IHPDMB :: Volume #1

#28: A move( asked the recommendation ticket! Sought the collection!)

sword edge, as if jet black lightning, thorn to Chen Luoyang back of the body place. 剑锋,仿佛漆黑的闪电,刺向陈洛阳后心处。 The black electricity does not have the light, does not illuminate world. 黑电无光,不照亮世间。 Instead likely is the dark night envoy, eagerly anticipates the dark night to arrive. 反而像是暗夜使者,引领黑夜降临。 Under the curtain of night covers, the entire main hall as if falls into without a light silent deathly stillness. 夜幕笼罩下,整个大殿都仿佛陷入无光无声的一片死寂中。 Places oneself the nighttime, the person is completely spiritless, all senses likely were stripped. 置身黑夜里,人无知无觉,一切感官都像是被剥离。 Only had the shadow of death, swept across to the goal. 唯有死亡的暗影,向目标席卷。 Elder Ming Jing and Shangguan Song faint from fear. 明镜长老上官松惊觉。 Two people shouted angrily with one voice. 二人齐声怒喝。 Elder Ming Jing martial way true intent instantaneous appeared is huge Eight-armed Arhat. 明镜长老武道真意瞬间显化为巨大的八臂罗汉 Arhat take action, pushes the potential of mountain, hits to that assassin. 罗汉出手,推山之势,打向那刺客。 Shangguan Song has missed a meaning. 上官松就差了点意思。 Suddenly startled changes, is caught off guard likely, response and movement slightly slow a point. 骤然惊变下,像是措手不及,反应和动作都略微慢了一点。 Slightly a wee bit. 只是微微一丁点。 But regarding expert of their this level, this is the extremely huge disparity. 但对于他们这个层次的高手来说,这已经是极为巨大的差距。 Let Shangguan Song catch up with it to be inferior , can only the looks at jet black sword edge thorn to Chen Luoyang. 上官松赶之不及,只能看着漆黑的剑锋刺向陈洛阳 Because another side Elder Ming Jing has the wound in body, take action is also half beat behind. 另一边明镜长老因为有伤在身,出手也慢了半拍。 Intercepts to prevent that assassin without enough time. 来不及拦截阻挡那刺客。 Means that he can only with attacking the enemy's rear in order to compel him to give up his own attack, a palm bang to shadow of that assassination itself. 他只能用围魏救赵的办法,一掌轰向那行刺的黑影本身。 Under buddhist light shines, the shadow rocks slightly, then inflates. 佛光照耀下,黑影微微晃动,然后膨胀。 As if black light ball. 仿佛一个黑色的光球。 The attack of Elder Ming Jing hits on the light ball, the light ball was shattered. 明镜长老的攻击打在光球上,光球破碎。 In the darkness spreads one stuffily. 黑暗里传出一声闷哼。 The matches are putting together by a wound, shouldered Elder Ming Jing to strike forcefully. 对手拼着受一点伤,硬生生扛了明镜长老一击。 In order to assassinate sword edge is not affected. 为了刺杀的剑锋不受影响。 The jet black sword edge speed not only has not slowed down, instead more rapid thorn to the Chen Luoyang back of the body! 漆黑的剑锋速度不仅没有变慢,反而更加迅疾刺向陈洛阳后心! Elder Ming Jing is greatly anxious, continual take action, the intention compels to draw back the opposite party. 明镜长老大急,连续出手,意图逼退对方。 However this assassin turns a blind eye. 然而这个刺客视若不见。 He puts together the body dead, must assassinate Chen Luoyang. 他拼着自己身死,也要刺杀陈洛阳 Shangguan Song stares the big eye, looks at sword edge is away from the Chen Luoyang back of the body strategic point to be near at hand! 上官松瞪大眼睛,看着剑锋距离陈洛阳后心要害近在咫尺! But Chen Luoyang as if has not realized to be the same, calmly stands on the spot. 陈洛阳仿佛没有察觉一样,静静站在原地。 Also does not attack, does not resist, has not dodged. 既不攻击,也不抵御,还不闪躲。 His really severe wound, before pretended to be a hero, is incapable of beginning with the person radically...... The same thought that appears in the assassin and Shangguan Song heart. 他果然重伤,之前都只是强充好汉,根本无力跟人动手……同一个念头,在刺客和上官松心中浮现。 However in this flash, Chen Luoyang moved. 然而就在这一瞬间,陈洛阳动了。 He still did not have take action. 他仍然没出手 Even has not turned around. 甚至没转身。 Has not moved the step. 没挪步。 Chen Luoyang has only done a matter. 陈洛阳只做了一件事。 lightly shouted. 轻喝一声 Go away.” “滚。” Other anything does not have, is a light shout. 别的什么都没有,就是一声轻喝 The sound is not high. 