IACHMND :: Volume #4

#319: lower world barbarian

Spirit Firmament Heavenly Court. 灵霄天庭 Gorgeous palaces, float the spatial mountain, stands erect in in Yunkong. Or with jade corridor, either is connected with hanging rainbow bridge. 一座座华美宫殿、浮空山岳,屹立于云空之中。彼此之间,或以玉石长廊,或以悬空虹桥相连。 In the sea of clouds, there is a Yellow Dragon to hover, has colorful phoenix to dance in the air, has immortal crane in groups. Also the Pegasus of crowds of on the back grows pair of wings, while cloud Tawu, gallops carefree. 云海之中,有黄龙翱翔,有彩凤飞舞,有仙鹤成群。亦有一群群背生双翼的天马,乘云踏雾,畅快驰骋。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long Chen dragon palace, on perimeter ten thousand li (0.5 km) giant floating mountain. Is higher than Chen dragon palace, only has Spirit Firmament Palace. 辰龙天尊的“辰龙宫”,位于一座周长万里的巨大浮空山上。比辰龙宫更高的,仅有一座灵霄宫 However when like being in the Spirit Firmament Heaven world of mortals, raised the head looks up to the vault of heaven, how is unable to see Heavenly Court exists general, even is in the Heavenly Court second high Chen dragon palace, when raised the head looked, is unable to see existence of Spirit Firmament Palace. 不过就像身在灵霄天凡间,抬头仰望天穹时,怎都无法看到天庭的存在一般,即使身在天庭第二高的辰龙宫,抬头看时,亦无法看到灵霄宫的存在。 At this moment. 此刻。 Ni Kun and Lu Xiyan then under leading the way of that Earth Immortal Sky General, arrive in floating empty mountain that Chen dragon palace was, climbs from the foot upward on foot. 倪坤陆昔颜便在那地仙天将的引路下,来到了辰龙宫所在的浮空山上,自山脚往上徒步攀登。 Chen dragon palace is located in floats the spatial summit. 辰龙宫位于浮空山顶。 But on this mountain, not only one Chen dragon palace. 但这山上,并不仅只一座辰龙宫。 From foot to summit, many or grand, or simple and elegant palace and cave mansion. Under disciple for the Heavenly Lord Chen Long place, aide and servant maid and Sky General residence. 自山脚至山顶,还有许多或宏伟,或清雅的宫殿、洞府。为辰龙天尊座下弟子、侍从、仆婢、天将居所。 Also has the medicine garden that the botanical garden and cultivation immortal herb immortal that raise the immortal beast crane massively plant, spreads in the mountain various places. 亦有大量豢养仙兽仙禽的园林、培植仙草仙植的药圃,散布于山中各处。 For Ni Kun two people of leading the way Sky General, is White Tiger Hall a member Sky General. When shows the way, is the Ni Kun two people introduced attentively: 倪坤二人引路的天将,乃是白虎殿一员天将。领路之时,一路为倪坤二人殷勤介绍: This is ten thousand dragon pool, inside raised ten thousand dragon race. If can successfully cultivated true dragon, then have the opportunity to become the mount. If not becomes Ryunosuke, that has to make the meat to use......” “这是万龙潭,里面豢养了万头龙种。若能修成真龙,便有机会成为坐骑。若无成龙之资,那就只好作肉食之用了……” Datan that the Ni Kun two people look at to foot that rice waving in the wind. 倪坤二人看向山脚那一座碧波万顷的大潭。 Sees only every large or small and flood dragon, chi dragon, dragon dragon, dragon turtle of all forms and other dragon race, the surges in the deep pool is playing, chase to create a disturbance. Also some little dragon race, hibernation of insects in Tandi, with concentration cultivation, in order to gets rid by the person edible destiny. 只见大大小小、形形色色的蛟龙、螭龙、虬龙、龙龟龙种,正在潭中翻腾嬉戏、追逐打闹。亦有少许龙种,蛰于潭底,潜心修炼,以求摆脱被被人食用的命运。 Ni Kun said: These dragon race, isn't spiritual wisdom as if high?” 