IM :: Volume #4 风生水起

#241: Performing is petty people

Green Cloud Sect, in Green Cloud Hall. 苍云宗,苍云殿内。 Incomparably leaves male crossing the hands behind the back of dust to stand in the palace, deeps frown, in the eye lightens an anger. 一个无比出尘的男子负手站于殿中,眉头紧锁,眼中闪出一股怒气。 At this time, from the main hall, walked three people slowly, after one first two, front, previous time the Daoist robe man who Zhong Shan and Qianyou earth buried, following two unemotionally, until arriving in main hall, a that right behind talented person opened the mouth saying: Sect Master, Senior Brother Qiushui brings.” 这时,从大殿之外,慢慢走进来三个人,一前两后,前面一个,正是上次将钟山千幽土埋的道袍男子,后面两个面无表情,直到走到大殿之中,那右后面的一人才开口道:“宗主,秋水师兄带到。” You get down.” Sect Master in main hall has opened the mouth to say. “你们下去吧。”一直在大殿中的宗主开口道。 The "Yes" following two people have drawn back immediately. “是”后面两个人马上退了出去。 Two uncle.” After the two walk, the earth buried Zhong Shan's that to ask the Qiushui person to call out immediately. “二伯。”待那两人走后,土埋钟山的那叫秋水的人马上叫道。 Kneels down!” Sect Master eyes stares to say. “跪下!”宗主双眼一瞪道。 Two uncle, how?” Qiushui knits the brows to say. “二伯,怎么了?”秋水皱眉道。 Asked you to kneel down!” The Sect Master anger said. “叫你跪下!”宗主怒道。 Qiushui knitting the brows head, some not willingly has knelt. But doubts looks to Sect Master. 秋水皱皱眉头,有些不甘心的跪了下来。但还是疑惑的看向宗主 Six other day, where did you go to?” Sect Master said solemnly. “六日前,你去了哪里?”宗主沉声道 Heard a Sect Master saying, the Qiushui brow selects, immediately knows that day matter revealed that but in entire Green Cloud Sect, knew also only then own fifty disciple, who was? 听到宗主一说,秋水眉头一挑,马上就知道那日之事泄露了,而整个苍云宗内,知晓的也只有自己的五十个弟子,到底是谁? „Did two uncle, who tell you?” Qiushui asked immediately. “二伯,谁告诉你的?”秋水马上问道。 Told? Snort, do you also want to hide the truth from me?” Sect Master anger sound track. “告诉?哼,你还想瞒着我吗?”宗主怒声道。 I right. Two uncle, my three disciples dies because of Zhong Shan and Princess Qianyou, I have not killed their already to be very benevolent, I right.” Qiushui stubborn [say / way]. “我没错。二伯,我的三个弟子因钟山千幽公主而死,我没杀他们已经很仁慈了,我没错。”秋水倔强道。 Snort, I do not mean this matter, I mean that place, where is that place?” The Sect Master anger said. “哼,我不是说这事,我是说那地方,那地方是什么地方?”宗主怒道。 Heard Sect Master saying that Qiushui knit the brows: That is the head-family restricted area, any disciple passes through there, must detour. However, two uncle, why? Why, do I why want to detour? There simply does not have what fierce sect, does not have what large-scale city, why?” 听到宗主所说,秋水一阵皱眉道:“那是本宗禁地,任何弟子经过那里,都要绕道。但是,二伯,为什么?为什么啊,我为什么要绕道?那里根本没有什么厉害的宗门,也没有什么大型城池,为什么啊?” Why? Why do not manage, this is the custom, anybody cannot go to there, especially you.” The Sect Master anger said. “为什么?你不要管为什么,这就是规矩,任何人都不能去那里,特别是你。”宗主怒道。 I? Why?” Qiushui very depressed saying. “我?为什么?”秋水非常郁闷的说道。 Has a look at Qiushui, in the Sect Master eye to flash through one to sigh: Read you are the first offense, this time, if has again next time, instantly expels sect, do not come back again.” 看看秋水,宗主眼中闪过一丝叹息道:“念你是初犯,这次就算了,如若再有下次,即刻逐出宗门,你也不要再回来了。” Qiushui brings a cavity to be depressed, returned to own courtyard, sits in the room, is thinking unceasingly, which disciple is betrays itself? 秋水带着一腔郁闷,回到了自己的院落,坐在屋中,不断想着,到底是哪个弟子出卖自己? Then how many day of times, revealed? Also made itself be scolded by two, these disciples to oneself did not give loyalty , was also right, once after they achieved Nascent Soul Stage, with oneself person of the same generation, the respect was also only temporary. 