IM :: Volume #3 涅火重生

#86: Also with Mr. Shi

In remote mountain, bank of the rill. 深山之中,一个小溪之畔。 Main body Zhong Shan, is wiping any thing toward the Tian Ling'er face on. 本体钟山,正往天灵儿脸上抹着什么东西。 Zhong Shan, can this be good?” Tian Ling'er sits above the big stone, allow(ing) Zhong Shan with wet gum and so on thing spreads on the face. 钟山,这样能行吗?”天灵儿坐在大石头之上,任由钟山用湿湿的树胶之类的东西涂在脸上。 Zhong Shan spreads, while is contrasting the [say / way] unceasingly: Um, good that spreads, this is last, half double-hour cannot touch the face with the hand, waited for that the fat rubber does.” 钟山一边涂,一边不断对比着道:“嗯,还是涂起来的好,这是最后一下,半个时辰不许用手碰脸,等待脂胶干。” Um nod of Tian Ling'er doubts. The eye stares big does not know that Zhong Shan has spread any thing on own face. “嗯”天灵儿疑惑的点点头。眼睛瞪的大大的不知道钟山在自己脸上涂了什么东西。 Was good Zhong Shan satisfied nod. “好了”钟山满意的点点头。 Ok?” The Tian Ling'er excited [say / way], ran up to small creek to illuminate immediately. “好了?”天灵儿兴奋道,马上跑到小溪边照了起来。 Looks at the projection in water, the Tian Ling'er complexion big change. 看着水里的投影,天灵儿脸色大变。 "Ahhh ~ “啊~~” The Tian Ling'er panic-stricken scream, that sound seems the penetration clouds, is ordinary until the horizon, but nearby Zhong Shan, actually shows a satisfactory smiling face. 天灵儿惊恐的尖叫,那声音好似穿透云霄,直至天际一般,而一旁的钟山,却露出一丝满意的笑容。 After calls out in alarm, Tian Ling'er must wipe the face with the hand immediately. 一声惊叫之后,天灵儿马上就要用手抹脸。 Do not move Zhong Shan to call out immediately. “不要动”钟山马上叫道。 Does not want, was ugly, how you made me was so ugly?” Tian Ling'er startled called out immediately. “不要,丑死了,你怎么把我弄的这么丑?”天灵儿马上惊叫道。 White arms of capture Tian Ling'er, Zhong Shan sighed short: Who made you too attractive? If meets to look like the Miao Xianren master again, may not have the second luck to help oneself.” 一把抓住天灵儿的皓腕,钟山短叹口气道:“谁让你太漂亮了?要是再遇到像妙仙人高手,可没有第二次运气自救了。” Tian Ling'er must struggle, when Zhong Shan said that she is attractive, immediately body one tight, seems appraises regarding Zhong Shan's highly cares general. 天灵儿原本还要挣扎,但是,在钟山说她漂亮之时,马上身体一紧,好似对于钟山的评价非常在意一般。 Right?” Tian Ling'er that is peaceful, some indefinite asking, but, above the face, actually revealed the faint trace to blush. “是吗?”安静下来的天灵儿,有些不确定的问道,但是,脸庞之上,却露出了丝丝红晕。 Naturally, your could it be that also wants to meet second Miao Xianren.” Zhong Shan loosens the Tian Ling'er wrist|skill to say. “当然,你难道还想遇到第二个妙仙人。”钟山松开天灵儿的手腕道。 Zhong Shan lets go, in the Tian Ling'er heart felt slightly loses. 钟山松手,天灵儿心中略微感到一丝失落。 I do not want.” Tian Ling'er shakes the head to say. “我才不要。”天灵儿摇摇头道。 That this, in my heart, Ling'er is that attractive, this semblance is ugly, but looks to the bystander.” Zhong Shan continues to comfort to say. “那就这样吧,在我心中,灵儿还是那么漂亮,这外表丑陋,只是给外人看的。”钟山继续安慰道。 Um Tian Ling'er nods. No longer above the semblance struggles. “嗯”天灵儿点点头。不再外表之上挣扎。 