IHPDMB :: Volume #2

#178: Are you teasing me?

Under looks at that Chen Luoyang interested Li Yuanlin. 陈洛阳饶有兴趣的看着下方李元麟 The opposite party said the meaning, completely gave oneself Xia Dynasty imperial family status, joined in Demon Cult by individual, became a Demon Cult member. 对方所言意思,就是完全割舍自己夏朝皇族身份,以个人重新投身魔教,成为魔教一份子。 Such matter, are historically many. 这样的事情,在历史上很多。 Demon Cult all sort of absolute technique just did not quarry a mountain has, but along with the time evolution, is estimated the creation by within the cult expert slowly, or takes by force and deceits from the outside, or has the person of outside the cult to have the skill to throw. 魔教诸般绝学也不是刚一开山的时候就有,而是随着时间发展,由教内高手慢慢揣摩创造,或者从外界巧取豪夺,又或者有教外之人带艺来投。 These outcomers integrate Demon Cult, results in Demon Cult to bless, or gains the thing that oneself want from Demon Cult, its absolute technique also becomes Demon Cult all. 这些外来者融入魔教,得魔教庇佑,或者从魔教获取自己想要的东西,其一身绝学也成为魔教所有。 Li Yuanlin at present, wants to take this path obviously. 李元麟眼下,显然就是想走这个路子。 Now Great Xia Dynasty is doomed to become the history, Xia Dynasty imperial family will also face the clean. 如今大夏皇朝注定成为历史,夏朝皇族也将面临清洗。 In perhaps the general publics has the Li family central land beginning of the first day of the year thought that but regarding Demon Cult, foreign race, Supreme Unity Daoist Sect and Cooling Monastery is as for Sword Pavilion and three great aristocratic families, the vitality damages severely and drops the clouds Li family dynasty, then withdraws from the center of historical arena. 普通民众之中或许有李家中土正朔的思维,但对于魔教异族太乙道宗清凉寺乃至于剑阁三大世家而言,元气大伤、跌落云端的李氏皇朝,便即退出历史舞台的中心。 Assuming that its strength drops to certain level, then with the it contradictory numerous influence, can perhaps instead insert a Li family blade, delivers it to perish. 假设,其实力跌落到一定层次,那么一些与之矛盾重重的势力,说不定就能反插李家一刀,送其灭亡。 For example three great aristocratic families. 例如三大世家 Even formerly once more suffered the severe wound, barely managing to maintain a feeble existence Clouds Palace descendant. 甚至是先前再次遭受重伤,苟延残喘的云宫传人 Whether Demon Cult stamps out the source of trouble, all looks at the Cult Master mood. 魔教是否斩草除根,全看教主心情。 Even if a Li clan does not exterminate an entire family, later, will not have Xia Dynasty imperial family again, can escape death by a hair's breadth big cat kitten 32 that from the clean, could maintain a reputation of Li family to be difficult to say. 李氏一族即便不灭门,以后,也不会再有夏朝皇族,能从清洗中幸免于难的大猫小猫32只,能否维持一个李氏家族的名头都难说。 However, although Li Yuanlin before this is not the Emperor of Xia Li Yuanlong trusted subordinate, but his cultivation base strength is high enough, after Li Yuanlong dies today, naturally will become the core of Li family. 不过,李元麟虽然此前并非夏帝李元龙亲信,但他修为实力足够高,在李元龙死后的今天,自然而然将成为李氏家族的核心。 He, big probability in the Demon Cult clean list. 他,大概率在魔教的清洗名单上。 Chen Luoyang believes, Li Yuanlin is well aware. 陈洛阳相信,李元麟对此心知肚明。 But before this, Xia Dynasty Your Highness King of Han, has not fled to leave, has not pledged to fight to the death resistance meaning. 而这位前夏朝韩王殿下,没有远遁逃离,也没有誓死抵抗到底的意思。 He simply fell very much, moreover that type of artificial knife and chopping block I for the stance of fish. 他很干脆的降了,而且还是那种人为刀俎我为鱼肉的姿态。 