倪坤道:“这些龙种,似乎灵智不高?” That White Tiger Hall Sky General said with a smile: 白虎殿天将笑道: Ten thousand dragon pool is equipped with the ban, may suppress flood dragon spiritual wisdom. If can under this ban, the breakthrough limit, gives birth keenly intelligent, achievement true dragon, that has the training value, can be the controlling beast of pulling a cart, or for the invincible force Sky General mount, escapes the eaten destiny. If can keep progressing, cultivates to Heavenly Immortal Realm, may obtain the Heavenly Court line of business, becomes Heavenly Court true a member. “万龙潭设有禁制,可压制蛟龙灵智。倘若能在这禁制之下,突破限制,生出灵慧,成就真龙,那才算有培养价值,能作为拉车的驭兽,或为天兵天将的坐骑,摆脱被食用的命运。倘若能不停进步,修至天仙境界,更可获得天庭职司,成为天庭真正的一员 Today's Azure Dragon Spirit King Ao Canghai, in years past was in ten thousand dragon pool, an ordinary flood dragon, afterward successfully cultivated Azure Dragon true body, besides because the relationship of form and spirit steed, settled on by Spirit Firmament Heavenly Lord, was Heavenly Lord draws the carriage ten thousand years, resulted in Heavenly Lord to change magically, the promote to Heavenly Immortal Realm Heavenly Dragon, then became Azure Dragon Hall hall leader, later then skyrocketed, out of control, now just like One Tribulation Heavenly Monarch, Azure Dragon Spirit King.” “当今的青龙灵王敖苍海,昔年便是万龙潭中,一条普通蛟龙,后来修成青龙真身,因其外形神骏,被灵霄天尊看中,为天尊拉辇万年,得了天尊点化,晋位天仙境的天龙,遂成为青龙殿殿帅,之后便扶摇直上,一发不可收拾,如今俨然已是一劫天君,青龙灵王。” When is saying, snow white flood dragon, moves restlessly an all over the body unexpectedly, rises with a spring from ten thousand dragon pool, opens fang fierce big mouth, bites toward Ni Kun one. 正说时,一头通体雪白的蛟龙,蓦地躁动起来,自万龙潭中一跃而起,张开獠牙狰狞的大嘴,向着倪坤一口噬来。 That White Tiger Hall Sky General one startled, just about to berates the interception, thinks suddenly does not know the invisible pressure that from where comes, the town/subdues on oneself, made him unable to move silently unexpectedly, berated the sound unable to export continually. 白虎殿天将一惊,刚要喝斥拦截,忽觉一道不知从何而来的无形威压,无声无息地镇在自己身上,竟令他动弹不得,连喝斥声都无法出口。 Ni Kun sees that the brow raises, the faint smile toward the mountainside place, complemented the pavilion in bamboo grove to look at one, later has been swooping to that to the flood dragon opens the mouth of body first ten zhang (3.33 m) place attracts. 倪坤见状,眉头一扬,似笑非笑地往山腰处,一座掩映在竹林中的凉亭看了一眼,之后对着那已飞扑至身前十丈处的蛟龙张口一吸。 Under attracts, that body has the flood dragon of hundred zhang (333 m) considerable, the build reduces fast, becomes seems snow white noodles unexpectedly, scoffs to slide one, invests in the Ni Kun mouth involuntary. 一吸之下,那条身长足有百丈的蛟龙,体型飞快缩小,竟变得好似一根雪白面条,嗤溜一声,身不由己投入倪坤口中。 crack! 咔嚓 A Ni Kun tooth grinding, chews that flood dragon crushes, tongue one volume, will swallow. 倪坤牙齿一磨,就把那蛟龙嚼得粉碎,舌头一卷,就将之一口咽下。 Aura is pure, the flesh is tasty, the physique has the chewability very much.” The Ni Kun nod praised: Makes the flood dragon that the meat uses worthily specially, compared with flood dragon that lower world these make the monster, delicious far more than hundred times?” “气息纯净,血肉鲜美,筋骨很有嚼头。”倪坤点头赞道:“不愧是专作肉用的蛟龙,比起下界那些作妖的蛟龙,美味了何止百倍?” Only then, the invisible pressure that then must unable to move the Earth Immortal Sky General town/subdues, just now dissipates. 直到此时,那将地仙天将镇得动弹不得的无形威压,方才消散一空。 The origin of his invisible pressure does not know, erratically is bowing with hands clasped to Ni Kun surprisedly, forces a smile is thinking highly saying: 他连那无形威压的来源都不知道,惊疑不定地对着倪坤一揖,强笑着恭维道: Flood dragons in ten thousand dragon pool, although spiritual wisdom is not high, was treated as pig sheep Laiyang, what eats is the efficacious medicine immortal fruit, the one who drinks is spirit spring Xianlu, often the immortal liquor may drink, ten thousand dragon pool nourishes, the vitality is mellow, the body and spirit is powerful, the strength is not really weak. “万龙潭中的蛟龙虽然灵智不高,又是被当作猪羊来养,但吃的是灵药仙果,饮的是灵泉仙露,时常还有仙酒可喝,又得万龙潭滋养,元气醇厚,体魄强悍,实力着实不弱。 