IJWTPGQ :: Volume #16

#1540: Chaos First Order domain

Became!” Zhou Wen looks at Chaos Egg outside body, although seems like Chaos Egg that Chaos Egg, but is completely in fact different. “成了!”周文看着身外的混沌卵,虽然看起来混沌卵还是那个混沌卵,但是实际上已经完全不一样了。 Beforehand Chaos Egg, that is Chaos Egg, but present Chaos Egg, is Zhou Wen’s disaster domain. 以前的混沌卵,那就是混沌卵,而现在的混沌卵,已经是周文的天灾领域 Those but who make Zhou Wen slightly somewhat depressed is, this disaster domain also was too rather small a point, just like beforehand Chaos Egg, can only hold him. 可是让周文微微有些郁闷的是,这个天灾领域未免也太小了一点,和以前的混沌卵一样,还是只能容纳他一个人。 Puts out cellphone, read a material, discovered that Chaos First Order really achieved Disaster Rank. 拿出手机,看了一眼资料,发现混沌第一秩序果然达到了天灾级 disaster domain: Chaos First Order. 天灾领域:混沌第一秩序 These character Zhou Wen recognize, is Zhou Wen is not clear, this and primordial qi art similar name the ability of Chaos First Order disaster domain is anything. 这些字周文都认得,可是周文不明白,这个与元气诀同样名字的混沌第一秩序天灾领域的能力到底是什么。 That gives a try.” Zhou Wen opened Beidou dungeon, entered the Dubhe Star palace. “那就试试看吧。”周文开启了北斗副本,进入了天枢星的宫殿。 Chaos First Order this domain is also interesting, it is equal to Chaos Egg, uses its time, summoned Chaos Egg. 混沌第一秩序这个领域也是有意思,它等于是混沌卵,使用它的时候,也就是把混沌卵召唤了出来。 With Fear Rank time looks at also no difference, Chaos Egg wrapped his body, could not see that Chaos Egg was constituted by the writing. 恐惧级的时候看着也没啥差别,还是一个混沌卵包裹住了他的身体,根本看不出那个混沌卵是由文字构成的。 If nothing else, should the defensive power many?” Zhou Wen summoned Golden Flood Dragon Scissors and Tiger Soul General together, making them hit the front door of dubhe palace. “别的不说,防御力应该会强了不少吧?”周文金蛟剪虎魄将一起召唤了出来,让它们把天枢宫的大门撞开。 After Golden Flood Dragon Scissors charges into that amethyst armor creature(s), terrifying purple light explosion appeared. 金蛟剪冲向那紫晶盔甲生物之后,恐怖的紫色光爆就出现了。 Chaos Egg was under the impact of light explosion, immediately many solidified primordial qi crystal appear, as before, piled up with Chaos Egg fast. 混沌卵受到了光爆的冲击,立刻就有很多固态元气结晶出现,像以前一样,快速的堆满了混沌卵内部。 „Before this, also no difference!” In Zhou Wen heart depressed, now only hopes that Chaos Egg was more tenacious than before, was not supported to explode like before quickly. “这和以前也没啥区别啊!”周文心中郁闷,现在只希望混沌卵比以前坚韧一些,不像以前那么快就被撑爆。 Quick, Zhou Wen is certain, Chaos Egg after obtaining the strengthening of disaster domain, was truly more tenacious than before were too many, inside solidified crystal crowded was soon compressed, Chaos Egg has not exploded. 很快,周文就可以肯定,混沌卵在得到了天灾领域的强化之后,确实比以前坚韧太多了,里面的固态结晶挤的都快要被压缩了,混沌卵还是没有爆掉。 Chaos Egg does not explode, Zhou Wen own body actually somewhat could not support, his body was pushed in solidified crystal, was soon collapsed. 混沌卵不爆,周文自己的身体却有些撑不住了,他的身体被挤在固态结晶里面,快要被挤扁了。 Before Zhou Wen has not thought that this issue, suddenly finds now, light Chaos Egg changed tenacious useless, his body could not shoulder to extrude like this, solidified primordial qi crystal continued to increase again, he was not crushed to death while still alive good. 之前周文没有想到这个问题,现在突然发现,光混沌卵变的坚韧没用啊,他的身体扛不住这样挤压的,固态元气结晶再继续增多,他非被活活挤死不行。 „Am I perhaps this world's first by the person who primordial qi crystal crushes to death? Others are weeping and wailing, want to get so far as high-level primordial qi crystal unable to attain, because I actually primordial qi crystal are too many are crushed to death, this also pulled......, if can like the real world, changed into the shopping bill of exchange to be good primordial qi crystal, an exchange volume can be equivalent to hundreds and thousands of primordial qi crystal...... to be a pity that primordial qi crystal was not money, was not the bill of exchange, cannot superimpose.” Zhou Wen is just thinking time, suddenly sees in Chaos Egg light big release, there is a character to shine in Chaos Egg. “我恐怕是这个世界上第一个被元气结晶挤死的人吧?人家都是哭着喊着,想要弄到一点高级元气结晶都拿不到,我却因为元气结晶太多被挤死,这也太扯了……要是能像现实世界一样,把元气结晶换成购物兑换券就好了,一张兑换卷就可以相当于成百上千的元气结晶……可惜元气结晶不是钱,也不是兑换券,不能叠加。”周文正想着的时候,突然看到混沌卵光明大放,有一个字在混沌卵内亮了起来。 That is one one character, after a character shines, Zhou Wen discovered that in all crystal, presented a character unexpectedly. 那是一个“一”字,当一字亮起来之后,周文发现所有的结晶内,竟然都出现了一字。 Has the gate! One has two, two have three, Could it be that......” the Zhou Wen intention moves, immediately saw only in Chaos Egg also to have several writing to shine. “有门!有一就有二,有二就有三,难道说……”周文心念一动,顿时只见混沌卵内又有几个文字亮了起来。 First, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, hundred, thousand and ten thousand...... the writing that is representing the digit shone. 一、二、三、四、五、六、七、八、九、十、百、千、万……一个个代表着数字的文字亮了起来。 Time that each number shines, primordial qi crystal in Chaos Egg will have some changes. 每一个数字亮起来的时候,混沌卵内的元气结晶就会发生一些变化。 The digit in primordial qi crystal turns into two times, primordial qi crystal in Chaos Egg was short of half suddenly, vacated many spaces all of a sudden. 元气结晶内的数字变成二的时候,混沌卵内的元气结晶突然间少了一半,一下子空出了许多空间。 Turns into three times, was short of many primordial qi crystal, the digit in primordial qi crystal is bigger, the crystal quantity are also smaller. 变成三的时候,又少了很多元气结晶,元气结晶内的数字越大,结晶的数量也就越少。 I go, really can superimpose the digit like money!” Zhou Wen was immediately excited, takes up the internal writing to turn into thousand crystal together, immediately felt primordial qi that in that crystal contains, looks like the energy same terrifying of nuclear reactor simply, primordial qi that clearly, this crystal contains, likely really has 1000 crystal so many. “我去,真的可以像钱一样叠加数字啊!”周文顿时就激动了,拿起一块内部文字已经变成千的结晶,顿时感觉到那结晶内所蕴含的元气,简直就像是核反应堆的能量一样恐怖,很明显,这一块结晶所蕴含的元气,很可能真的有一千块结晶那么多。 In such situation, I do not need to worry that Chaos Egg will be risen dropped, can superimpose in any case, even 100 million primordial qi crystal, can still superimpose to become one.” Zhou Wen only felt all value. “这样的情况下,那我岂不是不用担心混沌卵会被涨爆了,反正可以一直叠加,就算有一亿块元气结晶,也可以叠加成为一块。”周文只感觉一切都值了。 But quick Zhou Wen discovered, his idea was too happy, the digit in Chaos Egg, only till ten thousand, hundred million such writing have not appeared. 可是很快周文就发现,他的想法还是太美好了,混沌卵内的数字,只到万为止,并没有亿这样的文字出现。 These primordial qi crystal, superimpose till finally ten thousand. 那些元气结晶,最终也只是叠加到万为止。 Zhou Wen attempts to activate other writing, finally also has no use, besides the writing of these representative numbers present Zhou Wen sees, other writing cannot be activated. 周文尝试着想要激活其它的文字,结果也没有什么用处,除了现在周文看到的这些代表数字的文字之外,其它的文字都不能被激活。 However this, is very even big regarding the Zhou Wen’s help, 10,000 primordial qi crystal superimpose the same place, the space that but saves, has helped Zhou Wen be busy, being insufficient makes him be crushed to death by primordial qi crystal. 