IJWTPGQ :: Volume #5

#471: Opens the door together

„Do you look at me to do?” Lucas feels somewhat strangely. “你看我干什么?”鲁卡斯感觉有些奇怪。 I look at the trend that you had issued recently, you and Zhou Wen’s relate very well right?” Henry said. “我看过你最近发布的动态,你和周文的关系很不错对吧?”亨利说道。 What's the big deal?” Lucas knits the brows slightly. “那又怎么样?”鲁卡斯微微皱眉。 „Very simple, this thing you first take.” Henry gives Henry a jar. “很简单,这个东西你先拿着。”亨利把一个瓶子递给亨利 Lucas received the jar from the Henry hand time, the feeling finger is a little itchy, lifts the hand to look, sees only on the finger to have a red point, probably was nipped one by what insect. 鲁卡斯亨利手中接过瓶子的时候,却感觉手指头有点痒,抬起手一看,只见手指上有一个红色的点,像是被什么虫子咬了一下似的。 Lucas has not cared, takes the jar to ask: What thing is this?” 鲁卡斯也没在意,拿着瓶子问道:“这是什么东西?” Inside installs is the water, so long as you pour into jar inside water the water that Zhou Wen drinks, making him drink to be OK.” Henry said: Then I can help you open the palace front door free of charge.” “里面装的就是水,你只要把瓶子里面的水倒进周文喝的水里面,让他喝下去就可以了。”亨利说道:“然后我就可以无偿帮助你们打开宫殿大门。” Is impossible, I will not help you do these dirty matters.” Lucas places on the jar the table layer on layer/heavily, turns the head to say to Edgar: Sir Edgar, does not need them to help, I had looked for Zhou Wen they and I go to the palace together, I ensure can open the front door of palace.” “不可能,我不会帮你们做那些龌龊的事。”鲁卡斯把瓶子重重放在桌子上,转头对厄加尔说道:“厄加尔大人,不需要他们帮忙,我已经找了周文他们和我一起去宫殿,我保证能够打开宫殿的大门。” Edgar somewhat hesitates, Lucas continues saying: Sir, please believe my Lucas, I can certainly open the palace front door , helping you catch that thief.” 厄加尔有些犹豫,鲁卡斯继续说道:“大人,请相信我鲁卡斯,我一定能够打开宫殿大门,助您抓到那个盗贼。” Edgar looked at Lucas, looked at Henry, finally said to Henry: Your excellency , if willing to help, my these commitments were previously effective.” 厄加尔看了看鲁卡斯,又看了看亨利,最后向亨利说道:“阁下如果愿意帮忙的话,先前我的那些承诺都是有效的。” Henry sits on the sofa, without replying Edgar, takes up Lucas to place that bottle of water on table, looked that said to Lucas: I think, you can comply right?” 亨利坐在沙发上,没有回答厄加尔,拿起鲁卡斯放在桌子上的那瓶水,看向鲁卡斯说道:“我想,你会答应的对吧?” Naturally, what person great Lucas won't you regard?” The Lucas anger said. “当然不会,你把伟大的鲁卡斯当成什么人了?”鲁卡斯怒道。 Right?” Henry looks at Lucas, the look actually changes is getting more and more strange, in his eye has anything to rock probably, the pupil changes unusual is strange, seems like in a bulb is stranded a mosquito or what insect and so on thing. “是吗?”亨利看着鲁卡斯,眼神却变的越来越古怪,他的眼中好像有什么东西在晃动,瞳孔变的非常奇怪,就好像是一个玻璃球中困着一只蚊子又或者什么虫子之类的东西。 „!” Lucas feels in the body immediately, some probably innumerable insects are gnawing to nip his bone, pallidness that the sore his complexion all of a sudden changes, sweat beads braved from the forehead on. “啊!”鲁卡斯顿时感觉身体内,像是有无数虫子在啃咬他的骨头似的,疼的他脸色一下子变的煞白,一颗颗汗珠子自额头上冒了出来。 Despicable............ the fellow...... you...... you to I made anything sorely......” Lucas almost faints, is staring the Henry anger sound said. “卑鄙……的……家伙……你……你对我做了什么……”鲁卡斯疼的几乎晕厥过去,瞪着亨利怒声道。 Henry, do you dare to begin to my person in my place unexpectedly?” Edgar complexion also ice-cold, stares at Henry to say. 亨利,你竟然敢在我的地方对我的人动手?”厄加尔的脸色也冰冷了下来,盯着亨利说道。 