这才几天的功夫,就泄露出去了?还使自己被二伯骂了一顿,这些弟子对自己也并不是那么效忠的啊,也对,一旦他们达到元婴期后,就和自己平辈了,尊敬也只是暂时的。 Did one receive these many disciples, could it be that has made a mistake? Had not killed Princess Qianyou at that time fortunately, otherwise, who refers to being uncertain to betray itself now? 自己收了这么多弟子,难道错了吗?还好当时没有杀了千幽公主,否则,现在指不定有谁又出卖自己了吧? In Qiushui to the disciple suspected, suddenly, outside the room has heard the sound of footsteps. 正在秋水对弟子怀疑之际,忽然,屋外传来了脚步声。 Teacher.” Outside the room hears the crying out sound of big disciple. “师尊。”屋外传来大弟子的叫唤声。 Qiushui sets out, opens room way gently: How?” 秋水起身,轻轻打开屋门道:“怎么了?” Teacher, they walked.” The big disciple reveals no wonder that. “师尊,他们找上门来了。”大弟子露出一丝古怪道。 Who?” Qiushui knits the brows to say. “谁?”秋水皱眉道。 Princess Qianyou also has that Zhong Shan, they are also bringing a ghost, audience Sect Master outside entrance.” Big disciple strange saying. 千幽公主还有那个钟山,他们还带着一个幽魂,在山门外请见宗主。”大弟子古怪的说道。 Is they?” Qiushui eyes stares to say. Subsequently, the Qiushui facial expression moves. “是他们?”秋水双眼一瞪道。继而,秋水神情一动。 You look for a new face, receives the dark green cloud square them, I know over the two days that originally is not Great Guang and Great Luo alliance, Great Guang must seize them, is good, I seize them, you go to my grandfather there immediately, said that my already caught Princess Qianyou and Zhong Shan.” Qiushui thinks to say. “你找个生面孔,将他们领到苍云广场,还有,这两天我才知道,原来并不是什么大光大罗联盟,大光也要捉到他们,也好,我捉住他们,你马上前往我爷爷那里,就说我已经抓到了千幽公主钟山。”秋水想了想说道。 On "Yes" youngest brother chess pieces comply with the way. “是”大弟子马上应道 Green Cloud Sect mountain gate place. 苍云宗山门口处。 Zhong Shan and Princess Qianyou have Ru Yan, in static waiting, notification person already went. 钟山千幽公主还有如烟,静静的等候之中,通报的人已经进去了。 Sir, is away from tens of thousands li (0.5km), I can feel the fight before Forgotten Sorrow City.” Princess Qianyou said with a smile. “先生,隔着几万里,我都能感受到忘忧城前的战斗。”千幽公主笑道。 Yes, this is a sensitive boundary, the Great Guang army intercepts confidential letter beforehand ‚’, saw that the Great Yu army rushes ahead Forgotten Sorrow City, naturally must have a battle, is only, the battle should not be long, how long cannot want, both armies commanders in chief will meet, once both armies commanders in chief meet, Giant Deer King must bring Great Yu all armies to withdraw. At that time, did not have worrying of Great Yu pursuing troops.” Zhong Shan took a deep breath said. “是啊,这是一个敏感的地界,大光军队事先截获‘密信’,又看到大宇军队真的冲杀忘忧城,自然少不了一番争斗,只是,争斗应该不会太久,要不了多久,两军主帅就会碰面了,一旦两军主帅碰面,巨鹿王就必须带着大宇所有军队撤走。那时,就没有大宇追兵之忧了。”钟山深吸口气道。 This must be lucky the Ru Yan miss.” Princess Qianyou looked that said to Ru Yan. “这要多亏了如烟姑娘。”千幽公主看向如烟道。 Young Master seeks for husband for me, this minor matter, Ru Yan naturally works.” Ru Yan light saying. “公子为我寻找夫君,这点小事,如烟自然效劳。”如烟淡淡的说道。 Zhong Shan looks to Ru Yan, was in the heart has filled strangely, because Zhong Shan saw that this Ru Yan had not smiled, the expression finally was light, has not smiled, could it be that waited for the millenniums later, did already forget other emotions? 钟山看向如烟,也是心中充满了古怪,因为钟山看到,这个如烟一直没有笑过,表情终是淡淡,从没有笑过,难道等待千年之后,已经忘记其它情感了吗? „When the Ru Yan miss, first time sees you, listening to you to sing a broken heart song...” Zhong Shan thinks to ask. 如烟姑娘,第一次见你时,听你唱着一首断肠的歌曲…”钟山想了想问道。 