You need one to convince the reason of this Majesty.” Chen Luoyang said lightly. “你需要一个能说服本座的理由。”陈洛阳淡淡说道。 Li Yuanlin replied respectfully: „ reporting to the Cult Master, engages in introspection below, the status is true awkwardly. 李元麟恭敬答道:“禀教主,在下扪心自问,身份属实尴尬。 Perhaps even if my slaughter completely all Li family people, add the suspicion, unavoidably incurs to endure humiliation, guess of steeling oneself for revenge. 就算我一人屠尽所有李家人,恐怕还更添嫌疑,难免招致忍辱负重,卧薪尝胆的猜测。 Only has the total involvement to offer below in Cult Master, offers to Divine Cult, just now may prove own loyalty with the time. 在下唯有全身心奉献于教主,奉献于神教,用时间方才有可能证明自己的忠诚。 Is willing to accept all tests below, is willing to go to the northern border, is Divine Cult prevents the foreign race soldier/weapon front. 在下愿接受一切考验,也愿前往北疆,为神教阻挡异族兵锋。 Only hopes that Cult Master can give in the next opportunity. ” 只希望教主能给在下一个机会。” Regards you, is the this Majesty matter.” Chen Luoyang said lightly: But, you must put out a thing first, this Majesty never believes the idle talk vernacular.” “怎么看待你,是本座的事。”陈洛阳淡淡说道:“不过,你自己要先拿出点东西来,本座从不信空口白话。” The Li Yuanlin look is invariable, after being slightly silent one next, good a ritual: „Below understands how should do, asking Cult Master to allow me to leave the moment temporarily, later again seeks an interview.” 李元麟神色不变,略微沉默一下后,行了一礼:“在下明白该怎么做,请教主允许我暂离片刻,稍后再行求见。” Chen Luoyang waved, then Li Yuanlin under drawing back. 陈洛阳挥了挥手,李元麟便即退下。 Other three people, the look is invariable. 其余三人,神色不变。 Only has the Six Doors chief constable Situ Qi vision more dignified, as if somewhat worried faintly. 唯有六扇门总捕司徒启目光更加凝重,似乎隐隐有些担忧。 But the Chen Luoyang's vision then falls to his body. 陈洛阳的目光接下来就落到他的身上。 Situ Qi immediately then calm good a ritual, takes one step to stand firm forward, starts talking. 司徒启当即便沉稳的行了一礼,向前迈出一步站定,开口说话。 Remaining two people, not with the meaning that he struggles. 剩下两人,都没有跟他争的意思。 Situ Qi pays respect to Cult Master.” Big man calm saying of: Comes below this, wants to ask Cult Master to show mercy.” 司徒启参见教主。”高大的汉子沉稳的说道:“在下此来,是想请教主开恩。” In the Chen Luoyang surface cannot see the happy anger, but said lightly: Said.” 陈洛阳面上看不出喜怒,只是淡淡说道:“讲。” „To ask Cult Master to show mercy below, forgives in a below numerous hand and foot fellow officer.” Situ Qi said: I and others was willing to be Cult Master and Divine Cult go through fire or water, to redeem past crime, longs for Cult Master to leave a loophole.” “在下想请教主开恩,宽恕在下的一众手足同袍。”司徒启言道:“我等愿为教主神教赴汤蹈火,以赎昔日罪过,万望教主网开一面。” Before this, Xia Dynasty governs, in Six Doors expert like clouds, sweeps fruitfully to central land. 此前,夏朝治下,六扇门高手如云,对中土内部扫荡卓有成效。 Walks Demonic Path expert of trader traveling alone, was exterminated basically. 走单帮的魔道高手,基本被清剿一空。 the remaining people does not go to Southern Wasteland or Northern Desert, then simply surrenders by Xia Dynasty is incorporated. 余者不是投奔南荒漠北,便是索性投诚被夏朝收编。 The large-scale immoral way influence, is hard to base similarly, the majority vanishes into thin air , can also occupy a side on only remaining Ji Prefecture Jupiter Gang and Yu Prefecture Five-colored Hall two families. 大型的黑道势力,同样难以立足,大部分烟消云散,也就只剩下冀州太岁帮渝州五色堂两家还能占据一方。 Internal sweeping at the same time, naturally also unavoidably deals with Demon Cult. 