IHPDMB :: Volume #7

#664: The boat sailing against the current, if unable to move forward , one will inevitably lag behind

Void wanders, occasional income.” “虚空中游荡,偶然所得。” Facing the Chen Luoyang's issue, Black Dragon Butterfly replied calmly: fellow daoist Chen , if interested, later I lead you to go.” 面对陈洛阳的问题,黑龙蝶平静答道:“陈道友如果有兴趣,稍后我带你前往。” Good.” Chen Luoyang nods, immediately then directly received Near Nirvana Bell. “好。”陈洛阳点点头,当下便直接收了阿涅槃钟 This treasure starts, his heart also spreads slightly the absent-minded feeling, suddenly the distracting thoughts grow thickly, but quick restores as usual. 此宝入手,他心头也传出微微恍惚感,一时间杂念丛生,不过很快就恢复如常。 First come first served, after Fellow Daoist Yan Zheng this time reads, is one's turn the fellow daoist you.” Chen Luoyang said. “先来后到,待焰铮道友这次阅览完毕后,便轮到道友你。”陈洛阳言道。 Black Dragon Butterfly does not have the objection. 黑龙蝶没有异议。 Heavenly Condor Yan Zheng coldly looks to Feng Ang: Ok, another two things have settled, does not know that you rush to my clan ancestral ground forcefully, actually to have what goal?” 天鹫焰铮冷冷看向风昂:“好了,另外两位的事情已经了结,就是不知你强行闯我族祖地,究竟有何目的?” Fellow Daoist does not need to lose one's temper, I am the unexpected visitor today, actually something discussed with you specially, and rests our gratitude and grudges always.” Feng Ang smile: Fellow Daoist please first comprehend fellow daoist Chen Heavenly Book that brings from Mortal World, later we discussed slowly again.” “道友不必动怒,我今日做不速之客,其实是有事专程同你商量,并化解我们一直以来的恩怨。”风昂微笑:“道友请先参悟陈道友红尘带来的天书,稍后我们慢慢再谈。” In the Yan Zheng heart the doubt, has not continued to launch an attack, represses the doubts, first comprehends Chen Luoyang's "Monster" character Heavenly Book. 焰铮心中狐疑,没有继续发难,按捺疑惑,先参悟陈洛阳的“妖”字天书 Meanwhile, Chen Luoyang also continues to comprehend his “Motion” character Heavenly Book. 同时,陈洛阳也继续参悟他的“动”字天书 Feng Ang, Black Dragon Butterfly and Cold Snake Xuan Ying outside main hall. 风昂黑龙蝶凛蛇玄英则等在大殿外。 Moves, the truth of implication, as if may be used in world all movements the business, even is naked eye seemingly static existence, deducts all sort of changes the wonderful principles, comprehensive of end, making Chen Luoyang benefit greatly. 动,其中蕴含的道理,似乎可用于世间一切运动的事务,甚至是肉眼看起来静止的存在,演绎诸般变化的妙理,端的包罗万象,令陈洛阳受益匪浅。 Especially corresponds with "Stillness" character Heavenly Book, refers to mutually was looking, made one realize mysterious. 尤其是同“静”字天书相对应,互相参照着看,更加令人体会到其中奥妙。 The half day passes by, Heavenly Condor received exchange respective Heavenly Book with Chen Luoyang. 半日过去,天鹫陈洛阳换回各自的天书 fellow daoist Chen said wants the matter of my assisting, but at the appointed time directly notice in me.” Heavenly Condor very refreshed saying, a feather, gives Chen Luoyang simultaneously: In Mortal World the person must come here to borrow ‘Motion’ character Heavenly Book again, may inform at any time.” 陈道友所言要我相助之事,届时可直接通知于我。”天鹫很爽快的说道,同时将一根羽毛,交给陈洛阳:“红尘中人要来我这里再借阅‘动’字天书,亦可随时通知。” Good, the fellow daoist discussed with Feng Ang slowly, I first said goodbye.” Chen Luoyang said indifferently: Fellow Daoist , if there is matter, may see me toward Mortal World.” “好,道友同风昂慢慢谈,我先告辞了。”陈洛阳淡然道:“道友如有事,也可往红尘见我。” Heavenly Condor deeply looked at his one eyes: Certainly, certainly.” 