IJWTPGQ :: Volume #14

#1358: Disasters of war

The situation to badness that not having Zhou Wen imagines, because Luoyang fortification and emergency capability are very strong, moreover currently also has the omen of disaster, the genuine disaster has not arrived, therefore loses is not big. 情况到没有周文想象的那么坏,因为洛阳本身的防御工事和应急能力就很强,而且现在也只是有了天灾的前兆,真正的天灾还未降临,所以损失并不大。 Some ordinary citizens are injured, the casualty also still in the number in the units place, this also benefitted from the rapid reaction of Setting Sun Army. 只是有些普通市民受了伤,死亡人数也还在个位数之内,这也得益于落日军的快速反应。 The disaster omen that this time presents, does not come from Dragon's Gate Grotto, but is Yang City issue. 这次出现的天灾前兆,并非是来自于龙门石窟,而是洛阳城本身的问题。 Recently that side the ancient city ruins, can see that frequently had Ancient Soldier to appear, starting also to think that was some dimensional field breaking restriction comes out. 最近古城遗址那边,经常可以看到有古代士兵出现,开始还以为是某个次元领域破禁出来的。 Afterward discovered, these Ancient Soldier, underground crawled from ancient city, drilled the ground like the spirit, the quantity were also getting more and more, this discovery was not right. 后来才发现,那些古代士兵,都是从古城地下爬出来的,一个个如同幽灵般钻出地面,数量也越来越多,这才发现不对劲。 After An Sheng and Qin Wufu and the others the investigations, the determination should be the Disaster Rank creature(s) come into the world omen. 经过安生秦武夫等人的调查,确定应该是天灾级生物出世的前兆。 However until now, they have not judged, come into the world what disaster creature is, does not know that which dimensional field it is. 但是直到现在,他们也没有判断出来,出世的到底是什么样的天灾生物,也不知道它是哪个次元领域的。 Luoyang is known as 13 generations of ancient capitals, underground ancient city ruins is pressing one, no one knows under buried many soldiers and many ruler generals. 洛阳号称十三代古都,地下的古城遗址一座压着一座,谁也不知道下面到底埋葬了多少的士兵和多少帝皇将军。 Ghost Soldier that appears from these, the weapons clothing that their bodies wear has the difference respectively, came from what age has, is very difficult to judge, who was initiated Ghost Soldier come into the world. 从那些出现的幽灵士兵来看,他们身上穿的兵甲服饰各有不同,来自于什么年代的都有,很难判断,到底是谁引发了幽灵士兵出世 According to truth, these rulers and generals of ancient times, even again how powerful, is still only the Human World strength, even mythical is not, is more impossible to become the disaster. 按道理来说,古代的那些帝皇和将军,就算再怎么强大,也只是人间的力量,连神话都算不上,更不可能成为天灾。 But all signs of present showed, has Disaster Rank creature(s) of relations with Ancient Soldier soon come into the world. 可是现在的一切迹象都表明,有一个与古代士兵有关系的天灾级生物即将出世 An Sheng they checked a lot of historic information, who also without finding out possibility come into the world Disaster Rank is. 安生他们查了很多历史资料,也没有查出有可能出世天灾级是谁。 The Ghost Soldier rank of because presenting is not very high-level, some spirit generals are also only Epic Rank, occasionally will present a Mythical Rank great general, Setting Sun Army can also control the situation at present, but over time, under the influence of Disaster Rank creature(s), the rank of these Ghost Soldier and general will be getting higher and higher, until Disaster Rank come into the world, forms the terrifying disasters of war, when the time comes Luoyang feared was is very difficult to defend. 因为出现的幽灵士兵等级还没有很高级,一些幽灵将军也只是史诗级,偶尔才会出现一个神话级的大将,落日军目前还能够控制住局势,但是随着时间的流逝,在天灾级生物的影响下,那些幽灵士兵和将军的等级会越来越高,直到天灾级出世,形成恐怖的兵灾,到时候洛阳怕是就很难守得住了。 