That is husband teaches my song, teaches my first song, the millenniums, cannot wait for husband, defend the Xiao Family millenniums spatially, when are cold-hearted, sang this song to warm me to be disappointed. On that day was also.” Ru Yan said. “那是夫君教我的歌曲,教我的第一首歌,千年来,等不到夫君,空守箫家千年,心冷之际,都是唱着这首歌来暖我寒心。那天也是。”如烟说道。 When cold-hearted? Hears here, the Zhong Shan brow selects, pondered over this saying secretly the meaning. 心冷之际?听到这里,钟山眉头一挑,暗自琢磨起这话的意思了。 Two, please come along with me.” At this time, from Green Cloud Sect Great Array, went out of a man to say slowly. “二位,请随我来。”这时,从苍云宗大阵之内,缓缓走出一个男子说道。 thank you for your trouble!” Zhong Shan said. Subsequently is bringing Princess Qianyou and Ru Yan, walks toward the interior along with him. 有劳!”钟山说道。继而带着千幽公主如烟,随着他向着内部走去。 Shortly, goes to above a square. 没多久,就来到一个广场之上。 Two please later.” That person of welcome said. “二位请稍后。”那迎接之人说道。 Um.” Zhong Shan nods. “嗯。”钟山点点头。 That person left quickly, stands in the square, Zhong Shan all around will look, all around has numerous mountains, some floating islands float in all around, in any case looks like, this sect is bigger than it Kai Yang Sect. 那人很快离开了,站在广场上,钟山将四周看了一遍,四周有着众多的山川,还有一些浮岛浮在四周,反正看起来,这个宗门比之开阳宗要大。 Sir, a little does not suit!” Saying that Princess Qianyou knits the brows suddenly. “先生,有点不对劲!”千幽公主忽然皱眉的说道。 A little does not suit, but no matter what, we must see Green Cloud Sect Sect Master, asked about the matters of Xiao Bingyi two adopted sons.” Zhong Shan knits the brows to say. “是有点不对劲,但不管如何,我们都要见到苍云宗宗主,询问箫冰倚两个义子的事情。”钟山皱皱眉头说道。 This is not only to a Ru Yan confession, similarly regarding oneself, answer that also anxious want to seeks. 这不仅仅是对如烟一个交代,同样对于自己,也是急切想要寻求的答案。 „, Princess Qianyou and Zhong Shan, you also are really the good luck, not only ran away, but also had found here.” A towering sound resounds suddenly. “呵,千幽公主钟山,你们还真是好运,不但逃了出来,而且还找到了我这里。”一个突兀的声音忽然响起。 A Zhong Shan brow wrinkle, goes following prestige. Not far away, actually slowly walks that day to live to bury own Daoist robe man. His twenty disciples. 钟山眉头一皱,循声望去。不远处,却是缓缓走来那日生埋自己的道袍男子。还有他的二十几名弟子。 Sees this group of people, Zhong Shan eyes narrows the eyes, the world is really small. 看到这一群人,钟山双眼一眯,世界还真小。 Really was skillful, but, we look today by no means your, we must see Green Cloud Sect Sect Master.” Zhong Shan solemn and respectful saying. “真是巧了,不过,今日我们并非来找你的,我们要见苍云宗宗主。”钟山肃穆的说道。 Sees Sect Master? I have been thinking how at that time you ran away, should be your side ghost thing, its already no longer was the ghost, unexpectedly can really concentrate to drawing out flag. Just I must refine a Pure Yin pill, lacks a formidable soul, gives me it, I see Sect Master to you.” Qiushui sneers to say. “见宗主?呵,我一直在想,当时你们是怎么逃出来的,应该是你身边这个鬼物吧,它已经不再是幽魂了,居然能够凝实到拔出旗阵。刚好我要炼制一枚纯阴丹,缺一个强大的阴魂,将它给我,我就给你见宗主。”秋水冷笑道。 Heard a Qiushui saying, Zhong Shan immediately distinguishes, he found fault intentionally, and simply has not informed Green Cloud Sect Sect Master. 听到秋水一说,钟山就马上判别出来了,他是故意找茬,并且根本没有通知苍云宗宗主 Ru Yan visits him lightly, unemotionally, in the Princess Qianyou eye flashes through one to sneer. Then, when the Princess Qianyou strength restores to Golden Core Stage, did not fear this group of people on already, because of this time, Princess Qianyou with mystique refinement Restricting Divine Sphere can use. 如烟淡淡看着他,面无表情,千幽公主眼中闪过一丝冷笑。说起来,千幽公主实力恢复到金丹期时,就已经不惧这一群人了,因为这个时候,千幽公主用秘法炼制的‘禁神球’就可以使用了。 Zhong Shan treats by the ritual, suppresses that day been stranded anger, on the one hand in others sect, on the other hand is also has the thing to need to try to prove, but... 