IHEP :: Volume #13

#1220: Betrayal (First Part)?

Really solved? 真就解决了? Compared with Diana that appearance that exclaims in surprise the Ai Ouna strength, Isira pays more attention to the head that by the female knight that was turned 比起戴安娜那一副惊叹艾欧娜尔实力的模样,伊瑟拉更关注女骑士旁边那颗被扭下的头颅 This fights she to see the tail from the beginning, the two sides strengths almost drew completely, Andrew made all that rank deity can achieve, used the energies of five activation stars forcefully, controlled the element the detail almost to draw most to conceal the truth, if the opposite were life sea Arcanist, the Andrew odds of success accounted for 70% at least, what a pity the opposite was a pure violent soldier, moreover was a strength extremely valiant Titan soldier! 这场战斗她是从头看到尾的,两边的力量几乎都拉满了,安德鲁做了那个级别天神能做到的一切,强行使用了五颗活化星的能量,控制元素的细节几乎拉到了最瞒,如果对面是一个命海的奥术师,安德鲁的胜算起码占70%,可惜对面是一个纯暴力战士,而且还是一个战力极为彪悍的泰坦战士! Loses not injust 输得不冤 May extremely easily die 可死得太过轻易 Isira is looking at that expression fierce head, the body of very definite Bolton almost abandoned, the Andrew soul body energy also vanished, wants to come back from the dead area, hurries back to the emerald dreamland to be almost impossible again, even if comes back , without the deity body he still almost nothing to be afraid 伊瑟拉望着那颗表情狰狞的头颅,很确定波顿的躯体几乎完全废了,安德鲁的魂体能量也消失了,想从死界回来,再次赶回翡翠梦境几乎不可能,而且就算回来,没有了天神躯体他也几乎不足为惧 The theory is such theory, but Isira or the feeling are not quite right, felt that some were extremely easy. 理论是这么个理论,可伊瑟拉还是感觉不太对劲,感觉有些太过容易了。 Ancient times dead spirit how many eras planned their, this? 一个谋算了它们几个纪元的远古亡灵,就这? But the present situation he indeed could not possibly have lived, the energetic body was torn into shreds a moment ago, is impossible not to have a chapter of dead area, only if he phylactery brought 可现在的情况他的确是没可能活得下来的,刚才精神体都被撕碎了,不可能没有回死界,除非他吧命匣子带了进来 phylactery 命匣子 Isira narrowed the eye, is fluctuating the finger, returns looks at the space and time in fragment world to remember. 伊瑟拉眯了眯眼,波动着手指,回看着碎片世界里的时空记忆。 Andrew altogether led four life sea level zombie and a top puppet master comes, but these had been struck to kill by devil feudal lord Bolton in the previous fragment world hand/subordinate completely! 安德鲁一共带了四名命海级僵尸和一个顶尖傀儡师进来,而那些手下在上一个碎片世界已经被恶魔领主波顿全部击杀! The puppet master compelled the dragon card in hand of devil feudal lord, and kept the mark to Andrew, lets Andrew met Bolton time succeeds to use some secret technique to suppress Bolton dragon, took him. 傀儡师逼出了恶魔领主的龙化底牌,并留了印记给安德鲁,让安德鲁遇到波顿的时候成功利用某种秘术压制了波顿的龙化,拿下了他。 The entire process has no issue completely, she also determined the subordinate basic whole staff who Andrew takes to bring in died in battle. 整个过程完全没有任何问题,她也确定安德鲁带进来的手下基本全员阵亡。 After Andrew enters the emerald dreamland, he and all action watches, had not discovered where they hid phylactery 安德鲁进入翡翠梦境后他和手下所有举动自己都看在眼里,并没有发现他们在哪里藏下了命匣子 If brings on the body, as that puppet master was killed, phylactery should also be destroyed was right 而如果是带在身上的,随着那个傀儡师被干掉,命匣子也应该被破坏了才对 Therefore did Andrew really draw back the bureau? 