不过就算是这样,对于周文的帮助已经很大了,一万块元气结晶叠加成一块,只是省下来的空间,就已经帮了周文大忙,不至于让他被元气结晶挤死。 Then, Zhou Wen discovered oneself rely on the Chaos Egg strength, can shoulder the injury of light explosion unexpectedly with ease. 如此一来,周文发现自己借助混沌卵的力量,竟然可以轻松扛住光爆的伤害了。 Zhou Wen in Chaos Egg, sizes up outside situation, can see, is dazzling purple light, other anything cannot see, can only induce, Golden Flood Dragon Scissors inside and amethyst armor creature(s) war. 周文混沌卵内,打量外面的情况,所能看到的,还是一片炫目紫光,其它什么都看不见,只能感应到,金蛟剪正在里面和紫晶盔甲生物大战。 Occasionally can see that the one after another golden light flashes through in the purple light, that should be the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors brilliance. 偶尔可以看到一道道金光在紫光中闪过,那应该是金蛟剪的光辉。 But nearby Tiger Soul General, aura is getting more and more powerful, had been the Disaster Rank degree unexpectedly faintly, moreover during grows stronger unceasingly. 而一旁的虎魄将,身上的气息越来越强大,竟然已经隐隐达到了天灾级的程度,而且还在不断地变强当中。 This time should be able to know how many Tiger Soul General limit was?” In Zhou Wen heart secretly thought. “这一次应该能够知道虎魄将的极限是多少了吧?”周文心中暗道。 Crossed some little time, Zhou Wen discovered the place that Tiger Soul General is , can actually see one group of purple brilliance, that purple and light explosion purple is somewhat different. 过了好一会儿,周文发现虎魄将所在的地方,竟然能够看到一团紫色的光焰了,那种紫色和光爆的紫色有些不一样。 As that group of brilliance are getting stronger and stronger, has been able to see that is the Tiger Soul General outline. 随着那团光焰越来越强,已经能够看出那是虎魄将的轮廓了。 Such strength, should be stronger than the light explosion strength, seeing that therefore that brilliance can look , is Tiger Soul General so really strong? Is only Fear Rank, can withstand the Disaster Rank strength? Moreover is not general Disaster Rank.” The Zhou Wen intention moves, issued the order to Tiger Soul General, making it help attack amethyst armor together toward the thing. “这样的力量,应该已经比光爆的力量更强了吧,所以那光焰才能够看的见,虎魄将真的这么强?才只是恐惧级啊,就能够承受天灾级的力量?而且还不是一般的天灾级。”周文心念一动,对虎魄将下达了命令,让它帮忙一起攻击紫晶盔甲往物。 Tiger Soul General rushes without hesitation, because inside fight fluctuation of energy is too intense, even if there is a strength of ear attentively, cannot hear the special details. 虎魄将毫不犹豫就冲了上去,可是因为里面的战斗能量波动太强烈,就算是有谛耳的力量,也听不到具体情况。 Bang! 嘭! After a loud sound, Zhou Wen induces, the body of Tiger Soul General flew upside down, fell ruthlessly on the ground, delimiting to be very far, hits to stop on anything. 一声巨响之后,周文就感应到,虎魄将的身体倒飞了出来,狠狠摔在了地上,划出了很远,撞在了什么东西上面才停了下来。 But the next second, Tiger Soul General gets up, flushed again. 可是下一秒,虎魄将又重新起来,再次冲了进去。 Time and time again, Tiger Soul General falls each time, quick to/clashes, but Zhou Wen obviously can feel, Tiger Soul General imposing manner is getting stronger and stronger. 一次又一次,虎魄将每次摔出来,很快就又冲进去,而周文明显可以感觉到,虎魄将身上的气势越来越强。 Tiger Soul General was also rare and beautiful flowers, obviously was only Fear Rank, even disaster domain did not have, can actually depend upon the combinations of various skills, can contend with...... Zhou Wen to feel with powerful disaster creature by oneself forcefully oneself needed to take seriously the skill the issue, if possible, should many study useful skills. 虎魄将也算是一个奇葩了,明明只是一个恐惧级,连天灾领域都没有,却能够依靠各种技能的组合,硬生生让自己能够与强大的天灾生物抗衡……”周文觉得自己有必要重视一下技能的问题了,有机会的话,应该多学一些有用的技能。
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