钟山以礼所待,压住那日被困怒火,一方面是在别人宗门,另一方面是自己还有东西需要求证,不过… took a deep breath, Zhong Shan opens loudly shouts to clear the way: „Is Green Cloud Sect completely petty people? So entertains a guest? The joy smiles under the heavens ~~ 深吸口气,钟山张开大喝道:“苍云宗尽是鼠辈?如此待客?怡笑天下~~” Zhong Shan shouted that loudest, extends loud, the sound passes on the thousand li(500 km), entire Green Cloud Sect, suddenly spreads the sound of continuous endless Zhong Shan. 钟山喊出了最大声,高声延绵,声传千里,整个苍云宗内部,都忽然传出绵绵不尽的钟山之音。 Since the present person does not notify Green Cloud Sect Sect Master, then informs on Zhong Shan, this, guaranteed the person, so long as does not close up, can hear. 既然眼前之人不通报苍云宗宗主,那就钟山自己来通知,这一声,保证只要不闭关的人,都能听到。 Scoundrel ~~ “混帐~~” Hears Zhong Shan towering this called, on the Qiushui face the climate red, was angry, searched the hand flying sword to depart. 听到钟山这突兀的一叫,秋水脸上顿时气得通红,恼怒之际,探手飞剑就要飞出。 At this time, Princess Qianyou simultaneously was also making a blue pellet. The pellet flies to increase to Qiushui immediately, Qiushui eyes stares, the flying sword departs, but that pellet seems phantom is common, cannot touch, when until the Qiushui front, Qiushui understands that is not the fabricated thing, but already, had been stranded without enough time in a flash. 这时,千幽公主也在同时打出一个蓝色小球。小球飞向秋水顿时变大,秋水双眼一瞪,飞剑飞出,但那小球好似虚影一般,根本触及不到,直到秋水面前时,秋水才明白那不是虚妄之物,但已经来不及了,转瞬被困其中。 All come was too quick, had not responded in the disciples that Qiushui was stranded. 一切来的太快了,在众弟子还没反应,秋水就被困了。 However perhaps Princess Qianyou now strength limit, on this Restricting Divine Sphere by the Qiushui revolt is also the wrinkle rises from all directions, must break. 不过也许千幽公主现在实力限制,这个禁神球上面被秋水反抗的也是皱纹四起,显然要破开了。 Takes to me!” Qiushui shouted to clear the way. “给我拿下!”秋水喝道。 The disciples lift the sword to go forward. 众弟子举剑上前。 Zhong Shan waves, has drawn back drawing back that Princess Qianyou wields. great blade Nightmare grasps in hand. 钟山一挥手,将千幽公主挥的退了退。大刀噩梦’抓于手中。 Heavenly Demon Pure Body Great Art! Fourth Layer! 天魔粹体大法第四重 Zhong Shan to a forefront disciple, a blade detachment maliciously. 钟山对着最前面的一个弟子,狠狠的一刀劈去。 A strongest blade, more than 20 meters great Great Blade Aura chop together maliciously, around Blade Aura, is Blade Qi rises from all directions, seems curls up the storm to be together same, toward forefront person detachment. 最强势的一刀,一道20多米的巨大刀罡狠狠劈下,刀罡四周,更是刀气四起,好似卷起一道风暴一样,向着最前面的人劈去。 This blade, might strong, but, does not have the big lethality, Zhong Shan wants, deters the people merely. 这一刀,威力超强,但,没有多大杀伤力,钟山所要的,仅仅是震慑众人。 Bang ~~~ “轰~~~” A person of that forefront flies upside down, simultaneously in the midair, presents more than hundred thunder column suddenly, other people that toward flushing go. 那最前面的一人倒飞而出,同时半空之中,忽然出现百多条雷柱,向着冲来的其他人而去。 Bang, bang, bang and bang...” “轰、轰、轰、轰…” The thunder, seems Heavenly Retribution , the day anger thunder bang is common, the people withdraw in abundance, the square earth is damaged, the crushed stone rises from all directions, the windblown dust flies upwards. 电闪雷鸣,好似天罚所至,天怒雷轰一般,众人纷纷退后,广场大地破碎不堪,碎石四起,尘烟飞扬。 A blade, merely one blade, Zhong Shan only compelled to draw back that twenty Golden Core Stage disciples with a blade. A strong blade. Although these Golden Core Stage disciples have not been injured, but after being compelled falls back on the edge, each and everyone has a lingering fear. 一刀,仅仅一刀,钟山只用一刀就逼退了那二十几名金丹期弟子。强势的一刀。那些金丹期弟子虽然没受伤,但被逼退到边缘之后,一个个心有余悸。
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