IHPDMB :: Volume #5

#401: A person pushes aside the entire palace( 3)

Xie Buxiu plays the role of Lu Jian that” does, resembles the mold type, nods, guides in front by that Earlier Heaven Palace disciple. 谢不休扮做的“鹿剑”,似模似样,点点头,由那先天宫弟子在前面带路。 In his surface maintains is in itself the Elder impressive and dignified manner, in the heart tries to inform Chen Luoyang. 他面上维持自己身为长老的威仪,心中则设法通知陈洛阳 But the Chen Luoyang's sound resounds in his ear at the right moment: Follows him.” 陈洛阳的声音则适时在他耳边响起:“跟他走。” Then Xie Buxiu calms down, along with that Earlier Heaven Palace disciple by way of some retreats, the core main hall direction line to the palace goes. 谢不休便即沉住气,随那先天宫弟子经由一些僻静处,向宫里核心正殿方向行去。 Chen Luoyang follows the Xie Buxiu angle of view, glances over the scene in Earlier Heaven Palace. 陈洛阳跟随谢不休的视角,浏览先天宫内的景象。 Xie Buxiu plays the role to make the Lu Jian appearance at present, naturally must pay attention to the etiquette, cannot glance right and left. 谢不休眼下扮做鹿剑的模样,自然要注意礼仪,不能左顾右盼。 Chen Luoyang's angle of view, many receives some limits. 陈洛阳的视角,也多少受到一些局限。 However he does not worry, only pays attention to observe. 不过他不着急,只是留心观察。 At this moment, near the ear hears some noises suddenly. 就在这时,耳边突然传来些许嘈杂声。 Xie Buxiu then takes advantage of opportunity to look in that direction. 谢不休便顺势朝那个方向望去。 In there, can see several young people, as if because of what matter, is arguing. 在那里,可以看到几个年轻人,似乎正因什么事情,发生争吵。 The scene also falls into the Chen Luoyang field of vision. 景象也落入陈洛阳视野内。 Then during he then sees, unexpectedly has an own acquaintance. 然后他便看见当中,居然有一个自己的熟人。 Before was once brought by oneself to "tree house" that young Earlier Heaven Palace disciple. 之前曾经被自己无意间带到“树屋”的那个年轻先天宫弟子。 The opposite party with another young men stand at this moment. 对方此刻跟另一个青年男子站在一起。 This young men, actually Chen Luoyang and Xie Buxiu knew. 这个青年男子,倒是陈洛阳谢不休都认识。 However just like previous Xun Trigram of the Wind Elder Le Zhengbo, only knows its exists, has seen the portrait, but has not had to do truly. 不过跟先前的巽风长老乐正博一样,都只知道其存在,见过画像,但没有真正打过交道。 Ji Zhong side young men, named Shentu Jingran. 姬重身边这个青年男子,名叫申屠井然 His grandfather, is in Earlier Heaven Palace one of the eight Great Elders, Kan Trigram of the Water Elder Shentu Hou. 其祖父,乃先天宫八大长老之一,坎水长老申屠厚 The Shentu Jingran really isn't good-for-nothing two ancestors, on the contrary, he can be in Chen Luoyang and Chen Luoyang liangs Ancient God Cult the person knows , because his cultivation base strengths are outstanding, is in Earlier Heaven Palace young faction one of the most outstanding characters. 申屠井然并非不成器的二世祖,相反,他能为陈洛阳古神教中人所知,是因为其自身修为实力超群,乃先天宫少壮派中最出色的人物之一。 Although is less than Cheng Yingtian, Lian Buyi and Shen Tianzhao Mortal World Ten Heroes to be like that outstanding, actually also outstanding. 虽然不及程应天练步一沈天昭那般红尘十杰出众,却也不同凡响。 The age is not high, has achieved 16th realm cultivation base, the body of achievement Martial Saint, in the comparable to palace old and renowned scholar, with Southern Chu Cheng Longyuan and Cheng Fengyuan, Ancient God Cult Lin Yan, Tang Yiming and the others met as an equal outside. 