IACHMND :: Volume #4

#310: Come, mutual injury!

Summoned the Primeval Devil Heavenly Lord projection to take possession, was a Ni Kun strongest card in hand. 召唤元魔天尊投影附体,乃是倪坤最强的一张底牌。 His collection simultaneous/uniform seven devil artifacts, Primeval Devil projection that summoned, has been able to display some Primeval Devil Heavenly Lord before death strengths. 他集齐了七魔器,召唤出的元魔投影,已经能够发挥出元魔天尊生前的部分力量。 Even so, Ni Kun has also never thought that directly by the Primeval Devil Heavenly Lord projection incarnation, is facing the war with Heavenly Lord Chen Long. 但即便如此,倪坤也从未想过,直接以元魔天尊投影化身,与辰龙天尊正面对战。 A Primeval Devil Heavenly Lord projection is extremely greedy. 一则元魔天尊投影太过贪婪。 The Ni Kun summon projection takes possession, when oneself incarnation Primeval Devil, must pay the flesh is the price, can maintain the projection to take possession the condition. Even without the fight, must consume a lot of flesh every single minute, to maintain this condition. 倪坤召唤投影附身,自己化身元魔时,需付出自身血肉为代价,才能维系投影附身状态。即使没有战斗,每分每秒都要消耗大量血肉,以维系这种状态。 Once enters the intense battle condition, perhaps many 1-2 minutes, he must press out the dry corpse thoroughly. 一旦进入激烈的战斗状态,恐怕最多一两分钟,他就要被彻底榨成干尸。 Another reason, then by Ni Kun present realm, is unable to control the Heavenly Lord level perfectly the great power. 另一个原因,则是以倪坤现在的境界,无法完美驾驭天尊级的强大力量。 Takes possession in the Primeval Devil Heavenly Lord projection, under the incarnation Primeval Devil condition, Ni Kun can have some Primeval Devil Heavenly Lord before death strengths. 元魔天尊投影附身,化身元魔的状态下,倪坤是能拥有元魔天尊生前的部分力量。 But this and other powerful strengths, can only be used for the oppressive vegetable/dish, impossible and true Heavenly Lord fights. 但这等强大的力量,只能用来虐菜,不可能和真正的天尊交手。 Because does not hit completely. 因为完全打不中。 This marksmanship common average person, attained a heavy monkey probably. No doubt one had the extremely strong lethality, may concerned about the marksmanship level, impossible with having the expert marksman of same equipment to the monkey. 这就好像一个枪法一般的普通人,拿到了一把重狙。固然一下拥有了极强的杀伤力,可碍于枪法水平,绝不可能与拥有同等装备的神枪手对狙。 For these two realistic reasons, Ni Kun has not gone out to fight with Heavenly Lord Chen Long rashly directly. 出于这两个现实原因,倪坤没有贸然出去跟辰龙天尊正面交手。 He adopted consumed slightly, the might was ordinary, but can guarantee that the hit the sound attacked the method. 他采取了消耗最小,威力一般,但能保证命中的音攻手段。 This method, in the Heavenly Lord Chen Long condition is complete, is almost impossible to have any effect. 这种手段,若在辰龙天尊状态完好之时,几乎不可能有任何效果。 Ni Kun is only the summon projection, takes possession the incarnation after all, after all can only display some Primeval Devil Heavenly Lord before death strengths, even if Primeval Devil Heavenly Lord before death strength, by far strong in Heavenly Lord Chen Long, the sound of trivial projection incarnation attacks magical ability, is absolutely impossible to vacillate the state of mind of living Heavenly Lord. 倪坤毕竟只是召唤投影、附体化身,毕竟只能发挥出元魔天尊生前的部分力量,哪怕元魔天尊生前的实力,远远强于辰龙天尊,区区投影化身的音攻神通,也绝无可能动摇一位活天尊的心境。 However Heavenly Lord Chen Long current condition...... 然而辰龙天尊目前的状态嘛…… His self-detonation itself assigns/life magical treasure, offers sacrifices a right arm, under backlashes, primeval spirit had caused heavy losses, the source was also damaged. 自爆本命法宝,又献祭一条右臂,反噬之下,元神已遭重创,本源亦受损伤。 By the Heavenly Lord Chen Long present condition, was unable to resist the Primeval Devil demon sound completely. 