IHEP :: Volume #21

#2008: I should ..... not come back ....

To be honest, small black indeed has this idea 老实说,小黑的确有这个想法的 Is looking at that face hidden bitterness Xin Ya, sighed, were oneself the ancestors is a dregs male who abandoned the wife to abandon the child, met to demand repayment? 望着那一脸幽怨的馨雅,不由叹了口气,自己是不是上辈子是一个抛妻弃子的渣男,遇到讨债的了? Is towing the exhausted body, slightly is incapable of floating the villa black, said spookily: Inside said 拖着疲惫的身躯,小黑无力飘进别墅,幽幽道:“里面说吧” Opposite Xin Ya stares, rarely hears the small black this tone, words one card that suddenly wants to complain in throat, finally can only be depressed followed. 对面的馨雅一愣,很少听到小黑这种口气,一时间想要埋怨的话都一下卡在喉咙里,最后只能闷闷的跟着进去了。 The Xin Ya general appearance fashion, coordinates the Fairy beautiful face and stature as always, in seems like Fairy to talk over the telephone the aristocrat princess, most Ranger players who this and small sees black are different. 馨雅一如往常一般打扮时尚,配合精灵美丽的脸孔和身材,看起来像一个精灵通话里的贵族公主,这和小黑看到的绝大多数游侠玩家不一样。 Mostly Ranger, after being trained, the makings become very hale and hearty, regardless of the men and women, the semblance is simple, but in the feeling of concealed point . Moreover the conduct attitude will be very agile, makes every effort the efficiency, Ranger is not the wordiest community, this is generally recognized, but in the community will have certain special exceptions every so often, for example at present this 大多游侠,在经过训练后,气质都会变得很硬朗,无论男女,都给人外表朴实,但内藏锋芒的感觉,而且行事作风都会很利落,力求效率,游侠是最不啰嗦的群体,这是大家公认的,但很多时候群体里会出现某些特别的例外,比如眼前这位 Small black the first time is saw that gentle and charming Ranger, walks in a there resembles magnificent crystal bottle, as if one does not pay attention to have one type will be destroyed the feeling slightly, full aristocrat young lady model/pattern 小黑是第一次看到那么娇柔的游侠,走在那里像一个华丽的水晶瓶,似乎稍微一不注意就有一种会被打碎了的感觉,十足的贵族小姐范 Previous time broke through five levels to be defeated?” Slightly looks at the opposite party to ask black. “上次突破五级又失败了?”小黑望着对方问道。 Xin Ya stares, immediately bites the lip: Does not have the means that the aptitude is bad, I do not think!” 馨雅一愣,随即咬了咬嘴唇:“没办法嘛,资质差嘛,我也不想的!” Really is the aptitude issue? 真的是资质问题吗? Small black somewhat helpless, to be honest, these years she has not treated unjustly the issue on Xin Ya resources, by the nutrition, the opposite party with oneself help ate the comparing favorably with established player, by the training environment, oneself gave her to arrange the teacher class and training room has not hit dodging, the training equipment that then she needed, these years bought one after another, had this in the environment, were the pig also incessantly five levels 小黑有些无奈,老实说,这些年她从没亏待馨雅资源上的问题,论营养,在自己帮助下对方吃得都比得上老牌玩家了,论训练环境,自己给她排导师课和训练室从来没打过闪,然后她需要的训练装备,这些年买了一堆又一堆,有这在环境,是只猪也不止五级了呀 But the opposite party really can accomplish 但对方真就能办到 She is clear, Xin Ya definitely is not the aptitude issue, she has said own not suitable Ranger, even wants again shapeshifting one time, but Fairy shapeshifting will not deceive people, you suit anything, will turn into anything, the gene will not make a mistake you, particularly first shapeshifting 她心里清楚,馨雅肯定不是资质的问题,她一直说自己不适合游侠,甚至想重新化形一次,可精灵化形都是不会骗人的,你适合什么,就会变成什么,基因是不会把你弄错的,尤其是第一次化形 Her ten years still paced back and forth in four levels, the reason is very simple, is then lazy. 她十年了还在四级徘徊,原因很简单,便是自己懒而已。 