Zhou Wen does not have the confidence to defeat Disaster Rank, but thinks that side also Tiantian (sweet), Zhou Wen thought this matter also has to be possible. 周文也没有信心能够战胜天灾级,不过想到身边还有一个甜甜,周文觉得此事还有可为。 Even God stands side me, I do not believe that do not handle only disaster.” Zhou Wen has not continued to stroll again blindly, bringing Tiantian (sweet) to directly soar Luoyang to go, now he can ignore so many. “连上帝都站在我身边,我就不信,搞不定区区一个天灾。”周文没有再继续瞎逛,带着甜甜直奔洛阳而去,现在他也顾不得那么多了。 Tiantian (sweet) to has followed Zhou Wen, wants to discover the Zhou Wen’s flaw, discovers the truth of candy box, will therefore not naturally give up. 甜甜到是一直跟着周文,想要发现周文的破绽,找出糖果盒的真相,所以自然也不会放弃。 Zhou Wen has not returned to Luoyang, when was only Luoyang nearby region, saw one team wore armor clothes, took the soldier of lance to loaf in the forest. 周文还没有回到洛阳,只是了洛阳附近的区域时,就看到了一队穿着甲衣,拿着长矛的士兵在森林中游荡。 These soldier clothes armor are tattered, the body seems like the zombie to be common, ugly, moreover many rotten places. 那些士兵身上的衣甲都是破破烂烂的,身体看起来像是僵尸一般,丑陋而且还有很多腐烂的地方。 They like that are not but stiff like the zombie, not only the action is free, but also is flexible. 可是他们又不像僵尸那般僵硬,不但行动自如,而且还非常灵活。 These soldiers see Zhou Wen, immediately to/clashes, a Zhou Wen palm of the hand flies high to pull out, immediately torn to pieces that several soldiers pulled out, the flesh fell place. 那些士兵看到周文,立刻冲了上来,周文一巴掌凌空抽过去,顿时把几个士兵都抽的支离破碎,血肉掉了一地。 But broke half of bodies, is only left over Ancient Soldier of upper part, crawls with both hands unexpectedly is firing into Zhou Wen, looks very strange. 可是其中一个断了一半身体,只剩下上半身的古代士兵,竟然还用双手爬着冲向周文,看起来非常诡异。 Zhou Wen is a palm pulls out, body explosion that Ancient Soldier hits, is kills him. 周文又是一掌抽过去,把那古代士兵打的身体爆炸,才算是把他杀死。 Here from the Luoyang urban district also dozens li (0.5 km), even here presented the soldier, it seems like that the disaster omen was getting more and more serious.” Zhou Wen continues to look that hurries to the Luoyang urban district. “这里距离洛阳市区还有几十里呢,连这里都出现了士兵,看来天灾前兆越来越严重了。”周文继续看向洛阳市区赶去。 Ancient Soldier that sees all the way are getting more and more, to afterward, because the quantity are too many, for a short time cannot kill, Zhou Wen does not go to manage them simply, teleport, hurries to toward the urban district directly continuously. 一路上看到的古代士兵越来越多,到了后来,因为数量太多,一时半会儿也杀不完,周文索性不去管他们,直接连续瞬移,向着市区赶去。 The present Luoyang nearby region, turned into the ancient battlefield general probably, was these resembles Ancient Soldier of person ghost everywhere, more approaches the urban district, Ancient Soldier were also more. 现在的洛阳附近区域,像是变成了古战场一般,到处都是那些似人似鬼的古代士兵,越是靠近市区,古代士兵也就越多。 Zhou Wen saw from afar, Setting Sun Army is depending upon the fortification, is battling with these soldiers, the shot is lingering on faintly. 周文远远就看到,落日军依靠着防御工事,正在与那些士兵激战,枪炮声不绝于耳。 The bullet of primordial gold manufacture, shoots the bodies of these Ancient Soldier unceasingly, but Ancient Soldier actually still crazy to/clashes, hit continuously sent the bullet, can them knock down. 元金制造的子弹,不断射进那些古代士兵的身体,可是古代士兵却依然疯狂的冲过来,连续打了很多发子弹,才能够把他们打倒在地。 Even if the head were hit to explode, headless Ancient Soldier, will still flush crazily. 就算头颅被打爆,无头的古代士兵,依然还是会疯狂的冲过来。 Can kill their best ways, punctures their hearts, so long as the heart were hit to explode, these Ancient Soldier will fall down no longer gets up. 能够杀死他们的最好办法,就是打穿他们的心脏,只要心脏被打爆,那些古代士兵就会倒在地上不再起来。 