辰龙天尊现在的状态,已经无法完全抵御住元魔魔音。 devil sect cultivation technique, what were many are the bewitch the will of people method. 要知道,魔门功法,本就多的是迷心惑神的法门。 Like Heaven's Will Sect, Blissful Sect and Hunni Sect, have to provoke the desire, to provoke the mood, the chaotic person mind and being puzzled person spiritual wisdom big magical ability. Blood God Creed, Extreme Night Sect and Unrestrained Sect in this regard, although is not as good compared with first three, but same is good at poisoning people's minds extremely. 天心宗极乐门昏逆派,都有挑动欲望、撩拨情绪、乱人心神、惑人灵智的大神通血神教极夜宗逍遥派在这一方面,虽比前三宗稍逊,可一样极擅长蛊惑人心。 Even Asura Path that even/including Kuangzhan sends, has the energy of strong taunt provocation. 甚至连狂战一派的修罗道,都有着超强的嘲讽挑衅之能。 Even the disciples and followers in the misleading the public aspect, have the so powerful attainments, as founder Primeval Devil Heavenly Lord, deep of skill, naturally is above the imagination. 连徒子徒孙们在惑乱人心方面,都有如此强大的造诣,作为始祖元魔天尊,功力之深厚,自然超乎想象。 After Heavenly Lord Chen Long hears the Ni Kun singing sound, without the earliest possible time leaves this place, returns to Spirit Firmament Heaven therapy, but must resist with it, relies on succumbs the distracting thoughts, had been stirred up the mood by the Primeval Devil demon sound, falls into the battle condition of not knowing. 辰龙天尊听到倪坤的歌声之后,没有第一时间离开此地,返回灵霄天疗伤,而是要与之对抗,恃强慑伏杂念,就已经是被元魔魔音挑动了情绪,陷入了不自知的战斗状态。 But this, center under Ni Kun bosom. 而这,正中倪坤下怀。 He burns the flesh, stimulates to movement the strength of Primeval Devil Heavenly Lord, shouts harsh to sing loudly wildly, sings the songs of warm-blooded spirited, encouraging and inspired fighting spirit: 他燃烧血肉,催动元魔天尊之力,扯着破锣嗓子狂放高歌,唱出一支又一支热血激昂、鼓舞人心、振奋斗志的歌曲: Rocket gets up, the landscape north , the dragon flag curls horse Changsi sword energy like the frost, the heart Yellow River water is boundless, 20 years who can vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered anti-......” “狼烟起,江山北望,龙旗卷马长嘶剑气如霜,心似黄河水茫茫,二十年纵横间谁能相抗……” „...... On me the high mountains, direct the peace and tranquility world, treads thousand heavy seas of clouds, raises hand to meet with the day......” “……我上三山五岳,指点清平世界,踏千重云海,举手与天接……” „...... Makes day gather the energy for me, goes epoch-makingly, rushes for me ideally! Look, the ocean waves surge upward, looked that the blue sky broad noble spirit raises, since son, when strives to improve......” “……让海天为我聚能量,去开天辟地,为我理想去闯!看,碧波高涨,又看碧空广阔浩气扬,既是男儿当自强……” „...... Opens the mouth to call, called loudly, here was the national all soldier, always the robber must invade, finally must lose one's life......” “……开口叫吧,高声叫吧,这里是全国皆兵,历来强盗要侵入,最终必送命……” Is the wild spirited singing sound, not only the demon sound fills the ear? 狂放激昂的歌声,岂止是魔音灌耳? Is the demon sound fills the brain simply. 简直就是魔音灌脑。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long knows in the sea, magma that the distracting thoughts continuously, as if boil. Writes off one piece, has one piece. Suppresses one clump, lives one clump. In heart spirited war intent, not only had not been suppressed, instead even more surges upward. 辰龙天尊识海之中,杂念此起彼伏,仿佛沸腾的岩浆。抹杀一片,又起一片。镇压一丛,又生一丛。心中激昂的战意,不仅没有被镇压下去,反而愈发高涨。 The Heavenly Lord Chen Long face is red, the forehead blue vein sticks out suddenly, the body trembles slightly. That is not shivering that the grief or brings frightened, but is warm-blooded of soaring war intent and ebullition, created exciting shivering. 