Had enough overall and resources, her time of daily flower in training are miserable, many years ago, wallows various dance parties, fashion and art show and so on thing 有了足够积分和资源,她每天花在训练上的时间少得可怜,好多年前起,就沉迷各种舞会、时装、艺术展之类的东西 With some similarly is the girl who the respected family was born, a day talks of this and that as if blending aristocrat renowned young woman 和一些同样是大家族出生的女孩,一天谈天说地,似乎混成了贵族名媛 But oneself spent the high price to one set of Ranger training equipment that she withstand/top, at home quicklime 而自己花了大价钱给她顶的一套游侠训练装备,在家里都生灰了 „After you have thought that what to do?” “你有没有想过以后怎么办?” Can preach?” The Xin Ya tone immediately becomes cold. “又要说教了?”馨雅语气顿时变冷。 „It is not rigid theorizing small black weak sighing: Is was worried that your I must walk tomorrow “不是说教”小黑无力的叹了口气:“是担心你我明天就要走了” This saying, Xin Ya somewhat could not sit still immediately, bites the lip, cannot bear say: „Do you really want to walk?” 这话一出,馨雅顿时就有些坐不住了,咬了咬嘴唇,忍不住道:“你真要走呀?” Small black, helpless visits her: „Don't you want to make me give up the university training, remain to accompany you?” 小黑无奈看着她:“你不会是想让我放弃高校培养,留下来陪你吧?” What staying here has is not good?” Xin Ya is staring saying: „Doesn't here live well? You are not one day very enjoy?” “留在这里有什么不好?”馨雅瞪着眼道:“这里生活不好吗?你不是一天挺享受的吗?” I want to enjoy for a long time small sigh black, looks at the night scene of sky to say spookily: Actually I have calculated the quite lazy person, but I also know, words not diligently, how long such life could not enjoy, Xin Ya, this truth was very simple, why weren't you clear?” “我想享受得更久”小黑叹了口气,望着天空的夜景幽幽道:“其实我已经算比较懒的人了,但我也是知道,不努力的话,这样的生活享受不了多久的,馨雅,这个道理很简单,你为什么不明白呢?” Only the rank high had enough life span to enjoy the life, this truth, Xin Ya must understand, the renowned young woman who these and she fools around together also understands, they do not want to try hard, only seeks after now present enjoyment 只有等级高了才有足够的寿命去享受生活,这个道理,馨雅不可能不懂,那些和她一起厮混的名媛也懂,她们只是不想努力,只贪图现在眼前的享受罢了 Said so many, has not wanted to drop out me Xin Ya to bite the lip saying: Ok, goes to go, having your me unable to live not?” “说这么多,还不是就想抛下我呗”馨雅咬着嘴唇道:“行吧,去吧去吧,没了你我还活不成了是不?” Perhaps also is really” “说不定还真是” What did you say?” Xin Ya is staring her immediately! “你说什么?”馨雅顿时瞪着她! Your present expense works by yourself, feared that is to save for a year unable to afford on you that clothes unable to afford slightly sighs black. “你现在的消费靠你自己打工,怕是存一年都买不起你身上那件衣服都买不起”小黑叹气道。 „Is is, gives shelter to support thanks to our young black Sir, otherwise have I starved to death the line?” “是是是,多亏咱小黑大人收留包养,要不然我早就饿死了行了吧?” Not? 可不是吗? The small black innermost feelings complained, but the surface in the stimulation opposite party, this fellow have not actually looked at the skill not to have, the frame of mind was very high, a saying hot might leave home, but this may not have that free time to wait for her to come back again 小黑内心吐槽,但表面却没在刺激对方,这家伙别看本事没有,心气还挺高,一说火了说不定又要离家出走,可这一次自己可没那闲工夫等她再回来 Wants initially, this fellow to flee from calamity from the fifth city, that stance, like the injured puppy, raised finally is raising to become the ancestor 想当初,这家伙才从第五城市逃难,那姿态,像受伤的小狗一样,结果养着养着成祖宗了 Oh the ancestors definitely were a dregs male 唉自己上辈子肯定是一个渣男 Villa I filled in your name “别墅我填了你的名字” Un?” Xin Ya stares immediately. “嗯?”馨雅顿时一愣。 