Henry is actually the indifferent expression, places in front of the jar Lucas, said lightly: According to does, otherwise you who I said that will not die, however such pain has continued till you died, if not believe that you can find the person to give a try, can relieve your pain.” 亨利却是无所谓的表情,把瓶子放在鲁卡斯面前,淡淡地说道:“按照我说的去做,否则你不会死去,但是这样的痛苦会一直持续到你死为止,如果不信的话,你可以去找人试试看,能不能解除你的痛苦。” Then, Henry sets out to salute to say to Edgar slightly: Respectable Mr. Edgar, believes that was quick I to be able at your service, anticipated next meeting.” 说罢,亨利就起身对厄加尔微微行礼道:“尊敬的厄加尔先生,相信很快我就可以为您服务了,期待下次的见面。” If I am you, relieves Lucas pain immediately.” Edgar waves, immediately several Epic Rank expert encircle. “如果我是你的话,就会立刻解除鲁卡斯身上的痛苦。”厄加尔挥了挥手,立刻就有好几个史诗级强者围了过来。 Mr. Edgar, I hopes that you can consider clearly, Zhou Wen is our Capet family enemy, can you also with our Capet family for the enemy?” Henry said that leaves on the stride, does not pay attention to these Epic Rank expert. 厄加尔先生,我希望你能够考虑清楚,周文是我们卡佩家的敌人,你也要与我们卡佩家为敌吗?”亨利说完就大步离开的,也不理会那些史诗级强者 Edgar clenches teeth, has not ordered to begin to Henry eventually. 厄加尔咬了咬牙,终究没有下令对亨利动手。 Lucas, Capet family big of influence you are know that they are the Western Region uncrowned kings, we do not have the ability now and they contend, after you......” Henry leave, Edgar somewhat said to Lucas reluctantly, the vision looked to that small bottle water. 鲁卡斯,卡佩家的势力之大你是知道的,他们是西区的无冕之王,我们现在还没有能力和他们抗衡,你……”亨利离开之后,厄加尔有些无奈地对鲁卡斯说道,目光看向了那一小瓶水。 Lucas wipes the cold sweat on forehead, put out a hand to grip that small jar. 鲁卡斯抹去额头上的冷汗,伸手握住了那个小瓶子。 Zhou Wen and An Sheng in hotel and other Lucas news, in a while, Lucas on hurrying back of hurriedly. 周文安生在酒店等鲁卡斯的消息,没过多久,鲁卡斯就风风火火的赶了回来。 Lucas, matter discussed how?” Zhou Wen asked. 鲁卡斯,事情谈的怎么样了?”周文问道。 My this keeps hurrying back, really died of thirst I, when I drank water said again.” Lucas was saying sat on oneself on the sofa of living room, the selfish taking up teapot pours water, after drank up, gave back to itself to add fully, gave back to Zhou Wen and An Sheng various but actually one cup. “我这一路不停地赶回来,真是渴死我了,等我喝口水再说。”鲁卡斯说着就自己坐在了客厅的沙发上,自顾自的拿起茶壶倒了杯水,一口喝干之后,还给自己添满,还给周文安生各倒了一杯。 „The matter of Hades Hall general qualifications, I have not discussed.” Lucas carries the teacup to say. 冥王殿通行资格的事,我没有谈成。”鲁卡斯端着茶杯说道。 „Are the general qualifications of Hades Hall so precious? The bystanders looked that isn't good?” Saying of Zhou Wen somewhat surprised. 冥王殿的通行资格有那么宝贵吗?外人连去看一眼都不行吗?”周文有些意外的说道。 Although the general qualifications of Hades Hall have not discussed that but I had reached an agreement with Sir Edgar, specially permits you to leave Gods Peninsula ahead of time, you tidy up, a while goes the airport with me.” Lucas said. “虽然冥王殿的通行资格没有谈成,不过我已经和厄加尔大人谈好了,特许你们可以提前离开众神半岛,你们收拾一下,等会儿就跟我去机场吧。”鲁卡斯说道。 That was really thanks you Lucas, but we also wanted to keep here a period of time, temporarily had not planned must leave.” Zhou Wen drinks water to say. “那真是太感谢你了鲁卡斯,不过我们还想要留在这里一段时间,暂时没有打算要离开。”周文喝了一口水说道。 Sees Zhou Wen to drink water, Lucas breathes a sigh of relief to say slightly: Since you do not plan to walk, then can consider again, opens the front door of palace with me, these monetary rewards of before saying entirely turned over to you, my anything did not want, you considered to help me.” 