年岁不高,已经达到第十六境修为,成就武圣之身,堪比宫中许多耆宿,在外则同南楚程龙元程凤元,古神教林岩汤乙明等人分庭抗礼。 Because Earlier Heaven Palace is quite low-key, little takes a walk by Shentu Jingran outside, the reputation was inferior that Lin Yan, Cheng Fengyuan and the others were resounding. 只不过因为先天宫本身较为低调,是以申屠井然也少在外走动,名声不如林岩程凤元等人响亮。 Because between Ancient God Cult and Earlier Heaven Palace relate inharmoniously, in view of Earlier Heaven Palace expert, Ancient God Cult has the intelligence collection mostly, therefore Chen Luoyang and Xie Buxiu can recognize Shentu Jingran. 但因为古神教先天宫之间关系不睦,针对先天宫高手,古神教大都有情报收集,所以陈洛阳谢不休都能认出申屠井然 Shentu Jingran is admonishing to several Earlier Heaven Palace young disciples at this moment. 申屠井然此刻正对着几个先天宫年轻弟子训话。 ............ Everyone in disciple for palace, even if with the Ji Zhong personality in incompatible, may have to push aside the action of humiliation absolutely not.” “…………大家同为宫中弟子,纵使跟姬重的性情上合不来,也断不可有排挤欺凌之举。” He spoke, opposite several Earlier Heaven Palace disciples, are listening to honestly share. 他说话,对面几个先天宫弟子,只有老实听着的份儿。 But Ji Zhong stands on the side of Shentu Jingran, some facial expression slightly non- natures. 姬重站在申屠井然一边,神情则略微有些不自然。 Although Chen Luoyang not clear cause and effect, but looked at one, roughly understands what condition. 陈洛阳虽然不清楚前因后果,但看了一眼,就大致明白什么状况。 With that Ji Zhong character, with many people, feared that is not necessarily together comes. 以那个姬重的性格,跟很多人,怕是都未必相处得来。 Other Earlier Heaven Palace disciples and between him, unavoidably some conflicts. 其他先天宫弟子跟他之间,难免有些冲突。 However, according to his character, it is estimated that cannot do to complain this kind of matter. 不过,按他的性格,估计干不出告状这类事情。 Now this appearance, after likely is Shentu Jingran meets unfortunately, meddles. 现在这模样,很可能是申屠井然不巧碰见后插手。 Therefore Ji Zhong expression, instead some non- natures. 所以姬重的表情,反而有些不自然。 But these by the Earlier Heaven Palace disciple who Shentu Jingran reproved, looked helpless mostly color. 而那些被申屠井然训斥的先天宫弟子,大都面露无奈之色。 Has in an ordinary day with the Shentu Jingran quite familiar person, smiles bitterly was saying: senior brother Shentu you may look at us high, we may be unable to push aside him.” 有个平日里跟申屠井然比较熟悉的人,苦笑着说道:“申屠师兄你可真是高看我们了,我们可排挤不了他。” This Earlier Heaven Palace disciple is saying, shot a look at Ji Zhong one. 先天宫弟子说着,瞥了姬重一眼。 Clearly is he pushes aside our entire palace high and low.” “分明是他一个人排挤咱们全宫上下啊。” Shentu Jingran remains unmoved: In brief, I do not hope the next time.” 申屠井然不为所动:“总之,我不希望有下一次。” Helpless front numerous Earlier Heaven Palace disciples said: Yes, senior brother Shentu.” 面前一众先天宫弟子都无奈说道:“是,申屠师兄。” Shentu Jingran turns the head to look to Ji Zhong, Ji Zhong arched cupping one hand in the other across the chest: Thanked senior brother Shentu, I will often engage in introspection, did not give everyone to put to trouble.” 申屠井然转头看向姬重,姬重拱了拱手:“谢申屠师兄,我会时常自省,不给大家添麻烦。” Is so best.” Shentu Jingran nods. “如此最好。”申屠井然点点头。 Front numerous Earlier Heaven Palace disciple, then diverges hastily. 面前一众先天宫弟子,便都连忙散去。 Ji Zhong also wants to leave, Shentu Jingran stopped by calling out him: Might as well hit at a later date day, I test your schoolwork today.” 