That flood dragon, end at least will just now take three moves to take, when actually Young Master Di spoke thoughtlessly attracts. Young Master magic power is exceedingly high, worthily is the Heavenly Lord Chen Long outstanding disciple......” “方才那头蛟龙,末将至少要三招才能拿下,却当不住狄公子随口一吸。公子法力通天,不愧是辰龙天尊高徒……” Ni Kun chuckle: Carves insect small skill, is not worth mentioning, is not worth mentioning.” 倪坤轻笑一声:“雕虫小伎尔,不值一提,不值一提。” Also in that pavilion toward the mountainside bamboo grove looked at one, takes a step to leave ten thousand dragon pool , to continue upward. 又往山腰竹林中那凉亭看了一眼,举步离开万龙潭,继续上行。 That Earth Immortal Sky General presses down the doubts, arrives at the Ni Kun body side quickly , to continue to show the way for him, the introduction on the way scenery: 地仙天将按下疑惑,快步走到倪坤身侧,继续为他指路,介绍途中风景: In that side that highest heaven scarlet firmiana forest, the cleverness garden, inside is raising azure the luan, swan and firebird chu and other phoenix bloodlines of the cranes, is the Heavenly Lord Chen Long disciple supplies egg, meat, blood, plume and other materials specially, may make the food, may be used for pill refinement and refiner......” “那边那一片九霄赤梧林中,有一座灵犀园,里面豢养着青鸾、鸿鹄、鹓鶵等凤凰血脉的仙禽,专为辰龙天尊门下供应蛋、肉、血、翎等材料,可作食材,亦可用来炼丹、炼器……” Ni Kun two people listens to that Earth Immortal Sky General to introduce, when strolls to climb mountains. 倪坤二人一边听那地仙天将介绍,一边漫步上山时。 Mountainside bamboo grove, in pavilion. 山腰竹林,凉亭之中。 Wears the purple clothes, the tender and beautiful beautiful female, said grinningly: 一位身着紫衣,娇艳绝美的女子,笑嘻嘻说道: Aiya, unexpectedly lives to feed the flood dragon, good cruel quite barbaric, is really the lower world barbarian. However eldest senior brother, the teacher in the honorary disciple that lower world receives, seeming like not simple, not only ate that flood dragon, but also discovered our existence. His cultivation base, seemed not just promotion first rank Heavenly Immortal.” “哎呀,居然生啖蛟龙,好残忍好野蛮,果然是个下界蛮子。不过大师兄,师尊在下界收的这个记名弟子,看起来并不简单呢,不但一口就吃掉了那头蛟龙,还发现了我们的存在。他的修为,似乎并不是刚刚晋阶初阶天仙哦。” eldest senior brother in her mouth, is one wears the golden long gown, the figure is big, the facial features solemn aggressive youth, is crossing the hands behind the back proud stand near the pavilion parapet, lowers the head to overlook under. 她口中的大师兄,是一位穿着金色长袍,身形高大挺拔,面容冷峻霸气的青年,正负手傲立在凉亭栏杆边上,垂首俯瞰下方。 Heard that purple clothes female word, that gold/metal robe youth said lightly: 闻听紫衣女子此言,那金袍青年淡淡道: Can be received to revere to settle on, receiving is honorary disciple, that lower world barbarian naturally cannot be any simple goods. However since had not been introduced Spirit Firmament Heaven by the teacher directly, but establishes making of Heavenly Immortal, requests his promote to Heavenly Immortal, comes Spirit Firmament Heaven only then , indicating that the teacher to his attaching great importance to is also limited. “能被收尊看中,收为记名弟子,那下界蛮子自然不会是什么简单货色。不过既然未被师尊直接引入灵霄天,而是立下天仙之约,要求他晋位天仙,方可前来灵霄天,足见师尊对他的重视也是有限。 Swallows a flood dragon, is not what skill. Discovers our existences, does not have any at the worst. If his ability does not have, I under the first disciple as the teacher place, then must make a move to catch up with him to descend the mountain.” “一口吞掉一头蛟龙,不算什么本事。