辰龙天尊脸庞通红,额头青筋暴起,身躯微微发抖。那不是伤痛或恐惧带来的颤抖,而是高昂的战意、沸腾的热血,造成的兴奋颤抖。 Finally, the innumerable distracting thoughts, in the Heavenly Lord Chen Long mind, form as if thousands of people to angrily roar together with one voice, heroic generous warm-blooded spirited roaring: Fights a happiness!” 终于,无数杂念,在辰龙天尊脑海之中,汇成一道仿佛千万人齐声怒吼,豪迈慷慨热血昂扬的咆哮:“战个痛快!” Bang! 轰! Heavenly Lord Chen Long opens eyes suddenly, in double pupil, golden light brilliant, just like Sun that two rounds burn. 辰龙天尊霍然睁眼,双瞳之中,金光灼灼,宛若两轮燃烧的太阳。 My solemn does Heavenly Lord, kill two juniors, what Xu makes a gate to wait for the so undignified matter? As Heavenly Lord, how can be so mean?” “我堂堂天尊,杀两个小辈,何需做出堵门坐等这般不体面的事情?身为天尊,怎能如此下作?” He stands up suddenly, near the ear that harsh throat under the battle song that roars cheers, in the mind that as if thousands of people in urging that roared with one voice fights, lifted the left hand, and referred to for the sword, a sword vertical stroke cut. 他猛然站起身来,在耳边那破锣嗓子吼出的战歌助威下,在脑海之中那仿佛千万人齐声咆哮的催战下,抬起左手,并指为剑,一剑竖斩。 Zheng! 铮! The blazing sword light should finger/refer , the anger cuts loudly above the palace front door, the palace front door that will shut tightly cuts shakes loudly, splits open together the fissure. 炽烈剑光应指而出,轰然怒斩在宫殿大门之上,将紧闭的宫殿大门斩得轰然一震,绽开一道浅浅的裂痕。 Do not look that only cuts the shallow mark in the gate, but this sword, if places the outside world, easily can cut two halves side high level great world. 别看只在门上斩出浅痕,可这一剑若是放在外界,轻易便可将一方上位大世界斩成两半。 A sword idle work, Heavenly Lord Chen Long has not stopped, his face is red, double pupil golden light suddenly/violently bursts open, body wild war intent, making all around space tremble, unexpectedly pure by aura, then shook the spider web fissure the space. 一剑无功,辰龙天尊并未停止,他脸庞赤红,双瞳金光暴绽,身上狂暴的战意,令四周空间都为之震颤,竟然纯以气息,便将空间震出蛛网般的裂痕。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long has disregarded all consequences, full power eruption. 辰龙天尊已然不计后果,全力爆发。 Normally, by his current body condition, such eruption, is hard to be lasting. Every time erupts one time, will make his injury weight point. The aggravated injury, immediately the feedback to his body on, making his aura drop. 正常情况下,以他目前的身体状态,这样的爆发,难以持久。每爆发一次,都会令他的伤势更重一分。加重的伤势,亦会立刻回馈到他身体上,令他气息跌落。 However at this moment, has the stimulation to fight intent and raising morale in Ni Kun that and even the stimulation potential, suppresses injury and other upfront buff under forcefully singing sound enforcement, Heavenly Lord Chen Long only thinks that own condition as good as explosion, when returned simply most flourishing. 然而此刻,在倪坤那有着激发战意、振奋士气,乃至激发潜能、强行压制伤势等正面buff的歌声加持之下,辰龙天尊只觉自己的状态好到爆炸,简直就是回到了全盛之时。 Does the injury aggravate? Does not exist! 伤势加重?不存在的! The Heavenly Lord Chen Long imposing manner surges upward successively, the left hand holds up high, condenses to cut the day of crack place sword glow, once again wields a sword to get angry cuts, cuts above the palace front door. 辰龙天尊气势节节高涨,左手高高举起,凝聚出斩天裂地的剑芒,又一次挥剑怒斩,砍在宫殿大门之上。 The fissure that this sword, center just now that sword cuts, the fissure on palace front door, cut deeply several points. 这一剑,正中方才那一剑斩出的裂痕,将宫殿大门上的裂痕,斩深了几分。 Ha haha......” “哈哈哈……” Heavenly Lord Chen Long is in high spirits, heroic atmosphere: This Heavenly Lord must have a look but actually, this scoring, can block this Heavenly Lord several swords!” 辰龙天尊神采飞扬,豪迈大气:“本天尊倒要看看,这道破门,能挡住本天尊几剑!” Zheng! 