IJWTPGQ :: Volume #13

#1213: Red-light Street

Red-light Street? Looks for the woman?” The Zhou Wen look looks at the young boy strangely, then scanned entire Holy City using Listening Truth, quick checked Red-light Street to be. 烟花巷?找女人?”周文神色古怪地看着小男孩,然后利用谛听扫描了整个圣城,很快就查到了烟花巷所在。 However clarifies Red-light Street in later, the Zhou Wen’s look actually changes was stranger. 不过弄清楚烟花巷所在之后,周文的神色却变的更加古怪了。 He thinks that place is only the name is easy to misunderstand, should be a normal place, the young boy must look for his family member friend and so on. 原本他以为,那地方只是名字容易让人误会,应该是一个正常的地方,小男孩要去找他的亲人朋友之类的。 Now but Zhou Wen actually discovers, Red-light Street also is really Red-light Street, inside debauchery, coming and going is some strange men, remaining all was some strange women. 可是现在周文却发现,烟花巷还真是烟花巷,里面灯红酒绿,来来往往都是一些奇怪的男人,剩下就全是一些奇怪的女人了。 Where your won't Red-light Street know? I listened to flatter to say where the Holy City men knew Red-light Street.” The young boy knits the brows to say. “你不会连烟花巷在哪里都不知道吧?我听阿全说,圣城的男人都知道烟花巷在哪里。”小男孩皱眉道。 Knows, whom but do you go to that place to look for?” Zhou Wen asked. “知道,不过你去那种地方要找谁呢?”周文问道。 This is my matter, you guided by all means were good, led me to the place, mythical liquid was your.” The young boy is not willing to say with a stranger obviously too. “这是我的事,你只管带路就行了,把我带到地方,神话液就是你的了。”小男孩显然不愿意和一个陌生人说太多。 Good.” Zhou Wen is not good to ask again, is thinking has a look with him together, looked that he must do. “好吧。”周文也不好再问,就想着跟他一起去看看,看他到底要干什么。 „Do you name? I must know how should call you?” Zhou Wen asked the young boy. “你叫什么名字?我总要知道该怎么称呼你吧?”周文问小男孩。 Hui Wan.” Young boy hesitant, was in the report own name. 惠玩。”小男孩犹豫了一下,还是报上了自己的名字。 Will play? Is this your name?” The Zhou Wen look looks at the young boy strangely. “会玩?这是你的名字?”周文神色古怪地看着小男孩。 Now walks, I do not have the too much time, after two hours, I must go back to practice the piano, then also has the violin, guzheng and urheen......” young boy to lift the wrist/skill, looked at the watch to say. “现在就走吧,我没有太多时间,两个小时后,我必须要回去练钢琴,接下来还有小提琴、古筝、二胡……”小男孩抬起手腕,看了看表说道。 „Do you study these to do?” Zhou Wen was more curious, now this time, heard that has to compel the child to practice origin qi art, had not heard has to make the child practice so many instrument. “你学那些干什么?”周文更加好奇了,现在这个时代,听说有逼着孩子练元气诀的,没听说过有让孩子练这么多乐器的。 Your so many why? You did not walk me to walk.” Hui Wan was saying has taken a step toward alley entrance walks. “你怎么那么多为什么?你不走我自己走了。”惠玩说着就已经迈步向巷子口走去。 This walks.” Zhou Wen walks while said: Red-light Street is very long, do you have the address that must go to specifically?” “这就走。”周文边走边说道:“烟花巷很长的,你有没有具体要去的地址?” Hui Wan shakes the head: No.” 惠玩摇了摇头:“没有。” You know the woman who you must look for does name?” Zhou Wen also asked. “那你知道你要找的女人叫什么名字吗?”周文又问道。 I only know that others called her A'Cai.” Hui Wan thinks to say. “我只知道别人都叫她阿彩。”惠玩想了想说道。 Having the name was easier to do, can inquire to the place, what you did look for that A'Cai to make?” Zhou Wen continues to probe. “有名字就好办多了,到地方可以打听,你找那个阿彩做什么?”周文继续试探。 But this Hui Wan has not replied him, is only selfish walking. 