IHEP :: Volume #21

#2015: Major school team (First Part) of differing from the past

Only can collect these people?” “只能凑出这些人吗?” Except for Blue Spirit Academy, various graduate schools also published the school team list in the two days, is only this year these people, and everyone the situation of cognition was not quite in the past same. 除了蓝灵学院,各大学院也都在这两天出了校队名单,只是今年这些人,和大家往常认知的情况不太一样。 Starry Sky Academy, propagandizes the strongest crown prince as the outside world, took the position of team leader naturally, but in the team the lists of others, make her slightly somewhat discontented. 星空学院,作为外界宣传最强的皇储,理所应当的拿下了队长的位置,但队伍里其他人的名单,却让她稍微有些不满。 First is the older generation powerhouse, almost does not remain! 首先是老一辈强者,几乎一个不剩! Although said that all previous crown prince year, the powerhouse of older generation will allow to pass through, but is not this at present, does not remain 虽然说历代皇储年,老一辈的强者都会让路,但绝不会是眼前这样,一个都不剩了 Usually will just take over the crown princes of team to leave behind several, although the crown prince the talent different reported that but the first time is led to battle after all, surely needs some experienced experts to make the assistance. 通常都会给刚接手队伍的皇储留下几个,皇储虽然天赋异禀,但毕竟是第一次带队作战,肯定是需要有些经验丰富的老手做辅助的。 However after previous Chinese hemlock forest accident/surprise, the Starry Sky Academy school team is living few, but a few coming back mostly unconscious, only then that named Cabbage is luckier, although is seriously injured, but recuperates for two years later resumed the action, other, by the present are the stupors. 然而上一次铁杉林意外后,星空学院校队活着回来的就没有几个,而少数回来的大多神志不清,只有那个叫小白菜的幸运一些,虽然受了重伤,但调养两年后就恢复了行动,其余的,到现在都是昏迷当中。 This point Tyrande does not care actually, she did not think the so-called experienced expert can bring anything to facilitate to oneself, in front of the absolute strength, these so-called experiences in her opinion are the jokes. 这一点泰兰德倒是不怎么在意,她一直不觉得所谓经验丰富的老手能给自己带来什么便利,绝对实力面前,那些所谓的经验在她看来就是笑话。 Moreover not only their starry sky corps are this situation, several established schools are this situation, that Chinese hemlock forest acts, the top first-class corps loss may be big, particularly raises Reyes School, once shining extremely temporary unlucky star brothers had/left the accident/surprise, made the group of this/Ben estimate team make into the unpopular team them directly. 而且不光他们星空战队是这种情况,几个老牌学院都是这种情况,那次铁杉林行动,顶尖一流的战队损失可都不小,尤其是提瑞斯法森学院,曾经耀极一时的妖星兄弟出了意外,直接让本次预估队伍的团体将他们打成了冷门队伍。 This year generally does not favor Tirifason, originally the crown prince year traditional strong team receives the pressure, but Tirifason Night Demon revolting, causes to be excluded beyond this friendship, in addition the beforehand dark horse trump card and team leader fall from the sky because of the accident, many people estimated that this year perhaps enters first ten difficultly. 今年普遍都不看好提瑞法森,本来皇储年传统强队就受压力,而提瑞法森自家夜魔叛变,导致被剔除此次联谊之外,加上之前的黑马王牌和队长都因事故陨落,很多人估计今年恐怕进前十都难。 Many teams are ready to fight, want to kick in the valley this pressure in their head dead spirit school! 很多队伍都摩拳擦掌,想要将这个压在他们头上的亡灵学院一把踢入谷底! In comparison, the Starry Sky Academy situation good is too many 与之相比,星空学院的情况好了太多 But present list, makes Tyrande quite unsatisfied. 但眼前的名单,还是让泰兰德极为不满意。 In the list, besides her, the big imperial princes, three sovereign females, the old nine and other elite imperial family juniors, the provided ordinary team member is actually not these people who they once favored. 名单里,除了她、大皇子、三皇女、老九等好几个精英皇室子弟外,配备的普通队员却并不是他们自己曾看好的那些人。 