姬重也想离开,申屠井然却叫住他:“择日不如撞日,我今日考较一下你的功课。” Yes, senior brother.” Ji Zhong slightly somewhat seems to be accidental/surprised, but the overall mood as ever, follows Shentu Jingran to leave calm immediately together. “是,师兄。”姬重似乎略微有些意外,不过总体情绪淡定如恒,当即跟着申屠井然一同离开。 Shentu Jingran before departure, the line of sight has swept Xie Buxiu of this side hidden place, but the vision has not stayed, bringing Ji Zhong to depart. 申屠井然临离开前,视线扫过这边暗处的谢不休,但目光没有停留,带着姬重自顾自离去。 Xie Buxiu sees that then also takes back the vision, takes own road. 谢不休见状,便也收回目光,走自己的路。 He attempts to relate Chen Luoyang: Cult Master, that Shentu Jingran should discover subordinate a moment ago, but has not exposed, he with Le Zhengbo and Lu Jian same place?” 他尝试联系陈洛阳:“教主,那申屠井然刚才应该发现属下了,但没有揭破,他是不是跟乐正博鹿剑一起的?” Good, including his back Kan Trigram of the Water Elder Shentu Hou.” Chen Luoyang tone calmly. “不错,也包括他背后的坎水长老申屠厚。”陈洛阳语气若无其事。 Xie Buxiu is then relieved , to continue to go forward. 谢不休便安下心来,继续前进。 The Chen Luoyang thoughts have not actually stood still. 陈洛阳心思却没有就此停歇。 Xie Buxiu does not recognize Ji Zhong, does not know that its special place, Chen Luoyang actually never before neglects. 谢不休不认得姬重,不知道其特异之处,陈洛阳不曾忽视。 After all initially inquired its information with mysterious black pot, finally actually prompts nectar to be insufficient, needing quantity, far exceeds its current corresponding cultivation base realm. 毕竟当初用神秘黑壶查询其信息,结果却提示琼浆不够,所需用量,远远超出其当前对应的修为境界 At that time although put down this matter temporarily, but Chen Luoyang not at all forgot that this young Earlier Heaven Palace disciple was unusual. 当时虽然把这个事情暂时放下,但陈洛阳并没有忘记这个年轻先天宫弟子异乎寻常。 Today this game, what role will he play? 今天这一局,他会充当什么角色? The person in Earlier Heaven Palace, accepted his time initially, what clue has to detect, knows secret that on him contains? 先天宫里的人,当初收下他的时候,是否有察觉什么线索,知道他身上蕴含的秘密? In the Chen Luoyang heart ponders. 陈洛阳心中沉思。 He at present also very simple frame, as if gradually becomes plentiful. 他眼前原本还很简单的框架,似乎渐渐变得丰满起来。 Before black pot and blood red nectar, could not draw out this Ji Zhong information. 之前黑壶血红琼浆,套不出这个姬重的信息。 Now the black pot exuviate turned into white jade bottle, if inquiring this Ji Zhong, can harvest? 现在黑壶蜕变成白玉瓶了,如果在查询这个姬重,会否有所收获? Chen Chuhua, Ying Qingqing and Su Wei they? 陈初华应青青苏伟他们呢? During Chen Luoyang consideration, at present angle of view already, as Xie Buxiu, arrives at center the Earlier Heaven Palace core region. 陈洛阳思量间,眼前视角已经随着谢不休,来到先天宫正中的核心地带。 However, the Earlier Heaven Palace disciple of leading the way, not at all brings Xie Buxiu to directly soar the central main hall, but leads him to arrive in nearby side hall. 不过,引路的先天宫弟子,并没有带着谢不休直奔中央大殿,而是带着他来到旁边一处偏殿里。 Enters in this side hall, in sees has two people to sit waits. 进入这偏殿中,就见里面已经有两个人坐着等候。 Chen Luoyang and Xie Buxiu move at heart simultaneously slightly. 陈洛阳谢不休心里同时微微一动。 In palace these two, outside Protector Elder with Lu Jian same Earlier Heaven Palace. 殿内这两人,是跟鹿剑一样的先天宫镇守长老 At present, three person secrets sneak in the palace. 眼下,三个人都秘密潜回宫中。 