天鹫深深看了他一眼:“一定,一定。” They walk into the side hall of period of five days guest, other three Great Monster that inside waits for stand up. 他们走入候客的偏殿,里面等候的其他三名大妖都站起身来。 Feng Ang keeps in the mountain, but Cold Snake Xuan Ying with Black Dragon Butterfly, then accompanies Chen Luoyang to come out together, then goes to Cold Snake Clan ancestral ground. 风昂留在山中,而凛蛇玄英黑龙蝶,则一起陪陈洛阳出来,然后前往凛蛇一族祖地 After going to the place, Xuan Ying not at all keeps them out Black Dragon Butterfly, but is the life clansman gets the opposite party first to rest, but she entertains Chen Luoyang. 到地方后,玄英并没有黑龙蝶拒之门外,而是命族人领对方先去休息,而她则招待陈洛阳 The previous competition lost, she has to hand over “Water” character Heavenly Book that oneself run to look at to comprehend for Chen Luoyang, but she actually cannot see Chen Luoyang's "Monster" character Heavenly Book. 先前的比试输了,她不得不交出自己掌管的“水”字天书陈洛阳观览参悟,而她却见不到陈洛阳的“妖”字天书 Even, she loses to Chen Luoyang, lost the Mountain and Sea World face countenance, afterward also possibly accountability by Monster Venerable. 甚至,她败给陈洛阳,失了山海界的颜面,事后还可能被妖尊问责。 Said like Fellow Daoist Black Dragon Butterfly, this page of Heavenly Book really isn't my master bestowed, but was all my, so long as did not fall to the enemy outside Mortal World, I can handle freely.” “如同黑龙蝶道友所言,这一页天书并非家师所赐,而是我个人所有,只要不失陷在红尘界外,我便可自由处置。” Chen Luoyang palm one, reveals "Monster" character Heavenly Book. 陈洛阳手掌一摊,亮出“妖”字天书 Cold Snake Xuan Ying gazes at Chen Luoyang with Heavenly Book: What do you want?” 凛蛇玄英注视陈洛阳天书:“你想要什么?” „A fellow daoist's commitment, helping me handle a matter.” Chen Luoyang smiles: „It is not your one, Fellow Daoist Yan Zheng has only accepted me, if you want, when the time comes you can cooperate jointly, matter has nothing to do with Mountain and Sea World.” “道友的一个承诺,帮我办一件事情。”陈洛阳笑笑:“不是仅你一个,焰铮道友已经应承我,如果你愿意,到时候你们二人可以联手合作,事情与山海界无关。” Xuan Ying hearing this, the thinking long time, nods finally: Good.” 玄英闻言,思索良久,最终颔首:“好。” Chen Luoyang receives "Monster" character Heavenly Book: „After matter becomes, this page of Heavenly Book look at taking advantage of the fellow daoist, the fellow daoist can report to Mountain Venerable, my master and Mountain Venerable then witnesses.” 陈洛阳收起“妖”字天书:“事成之后,这页天书借道友观览,道友可以禀报山尊,家师山尊便是见证。” Xuan Ying takes back the vision, nods, “Water” character Heavenly Book appears in front of Chen Luoyang, the Chen Luoyang similar restraining thoughts, calmly estimate to comprehend. 玄英收回目光,点点头,“水”字天书则出现在陈洛阳面前,陈洛阳同样收敛心思,静静揣摩参悟。 After having certainly the harvest, he said goodbye to Xuan Ying, with waiting Black Dragon Butterfly left together. 有一定收获后,他向玄英告辞,同等候的黑龙蝶一起离开。 one human one monster had/left Mountain and Sea World, flutters in void. 一人一妖出了山海界,在虚空中飘荡。 black mist that the Black Dragon Butterfly incarnation becomes shuttles back and forth in starlight, long time later, just now stops: Area this.” 黑龙蝶化身而成的黑雾星光间穿梭,良久之后,方才停下:“在这一带了。” Chen Luoyang of peer looks over a wide area to look in all directions, has Near Nirvana Bell him not to need Black Dragon Butterfly to seek again, first feelings arrive around difference. 同行的陈洛阳游目四顾,掌有阿涅槃钟的他不用黑龙蝶再寻找,先一步感触到附近的异样。 He close to stars. 他靠近一颗星辰。 