铮! sword glow soars to the heavens, cuts broken void, separates the vault of heaven, once again in Heavenly Lord Chen Long wields under the arm, cut above that fissure. 剑芒冲霄而起,斩破虚空,分开苍穹,又一次在辰龙天尊挥臂之下,斩在了那条裂痕之上。 The battle song that the harsh throat roars seems to be never-ending, the sound effect of blasting open reverberates in the Heavenly Lord Chen Long ear bank loudly, pours into the mind, long jab his primeval spirit. 破锣嗓子吼出的战歌仿佛永无休止,炸裂的音效在辰龙天尊耳畔轰然回荡,灌入脑海之中,直击他的元神 Being scarred primeval spirit, under the singing sound inspiration, as if also put behind the injury, regained the most flourishing condition, is squeezing the Heavenly Lord Chen Long potential recklessly, urged to send his strength, makes each sword that he cut at this time, imitated the finger citron to grasp a fist might of Sun previously that to be bigger. 伤痕累累的元神,在歌声鼓舞之下,似乎也忘却了伤势,恢复到了全盛状态,不顾一切地压榨着辰龙天尊的潜力,催发着他的战力,令他此时斩出的每一剑,都比先前那仿佛手握太阳的一拳威力更大。 Consumes and backlashes, was naturally bigger than a that full power fist previously. 消耗与反噬,自然也比先前那全力的一拳更大。 Zheng! Zheng! Zheng! 铮!铮!铮! Heavenly Lord Chen Long laughs heroically, fights the intent direct impact clouds, a sword another sword chops above the palace front door. 辰龙天尊豪迈大笑,战意直冲云霄,一剑又一剑劈在宫殿大门之上。 After 23 swords, the palace front door, has split a deep opening, as if the next quarter, will be divided to put on thoroughly. 二十三剑之后,宫殿大门,已裂开一条深深的裂口,仿佛下一刻,就会被彻底劈穿。 Does not need to break out the front door thoroughly, only need cut broken one to go nonstop to the small opening in palace, Heavenly Lord Chen Long can seek pretext to enter, escapes into the palace. 都不需要将大门彻底劈开,只需斩破一条直通殿内的小小裂口,辰龙天尊便可寻隙而入,遁入殿内。 However...... 不过…… From breaking out in the crack in a door worms one's way into? 从劈开的门缝里钻进去? Solemn Heavenly Lord, how can underhanded? 堂堂天尊,岂能如此下作? My Heavenly Lord Chen Long must kill that two juniors, naturally must this front door thorough bang broken, step over the threshold open and aboveboard, depending on bright heavenly prestige that don't can/but resists, sweeps all evil spirits. 辰龙天尊要杀那两个小辈,自然是要将这大门彻底轰破,堂堂正正地迈过门槛,挟莫可抵御的煌煌天威,扫荡一切魑魅魍魉。 So, just now is the Heavenly Lord achievement. 如此,方才算是天尊作为。 Ka! 咔! The 24 th sword cuts to fall. 第二十四剑斩落。 24 swords, cut to fall on the same position, on the palace front door that crevice, finally was cut thoroughly thoroughly by this sword, presented one thin such as to send the silk the penetration fissure. 前后二十四剑,斩落在同一个位置,宫殿大门上那条裂隙,终于被这一剑彻底斩透,出现了一条细如发丝的贯穿裂痕。 Although the fissure is thin, could not actually have resisted Heavenly Lord to pass through. 裂痕虽细,却已抵不住天尊穿越。 But the bold air-drying cloud and open and aboveboard Heavenly Lord Chen Long, look but not see, under the battle song inspiration , to continue to wield a sword to get angry cuts, is expanding that fissure unceasingly. 但豪气干云、堂堂正正的辰龙天尊,对此视而不见,在战歌鼓舞之下,继续挥剑怒斩,不断扩大着那道裂痕。 Also was more than 20 swords in the past. 又是二十余剑过去。 Thin such as sends the silk the fissure, has expanded to a finger/refers of width. 细如发丝的裂痕,已扩张到一指之宽。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long no longer uses the sword, the left hand makes a fist, rumbles toward a fissure fist. 辰龙天尊不再出剑,左手握拳,向着裂痕一拳轰出。 When the fist leaves, the golden light anger splits, the entire fist, resembled to turn into a small Sun, depending on infinite photo-thermal, rumbled ruthlessly above the fissure. 拳出之时,金光怒绽,整颗拳头,似化成了一颗小太阳,挟无穷光热,狠狠轰在裂痕之上。 