IC :: Volume #2

#109: Yang An arrives

A Huang Xiaolong foot lifts suddenly, kicks Yang Zhanfei, hits by street to construct above the threshold, the threshold pounds flutters about but actually, fragment lasing. 黄小龙突然一脚抬起,将杨展非踢飞出去,撞到街道两旁建筑门槛之上,门槛砸倒纷飞,碎片激射。 All around people all are startled to draw back. 四周众人慌然惊退。 Second young master!” “二少爷!” At this time, guard Yang Family responded, went forward, helped up Yang Zhanfei. 这时,杨家护卫才反应过来,纷纷上前,将杨展非扶起。 But several guard Yang Family even flushed to Huang Xiaolong, draws a sword to cut to Huang Xiaolong, but, before these guards Yang Family have not arrived at the Huang Xiaolong body, was flown by a Fei Hou palm racket. 而几名杨家护卫甚至向黄小龙冲了过来,抽刀斩向黄小龙,不过,这几名杨家护卫还没来到黄小龙身前,便被费侯一掌拍飞。 In a Fei Hou palm pats that several guard Yang Family flies, suddenly, a silhouette comes breaking through the air, shouts: Who dares to injure my younger brother!” 就在费侯一掌将那几名杨家护卫拍飞时,突然,一道人影破空而来,喝道:“谁敢伤我弟弟!” Sound like startling thunderclap, but rolling, shakes all person eardrum to shake. 声如惊雷,滚滚而至,震得所有人耳膜震荡。 Huang Xiaolong transfers to come, both eyes concentrates, at this time, a silhouette flashed, young man of wear yellow brocade robe floating falls to the people in front. 黄小龙转首过来,双眼一凝,这时,一道人影一闪,一个穿着黄色锦袍的年轻人飘然落至众人面前。 young man is long somewhat is similar to Yang Zhanfei, but among the manners, has an arrogant arrogance. 年轻人长得与杨展非有些相似,不过神态之间,有着一种凌人傲气。 Is Yang An!” “是杨安!” Eldest son!” “大少爷!” All around people see clearly the person, was all startled, guard Yang Mansion a face is pleasantly surprised. 四周众人看清来人,俱都吃了一惊,杨府护卫则一脸惊喜。 Big Brother!” Yang Zhanfei shoves open guard Yang Mansion, arrives in front of Yang An quickly, finger/refers of Huang Xiaolong: Big Brother, is he, is his take action wound I!” 大哥!”杨展非推开杨府护卫,快步来到杨安面前,一指黄小龙:“大哥,是他,是他出手伤的我!” Yang An looked to Huang Xiaolong, both eyes one cold: „Some first people dare take action to injure my younger brother!” 杨安黄小龙看了过来,双眼一冷:“第一次有人敢出手伤我弟弟!” Huang Xiaolong complexion indifferent: That how?” 黄小龙脸色淡漠:“那又如何?” You kneel now, has kowtowed, asking my younger brother to forgive, if my younger brother can forgive you, I then forgive you dead.” The Yang An complexion is cold. “你现在跪下来,一直叩头,求我弟弟原谅,若是我弟弟能原谅你,那我便饶你一死。”杨安脸色冷然。 Big tone!” Nearby Fei Hou cannot bear sneered say: Do not think that you are favored to regard by King now, I then do not dare to kill you!” “好大的口气!”一旁的费侯忍不住冷笑道:“别以为你现在受国王宠视,我便不敢杀你!” Yang An looks at Fei Hou, the look is cold: Originally is Fei Hou Marquis, kills me? Depending on your Rank 10 Late Stage Peak?” Then, the whole body imposing manner release, all around air current sweeps across. 杨安看着费侯,眼神冷冽:“原来是费侯侯爵,杀我?就凭你一个十阶后期巅峰?”说完,全身气势释放,四周气流席卷。 Although Yang An is Rank 9 Late Stage Peak, but a foot has stepped into Rank 10, depending on his Super level Martial Spirit and Life Source Spirit Skill, in his opinion, even if Rank 10 Late Stage Peak powerhouse like Fei Hou how him! 杨安虽然是九阶后期巅峰,但是一脚已踏入十阶,凭他的超级武魂本命魂技,在他看来,就算是像费侯这样的十阶后期巅峰强者都奈何不了他了! At this time, knew how things stand saying that the breaking space sound conveyed, several forms rushed, is Yang Mansion Expert that rushed. 这时,又有数道破空声音传来,几道身影赶至,乃是随后赶到的杨府高手 After these Yang Mansion Expert arrive, looks at Fei Hou cold. 这几名杨府高手来到之后,冷然看着费侯 Perhaps Fei Hou, the careful careless talk makes trouble, which day your Fei Mansion was extinguished!” And a 70-year- old man looks at Fei Hou sneered. 费侯,小心祸从口出,说不定哪一天你费府便被人灭了!”