With his nearness, starlight twists gradually, is defeated and dispersed, stars fade and disappear, instead the giant stone of shatter continent appearance appears. 随着他的靠近,星光渐渐扭曲,接着溃散,星辰消失不见,反而有一片破碎大陆模样的巨石出现。 On this piece of shatter continent, the bare piece, the center is standing erect a huge temple. 在这片破碎的大陆上,光秃秃一片,中央矗立着一座庞大的寺庙。 The temple has declined cannot withstand decayed, although broad in scale magnificent, but a deathly stillness, does not have the life sign, does not have restriction to protect. 寺庙已经破落腐朽不堪,虽然规模宏大壮观,但是一片死寂,全无生命迹象,也没有禁制守护。 The Chen Luoyang sensation moment, without detecting the ambush or the trap, then goes forward slowly. 陈洛阳感知片刻,没有察觉到埋伏或者陷阱,便徐徐上前。 In nearby black mist, the Black Dragon Butterfly low and deep sound resounds: „ Is several hundred years ago time, I astrayed here accidentally, gathers buries in Near Nirvana Bell, but is unable to refine it finally thoroughly. 一旁的黑雾里,黑龙蝶低沉的声音响起:“已经是几百年前的时候了,我无意中误入这里,收取埋藏在其中的阿涅槃钟,但最终无法将之彻底炼化。 When I comes for the first time, this place does not have the life again, but still some little defended restriction to exist, until I take Near Nirvana Bell. ” 在我第一次来的时候,此地已经再无生灵,但仍有少许防御禁制存在,直到我取走阿涅槃钟。” Just now is outside concealing, the fellow daoist does?” Chen Luoyang spoke thoughtlessly to ask. “方才外面的掩饰,是道友做的?”陈洛阳随口问道。 Yes.” Black Dragon Butterfly had not denied: Frankly, on the same day I also once fantasized, can find Near Nirvana Bell here, could have the clue, found Great Samsara Plate, even Myriad Demons Painting.” “是。”黑龙蝶没有否认:“实不相瞒,当日我也曾幻想,能在这里找到阿涅槃钟,或许能另有线索,找到大轮回盘,甚至万魔图。” Myriad Demons Painting, in legend Demon Buddha keeps strongest magical item, contains the Tathagata Demon Palm final mystery. 万魔图,传说中魔佛所留最强的法器,也蕴含如来魔掌最后的奥妙。 The tenth type, Myriad Demons’ Pilgrimage To The Temple. 第十式,万魔朝宗 Demons Passing Through All Living Things. 魔渡众生 Pick Flowers and become a Demon. 拈花成魔 Overturned Bodhi. 倒栽菩提 Karma Severing the Three Worlds. 业断三界 Destroying Maha with a Shout. 喝破摩诃 Continuous Hell. 步步地狱 Boundless Abyss of Suffering. 苦海无边 Forever Degenerating Samsara. 永堕轮回 Shattering Paramita. 粉碎彼岸 Myriad Demons’ Pilgrimage To The Temple. 万魔朝宗 For ten type Tathagata Demon Palm, one of the ancient and modern most demon path absolute technique, Demon Buddha weaponry divine art fought various Buddha in years past. 是为十式如来魔掌,古今最魔道绝学之一,魔佛昔年仗此神功大战诸佛。 However to the present, more had become the legend story that in the historical ancient book records. 不过到了如今,更多已成为历史典籍中记载的传说故事。 Eighth type Forever Degenerating Samsara and ninth type that Shattering Paramita present world only was lost in recent years, letting the person has to have a daydream. 只是近年来失传的第八式永堕轮回和第九式粉碎彼岸先后现世,让人不得不有所遐想。 Therefore, I do not have, no matter what here Wasteland, but is protects, and leaves behind the symbol, but for these years, this place did not have the change pitifully again.” Black Dragon Butterfly said slowly: Near Nirvana Bell, I cannot refine thoroughly, comprehends reluctantly several points of principle concept, is insufficient to waste time finally, now Near Nirvana Bell gift fellow daoist Chen, the fellow daoist perhaps is its true fated person.” “所以,我没有任这里荒芜,而是予以保护,并留下记号,但可惜这么多年以来,此地一直再无变动。”