对内扫荡的同时,自然也免不了跟魔教打交道。 Especially Demon Cult Azure Dragon Hall disciple. 尤其是魔教青龙殿弟子。 both sides kill mutually much, the enmity is very deep. 双方互相杀伤不少,仇怨很深。 Situ Qi oneself, once had encountered the assassination of Azure Dragon Hall expert. 司徒启本人,就曾遭到过青龙殿高手的刺杀。 Now Xia Dynasty sees with own eyes became the history, Situ Qi is not only in a dilemma. 如今夏朝眼见已经成为历史,司徒启不仅左右为难。 But finally, compares is Li Yuanlong works oneself to death, he chooses to strive for hand/subordinate numerous Brother Six Doors, seeks a way out, seeks an outlet. 但最终,相较于为李元龙卖命,他选择争取为手下众多六扇门兄弟,谋一条生路,谋一条出路。 Listens to your tone, hand and foot fellow officer who you said that the quantity was very big.” Chen Luoyang looked at Situ Qi one. “听你语气,你所言的手足同袍,数量很大。”陈洛阳看了司徒启一眼。 After Situ Qi is slightly silent one next, replied: reporting to the Cult Master, including is also counted below, totals 13,428,570 people.” 司徒启略微沉默一下后,答道:“禀教主,连在下也算上,合共13428570人。” Chen Luoyang: ............ 陈洛阳:“…………” Hears this digit, he almost spurted. 听到这个数字,他差点喷了。 The cheek almost must unable to stretch, is hard to maintain the present expression. 面皮几乎就要绷不住,难以维持现在的表情。 You give me wait/etc.. 你给我等等。 You counted off a moment ago, added one ten thousand character? 刚才你报数,是不是多加了一个“万”字? Chen Luoyang these words, nearly really asked the exit|to speak. 陈洛阳这句话,险些真的问出口。 Because one places Divine Province most apex the limited several positions, person who can contact, even if not extremely the character , the disparity is limited. 因为一来就身处神州最顶点的有限几个位置,能接触的人,就算不是绝顶人物,也差距有限。 Therefore he will always forget something. 所以他总是无意间会忘记一些事情。 For example, here population base, exaggerates very much. 例如,这里的人口基数,很夸张。 Initially when Shu Prefecture first time while the six dragons imperial cart flying the line, he discovered, this Grand Land of the Divine Province, the breadth was quite vast. 当初在蜀州第一次乘六龙皇辇飞天而行的时候,他就发现,这神州浩土,幅员极为辽阔。 Although its region divides, as if somewhat remembers the shadow of Earth native country. 虽然其地域划分,似乎有几分自己记忆中蓝星故国的影子。 But all as if waited for scale amplifying many times. 但一切都仿佛等比例放大了许多倍。 At that time he found time to read the literature ancient book time, but also feeling here population base was huge. 当时他抽空阅读文献典籍的时候,还感慨这里人口基数巨大。 Extremely huge common custom people community, supports the huge martial artist community that the matter does not produce. 极为庞大的世俗民众群体,才支撑起不事生产的庞大武者群体。 But perhaps is because the distance was too remote, as if on the clouds the bird's eye view earth is the same, therefore Chen Luoyang little has the true feelings. 但或许是因为距离实在太遥远了,仿佛云端上俯瞰大地一样,所以陈洛阳对此很少有实感。 All more only likely is a digit, but non- trillion lives. 一切更多只像是个数字,而非亿万生灵。 Also is Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe Black Death Divine Pearl, in the Qian Prefecture boundless barren mountains and wild hills, sees like having the place of habitation, Dead Sea black tide can sweep across over ten thousand and even in ten several tens of thousands human lives situations, Chen Luoyang some real feelings. 也就是左贤王修哲黑死神珠,在黔州茫茫荒山野岭,怎么看都不像有人烟的地方,一场死海黑潮能席卷上万乃至十数万人命的情况下,陈洛阳才有些真实感触。 Now listened to the number of Situ Qi report, Great Cult Master Chen to have the different feelings once more. 