,我们继续找到其它几头死灵。”黄小龙也没责怪七人,然后道。 Continues to look? 继续找? Seven people of stunned. 七人愕然。 Sees Huang Xiaolong and that Dead Soul has walked away, they caught up to follow close on. 黄小龙和那头死灵已经走远,他们赶紧跟了上去。 They look at that Dead Soul, is at heart strange, they really think that does not understand their your highness do subdue this Dead Soul? This is endures compared with Saint Realm Layer 3 Dead Soul, even if Saint Realm Layer 4, Layer 5 even Layer 6 Expert(s), was impossible to subdue this Dead Soul! 他们看着那头死灵,心里怪异,他们实在想不明白他们殿下是怎么收服这头死灵的?这可是堪比圣境三重死灵啊,就算是圣境四重,五重甚至六重高手,也不可能收服得了这头死灵吧! Dead Soul, that does not have the intelligence, is impossible to submit. 死灵,那可是没有神智,根本不可能臣服。 Only if can suppress it by the absolute strength, then with being similar in controlling the method of puppet its control. 除非能以绝对实力将其压制住,然后再用类似于控制傀儡的方法将其控制。 But, their your highness are absolutely impossible to have the absolute strength to suppress this Dead Soul. 可是,他们殿下绝对不可能有绝对的实力压制得住这头死灵 Quick, Huang Xiaolong had then discovered second Dead Soul, Huang Xiaolong makes the Yu Ming seven people wait, then with that Dead Soul in the past, is a fierce combat, is this time is quicker, less than 20 minutes then ended, then, the Yu Ming seven people see Huang Xiaolong to return, were also many Dead Soul. 很快,黄小龙便发现了第二头死灵,黄小龙余明七人守候,然后和那头死灵过去,又是一番激战,可是这次更快,不到20分钟便结束,接着,余明七人看到黄小龙返回,身后又多了一头死灵 Another Dead Soul! 又一头死灵 Afterward, Huang Xiaolong leads the people to continue to seek for next Dead Soul. 随后,黄小龙带着众人继续寻找下一头死灵 Less than quite a while, Huang Xiaolong behind, were many four Dead Soul! 不到半天,黄小龙身后,便多了四头死灵
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