声音不高。 But makes the thunder blast open, wind and cloud changes countenance a light shout! 但让雷霆炸裂,风云变色的一声轻喝 The innumerable naked eye obvious sound waves are centered on Chen Luoyang, spreads to all around. 无数肉眼可见的声波以陈洛阳为中心,向四周扩散。 Jet black silent, does not have the light silent curtain of night to be torn instantaneously. 漆黑寂静,无光无声的夜幕瞬间被撕裂。 Already to sword edge of his back close distance, shaken non-stop shivering. 已经到他背后咫尺距离的剑锋,被震荡的不停颤抖。 The assassins defend own black light, in front of sound wave that in getting angry thunder -like gallops, the frail photographic paper sticks to be the same, instantaneous irrelevant Shattered! 刺客防御自身的黑光,在怒雷般奔腾的声波面前,脆弱的像纸糊一样,瞬间支离破碎! The shadow removes, reveals a face of Northern Desert foreign race person. 暗影褪去,露出一张漠北异族人的面孔。 This middle-aged man looks at dumbly at this moment same place, wooden motionless. 这中年男子此刻呆立原地,木然不动。 His eyeball non-stop shivering. 他眼珠子不停颤抖。 sword edge in his hand is away from the Chen Luoyang back of the body strategic point to be only poor. 他手里的剑锋距离陈洛阳后心要害只差一点。 But this point distance, is unbearable, is difficult to approach. 但这一点距离,就是咫尺天涯,再难靠近。 The middle-aged man is unwilling, his eye sockets want to crack. 中年男子心有不甘,目眦欲裂 Then, his eye socket really split. 然后,他的眼眶就真的裂开了。 The dark red blood just like the tears, rolling flows off following the two sides cheeks. 殷红鲜血犹如泪水,顺着两边脸颊滚滚流下。 Not only both eyes. 不仅仅双眼。 His facial features seven orifices, are bleeding at this moment. 他五官七窍,这一刻都在流血。 But the appearance in this foreign race person both eyes actually vanishes. 而这个异族人双目中的神采却消失。 The life already left him to go far away. 生命已然离他远去。 Where oneself think to offend Xiuzhe.” Chen Luoyang has not turned head. “自己想想哪里开罪了修哲。”陈洛阳没回头。 Otherwise did he why call you to come in front of this Majesty to bring death?” “否则他何必叫你来本座面前送死?” Nearby Shangguan Song and Elder Ming Jing, in mind intermittent dizzy, at present blanket of white. 一旁的上官松明镜长老,也脑海中阵阵晕眩,眼前一片白。 When they recover, sees assassin such as the woodcarving clay figurine same to stand rigidly same place, early did not have the aura. 等他们回过神来,就见刺客如木雕泥偶一样僵立原地,早没了气息。 Like them, condensed the martial way true intent visualization foreign race Martial King, solemn martial way Great Grandmaster...... 一个跟他们一样,已经凝聚武道真意显形的异族武王,堂堂武道大宗师…… By Demon Sovereign superficial a light shout, was killed by shock! 魔皇轻描淡写一声轻喝,生生震死! Not is only in the palace. 不仅仅是宫殿里。 Outside this moment six dragons imperial cart, above the sky, changes constantly. 此刻六龙皇辇外,天空之上,风云变幻。 The cloud layer of camouflage sky disperses gradually, the sunlight sprinkles. 遮蔽天空的云层渐渐散开,阳光洒落。 Demon Sovereign only needs one to drink, the wind and thunder surges, the world vibrates! 魔皇只需一声喝,风雷激荡,天地震动! Below mountain range, with Zhang Tianheng and Vajrapani that Wang Dubao fights , the intermittent tinnitus, the vitality is not steady. 下方山脉里,正同王独豹交手的张天恒金刚,也阵阵耳鸣,气血不稳。 Their front Wang Dubao, stand wooden in same place, no longer moves. 他们面前的王独豹,更是木然立在原地,不再动弹。 Blood red ray that in his both eyes has flashed, loudly blasting open! 其双目中一直闪动的血红光芒,轰然炸裂! After the blood light dissipates all, a Wang Dubao both eyes piece vacant dim, figure slowly softly but actually. 血光尽数消散后,王独豹双目一片茫然黯淡,身形徐徐软倒。 In the world, as if has illusory blood light, flashes passes. 天地间,仿佛有虚幻的一线血光,一闪即逝。 In the flash of twinkle, blood thread bang separation! 就在闪烁的这一瞬间,血线“砰”的断开! „The Cult Master invincible might is unparalleled, does not need to thoroughly understand Blood Soul Secret Incantation, only a light shout, broke opposite party evil technique.” Vajrapani said with a laugh. 教主神威盖世,无需通晓血魂密咒,只一声轻喝,就破掉对方邪术了。”金刚笑呵呵说道。 