其中一名七旬老者看着费侯冷笑 This 70-year- old man Yang Mansion Chief Steward Zhu Yi, in the past and Fei Hou was the same, was Rank 10 Late Stage Peak powerhouse. 这名七旬老者正是杨府大管家朱意,当年与费侯一样,也是十阶后期巅峰强者 Right?” A Fei Hou palm pats suddenly. “是吗?”费侯突然一掌拍来。 Zhu Yi sees that does not draw back instead enters. 朱意见状,不退反进。 Ice Spirit Claw!” 冰灵爪!” A claw welcomed to Fei Hou, all around such as fell the 10,000 Zhang (33,333m) ice kiln. 一爪迎向了费侯,四周如坠万丈冰窑。 Several years have not seen, how I then made you have a look at my these years strength to promote!” In the Zhu Yi eye the ominous glow flashes, before two people once fought several times, but had not divided the victory and defeat, but now, he self-confidently depending on his present strength, can suppress Fei Hou. “几年没见,我便让你看看我这几年实力提升如何!”朱意眼中凶芒一闪,以前两人曾交手几次,但是一直没分胜负,但是现在,他自信凭他现在实力,可以压制费侯了。 However, at this moment, his complexion startled big change, Fei Hou palm strength such as the billowing hurricane then shakes the powder his Ice Spirit Claw unexpectedly generally instantaneously, then submerges to him. 不过,就在这时,他脸色惊然大变,费侯掌力竟然如滚滚飓风一般瞬间便将他的冰灵爪震散,接着向他淹没而来。 When Zhu Yi did not have with enough time yes what's the matter, then by the bang , the body such as the kite of broken line generally had been flown upside down. 朱意还没来得及明白到底是怎么回事时,便被轰中,身体如断线的风筝一般倒飞了出去。 All people one dull. 所有人一呆。 Yang An, Yang Zhanfei similarly startled stagnates looks that pounds Zhu Yi that flies loudly. 杨安,杨展非同样惊滞地看着轰然砸飞的朱意 Zhu Yi, Rank 10 Late Stage Peak, cannot catch including Fei Hou one move unexpectedly! 朱意,十阶后期巅峰,竟然连费侯一招都接不住! All around is peaceful, because of Yang An, Zhu Yi and the others arrived to think high-spirited, self-satisfied guard Yang Mansion did not have the sound completely. 四周安静下来,原本因杨安,朱意等人到来而觉得意气风发,志得意满的杨府护卫全部没了声音。 Fei Rong, Fei Ming as well as comes is a face look at Fei Hou with several Patriarch and guards Fei Mansion who shocking. 费荣,费明以及跟而来的几位家主费府护卫更是一脸震惊地看着费侯 First, Innate Powerhouse!” “先,先天强者!” For a long time , a Yang Mansion Expert trembling sound said. 许久之后,杨府一位高手颤声道。 Innate Powerhouse! 先天强者 All person bodies shake. 所有人身体一震。 In the Fei Rong heart the wild with joy sentiment spews out. 费荣心中狂喜之情喷涌而出。 Father, he broke through Innate unexpectedly, breaks through Innate!” “爹,他竟然突破了先天,突破先天啊!” Innate, Fei Hou breaks through Innate! 先天,费侯突破先天 Before, although Fei Mansion is also Foreign Domain Royal City Big Family, but merely was only also considered as is Big Family, is unable to crush into Royal City super Big Family. 以前,费府虽然也是域外王城的一个大家族,但是也仅仅只算得上是一个大家族,一直无法挤进王城超级大家族之列。 Because Fei Mansion does not have Innate Powerhouse to exist. 因为费府没有先天强者存在。 However now, all were different. 但是现在,一切都不同了。 After Fei Mansion, will push the row of super Big Family ranks. 费府以后将挤列超级大家族行列。 Fei Rong so, Fei Ming as well as Fei Mansion all guards so, all fall into an excitement similarly, wild with joy, during is roused to action. 费荣如此,费明以及费府所有护卫同样如此,俱都陷入一片激动,狂喜,激奋之中。 Zhu Yi crawled from the ground, looks at Fei Hou with all around people same shocking, during the shock, envies, envy, even is unwilling. 朱意从地面爬了起来,与四周众人一样震惊地看着费侯,震惊之中,羡慕,嫉妒,甚至不甘。 Fei Hou one step entered Innate compared with him unexpectedly first! 费侯竟然比他先一步跨进了先天 Innate, reaches the sky in a single bound, once strides in Innate, that status was then entirely different. 先天,一步登天,一旦跨入先天,那身份地位便截然不同了。 Fei Hou looks that crawls Zhu Yi since the ground, cold sound said: Extinguished my Fei Mansion? You?” 