The result of mostly after instead is among the families the benefit exchanges, obtains, compared with so times Magic Beast Tamer candidate, the original candidate should be Queen of night family's Elle of emperor Nourse and maternal home who she assigns. 大多反而是家族之间利益交换后得出的结果,就比如此次魔兽师的人选,本来的人选应该是她指定的月神家族的帝诺斯和自家母家的艾莉亚。 Finally the Elle name was squeezed out outside the team, instead forced in for Magic Beast Tamer of Queen of night: Cabbage 结果艾莉亚的名字被挤出了队伍外,反而被塞进了同为月神家的魔兽师:小白菜 Family two Magic Beast Tamer appear in the team, in the past will not have this situation, but this time is not quite same, backgrounds after two person are completely two systems, emperor Nourse behind is some head of the clan and elder assembly senior statesmen of Queen of night, but Cabbage behind Nilan is the Queen of night guardian is also old, but she was pushed aside by the head of the clan, does not arrive at the resources at the Queen of night foundation of the family duty, the Nilan back is the Magic Beast Tamer association! 一个家族两个魔兽师出现在队伍,以往是不会出现这种情况的,但这次不太一样,两人身后的背景完全是两个体系,帝诺斯身后是月神家的族长和长老会部分元老,而小白菜身后的倪兰虽然也是月神家长老,但她被族长排挤,在月神家基本分不到资源,倪兰的背后是魔兽师公会! It is said this Magic Beast Tamer association presidents favor her very much, some trains her to make the plan of next successor, these is the daughter who acting strength cauldron Nilan just recognized personally time, under all balance, puts on the list Cabbage finally! 据说这一任魔兽师公会会长很看好她,有培养她做下一任接班人的打算,这一次更是亲自出面力鼎倪兰刚认的干女儿,各方权衡下,最终将小白菜提上名单! This type does not pass through the approach of Tyrande agreement completely, making her very discontented, incessantly Cabbage, in team many positions, after is the family respective interest exchanges the result, has not deferred to her will to come completely. 这种完全不经过泰兰德同意的做法,让她很是不满,不止小白菜,队伍里很多位置,都是家族各自利益互换后的结果,并没有完全按照她的意志来。 Obviously, oneself did not have the high-rank, various respected families first demonstrated a wave of their background and power to oneself, even if a crown prince, is impossible to want anything is anything 显然,自己还没上位,各大家族就先给自己展示了一波他们的底蕴和权力,哪怕是皇储,也不可能想要什么就是什么 Tyrande sneered in secret, remembered this, immediately is reading the lists of other teams. 泰兰德暗中冷笑,记下了这一笔,随即翻看着其它队伍的名单。 This time, many established strong teams changed the team member, for example the present was infiltrated the unpopular Tirifason, the leading team leader has not listened to the person, called what Wang Xiaojia 这次,很多老牌强队都换了队员,比如如今被打入冷门的提瑞法森,带队队长就是一个没听过的人,叫什么王小佳 Windwalk Academy leads is also ten grade new students, called Li Jiayi, Windwalk Academy was the unpopular team that the present is not favored, finally passed through the previous accident, was continually only expert Dayton that can look at passes also to fall into the stupor, is completely one crowd of rookie teams. 风行学院带队的也是一个十年级新生,叫李佳怡,原本风行学院就是如今最不被看好的冷门队伍,结果经过上次意外事件,连唯一一个能看得过去的老手达顿也陷入昏迷,完全就是一群新人队伍。 Naturally, in the rookie is not not possible to present the dark horse, but this year is the crown prince year, where can the dark horse to go black? Cannot with Windwalk Academy that any crown prince team forms an alliance, now almost got slid the first ten labels. 当然,新人里不是不可能出现黑马,不过今年是皇储年,黑马能黑到哪里去?没能和任何皇储队伍结盟的风行学院,如今几乎被打上了滑出前十的标签。 Tyrande shakes the head, in the past Windwalk Academy was their Starry Sky Academy forms an alliance, two schools had to have good cooperation friendship, in the ancient times period, the relations of Windwalker and Starry Sky Fairy was also very good. 