现在听了司徒启报的数,陈大教主再次有了不同感觉。 Similarly is the digit, this number gives his shock to be bigger actually. 同样是数字,这个数其实给他的震撼更大。 These many Six Doors bailiffs, how many martial artist have corresponded, how many people also has corresponded? 这么多六扇门捕快,对应了多少武者,又对应了多少人? He some are unable to imagine for a while. 他一时都有些无法想象。 Even has the absurd feeling. 甚至生出荒谬的感觉。 Has to make a mistake? 有没有搞错? Teases me? 逗我呢吧? Father's Demon Cult altogether many...... People...... 老子的魔教一共才多少……人…… Great Cult Master Chen changes mind thinks, suddenly feeling is not right. 陈大教主转念一想,突然感觉不对。 Oneself have not known probably, some oneself Demon Cult altogether many people. 自己好像还真的不知道,自家魔教一共有多少人。 Line of sight institute and place, Left Envoy and Right Envoy and some four halls chief, seven great veteran, protectors of the eight regions and personal servant. 视线所及处,左右双使四殿首座、七大元老八方护法、一些贴身亲随 Then four halls 28 Constellations such elite expert, or in branch several heir this. 然后四殿二十八宿这样的精英好手,或者一个分舵里几个香主这样。 At best again was previously in Sweet Dew Manor, has contacted Azure Dragon Hall Dragon Claw and Dragon Scale various people. 充其量再就是早先在甘露山庄里,接触过的青龙殿龙爪、龙鳞诸人。 Almost also arrived here. 差不多也就到这里了。 looks at are not truly many. 看着确实不多。 But the issue is, the mid-level personnel he little contacted, person downward has not contacted completely. 可问题是,中层人员他就已经很少接触了,再往下的人完全没有接触过。 The direct legacy disciple is the capacity for alcohol. 嫡传弟子就是海量。 Basic unit cult members, ordinary cult members? 基层教众,普通教众呢? Zhang Tianheng initially brought Dian Prefecture branch to come side, brings is the elite in elite. 张天恒当初带滇州分舵来自己身边,带的全是精英中的精英。 But some of his Dian Prefecture branch altogether how many people? 但他滇州分舵拢共有多少人? Is the realm level of foundation, the population then jump over to greatly. 越是基础的境界层次,人数便越为巨大。 Acquired Martial Artist population, 110 times of even possible thousand times in Innate Martial Master. 后天武者的人数,110倍甚至可能千倍于先天武师 Then, is upward, grandmaster, Martial King, until Martial Emperor. 然后,再向上,宗师,武王,直到武帝 Before central land collaborates to draft demon region, according to the Demon Cult Azure Dragon Hall standard, the central land level A influence altogether has nine. 中土联手南征魔域之前,按照魔教青龙殿的标准,中土甲级势力共有九家。 looks at are not many. 看着不多。 But to the level B influence, quantity came up immediately, light Shu Prefecture place has seven, entire central land all adds to want over a hundred. 但到了乙级势力,数量立马就上去了,光蜀州一地就有七家,整个中土全加起来要上百。 level C influence hundred and thousand, to the level D influence, then tens of thousands. 丙级势力成百上千,到了丁级势力,则成千上万。 But in fact, in oneself demon region ground, there are various dependency Demon Cult middle-and-small influences to seek a livelihood, similarly is as numerous as the hairs of an ox. 而事实上,自家魔域地面上,也有各种附庸魔教的中小型势力讨生活,同样多如牛毛。 Situ Qi opens the mouth 13 million people, frightened Chen Luoyang to jump. 司徒启张口13000000人,吓了陈洛阳一跳。 But is careful thinks, these most basic unit, cultivation base low Acquired Martial Artist, definitely 1000 occupies also to have the extra front that. 但仔细一想,这其中最基层,修为较低的后天武者,肯定把前面那个“1000”都占走还有富余。 Perhaps 1300 all occupied, above talented person minute of other odd changes. 说不定把“1300”全占走了,上面的人才分余下的零头。 