Three days later, Zhong Shan and disguise become Tian Ling'er of ugly girl, appeared in a crown of canyon. 三天后,钟山易容成丑女的天灵儿,出现在了一个峡谷的顶部。 Below canyon, was covered by enormous white mist, cannot see bottom slightly. 下方峡谷,被大量白雾遮盖,看不见底部的丝毫。 You determined that is here?” Zhong Shan doubts looks to below deep thalweg. “你确定就是这里?”钟山疑惑的看向下方深谷道。 Footprint that naturally, on that stone, two I step on.” Tian Ling'er is pointing at a nearby big stone-paved road. “当然,那块石头上面,还有两个我踩的脚印呢。”天灵儿指着一旁的一块大石道。 Arrives at the near, on that big stone, has the footprint that steps on to sink, Tian Ling'er has not lain. 走到近前,果然,在那块大石头上面,有着踩凹下去的脚印,天灵儿没有说谎。 Walks, we get down.” Has been confirmed that Zhong Shan nods, is bringing Tian Ling'er from the hillside place, slowly walks toward the canyon. “走,我们下去。”得到确认,钟山点点头,带着天灵儿从山坡处,缓缓的向峡谷内走去。 The mountain road is quite steep, but in having situation of preparation, Zhong Shan fell in the valley quickly. 山路比较陡,但在有准备的情况下,钟山很快落到了谷中。 In mountain valley, is slightly dark, but, has two unusual light source to be. 山谷之中,略微幽暗,但是,却有着两个奇特光源所在。 Bottom of the south-north mountain wall, shape of the diameter two meters hemisphere is sending the blue light strange object respectively, seems a big cover is ordinary. 在一南一北山壁底部,各有一个直径两米的半球之状发着蓝光的怪异物体,好似一个大盖子一般。 This cover material transparent mucous membrane, is wrapping the internal not well-known thing probably. It seems a giant egg is ordinary, has the larger part to hold in the mountain wall, those who reveal outside is only little. 这盖子材料好像一种透明的黏膜,包裹着内部不知名的东西。好似一个巨型的卵一般,有一大半衔在山壁里面,露出外面的只是一点点而已。 However, in the flank of these two giant eggs, various long has an unusual flower. 不过,在这两巨型卵的外侧,却各长有一朵奇特的花。 The flower is unusual, the wash bowl size, only two pieces seem the emerald leaves, the place of rhizome, branches off four root hair, inserts the great egg, seems is ordinary from this great egg interior absorption available nutrient. 花非常奇特,脸盆大小,仅有两片好似绿宝石般的叶子,根茎之处,岔开成四个根须,插入巨卵内部,好似从这巨卵内部吸取可用养分一般。 The colored center of wash bowl size, the place of stamen and pistil, is actually sparkling the faint trace electric arc, partly visible, seems the unusual gods and ghosts. 脸盆大小的花型中央,花蕊之处,却是闪耀着丝丝电弧,若隐若现,看上去非常神异。 Thunder Flower? 雷花? Does not use Tian Ling'er, Zhong Shan from the place of this colored gods and ghosts, has guessed correctly its name, what thing but is that great egg? Although Zhong Shan not the clear great egg is anything, but, can see in that great egg, has the enormous thunder surely is the energy, will not come because of Thunder Lightning of Thunder Flower stamen and pistil place baseless, definitely absorbs the great egg internal energy. 不用天灵儿来说,钟山从这花的神异之处,就猜到了它的名字,但那巨卵是什么东西?钟山虽然不清楚巨卵是什么,但是,能看出那巨卵之内,必定藏有大量雷系能量,因为雷花花蕊处的雷电不会凭空而来,肯定是吸收巨卵内部能量的。 „When previous time comes has not blossomed, now opened, can select.” Tian Ling'er excited [say / way], and body must leap. “上次来时还没开花,现在开了,可以摘取了。”