黑龙蝶徐徐说道:“阿涅槃钟,我也没能彻底将之炼化,勉强参悟其中几分道理意境,总算不至于白费心力,如今阿涅槃钟赠予陈道友,道友或许才是它真正的有缘人。” Chen Luoyang shows neither approval nor disapproval, walks into the temple. 陈洛阳不置可否,步入寺庙中。 In temple houses layout, then as if huge Black Lotus. 寺里房舍布局,便仿佛一朵巨大的黑莲 Walk in, could not have felt how strong thunder the Demon Buddha legacy aura, Black Lotus Buddhist temples that but when Grand Land of the Divine Province constructed compared with the Abyss of Suffering descendant invasion of past, was still powerful is too many, but strolls during by Chen Luoyang and Black Dragon present cultivation base strength, not by influence. 步行其中,已经感觉不到多么强雷的魔佛传承气息,但比起当年在神州浩土苦海传人入侵建造起来的一座座黑莲佛寺,却仍强盛出太多,只不过以陈洛阳与黑龙地如今的修为实力漫步其间,并不受影响 Here should once Demon Buddha legacy, even possibly in that Mortal World must be more powerful, but was eliminated...... in the Chen Luoyang heart evidently the secretly thought. 这里应该曾有一支魔佛传承,甚至可能比红尘里那一支还要更加强盛,但看样子是被消灭了……陈洛阳心中暗道。 Transferred several after the temple inside and outside, Chen Luoyang looking pensive. 将寺庙里里外外转了几圈之后,陈洛阳若有所思。 Had/Left the temple gate, leaves this shatter continent, he nods to Black Dragon Butterfly: thank you for your trouble fellow daoist, our transactions, two clear.” 出了庙门,离开这块破碎的大陆,他冲黑龙蝶颔首:“有劳道友,我们的交易,两清了。” Wishes fellow daoist Chen following, has an exciting future.” Black Dragon Butterfly nods to him, then leaves, no longer pays attention to the temple on that shatter continent, all gives Chen Luoyang processing. “预祝陈道友接下来,大展宏图。”黑龙蝶向他点点头,然后离开,不再理会那块破碎大陆上的寺庙,全交给陈洛阳处理。 Chen Luoyang stands in same place, calmly ponders the long time, then also leaves this place, conveniently a fist, is just before leaving broken together with the continent bang the temple, changes to the dust to vanish in the universe void. 陈洛阳站在原地,静静沉思半晌,然后也离开此地,临走时随手一拳,将寺庙连同大陆轰碎,化作尘埃消失在宇宙虚空中。 He returns to Mortal World, stops over in Ancient God Cult main altar, assigns/life the person to prepare a peaceful room, in enters secretly cultivating. 他返回红尘,在古神教总坛落脚,命人准备一间静室,入内潜修 Chen Luoyang to not managing Near Nirvana Bell, but was the first tip fist stance. 陈洛阳没有向管阿涅槃钟,而是首先端了一个拳架 fist intent is concise, the Fuxi light shadow is partly visible, in the Chen Luoyang jet black double pupil, the radiance of some massive writing flash before, continuously. 拳意凝练间,伏羲光影若隐若现,陈洛阳漆黑的双瞳中,有大量文字似的光华闪现,此起彼伏。 With the unceasing deduction of "Fuxi", his another hand flies high swings slowly. 随着“伏羲”的不断推演,他另外一只手凌空徐徐摆动。 Sways, unexpectedly as if somewhat the appearance of python. 摇晃间,竟似乎有几分蟒蛇的模样。 One of strong clans in the Mountain and Sea World group monster, now having several, Cold Snake image, with Chen Luoyang's, partly visible. 山海界群妖中,如今有数的强族之一,凛蛇的形象,随着陈洛阳的手,若隐若现。 Bone-chilling cold overbearing , the bleak ancient cold air, starts to fill the air in the peaceful room gradually. 凛冽霸道,又荒凉古老的寒气,渐渐开始在静室中弥漫。 The Chen Luoyang facial expression safely, estimates slowly. 陈洛阳神情安然,慢慢揣摩。 His Black Sun Scripture three therapeutic methods, Black Sun Illuminates Everything, Breaks All Things In Nature, from numerous absolute technique headed by Blackwater Absolute Palace One Thought Divine Art, blends Demon Venerable martial way concept, finally great accomplishment. 