Center the Ancient Soldier traveling speed is not but slow, wants the heart, is not an easy matter. 可是古代士兵的移动速度都不慢,想要正中心脏,并不是一件容易的事。 The bullet howls, the shell often explodes, has companion pet respectively under master's direction, crashes in the battlefield and Ancient Soldier rips to kill, although has not had the situation of human soldier casualties, but already quite frigid. 子弹呼啸,炮弹不时爆炸,还有各有伴生宠在主人的指挥下,冲进战场和古代士兵们撕杀,虽然还没有出现人类士兵伤亡的情况,但是已经相当惨烈。 Often has companion pet injured to drop down, or was summoned by their masters. 不时有伴生宠受伤倒下,又或者是被它们的主人召唤回去。 Tiantian (sweet) follows Zhou Wen, sees such scene, cannot help but frowns, as if ten points is uncomfortable. 甜甜跟着周文,看到这样的场面,不由得皱起了眉头,似乎十分的不舒服。 A'Sheng, discovers Disaster Rank come into the world the place of root?” Zhou Wen returned to Military Governor's Residence, An Sheng already in the entrance he, therefore asked directly. 阿生,有没有找出天灾级出世的根源之地?”周文回到了督军府,安生已经在大门口等他,于是就直接问道。 An Sheng shakes the head: Which because cannot find out this come into the world Disaster Rank creature(s) is, which dimensional field therefore is very difficult to judge him from. Now only knows, definitely is Underground City some dimensional field, after I and Vice Supervisor Qin and the others studied, thinks that four Underground City dimensional field most have the suspicion, has sent the detectives to check in the past, hopes that can have the good news.” 安生摇摇头:“因为没有能够查出这次出世天灾级生物是哪一个,所以很难判断出他到底是从哪一个次元领域中出来的。现在只知道,肯定是地下城的某个次元领域,我和秦副督统等人研究过后,认为有四个地下城次元领域最有嫌疑,已经派侦查人员过去查了,希望能有好消息。” Two people walked while said, Zhou Wen knows certainly, can strangle Disaster Rank creature(s) in the cradle is best, did not let its come into the world, the created harm naturally was smallest. 两个人一边走一边说,周文当然知道,能够把天灾级生物扼杀于摇篮之中是最好的,不让它出世,造成的危害自然就是最小的。 Which dimensional field however now even/including in do not know, this plan is not obviously credible, Setting Sun Army has in fact completed preparation that deals with the disaster. 但是现在连人家在哪个次元领域都不知道,这个计划显然不怎么靠谱,落日军实际上已经做好了应对天灾的准备。 The only fear, is that disaster creature is too long in the time that Earth stays, if could not insist that it must leave Earth, then Luoyang ended. 唯一害怕的,就是那个天灾生物在地球停留的时间太久,如果坚持不到它必须离开地球,那么洛阳就完了。 Even some people had suggested, must evacuate Luoyang temporarily. 甚至已经有人建议,要暂时撤离洛阳 However Setting Sun Army and Zhou Wen they want to evacuate the easy, common ordinary citizen, wants to evacuate is not an easy matter. 但是落日军周文他们这些人想要撤离容易,一般的普通市民,想要撤离并不是一件容易的事。 Did not say them unable to leave, but is these strength average ordinary citizens, lost the asylum of city, can go on living outside? 不是说他们走不掉,而是那些实力平平的普通市民,失去了城市的庇护,要怎么才能够在外面活下去? Now outside everywhere is breaking restriction creature, generally the resident has no means of livelihood, but the army is impossible to protect so many residents to evacuate safely. 现在外面到处都是破禁生物,一般市民根本没什么活路,而军队也不可能保护那么多的市民安全撤离。 Matter very troublesome, because of this time disaster, we have to assign the manpower, the Military Governor's Residence protection capability was worse, these wanted the fellow who asked the young master you to help before, now is not law-abiding, in Military Governor's Residence is not peaceful.” Look cold scary of An Sheng. “还有一件事很麻烦,因为这次的天灾,我们不得不把人手都分配了出去,督军府的防卫能力差了很多,之前那些想要请少爷您帮忙的家伙,现在非常又不安分了起来,督军府内又不太平了。”安生的眼神冷的吓人。
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