费侯看着从地面爬起的朱意,冷声道:“灭了我费府?就你吗?” Zhu Yi complexion ugly. 朱意脸色难看之极。 Fei Hou, you, although breaks through Innate, but best not to be rampant.” At this time, Yang An opened the mouth saying: Do not think that you broke through Innate then world Invincible! Before my grandfather, your same anything is not!” 费侯,你虽然突破先天,但是最好别太嚣张。”这时,杨安开口道:“别以为你突破先天便天下无敌了!在我爷爷面前,你一样什么都不是!” Grandpa Yang An, Yang Dong is also Innate, moreover is Innate Rank 2, then broke through Innate 30 years ago. 杨安爷爷,杨动也是先天,而且是先天二阶,早在30年前便突破先天了。 Yang An spoke of this, looked to Huang Xiaolong: Boy, Fei Hou is protecting you today, I first let off you, I looked when Fei Hou was can protect you!” 杨安说到这,看向黄小龙:“小子,今天费侯护着你,我就先放过你,我看费侯是不是什么时候都能护得了你!” We walk!” “我们走!” Yang An said, then must lead Yang Zhanfei and the others to leave. 杨安说完,便要带着杨展非等人离开。 However, when he just about to leaves, suddenly, a silhouette flashes, together fist energy comes breaking through the air. 不过,他刚要离开时,突然,一道人影一闪,一道拳劲破空而来 In Yang An heart one startled, a fist moved forward to meet somebody, two fists strike, two people all retreat several steps. 杨安心中一惊,一拳迎了上去,两拳碰击,两人俱都后退了几步。 You!” When Yang An sees clearly the person of take action, a face is shocking, cannot believe, person of Huang Xiaolong take action, incessantly is Yang An, is Zhu Yi as well as all around all people shocking looks at Huang Xiaolong. “你!”待杨安看清出手之人时,一脸震惊,不敢相信,出手之人正是黄小龙,不止是杨安,便是朱意以及四周所有人都震惊地看着黄小龙 Fei Rong, the Fei Ming two fathers and sons are also so. 费荣,费明两父子也是如此。 Struck a moment ago, didn't Huang Xiaolong as if know one's place with Yang An?! 刚才一击,黄小龙似乎与杨安不分上下?! Do not know one's place! 不分上下! But Yang An Foreign Domain Kingdom first monstrous talent, the present is Rank 9 Late Stage Peak, Half-Step has stepped into Rank 10, but Huang Xiaolong seems like only 15-16 years old. 杨安可是域外王国第一妖孽天才,现在是九阶后期巅峰,半步踏入了十阶,而黄小龙看起来只有十五六岁。 Foreign Domain Kingdom first monstrous talent?” Huang Xiaolong face indifferent said: I look also mediocre!” 域外王国第一妖孽天才?”黄小龙一脸淡漠道:“我看也不过如此!” The Yang An complexion becomes flushed such as purple, the both eyes anger erupts. 杨安脸色涨红如紫,双眼怒火喷发而出。 Eldest son!” Zhu Yi just opened the mouth, Yang An then shoves open it, shouts: You boil to me, today who dares to prevent me, I then kill who!” Then, whole body Battle Qi rays of light rises sharply, the great lion appears. “大少爷!”朱意刚开口,杨安便一手将其推开,喝道:“你们都给我滚开,今天谁敢阻止我,我便杀谁!”说完,全身斗气光芒大涨,身后一只巨狮浮现。 Level 12 First Class Martial Spirit, Roaring Sky God Lion! 十二级一流武魂,啸天神狮 Roaring Sky God Lion is in Beast Martial Spirit Lion Clan most top/elite Martial Spirit, wants on the high two big levels compared with Marshal Haotian Black Nether Lion. 啸天神狮兽武魂狮族之中最顶尖武魂,比元帅浩天黑冥狮要高上两个大级。 Roaring Sky God Lion appears, face upwards to howl the roar, the wind and cloud changes countenance, upper air strong winds erupts, thunderous lightning flash. 啸天神狮出现,仰天啸吼,风云变色,高空狂风大作,雷鸣电闪。 Father, we?” Fei Rong arrives at Fei Hou behind, asks respectfully, the meaning wants take action. “爹,那我们?”费荣来到费侯身后,恭敬问道,意思是要不要出手 Fei Hou shook the head: Does not have the order of Young Master, you do not want take action!” Then, making Fei Mansion all people withdraw, but he has also fallen back on the one side. 费侯摇了摇头:“没少主的命令,你们不要出手!”说完,让费府所有人退后,而他也都退到了一旁。 ( Today's matter were too many, mood is bothersome, can only one, tomorrow as usual renewal) (今天事情太多了,心情烦燥,只能一更了,明天照常更新)
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