Zhang Tianheng carries with the hand Wang Dubao, ill-humored saying: „The Cult Master natural invincible might is unparalleled, issue is too incompetent in several of us, otherwise why does Cult Master personally go into action?” 张天恒一只手提起王独豹,没好气的说道:“教主当然神威盖世,问题在我们几个太无能,否则何必教主亲自出马?” They, return to six dragons imperial cart. 他们二人,回到六龙皇辇上。 reporting to the Cult Master, this person should be in Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe under care Ten Steeds, ranks fourth Black Owl Ehanko, is expert in the assassination assassination.” After Elder Ming Jing inspects the assassin corpse, said. 禀教主,此人应该是左贤王修哲座下十骏中,排名第四的‘夜枭额汉柯,专精暗杀行刺。”明镜长老检查刺客尸身后说道。 Chen Luoyang took a seat. 陈洛阳已经重新落座。 The corpse in ground, is the enemy who his first strikes to kill personally. 地面上的尸体,是他第一个亲手击杀的敌人。 A moment ago using great technique of staking all on one throw time, but also was somewhat anxious. 刚才运用孤注一掷大法的时候,还有些揪心。 The background of lucky this body also. 万幸这具身躯的底子还在。 The reaction rate between electric light flint, exceeds his imagination. 电光火石间的反应速度,超出他的想象。 Is insufficient to have the movement unable to follow the thought that also or the response is too slow is unable to realize the issue of match. 不至于有动作跟不上念头,又或者反应太慢无法察觉对手的问题。 However after this move, the following sequela is also very obvious. 不过这一招过后,接下来的后遗症也挺明显。 Own whole body high and low, regardless of the spirit or the physical strength, feels void. 自己周身上下,不论精神还是体力,都感到空虚。 But the victory is satisfying. 但战果叫人满意。 A move simultaneously solves two people. 一招同时解决两人。 In the Chen Luoyang surface calmly, static looks at by Wang Dubao that Zhang Tianheng brings. 陈洛阳面上若无其事,静静看着张天恒带回来的王独豹 This Demon Cult Protector, at this moment is in the stupor. 这位魔教护法,此刻处于昏迷中。 Wakes him.” Chen Luoyang said lightly: Ascertaining matter process.” “弄醒他。”陈洛阳淡淡说道:“问清楚事情经过。” Zhang Tianheng replied hastily: Subordinate is compliant.” 张天恒连忙答道:“属下遵命。” The tornado returned to the main hall together at this time, is Xiao Yuntian. 一道龙卷风这时返回大殿中,正是萧云天 Karento evil technique was broken, wants to come is Cult Master personally take action, wants exhausted Cult Master, Yuntian is ashamed.” 克伦图邪术被破,想来是教主亲自出手,要劳烦教主,云天惭愧。” Might as well.” Chen Luoyang said indifferently: That side what situation?” “无妨。”陈洛阳淡然道:“那边什么情况?” Chief of the Ten Steeds Demon Wolf observes the elder brotherKarento Protector forMind Ghost, I with it fighting, have delayed the time.” After Xiao Yuntian looked at the ground Black Owl the Ehanko corpse, said: „After Cult Master broke Mind Ghost evil technique, Demon Wolf protects him to retreat, because does not know that the Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe whereabouts, I do not have to pursue rashly, asking Cult Master to forgive.” 十骏之首的‘魔狼’察昆在为‘心鬼克伦图护法,我与之交手,耽搁了时间。”萧云天看了看地上“夜枭额汉柯的尸首后说道:“教主破了心鬼邪术后,魔狼护着他退走,因为不知左贤王修哲下落,我没有冒然追赶,请教主恕罪。” „The Qian Prefecture branch disciple who in addition, Protector Wang formerly led, mostly by the violent treachery, the opposite party should come more than three people, therefore Protector Wang sends out the warning then manner to make without enough time.” “此外,王护法先前所率的黔州分舵弟子,大多遭了毒手,对方应该来了不止三人,所以王护法来不及发出警报便为人所制。” Chen Luoyang said: Searches the whereabouts of these people, the blood debt must the blood recompense.” 陈洛阳说道:“搜索这些人的下落,血债必须血偿。” Xiao Yuntian in wind bows to salute: Gives the subordinate to be good, do not delay Cult Master your traveling schedule.” 风中的萧云天躬身行礼:“交给属下就好,不要耽搁教主您的行程。” Goes.” Chen Luoyang said that also turns the head to look to Shangguan Song. “去吧。”陈洛阳说罢,又转头看向上官松 Ming Jing has the wound in body, seventh elder, what situation were you a moment ago?” 明镜是有伤在身,七长老,你刚才是什么情况?”
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