IHEP :: Volume #21

#2010: Dance party (First Part)

Small after Lei Xue walked that night, Xin Ya in the villa held a grand dance party black. 小黑和雷雪走后的当天晚上,馨雅就在别墅里举办了一个盛大的舞会。 The small black villa geographical position is very good, because is the second city's first group of players, when was very early to show the outstanding ability, city lord Abe to boss around slightly black, deliberately left very good position to her. 小黑别墅地理位置很好,因为是第二城市第一批玩家,又在很早的时候展现出了优秀的才能,城主安倍为了笼络小黑,刻意给她留了很好的位置。 In urban center, is a little away from the administrative center and business street, both peaceful and convenient, can have one set of ultra-large villa in this golden grade, is the players in present many second city envies, juniors who the especially those respected family was born. 地处城市中心,又离行政中心和商业街有点距离,既安静又方便,能在这个黄金段位拥有一套超大别墅,是现在很多第二城市的玩家羡慕的,尤其是那些大家族出生的子弟。 At night the player of Xin Ya invitation are responding to a call many, but uniform is 34 levels of players, the appearance fashions are fine, the makings are noble, leaves the rise just like the star sea world the emerging aristocrat. 夜晚应召馨雅邀请的玩家很多,但清一色都是三四级的玩家,一个个打扮时尚精美,气质高贵,宛若星海世界离崛起的新兴贵族。 But knows the player who these fellow details actually does not catch cold to this so-called circle. 但知道这些家伙底细的玩家却对这个所谓的圈子并不感冒。 This circle becomes the fashion representative in the second city now, will frequently also represent the second city to hold the large-scale fashionable convention. 这个圈子如今在第二城市成为了时尚代表,经常还会代表第二城市举办大型的时尚会展。 The second city atmosphere is leisurely and carefree, is completely different from other city involution atmosphere, causing here artistic atmosphere to be very thick, under Abe desirably guidance, part of players who could not eat the promotion exercise suffering but actually a little natural talent chose the artistic route, music, drawing, stone carving and costume design, even is still trying the manufacture to be the film and television entertainment of star sea now. 第二城市气氛悠闲,和其它城市内卷的氛围完全不同,导致这里艺术氛围很浓,在安倍刻意引导下,一部分吃不了升级锻炼苦头但却有点天资的玩家选择了艺术路线,音乐、绘画、石雕、服装设计,甚至现在还在试着制作属于星海的影视娱乐。 In other cities also when developed toward science and technology, industry and other aspects, the second city actually took the lead to develop the cultural industry. 在其它城市都还在朝着科技、实业等方面发展的时候,第二城市却率先发展了文化产业。 Regarding this point, the sound of support is very loud, because the arid environment leaves, indeed needs some things, alleviates wearily, the people but who have prospects want to promote, nowadays has the player of being able to endure hardship to be willing to take this road, everyone is glad to see him succeed. 对于这一点,外界支持的声音很大,因为枯燥的环境离,的确需要这么一些东西,来缓解疲劳,但有出息的人都想升级,现今有吃不得苦的玩家愿意走这条路,大家是乐见其成的。 But is glad to see him succeed does not represent to think highly, was different from once the hounded entertainment world, nowadays this world, as we all know, the rank is the qualification that to let the person respected, other was the dependency, because feared that gave up painstakingly pursue that became the high-grade life, and was similar because of the person who fearing the learn/study discontinued studies in everyone opinion initially. 但乐见其成不代表看得起,和曾经被人追捧的娱乐圈不一样,现今这个世界,大家都知道,等级才是让人尊重的本钱,其它一切都是附庸,因为怕苦放弃了成为高等级生命的追求,在所有人看来和当初因为怕学习而辍学的人差不多。 But is so, this group of people will more dress up themselves attractively, shows the arrogant attitude, shows us to have the attitude of own road. 但越是如此,这群人越是会光鲜打扮自己,表现出高傲态度,展现出一副我们有自己的路的态度。 