天灵儿兴奋道,并且身形就要跃去。 Wait / Etc. Zhong Shan holds on Tian Ling'er. “等等”钟山一把拉住天灵儿 frowned slightly, Zhong Shan has a look in all directions the strange environment. 微微皱眉,钟山看看四处奇异的环境。 The ruins, the enormous ruins, the rock disintegration, gets down the Mountain Square valley completely is the broken stone, seems beforehand has peerless Expert to fight here excessively general, but, all around mountain wall, does not have a fissure, is unusual. 废墟,大量的废墟,山石崩碎,下方山谷尽是碎石头,好似之前有过绝世强者在这里大战过一般,但是,四周山壁,却没有一丝裂痕,不寻常。 How?” The Tian Ling'er doubts said. “怎么了?”天灵儿疑惑道。 Previous time, is this? In mountain valley, other things?” Zhong Shan asked in the heart to have doubts. “上次来,也是这样吗?山谷之中,还有其他东西吗?”钟山问出心中疑惑。 No, with previous time is the same, without any other lives.” Tian Ling'er said. “没有啊,和上次一样,没有任何其它生灵。”天灵儿说道。 But Zhong Shan is indefinite, turns the hand picks up together the pebble from beside, throws toward the place of Thunder Flower. 钟山还是不确定,翻手从身旁捡起一块小石子,向着雷花之处掷去。 „” Gravel breaks to pieces suddenly. “啪”石子骤然碎开。 Zhong Shan saw a whip, flings suddenly from the place of underground ruins, the whip tip, destroys the gravel all of a sudden. 钟山看到了一个鞭子,从地下废墟之处忽然甩出,鞭子尖头,一下子将石子打碎。 Sees this, the Zhong Shan pupil shrinks, what is that? 看到这一幕,钟山瞳孔一缩,那是什么? It seems to untie in the Zhong Shan heart doubts are ordinary, after that gravel was destroyed, above the under ruins earth, vibrated suddenly. 好似为了解开钟山心中疑惑一般,那石子被打碎以后,下方废墟般的大地之上,忽然抖动了起来。 Bang......” “轰隆隆......” The earth vibrates unceasingly, Zhong Shan fast draws back backward, Tian Ling'er is stepping on red thin silk flying on. A face alert looks at the enormous ruins. 大地不断抖动,钟山向后速退,天灵儿更是踩着红绫飞天而上。一脸戒备的看着大量的废墟。 Crash-bang......” “哗啦啦......” In ruins slowly crawls the each and everyone crustacean thing. 废墟之中慢慢的爬出一个个甲壳类的东西。 The scorpion, the enormous poisonous scorpion, the scorpion completely is the jet black color, is not the scorpion tail, the longest scorpion has one meter long, in addition the scorpion tail has ten meters long, so many scorpions fast crawls the ruins, seems conflicts the outcomer to be ordinary. 蝎子,大量的毒蝎,蝎子尽是漆黑之色,不算蝎尾,最长的蝎子有一米之长,加上蝎尾有十米之长,如此多的蝎子快速的爬出废墟,好似非常抵触外来者一般。 The gravel was not destroyed by whip, but was destroyed by the scorpion tail needle. 刚才的石子不是被鞭子所毁,而是被蝎尾针打碎的。 Are these scorpions, protecting Thunder Flower? 这些蝎子,在保护雷花? Looks at that scarlet scorpion tail, in the Zhong Shan heart has been full of the exclamation. 看着那猩红的蝎尾,钟山心中充满了惊叹。 How these many scorpions? Previous time does not have.” Flies in airborne, Tian Ling'er anxious calling out. “怎么这么多蝎子?上次没有啊。”飞在空中,天灵儿焦急的叫道。 Because, this meets the long scorpion tail disturbance, causes around Thunder Flower protected airtight. 因为,就这一会长长的蝎尾干扰,使得雷花四周被防护的密不透风。 