周文喝了水,鲁卡斯微微舒了一口气说道:“既然你们不打算要走,那么可不可以再考虑考虑,和我一起去打开宫殿的大门,之前说的那些赏金全部归你们,我什么都不要,你们就当是帮我的忙吧。” Good, deferred to previously said that the companion egg equal division, the pass turned over to us.” Zhou Wen nods, since cannot earn the general qualifications of Hades Hall, can accept with several Hades Hall the passes of companion egg and other temples. “好吧,就按照先前说的,伴生卵平分,通行证归我们。”周文点点头,既然拿不到冥王殿的通行资格,拿几个冥王殿伴生卵和其它神殿的通行证也能接受。 Naturally, Zhou Wen main goal, hopes that Edgar these people can find thief, otherwise they do not have the opportunity to fish in troubled waters. 当然,周文最主要的目的,还是希望厄加尔那些人能够找到盗贼,否则他们也没有机会浑水摸鱼。 Haha, I know, the Lucas friend, is enough the person of friend.” Lucas fills the arm of muscle to hug the Zhou Wen’s neck with his, said with a smile loudly. “哈哈,我就知道,鲁卡斯的朋友,都是够朋友的人。”鲁卡斯用他那充满肌肉的手臂搂着周文的脖子,大声笑道。 Lucas soon brings Zhou Wen and An Sheng went to Cursed Demon Palace together, there had been blocked by the Edgar person, without his order, anybody can not pass in and out. 鲁卡斯很快就带着周文安生一起前往了诅咒魔宫,那里已经被厄加尔的人封锁了,没有他的命令,任何人不得进出。 Lucas naturally is an exception, after showing the document, took into Cursed Demon Palace Zhou Wen and An Sheng together. 鲁卡斯自然是一个例外,出示了证件之后,就把周文安生一起带进了诅咒魔宫 Because has many people to crash in Cursed Demon Palace to seek for that thief trail before, therefore these statue creature(s) of front first stage road, had been almost cleaned up cleanly. 因为之前已经有很多人冲进诅咒魔宫寻找那盗贼的踪迹,所以前面一段路的那些石像生物,差不多已经被清理干净了。 Zhou Wen their three people, arrive soon are close to the place of palace front door, has not met dimensional creature. 周文他们三个人,一路走到快要接近宫殿大门的地方,都没有遇上次元生物 Front was the palace front door, this putting on, even if otherwise saw the young girl eye in gate, will still be petrified.” Lucas puts out the third mate eye-shade, two gave Zhou Wen and An Sheng, oneself wore one. “前面就是宫殿大门了,把这个戴上,否则就算无意间看到门上的少女眼睛,也会被石化的。”鲁卡斯拿出三副眼罩,两副给了周文安生,自己戴了一副。 Zhou Wen and An Sheng put on the eye-shade, this continues to proceed together. 周文安生把眼罩戴上,这才一起继续往前走。 Zhou Wen has the Listening Truth's ability, even if no vision still to have no issue, An Sheng is also similar, putting on the eye-shade with has not as if worn is the same, quite flexible. 周文谛听的能力,就算没有视觉也没什么问题,安生也差不多,戴上眼罩似乎和没戴一样,相当的灵活。 Only then after Lucas puts on the eye-shade, as if changes somewhat clumsy, walks changes somewhat slow. 只有鲁卡斯戴上眼罩之后,似乎变的有些笨拙,走路都变的有些迟钝。 Zhou Wen did not urge him, slowly before arriving at the palace front door, thought of tried to find out on the front door several, both hands pressed the eyes that the young girl looked like simultaneously. 周文也不催促他,慢慢走到了宫殿大门前,装着在大门上摸索了几下,双手同时按了少女像的双眼。 The palace front door slides automatically to the two sides, the palace front door opens wide immediately. 宫殿大门自动向两边滑开,宫殿大门顿时洞开。 Opened, can take off the eye-shade.” Zhou Wen said. “打开了,可以摘下眼罩了。”周文说道。 Lucas took off the eye-shade, really discovered that stone door did not have, immediately is overjoyed, the backhand puts out cellphone, stands before the front door and Zhou Wen they take a group photo, and on passed to online. 鲁卡斯摘下了眼罩,果然发现石门没了,顿时大喜过望,反手拿出手机,就站在大门前和周文他们合了张影,并且上传到了网上。 Great Lucas and his friends, opened the mysterious terrifying palace front door together.” “伟大的鲁卡斯和他的朋友们,一起打开了神秘恐怖的宫殿大门。”
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