old Fang, I also thought you this.” Xie Buxiu such as Lu Jian is ordinary, known extremely well greeted with one of them, then looked to another person, nodded the head expresses best wishes: senior brother Gao.” 老方,我还以为你这趟到不了。”谢不休鹿剑一般,熟稔的同其中一人打招呼,然后又看向另一人,颔首致意:“高师兄。” Elder Gao slightly some nods of acting with constraint return a courtesy: junior brother Lu.” 高长老略有些矜持的点头回礼:“鹿师弟。” But another Elder Fang said with a smile: Waits for dozens years is other today, how possibly not to come?” 而另外一位方长老则笑道:“等了几十年就是等今天,怎么可能不来?” Lu Jian said: Must cover their ears and eyes, is you difficultly, fears you to be impatient, if alerts the enemy is not good.” 鹿剑”言道:“要掩人耳目,属你最难,怕你心急,万一打草惊蛇就不好了。” Elder Fang smile however: Your this stupid deer, rather looks down on me.” 方长老哂然:“你这头蠢鹿,未免太小瞧于我。” That Earlier Heaven Palace disciple directs Xie Buxiu to come after that then withdraws from the side hall. 先天宫弟子引谢不休来此后,便即退出偏殿。 But in the palace three people salute upon meeting mutually, chatted several simply, is then peaceful. 而殿中三人相互见礼,简单聊了几句,便都重新安静下来。 After silent moment, listens to Elder Fang also to heave a deep sigh: Success or failure, in the present.” 默然片刻后,才听方长老又长叹一声:“成败,就在今朝。” Xie Buxiu plays the role of Lu Jian that” does, nods does not speak. 谢不休扮做的“鹿剑”,点头不语。 But another side Elder Gao said: Is patient, awaits calmly old You their instruction.” 而另一边的高长老则说道:“稍安勿躁,静候游老他们的吩咐。” Elder Fang also nods, in the palace then together is then peaceful, three people sit facing each other silently, no longer said anything, patient waiting. 方长老也点点头,然后殿中便一起安静下来,三个人默然对坐,都不再多说什么,耐心等待。 Chen Luoyang following the Xie Buxiu angle of view, sizes up front these two Earlier Heaven Palace Outer Gate Protector Elder. 陈洛阳顺着谢不休的视角,打量面前这两个先天宫外门镇守长老 Cheng He that Lu Jian and has died, these two's entire life experience information comparison, Chen Luoyang obtains many useful information. 鹿剑和已死的成鹤,将这两人的生平经历信息对照,陈洛阳得出不少有用的信息。 But many details, were still not clear. 但还有不少细节,尚不清楚。 For example just now Ji Zhong, is a not too big nor too small accident/surprise. 例如方才的姬重,就是一个不大不小的意外。 However, meaning that at present Chen Luoyang has not continued to go into seriously. 不过,眼下陈洛阳没有继续深究的意思。 He does not plan to obstruct the plan of opposite party. 他并不打算阻挠对方的计划。 On the contrary, he anticipated that the plan of opposite party can successfully conduct, he has the opportunity in the place that oneself like, pushes gently. 相反,他期待对方的计划能够成功进行,如此他好有机会在自己喜欢的地方,轻轻多推一把。 A stagnant water deep pool, is difficult his take action leeway. 死水一潭,难有他出手的余地。 Leave alone is good is bad, making static all move, has his opportunity. 别管是好是坏,让静止的一切动起来,才有他的机会。 At present, watches changes quietly, takes advantage of opportunity, but for then good. 眼下,静观其变,顺势而为便好。 He only hopes, the opposite party do not let him disappointedly is. 他只希望,对方不要让他失望才是。 If must say matter that he most cares about at this moment, actually yes...... 如果一定要说他此刻最在意的事情,其实是…… Is Cheng Yingtian, what making at present? 程应天,眼下在做什么? Like his Chen Luoyang, as if stays out to look on peacefully, has the means that do oneself enter Earlier Heaven Palace? 