That is absorbs in the Sect Master imposing manner, the Sect Master imposing manner puts, suppressed all scorpions, the scorpion could not move, did not dare, unable to come out.” Zhong Shan takes out great blade carefully watches these scorpions. “那是摄于宗主的气势,宗主气势一放,就将所有蝎子压制住了,蝎子动弹不得,根本不敢、也不能出来。”钟山取出大刀小心的观看这些蝎子。 Are the ruins of earth these scorpions create? Is they digs, makes this pile of ruins? 大地的废墟就是这些蝎子造成的?是它们打洞,打出这一堆废墟的? „” “啪” A scorpion tail extended in front of Zhong Shan. The scarlet poisonous needle seems takes one to assassinate general Zhong Shan. great blade wields, a blade cut above the scorpion tail poisonous needle. 一条蝎尾就伸到了钟山面前。猩红的毒针好似要一针将钟山刺死一般。大刀一挥,一刀斩在了蝎尾毒针之上。 dang~~ 当~~ A Zhong Shan blade, cuts off a scorpion tail fully, takes advantage of opportunity , a blade cuts above the head of big scorpion, along with a bang, great blade under the great strength, the strong reaction returns. 钟山全力一刀,斩断一根蝎尾,顺势而下,一刀斩在大蝎子的脑袋之上,随着一声巨响,大刀在巨力之下,强烈反弹而回。 Good firm scorpion shell. 好坚固的蝎壳。 Although in the heart sighed that Zhong Shan does not dare to neglect on hand slightly, because is several scorpions throws to nip. 心中虽然感叹,钟山手头不敢丝毫怠慢,因为又是几只蝎子扑咬而来。 Zhong Shan brandishes a sword on, Tian Ling'er in midair, directs red thin silk to help Zhong Shan. 钟山挥刀而上,天灵儿在半空之中,也指挥着红绫帮助钟山 Zhong Shan and Tian Ling'er pester in Zhongju the scorpion, but above two people, the canyon mouth place, welcomed one group of people. 钟山天灵儿纠缠于众巨蝎,而在二人上方,峡谷口处,却又迎来了一群人。 A short time ago entered Eight Gate Golden Lock Array, looks for Nine Dragons Heavenly Jade Mr. Corpse one group of people. 正是前不久进入八门金锁阵,寻找九龙方天玉尸先生一群人。 Your Majesty, is here, in the valley has two Thunder Flower, now should be mature, just the belt goes back to give the crown prince to refine Rise Again Pill.” Man respectful saying of helmet and armor. 陛下,就是这里,谷中有着两朵雷花,现在应该成熟了,刚好带回去给太子炼制再升丹。”一个一身盔甲的男子恭敬的说道。 Lei Ting, you such are favoring the crown prince, he also kisses to me to your ratio now.” Sovereign slightly has teased saying. 雷霆,你这么宠着太子,他现在对你比对我还亲了。”皇帝略有取笑般的说道。 Your Majesty was serious, the crown prince called my uncle, I naturally must think him.” On the helmet and armor male face reveals one from obtaining enlightenment. 陛下严重了,太子叫我舅舅,我自然要多想着他。”盔甲男脸上露出一副自得道。 haha, good, the whole family did not say that two words, walk, take Thunder Flower.” Sovereign opens the mouth to say with a smile. In the expression, slightly contains to win over the meaning of Lei Ting. 哈哈,好,一家人不说两家话,走,取雷花。”皇帝开口笑道。语气之中,略含拉拢雷霆之意。 Um Lei Ting slightly affected saying. “嗯”雷霆略微感动的说道。 Nearby Mr. Corpse is actually stands behind is looking that any words had not said. After Sovereign has made the arrangement, one group of people, turn toward the canyon to fly together. 一旁尸先生却是站在身后看着,什么话也没说。在皇帝做了安排以后,一群人,一起跟着向着峡谷飞去。
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