泰兰德摇了摇头,往年风行学院都是和他们星空学院结盟的,两校有有着很好的合作情谊,在远古时期,风行者星空精灵的关系也很好。 But this difference, oneself as all previous strongest crown prince, although has not disputed with other crown princes, actually already the forcing people in the momentum, after particularly last ancient times water Monarch oneself awakened, momentum to the extreme! 但这一次不一样,自己作为历代最强的皇储,虽还未和其它皇储较量,却已经在声势上力压众人,尤其是上次远古水君被自己唤醒后,声势更是到了极点! In this case, Starry Sky Academy can only take first, must take first, therefore does not permit any situation of holding back. 这种情况下,星空学院只能拿第一,必须拿第一,所以不允许任何拖后腿的情况。 The Windwalk Academy present situation naturally is holds back, Starry Sky Academy at her request, eventually relieves the union with Windwalk Academy, chose had the vitality starry sky Mech school! 风行学院如今的情况自然是拖后腿的,星空学院在她要求下,最终和风行学院解除同盟,选择了更加有朝气的星空机甲学院! The starry sky Mech school is the Southern Star Territory present first school, as new school that in the middle period of Deity rises, this school the background is primarily mind Grandmaster specialized Blue Spirit Academy deeply similarly stubbornly suppresses, is a very reliable partner, can make up for insufficiency of Starry Sky Academy to a great extent on machinery. 星空机甲学院是南星域如今的第一学院,作为一个天神中期才崛起的新学院,这个学校却将底蕴深厚同样以心灵大师为主专业的蓝灵学院死死的压住,是一个非常可靠的伙伴,能很大程度弥补星空学院在机械上的不足。 Therefore Windwalk Academy was then brutally abandoned, although hits a person when he is down some is not atypical in the Windwalk Academy critical moment, but oneself are also good for Starry Sky Academy, after all, oneself most were close to the ancient times sovereign as the media mouth , cannot unable to have in a wee bit opportunities in this friendship turning over absolutely, can only make up for Windwalk Academy in the future 于是风行学院便被无情抛弃了,虽然在风行学院的紧要关头落井下石有些不地道,但自己也是为了星空学院好,毕竟,自己作为媒体口中最接近远古的皇,是绝对不能在这联谊里翻车的一丁点机会都不能有,只能日后在弥补风行学院 But out of the curiosity, she watched a Windwalk Academy following arrangement, after the principal goes to Bronze Academy and red lotus school to request respectively the alliance is unsuccessful, this school unexpectedly and Blue Spirit Academy sticks together. 但出于好奇心,她还是观看了一下风行学院后面的安排,在校长分别前往青铜学院、红莲学院请求联盟未果后,这个学院居然和蓝灵学院抱团在一起。 This makes her quite funny, university sticking together of two day abundant Shanxi, but also is really one pair teams up 这让她颇为好笑,两个日博山西的高校抱团,还真是一对好搭档呢 Must say that this year is most likely to fall first ten, perhaps except for Windwalk Academy, was on Blue Spirit Academy ranked the ninth, what was more laughable, this did Blue Spirit Academy in the so critical moment, select an rookie to be the team leader unexpectedly? 要说今年最有可能跌出前十的,除了风行学院,恐怕就属上一届排名第九的蓝灵学院了,更可笑的是,这个蓝灵学院在如此紧要关头,居然选用了一个新人做队长? Although in the rookie also possibly presents the dark horse like unlucky star, but this year, unlucky star existence, perhaps including, when the dragon embroidered costume is insufficient, what Blue Spirit Academy must do needs an experienced expert, stabilizes the aspect, rather than places hopes in what dark horse. 虽然新人里也可能出现像妖星那样的黑马,不过今年,妖星这种存在,恐怕连当龙套都不够,蓝灵学院要做的是需要一个经验丰富的老手,稳住局面,而不是寄希望于什么黑马。 Tyrande shakes the head, no longer watches these two information of schools, after all is deliberately bad this appearance, what but also there is worth paying attention? 泰兰德摇了摇头,不再观看这两个学院的信息,毕竟都自暴自弃成这番模样,还有什么值得关注的? In the team, on an established powerhouse, had/left the accident/surprise in the previous Chinese hemlock forest, is living few, originally 队伍里,上一届的老牌强者,在上次铁杉林出了意外,活着回来的没有几个,原本
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