Xin Ya these years gave up continue exercise, were plan to enter this circle 馨雅这些年放弃了继续锻炼,就是打算进这个圈子 High-level Fairy that at this time outside the dance party, slightly leaves behind black is being Xin Ya looks after the conference site, the entrance huge earth spirits is also receiving the invitation, the huge earth spirit is small black in the element essence that the emerald star territory found, spending nine levels of earth that three years of time trained spirit, the similar present could be the second city peak earth spirit. 此时舞会外面,小黑留下的高级精灵都在为馨雅照顾着会场,门口则还有一个巨大的土灵在收请柬,巨大的土灵是小黑在翡翠星域找到的元素精华,花了三年功夫才培养起来的九级土灵,差不多现在算得上第二城市最顶尖的土灵了。 Now is actually used to receive the admission ticket, has saying that light/only this compels the standard, makes people think on big, the family juniors who although attend the dance party looked secretly does not have the Xin Ya family background, actually has to sigh with emotion the scale of banquet is in the second city rare 如今却被用来收门票,不得不说光这逼格,就让人觉得高大上,尽管很多来参加舞会的家族子弟暗地里看不太起馨雅的出身,却不得不感慨宴会的规模是第二城市里都难得的 Also therefore Xin Ya enjoys big praise today, in the morning that empty feeling enriched immediately much, being elated with success and each coming the juniors are greeting. 也因此馨雅今天受到了不小的追捧,早上那空荡荡的感觉顿时充实了不少,春风得意的和各个前来的子弟打着招呼。 Came here juniors mostly to be once the family family background on D-Sphere, was the aristocrat circle, where before did this person contact to obtain? 来这里的大多子弟可都是曾经D球上的家族出身,属于贵族圈子,以前自己这种人哪里接触得到? Looks when these once the unattainable renowned young woman stacked the smile flattered itself, Xin Ya happy arrived at the extreme 看着那些曾经自己高不可攀的名媛堆起笑容来吹捧自己时,馨雅心情舒畅到了极点 Well? That isn't?” “咦?那个不是?” Suddenly, is gawking with a man who Xin Ya chitchatted suddenly, looks brightly to the entrance, the eye one: „The Xin Ya face is big, the young master of Lei was away from the city to support unexpectedly!” 突然的,正和馨雅攀谈的一个男子突然一愣,看向了门口,眼睛一亮:“馨雅面子不小呀,雷家的少爷居然隔着城市过来捧场了!” Un?” Xin Ya stares, Young Master Lei Jia, which Lei? “嗯?”馨雅一愣,雷家少爷,哪个雷家? Wait, Lei 等等,雷家 She these days on the families to these D-Sphere understood much, because the quota is limited, can enter here D-Sphere family is not actually many, thunder surname was not quite common, in the respected family were less, but enters star sea as if only then Capital City Lei! 她这些日子对这些D球上的家族了解了不少,因为名额有限,能进入这里的D球家族其实不算多,雷这个姓氏本就不太常见,大家族里就更少了,而进入星海的似乎就只有京城雷家! The words of man made the surrounding many Fairy men and women look immediately, in the eye flashed through is astonished however. 那男子的话顿时让周围不少精灵男女看了过去,眼中闪过讶然。 Lei is the respected family who deserves, once now, once Lei was the military big shot, was not the ordinary business man family can compare, after to star sea, Lei did not decline like other families/home. 雷家是当之无愧的大家族,无论是曾经还是现在,曾经的雷家是军界大佬,可不是一般商人家族能比的,到了星海之后,雷家也不像其它家那样没落。 Lei eldest daughter Lei Xue after the second Ren chief executive officer following Yu Nu Wu Gua, has great power for ten years on sparks/Mars, major city lord saw must be polite, so the power and influence and aptitude, naturally can make Lei Jia continue the scenery, with presenting these mostly entertained also grabs the fellow who the beforehand family glory did not put is not a rank! 雷家长女雷雪作为继雨女无瓜之后的第二任总执行官,在火星上大权在握十年,各大城主见了都得客客气气的,这般权势和资质,自然是能够让雷家继续风光的,和在场这些大多自娱自乐还抓着以前家族荣耀不放的家伙可不是一个级别! Does not wait for Xin Ya to respond, walked with the male hurrying half step that it chitchatted a moment ago: Rare called few, can you attend the dance party unexpectedly?” 