可是这一次惠玩没有回答他,只是自顾自的走路。 Sees Hui Wan not to manage him, Zhou Wen also no longer asked that has known in any case he must look for A'Cai, does not make him have an accident with him and that's the end. 惠玩不想理他,周文也就不再问了,反正已经知道他是要去找阿彩,跟着他不让他出事就是了。 Here is the Holy City central area, but Red-light Street in the quite remote place, said there is the slum area is not overrated. 这里是圣城的中心区域,而烟花巷则在比较偏僻的地方,说那里是贫民区也不为过。 For the time-saving, Zhou Wen summoned mount companion pet of not eye, bringing Hui Wan to pass together. 为了节省时间,周文召唤出了一只不怎么起眼的坐骑伴生宠,带着惠玩一起过去。 Who knows that Hui Wan actually does not sit Zhou Wen’s companion pet, put out a blanket from own backpack, on that blanket actually did not know with what method, the seal companion pet. 谁知道惠玩却不坐周文的伴生宠,从自己背包里面拿出了一张毯子,那毯子上面竟然不知道用什么方法,封印了一只伴生宠 Although companion pet does not belong to Hui Wan, is on several keys through blanket, can control the blanket to fly unexpectedly, a Hui Wan 5~6 child, can actually easily control. 虽然伴生宠不是属于惠玩的,可是通过毯子上面的几个按键,竟然就可以控制毯子飞起来,惠玩一个五六小孩子,竟然就能够轻易驾驭。 What thing is this?” A Zhou Wen face looks at the Hui Wan flying blanket curiously. “这是什么东西?”周文一脸好奇地看着惠玩的飞毯。 This is the pet flying blanket that our family/home just studied, now does not have the mass production, in the market not to sell, the words that you want, at least need to wait for three months later, but will also only have some trial products at that time, will not sell massively.” Hui Wan answered. “这是我们家刚刚研究出的宠物飞毯,现在还没有批量生产,市面上也没有出售,你想要的话,至少要等三个月后,不过那时候也只会有一些试用品,不会大规模发售。”惠玩解释道。 Hui family will also really do the matter, this gadget a little meaning.” Zhou Wen is sizing up the flying blanket, looked at a while, on the general idea knows how to achieve. 惠家还真会搞事,这玩意儿有点意思啊。”周文打量着飞毯,看了一会儿,就大概知道是怎么做到的了。 Although method being is difficult, person but who can achieve this means that without doubt is a talent. 虽然方法算不上难,可是能够做到这种办法的人,无疑是一个天才。 Quick, two people arrived at Red-light Street, their big one is small two people to combine, additional that Zhang Fei tan, directs the person eyeball again very much. 很快,两个人就到了烟花巷,他们这一大一小两人组合,再加那张飞毯,很是引人眼球。 The girl who stands in the shop entrance much, the vision is gazing at them, bold girl, but also wants to draw them. 不少站在店门口的女郎,目光都在注视他们,大胆一些的女郎,还想要过来拉他们。 Hui Wan is not shy, does not seem like the 5~6 year big or small child completely. 惠玩一点也不害羞,完全不像是五六岁大小的孩子。 little friend, you are quite lovable, plays to be good to elder sister's shop in?” A girl draws Hui Wan. “小朋友,你好可爱,到姐姐的店里玩好不好?”一个女郎过来拉惠玩 Elder sister hello/you good, I looks for A'Cai, where do you know her?” Hui Wan asked. “姐姐你好,我找阿彩,你知道她在哪里吗?”惠玩问道。 Put out a hand to pinch the girl of Hui Wan cheeks, actually the complexion big change, received an electric shock suddenly generally, received the hand, turns around to walk, in the mouth is also saying in a low voice: Does not know that...... does not know......” 原本伸手想要捏惠玩脸颊的女郎,却突然脸色大变,触电了一般,把手收了回去,转身就走,嘴里面还低声说着:“不知道……不知道……” Elder sister, where do you know A'Cai?” Hui Wan sits the flying blanket, asking one by one in the past. “姐姐,你知道阿彩在哪里吗?”惠玩坐着飞毯,一家挨一家的问过去。 