Bang! 嘭! The entire main hall shakes fiercely, above the palace gate, the sawdust flutters about, that finger/refers of wide fissure, just like under this fist, turned into a hole of fist size. 整座大殿猛地一震,殿门之上,木屑纷飞,那一指宽的裂痕,俨然在这一拳之下,变成了一个拳头大小的窟窿。 The Heavenly Lord Chen Long face is red to resemble to drop to hemorrhage, in the eye the strong golden light has turned into the essence, above the top of the head to/clashes the steaming vapor, changes into everywhere fog, has the torrential downpour. 辰龙天尊面庞红得似要滴下血来,眼中浓烈的金光已然化成实质,头顶之上冲起腾腾蒸气,化为漫天云雾,降下瓢泼大雨。 Most ten fists, this gate must open wide for me again!” “最多再有十拳,此门就要为我敞开!” In the Heavenly Lord Chen Long standing and waiting for a long time torrential rain, laughs, heroic generous sound, already faintly somewhat hoarse. 辰龙天尊伫立豪雨之中,哈哈大笑,豪迈慷慨声音,已隐隐有些嘶哑。 Drink! 喝! Heavenly Lord Chen Long sinks to drink one, makes a fist again, the golden light anger splits just like the heavy blows of Sun, once again the numerous bang arrive above the palace, expands two times the hole of that fist size. 辰龙天尊沉喝一声,再次握拳,金光怒绽宛若太阳的重拳,又一次重重轰到宫殿之上,将那拳头大小的窟窿扩大两倍。 Small insects, Heavenly Lord Chen Long must come! Prepared to suffer to death?” “小虫子们,辰龙天尊就要来了!准备好受死了么?” He is laughing, makes a fist, chain blows. 他大笑着,握拳,连击。 Bang bang bang...... nine explosives, the hole on palace front door, has expanded to one after another enough allows him to stride bravely forward, in enters directly. 嘭嘭嘭……接连九声爆响,宫殿大门上的窟窿,已经扩大到足够容他昂首阔步,径直入内。 But he is unsatisfied. 但他还是不满意。 He must strike down this front door thoroughly, stepped over the threshold with the stance of most hall bright upright. 他要彻底击倒这座大门,以最堂煌正大的姿态迈过门槛。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long deeply inspires. 辰龙天尊深深吸了一口气。 On the scarlet face, drips slowly the next drop of bean big beads of sweat. 赤红的面庞上,缓缓淌下一滴豆大的汗珠。 The beads of sweat are bright red, twinkle blue and purple ray. 汗珠鲜红,闪烁青紫光芒。 He really blushed unexpectedly the drop blood. 他居然真的脸红到滴血了。 When the beads of sweat drop, Heavenly Lord Chen Long makes a fist, steps, a fist long jab. 汗珠滴落之时,辰龙天尊握拳,踏步,一拳直击。 Bang! 嘭! The palace front door of creakying, under his fist, explodes finally thoroughly, the remaining less than half door, drops loudly in the place, splashes everywhere mist and dust. 摇摇欲坠的宫殿大门,终于在他这一拳之下,彻底爆裂开来,残余的小半门扉,轰然跌落在地,溅起漫天烟尘。 The front free from obstacle, Heavenly Lord Chen Long can be open and aboveboard again finally, stepped over the palace threshold, steps into the palace. 前方再无阻碍,辰龙天尊终于可以堂堂正正,迈过宫殿门槛,踏入殿堂之内。 However, in he lifts the foot walks out, that warm-blooded spirited battle song stops suddenly. 然而,就在他抬脚跨过门槛之时,那热血激昂的战歌戛然而止。 The battle song stops, Heavenly Lord Chen Long blazing war intent, screened out the fires of high-piled firewood of all firewoods probably, the raging flame then cannot continue in an instant, the firewood completely extinguishes hot. 战歌一停,辰龙天尊炽烈的战意,像是被抽走了所有柴薪的火堆,熊熊烈火转眼之间便无以为继,薪尽火熄。 That huge dropping variance, even made Heavenly Lord Chen Long footsteps, in the mind, had instantly the blank. 那巨大的落差,甚至令辰龙天尊脚步一顿,脑海之中,产生了刹那空白。 When his footsteps, mind, is sending out the strength of wild Yuan magnetism, compresses the fist of distortion the surroundings space, goes toward his surface gate bang ruthlessly. 就在他脚步一顿,脑海一空之时,一只散发着狂暴元磁之力,将周围空间都压缩扭曲的拳头,朝着他的面门狠狠轰去。 Asked a ticket!】 【求勒个票!】
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