黑日圣典第三法,黑日普照破万象,源自以黑水绝宫一念神功为首的众多绝学,融汇魔尊武道意境,最终大成 In some sense, with One Thought Divine Art counter- its magical skill it. 某种意义上来讲,同一念神功反其道行之。 Blackwater lineage one thought producing all laws, eternally changing, even can confuse falsehood with the truth. 黑水一脉一念生万法,变化万千,甚至能以假乱真。 But Chen Luoyang this fist, is the a thought broken ten thousand methods, fist broken ten thousand laws. 陈洛阳这一拳,则是一念破万法,一拳破万法。 But wants to achieve this point, is not easy. 但想要做到这一点,并不容易。 In all sort of truth, all sort of martial arts understood that more is more profound, can seem like lifting the heavy as if it were light, breaks it conveniently. 于诸般道理,诸般武学理解越多越深刻,才能看似举重若轻,随手破之。 By complicated/many Rujian, by Jane/simple Pofan, both one, but two, two but one, complements one another. 由繁入简,以简破繁,两者一而二,二而一,相辅相成。 In world ten thousand laws, reach the same goal or conclusion from different approaches, however, must do truly is not easy. 世间万法,殊途同归,然而说来简单,真正要做的时候却不容易。 cultivation base realm high steamroll cultivation base realm is low, how to hit good. 修为境界高碾压修为境界低,怎么打都行。 But can the cultivation base realm low person, how by Jane/simple Pofan, resist a cultivation base higher person? 修为境界低的人,如何能以简破繁,去对抗修为比自己更高的人? By Chen Luoyang this type “black sun”, but also hidden more mysteries. 是以陈洛阳这一式“黑日”中,还暗藏更多奥妙。 One of Divine Demon Blood strongest three great absolute technique, "Fuxi"! 神魔血最强三大绝学之一,“伏羲” Cold Snake Xuan Ying, strength Heaven Connecting Earth Penetrating, comparable to human race 20th realm Martial Venerable big shot. 凛蛇玄英,一身实力通天彻地,堪比人族第二十境武尊巨头 Also unifies the strength of "Fuxi", lets Chen Luoyang facing Xuan Ying so monster clan expert, accomplishes a task with ease, after temporary adaptation, breaks completely divine ability of opposite party. “伏羲”之力也结合进去,让陈洛阳面对玄英这般妖族强者,也游刃有余,短暂适应之后,就破尽对方的神通 But this does not mean that Cold Snake Clan talent divine ability was weak. 但这并不意味着凛蛇一族的天赋神通弱了。 Chen Luoyang estimates the truth, has the fierce originality, thus counter pushes divine ability of opposite party by "Fuxi" afterward, slowly tastes comprehends. 陈洛阳揣摩其中道理,颇有厉害的独到之处,因而事后以“伏羲”逆推对方的神通,慢慢回味参悟。 Over time, Chen Luoyang gets makes huge Cold Snake gradually probably. 随着时间推移,陈洛阳就渐渐像是变作一条巨大的凛蛇 He stopped "Fuxi" of left hand, the fist potential changes, trades to make in Divine Martial Demon Fist another type "Xuan Ming". 他停了左手的“伏羲”,拳势一变,换作神武魔拳中另一式“玄冥” Own cultivation base is getting higher and higher, the vision is getting more and more open, the enemy is also getting more and more powerful, many absolute technique that Chen Luoyang took advantage of long ago discard gradually, unceasing bringing forth the new through the old. 自身修为越来越高,眼界越来越开阔,敌人也越来越强大,陈洛阳早年依仗的诸多绝学渐渐弃之不用,不断推陈出新 However, at present he is slowly mysterious Cold Snake divine ability, integrates in oneself "Xuan Ming", making "Xuan Ming" have the new change. 不过,眼下他慢慢将凛蛇神通奥妙,融入自己的“玄冥”之中,令“玄冥”生出新的变化。 "Xuan Ming" gives full play to the vitality, Divine Martial Demon Fist also starts to be reborn, treads brand-new one step. “玄冥”焕发生机,神武魔拳也开始脱胎换骨,踏出全新的一步。 Belongs to his Divine Martial Demon Fist. 属于他自己的神武魔拳
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