Person who as long as was asked by him, regardless of the men and women, seemed like by the viper is nipped generally, turned around to walk, some shops held and opened a book the strobe to pull down directly, seeming them was the god of plague is the same. 可是但凡被他问到的人,无论男女,一个个都像是被蛇蝎咬了一般,转身就走,有些店直接把卷闸门都拉了下来,好似他们是瘟神一样。 Interesting!” Zhou Wen only wants to guarantee that Hui Wan can go back safely, but actually discovers now, this matter imagines compared with him wants interesting many. “有意思!”周文原本只想确保惠玩能够安全回去,可是现在却发现,这件事比他想象中要有趣的多。 These girls, are the guests in urging somebody to drink room, so long as were asked the A'Cai name by Hui Wan, wishes one could to run away immediately. 无论是那些女郎,还是进酒屋的客人,只要被惠玩问到阿彩的名字,一个个都恨不能立刻逃走似的。 A name of person, will really have such big charm, now Zhou Wen to that A'Cai some interests. 一个人的名字,竟然会有这么大的魔力,现在连周文都对那个阿彩有些兴趣了。 Their two walk, lonely that lively Red-light Street, suddenly changes, these liquor rooms and ballrooms almost soon closed/pass. 他们两个一路走过去,原本热闹的烟花巷,突然变的冷冷清清,那些酒屋和舞厅都差不多快要关完了。 Reason that said that soon closed/pass, that was because also had a liquor room related not. 之所以说快要关完了,那是因为还有一家酒屋没有关。 The signboard of that liquor room is also shining, gate not related, Zhou Wen sees in that signboard to write non- liquor room. 那家酒屋的招牌还亮着,门也没有关,周文见那招牌上写“不酒屋”。 Hui Wan after all is a child, although feels somewhat strangely, actually only wanted to find that A'Cai wholeheartedly. 惠玩毕竟还是一个孩子,虽然觉得有些奇怪,却还是一心只想要找到那个阿彩 Sees the non- liquor room also to open, therefore he decided that must go to ask, looked where inside person does know A'Cai. 见不酒屋还开着,于是他就决定要进去问一问,看里面的人知不知道阿彩在哪里。 But Hui Wan has not passed through the gate, the person lifted the window curtains to come out. 可是惠玩还没有进门,就有一个人掀开窗帘出来了。 That is a middle-aged man, ugly and ferocious-looking of face, looks somewhat aggressive. 那是一个中年男人,一脸的横肉,看起来有几分凶悍。 Goes back, person who here you do not find.” The middle-aged man said. “回去吧,这里没有你们要找的人。”中年男人说道。 Where do you know A'Cai?” Although Hui Wan is small, is is very intelligent, listens to the words of middle-aged man to have the issue all of a sudden. “你知道阿彩在哪里?”惠玩虽然小,可是却很聪明,一下子就听出中年男人的话里面有问题。 Now walks also, feared again late was without enough time.” The middle-aged man has not paid attention to Hui Wan, looks at Zhou Wen to say. “现在走还来的及,再晚怕是就来不及了。”中年男人没有理会惠玩,看着周文说道。 He thinks that Zhou Wen is in the Hui Wan family/home sends to protect the Hui Wan person, but actually made a mistake. 他以为周文惠玩家里派来保护惠玩的人,可是却搞错了。 Feared already without enough time.” Zhou Wen speech time turns the head to look, sees only the two sides of long street, has lots of people to take the weapon to come, watertight that long street both stop up. “怕是已经来不及了。”周文说话的时候转头看去,只见长街的两边,都有大量的人拿着兵器过来,把长街两头都堵的水泄不通。 Their a few words did not say, completely encircles toward Zhou Wen and Hui Wan, seems like wants dead of suffocation them here. 他们一句话都不说,全部向着周文惠玩这边围过来,看起来是想要把他们堵死在这里。 Comes.” The middle-aged man knits the brows slightly, moving sideways lets open the door, said to Zhou Wen and Hui Wan. “进来。”中年男人微微皱眉,闪身让开了门,对着周文惠玩说道。
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