是跟他陈洛阳一样,仿佛置身事外安静旁观,还是另有办法,本人进入先天宫 Chen Luoyang believes that even if the opposite party has not come, but at least should still like him, there are means real-time monitoring following all these changes. 陈洛阳相信,对方就算没进来,但至少应该也像他一样,有办法实时监控接下来这一切变化。 ............ ………… In Earlier Heaven Palace in another palace, wearing a black jacket white-haired old man, crosses the hands behind the back to stand, static looks at palace roof. 先天宫中另一处殿堂内,一个身着黑衣皓首老者,负手而立,静静看着殿堂屋顶。 At this time, a middle-aged man, walked into the main hall silently: pays respect to old You.” 这时,一个中年男子,悄然无声走入大殿:“参见游老。” white-haired old man turns around, looks at this middle-aged man nods: You came finally.” 皓首老者转身,看着这个中年男子点点头:“你终于来了。” He takes a look at the opposite party up and down: „Is young marquis well?” 他上下打量对方:“小侯爷安好?” The middle-aged man nods, extends a hand, pulls upwardly the sleeves. 中年男子点头,伸出一只手,将衣袖向上挽起。 In, has a bracelet that seems like the agate quality of material. 其手上,带着一只像是玛瑙质地的手镯。 But from this bracelet, spreads a clear and bright sound: Made old You miss.” 而从这手镯上,传出一个清朗的声音:“让游老多挂念了。” white-haired old man said: young marquis arrived, old man was at heart confident.” 皓首老者言道:“小侯爷到了,老朽心里就有底了。” How dare, I attend the ceremony today especially.” In the bracelet the sound resounds: Today is old You great sun, I first congratulated old You transform the Earth and change the Heavens, reset the universe.” “岂敢,我今日是特来观礼的。”手镯中声音响起:“今天是游老大日子,我先恭贺游老改地换天,重定乾坤。” white-haired old man said: Taking advantage of the young marquis auspicious words.” 皓首老者言道:“借小侯爷吉言。” He said to the middle-aged man: You go to meet with them, later leaves together.” 他冲中年男子言道:“你去跟他们会合,稍后一起动身。” The middle-aged man puts down the sleeves, blocks from the bracelet, then after white-haired old man good a ritual, turns around to depart. 中年男子将衣袖放下,重新遮住手镯,然后朝皓首老者行了一礼后,转身离去。 Has the Earlier Heaven Palace disciple, leading him to arrive in the side hall. 自有先天宫弟子,带他来到偏殿里。 In the palace, Xie Buxiu and other people see the middle-aged man to come, immediately then salutes upon meeting with the opposite party together. 殿内,谢不休等三人见中年男子进来,当即便一起跟对方见礼。 Chen Luoyang through the Xie Buxiu angle of view, the static onlooking, heart this is Earlier Heaven Palace Outer Gate Protector Elder. 陈洛阳通过谢不休的视角,静静旁观,心道这又是先天宫一位外门镇守长老 After waiting a bit the moment, there is fifth person of coming , is actually a clothes elegant old woman. 稍等片刻后,又有第五人进来,却是一个穿着打扮雍容华贵的老妇。 Eight Outer Gate Protector Elder, five people get together in this. 八位外门镇守长老,有五人齐聚于此。 After five people salute upon meeting mutually, then calmly sits the waiting together. 五人相互见礼后,便一起静静坐着等待。 At this time, outside the palace transmitted melodious bell sound. 这时,殿外传来悠扬的钟鸣 Chen Luoyang at heart silent number/count. 陈洛阳心里默数。 Made a sound six. 响了六声。 According to the Earlier Heaven Palace custom, eight bell sound, are the highest specifications. 按照先天宫的规矩,八声钟鸣,是最高规格。 Six, showed that at present holds the congress, only is conventional, is not special. 六声,说明眼前召开大会,只是常规,并不特殊。 However, how the fact, may expect completely differently with the host family...... 不过,事实如何,可能会与主人家所料完全不同……
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