Then is outside project small puts out an account book to hand over to say again black: My again outside altogether more than 70 projects, outsource to other Flower Spirit now, all incomes also filled in your name, you went to overall card to audit regularly are OK.” “然后是再外的项目”小黑拿出一个账本递过去道:“我再外一共七十多个项目,如今都外包给了其它花灵,所有收益也填了你的名字,你定期去积分卡里查账就可以了。” Eh Xin Ya reads that account book, suddenly as if not know suddenly said anything “额”馨雅愣愣的看着那账本,一时间似乎一下不知道说什么了 She actually also knows oneself could not prevent to leave slightly black, after all that opportunity, changes itself definitely not to give up, reason that came to make to complain, actually also took as to draw back, after wanting the opposite party to walk, gave oneself here asset minute/share. 她其实也知道自己阻止不了小黑离开的,毕竟那种机会,换自己肯定也不会放弃,之所以来闹来埋怨,其实也是以进为退,想要对方走后把这里的资产分一些给自己。 Or she walked herself is not always impossible to call to ask that frequently she wanted, heard that the federal communication was very expensive 要不她走了自己总不可能经常打电话去问她要呀,听说联邦通信很贵的 Actually without thinking oneself have not opened the mouth, the opposite party gave directly, moreover is so natural, opposite party these projects she is knows that may be the big end, the annual earning reaches as high as over a hundred million overalls, by rich, actually small black basically could be the second city top this to approve, had money compared with many feudal lord players 却没想到自己还没开口,对方就直接给了,而且还这么大方,对方那些项目她是知道的,可都是大头,每年收益高达上亿积分的,论有钱,其实小黑基本算得上第二城市顶尖这一批了,比很多领主玩家都有钱 Why this is also she can cross moistens, these respected family expensive/noble females are willing with the reason that she contacts, is not because do have money to have the overall? 这也是她为什么能过得那么滋润,那些大家族贵女愿意和她接触的原因,还不是因为自己有钱有积分吗? „Do these give me?” Xin Ya some cannot believe to say. “这些都给我的?”馨雅有些不可置信道。 Whom doesn't give you also to give?” Slightly sighed to look at her black: In our four people, Xiaoyun others were the legendary character, Chen Shanshan also mix enjoy the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water, recommend for admission to school the quota's first year that side the army to attain, these years made the military exploit to rise the field-grade officer enough, their where need my these things? Only you “不给你还能给谁?”小黑叹气望着她:“我们四人里,小云人家是传奇人物,陈姗姗也在军队那边混得风生水起,保送名额第一年就拿到了,这些年挣得军功都足够升校级军官了,他们哪里需要我这些东西?唯独你” Slightly raised the head black, helpless looks at the opposite party: Xin Ya, I can help your, only then so many 小黑抬头无奈看着对方:“馨雅呀,我能帮你的只有这么多了” Xin Ya: „” 馨雅:“” Why the opposite party gives her to feel a bit like oneself old father's role, that look is really uncomforting 为什么对方给她感觉有点像自己老父亲的角色,那眼神真让人不舒服 Walks walks, but also bribes me with these things, does I do not ask you to leave Xin Ya to mumble, but is very convenient accepted the account book. “走就走呗,还拿这些东西贿赂我,搞得我不让你走似的”馨雅嘟嘟囔囔,但还是很顺手的将账本收下了。 Looks Xin Ya that the corners of the mouth turn upwards faintly, small black speechless, wants to smile does not use such obviously 看着嘴角都隐隐翘起的馨雅,小黑一阵无语,想笑也不用这么明显吧 Xin Ya 馨雅 Un?” “嗯?” I will walk tomorrow “我明天就走了” Un, knows knows has attained wants, Xin Ya at this time no matter the opposite party cannot walk, moreover seems better, later must spend money not to need to look at the opposite party complexion “嗯,知道了知道了”已经拿到想要的了,馨雅这时候才不管对方走不走呢,而且似乎还更好,以后要用钱再也不用看对方脸色了 I should not come back “我应该不会回来了” Xin Ya: „” 馨雅:“”
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