不等馨雅反应过来,刚才与之攀谈的男子赶紧快步走了过去:“难得呀鸣少,你居然会来参加舞会?” Jiaming? 佳鸣 One group of juniors stare, immediately the look becomes gets up quite interesting, Lei Jiaming reputation everyone has listened, once God's favored one, following going down in the world mouse, naturally, even if the mouse, now has the halo of Lei, no one dares to profane him. 一群子弟一愣,顿时眼神变得饶有趣味起来,雷佳鸣的名声大家是听过的,曾经的天之骄子,后面的落魄老鼠,当然,哪怕是老鼠,如今有雷家的光环,也没人敢轻慢他。 This time Lei Jiaming somewhat curious is sizing up periphery the luxurious atmosphere, at the dance party, besides good wine and fine food that the decoration luxurious banquet hall as well as places everywhere, but also laid aside the booth specially, for demonstrating the artistic exhibit articles of many juniors, the music that the dance party uses is also the song that the recent several new promote musician composed, to be honest indeed was of pleasant to hear exquisite, making one enter in the dance party to be able by this music to be infected. 此时的雷佳鸣正有些好奇的打量着周围奢华的氛围,舞会上,除了装饰豪华的宴会厅以及到处摆放的美酒和精美食物外,还专门放置了展台,用于展示很多子弟的艺术展品,舞会用的音乐也是最近几个新晋音乐人谱写的歌曲,老实说的确优美好听,让人一进舞会里就能被这音乐感染。 Such luxurious dance party in Huaxia becomes in that involution city is not to basically be able to see, he has seen luxuriously, was outside one crowd of person's gathers the to rub skewer in city north mine tunnel base prairies. 这样奢侈的舞会在华夏成那内卷的城市里基本是见不到的,他见过最奢侈的,也就是一群人在城北矿坑基地外的大草原上聚集撸串了。 At this time hears some people to shout him the small hairbrush, Lei the curious vision will receive immediately, looks to calling his person, after sizing up for several seconds, knits the brows slightly: „Are you?” 此时听到有人喊他抿子,雷家顿时才将好奇的目光收了回来,看向叫他的人,打量几秒后微微皱眉:“你是?” After entering star sea, everyone traded the gene, the beforehand fair-weather friend he cannot recognize. 进了星海后,大家都换了基因,以前的酒肉朋友他可不是很能认得出来。 I am Wei Xiaoming!” The opposite party go forward to wind to pat the opposite party shoulder ripe: thunder Shaoshi is busy, don't once friends remember?” “我是魏晓明呀!”对方上前熟络拍着对方肩膀:“雷少事忙,连曾经的朋友都不记得了?” Wei Xiaoming?” Lei Jiaming responded, the hand of dispelling opposite party coldly: You “魏晓明?”雷佳鸣反应过来,冷冷的排开对方的手:“你呀” Mentioned this person of him to think, wasn't the first medicine this final word gives own? 说起这人他就想起来了,自己第一颗药不就是这煞笔给自己的? This time Lei Jiaming had arrived steadily in five levels, in addition exercises itself in the dangerous place year to year, the makings are sharp, looked at the past indifferently, where the third-level playboy received, the heart jumped, the wine glass in hand cannot assert with confidence to fall on the ground. 此时的雷佳鸣已经到了稳在了五级,再加上常年在危险地方锻炼自己,气质非常锋利,冷眼望过去,还是三级的纨绔哪里受的了,心头一跳,手中的酒杯都没能拿稳落在了地上。 The surroundings were peaceful immediately, is only left over the wonderful musical sound, the atmosphere one becomes somewhat depressing. 周围顿时安静了下来,只剩下美妙的音乐声,气氛一下变得有些压抑。 Opposite party air/Qi field, in this group of highest four levels of juniors, the malignant influences is too abundant, some palpitations! 对方这个气场,在这一群最高四级的子弟中,煞气太盛,都有些心悸! thunder less/small are wrecks the event?” In the people are awkward, the sound that coldly together conveys! “雷少是来砸场子的吗?”就在众人尴尬间,一道冷冷的声音传来! This saying, the surroundings atmosphere was colder, stunned looks to the person of voice, is complexion not too attractive Xin Ya. 这话一出,周围气氛更冷了,都愕然的看向发声的人,正是脸色不太好看的馨雅
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