发现我们的存在,也没有什么大不了的。若他连这点能耐都没有,我身为师尊座下首徒,便要出手赶他下山了。” This gold/metal robe youth, is under the Heavenly Lord Chen Long place first disciple Pei Hangtian, has Heavenly Immortal perfection cultivation base. 这金袍青年,正是辰龙天尊座下首徒裴行天,有天仙圆满修为 That purple clothes female, is under the Heavenly Lord Chen Long place second disciple white/shell numerous, realm mark rude Pei Hangtian, but reaches to the Heavenly Immortal perfection time is not long, the accumulation was still shallow, magic power magical ability far inferior eldest senior brother Pei Hangtian. 那紫衣女子,则是辰龙天尊座下二弟子贝芸芸,境界迹不逊裴行天,只是臻至天仙圆满的时间不长,积累尚浅,法力神通远不及大师兄裴行天。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long altogether has received six disciples. 辰龙天尊一共收过六个弟子。 Besides Pei Hangtian, white/shell numerous, three disciple Lin Suiyun have died when Ni Kun and Lu Xiyan subordinate, four disciples broke through the boundary of Heavenly Immortal long ago is eager for quick success and immediate gain, cultivation deviation, explodes the body dead. 除裴行天、贝芸芸之外,三弟子林随云已死在倪坤陆昔颜手下,四弟子早年突破天仙之境时急功近利,走火入魔,爆体而死。 Five disciples promote to Heavenly Immortal, is just closing up consolidated realm the year before last now. 五弟子前年刚刚晋位天仙,如今正在闭关巩固境界 Six disciple join Heavenly Lord Chen Long disciple only more than 2000 years, the cultivation time is shortest, now is only in the Earth Immortal perfection younger brother the younger brother. 六弟子拜入辰龙天尊门下只两千余年,修行时间最短,如今还只是个地仙圆满的弟中弟。 Under Heavenly Lord Chen Long place various disciples, is the Spirit Firmament Heaven family background. 辰龙天尊座下诸弟子,都是灵霄天出身。 Pei Hangtian is the Spirit Firmament Heaven world of mortals, a son of Emperor Heavenly Immortal. 裴行天更是灵霄天凡间,一位天仙皇帝的儿子。 Although his father more than 2000 years ago, already in died in Xianjie, but this has not affected the Pei Hangtian inherent superiority feeling. 虽然他父亲早在两千多年前,就已殒落于仙劫之中,但这并没有影响裴行天与生俱来的优越感。 His mental disposition is arrogant, relies on to be well-born, particularly looks down upon Di Renjie this from lower world honorary disciple. 他秉性高傲,自恃出身高贵,分外瞧不起“狄人杰”这个来自下界的“记名弟子”。 Therefore then draws white/shell numerous to come inspection. 所以便拉着贝芸芸前来“考察”。 But Ni Kun shows one's skill, not only stuttered the flood dragon of Pei Hangtian in secret control, but also detected Pei Hangtian, white/shell numerous existence, but this has not made Pei Hangtian hold in high esteem to Ni Kun. 倪坤虽然露了一手,不仅一口吃掉了裴行天暗中操控的蛟龙,还察觉到了裴行天、贝芸芸的存在,但这并没有令裴行天对倪坤刮目相看。 white/shell numerous to Ni Kun this from lower world honorary disciple, is the intention despises, said grinningly: Boy truly somewhat ability, but the temper seems like the arrogance. Other source looked at two toward us, felt not a little convinced very much!” 贝芸芸对倪坤这个来自下界的“记名弟子”,也是心怀鄙夷,笑嘻嘻道:“那小子确实有几分本领,不过性子似乎傲气的很呢。他方才往我们这边看了两眼,感觉很有点不服气哦!” Pei Hangtian eyes narrow the eyes, said indifferently: 裴行天双眼微眯,淡然道: He is not certainly convinced. lower world Heavenly Immortal, may be the lord of one world. I look at that boy, abused power in lower world, did not know the immensity of heaven and earth. We as Senior Brother Senior Sister, just should teach him, making him know, Heavenly Court is not his lower world barbarian, can the Pok's private place!” “他当然不服气。下界天仙,可做一界之主。我看那小子,在下界作威作福惯了,不知天高地厚。咱们身为师兄师姐,正该教一教他,让他知道,天庭可不是他一个下界蛮子,能够威福自用的地方!” Asked a ticket!】 【求勒个票!】
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