Great Cult Master Chen suddenly has the feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry. 陈大教主忽然有哭笑不得的感觉。 Oneself, probably have become another type of shortsighted person. 自己,好像成了另一种类型的井底之蛙。 Or that frog in Moon Palace, could not realize that in the ground is what kind of all living things world. 或者说,月宫里的那只蛤蟆,意识不到地面上是怎样的众生世界。 Then, he while the scarlet dragon the line, the speed compared six flood dragons to be quick for these days, in several day travels between the Divine Province mountains and rivers, sweeps away the world, to the size and foundation of this world did not have the concept. 说起来,他这几天乘赤龙而行,速度比六条蛟龙还快,几日之内往返神州山河,横扫天下,对这个世界的大小和基础更没概念了。 What he hits is very happy, the work that actually the subordinate needs to do is the capacity for alcohol. 他打的是挺痛快,其实手下人需要做的工作更是海量。 Before looked at Chen Chuhua, Su Wei, Xiao Yuntian and the others the reports, mentioned that a lot of family/home level D influences submitted, look at the scenery, since. 之前看陈初华苏伟萧云天等人的报告,提到多少多少家丁级势力臣服,望风景从。 Some lot of family/home level C influences were exterminated. 有多少多少家丙级势力被剿灭。 Some lot of family/home level B influences surrender on own initiative. 有多少多少家乙级势力主动来投诚。 Some many belonged to the Xia Dynasty official and martial artist is incorporated. 有多少原属于夏朝的官员和武者被收编。 Feeling on several words matters. 感觉就几句话的事。 Oneself with all one's heart, all placed these to kill several Martial King at that time, and even falls on Li Yuanlong competently. 自己当时一门心思,全都放在这一趟能干掉几个武王,乃至能不能干掉李元龙上。 Now recalls, this line, does not know the destinies of many people have the change. 现在回想起来,这一路行来,不知有多少人的命运发生改变。 In addition martial artist so, the common custom mortal exaggerated. 武者尚且如此,世俗凡人就更夸张了。 This also makes Chen Luoyang recover. 这也让陈洛阳回过神来。 For several days the time, the Demon Cult manpower is rich, the efficiency is high, area that is hard to control these to start truly newly. 短短几天功夫,魔教人手再丰富,效率再高,也难以真正掌控这些新入手的疆域。 The big foot steps on the draw to step on, how long to be useless , because traveling speed quickly to being above imagination, but is not the journey is near. 一路大脚踩平踩过来,没用多长时间,是因为自己移动速度快到超乎想象,而不是路途近。 The thorough control so broad land and population are oneself use, is the continuous effort of taking care of your pennies and dollars will take care of themselves. 彻底掌控如此广阔的土地与人口为己所用,是个细水长流的慢功夫。 Must determine thoroughly the Grand Land of the Divine Province future aspect, truly wants one to be after the war good with Sabre Sovereign Yuwen Feng. 要彻底确定神州浩土未来的局面,确实要自己跟刀皇宇文峰一战后才行。 Even should say, at that time just started. 甚至应该说,那时才刚刚开始。 Situ Qi a few words, making the Chen Luoyang train of thought fluctuate. 司徒启的一句话,让陈洛阳思绪起伏。 To be honest, his actually some not real feeling. 说老实话,他其实还是有些不真实的感觉。 This even Martial Emperor strength, but must make him feel illusory. 这甚至比自己一身武帝的力量,还要更让他感到虚幻。 Great Cult Master Chen is busy being distracted, had not made noise. 陈大教主忙着走神,一直没出声。 Actually painstakingly following single knee Situ Qi. 却苦了下面单膝跪着的司徒启 As if kneels on the pincushion. 仿佛跪在针毡上。 In his heart anxiety and restlessness of deep conceals, finally reveals in speech and appearance gradually. 他心中深藏的焦虑和不安,终于渐渐溢于言表。
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