所以说安德鲁真的就退局了吗? Isira looks again to Bolton that unrequited head, fell into the middle of a very long time silence- 伊瑟拉再次望向波顿那颗死不瞑目的头颅,陷入了久久的沉默当中- Another side, traces Big Bro Dog Szabo in one group, body that Verafa and Nephal run fiercely one stiff, look big change. 另一边,一路追踪狗哥的萨博一伙里,维拉法奈法尔奔跑的身体猛地一僵,神色大变。 Szabo obviously noticed this point, asked hastily: What's wrong?” 萨博明显注意到了这一点,连忙问道:“怎么了?” Died Verafa to stand in dull same place, on the face revealed vacant: Contract vanished Sir Bolton he “死了”维拉法呆呆站在了原地,脸上露出一丝茫然:“契约消失了波顿大人他” Szabo: „!!” 萨博:“!!” He is in the influence only not with the blood demon of Bolton signing, he gave Verafa the opportunity, wants to hold the representative who she makes the blood demon, lets a dropping angel clan or a blood demon clan does not dare to despise Verafa again. 他是势力里唯一没和波顿签约的血魔,他把机会给了维拉法,就是想扶她做血魔的代表,让无论是堕天使一族还是血魔一族都不敢再轻视维拉法 Although for the blood demon army regimental commander, he is one does not have deity free man approximately 所以虽为血魔军团长,他却是一个无天神约的自由人 Bolton died the contract vanishes he naturally unable to feel. 波顿死了的契约消失他自然感觉不到。 Nephal also stands at this time dull same place, under the shadow gauze, the expression seems very complex. 奈法尔此时也呆站在原地,影纱之下,表情显得很复杂。 Before although Andrew occupied the body of Bolton, but in their hearts had such a expectation, after all the contract has not vanished, actually existed on behalf of Sir's consciousness, but now looks like, the final level hopes that seemed broken 之前安德鲁虽然占据了波顿的身体,但他们心中还是有那么一丝期望的,毕竟契约还没消失,就代表大人的意识其实还是存在的,可现在看来,最后一层希望似乎被打破了 Szabo died, they now what to do? 萨博死了,他们现在怎么办? Nine army regimental commanders, this time came five, but Szabo is seriously injured now, flame demon Ragnaros and rock demon Paul Goose, first army regimental commander Sephiroth died in battle one after another, because even remaining Nephal the shadow is injured is not the complete condition, Lord Bolton that now leads continually did not have, their abyss deity influence time, collapses completely! 九大军团长,此次来了五个,可如今萨博受了重伤,炎魔拉格纳罗斯、岩魔鲍古斯、第一军团长萨菲罗斯接连阵亡,连剩下的奈法尔因为影子受伤也不是完全的状态,现在连领头的波顿领主也没了,他们深渊天神势力这一次,一败涂地! Several people stand in same place, the complexion saw the extreme immediately difficultly. 几个人站在原地,脸色顿时难看到了极点。 Even continued to trace that Titan youngster not to have the idea, by their present lineups, how traced to? Hasn't made the bridal clothes to others? 甚至连继续追踪那个泰坦少年都没了想法,以他们现在的阵容,追踪了到了又怎么样?还不是给别人做嫁衣? „Didn't contract have?” A chilly sound resounds, people vigilant turning head of, follows their Lanaia, this almost assassinated the Andrew female assassin, the numerous devil memories are profound! “契约没了?”一个清冷的声音响起,众人警惕的回过头去,正是一路跟着他们的拉娜娅,这个差点刺杀了安德鲁的女刺客,众恶魔记忆深刻! This?” Lanaia looks to narrow the eye to say behind: Was that female Titan wins?” “这样吗?”拉娜娅望了望身后眯起眼道:“是那个女泰坦赢了吗?” The numerous devils had not answered as before, still vigilant is looking at this fellow. 众恶魔依旧没有回话,仍是警惕的望着这家伙。 Does not need the expression to look like that I Lanaia light is looking at the Verafa three people: I have no idea to you, I thought that you should rejoice this result, if were that deity won, perhaps we did not have the means of livelihood “不用那般表情看我”拉娜娅淡淡的望着维拉法三人:“我对你们没有什么想法,我觉得你们应该庆幸这个结果,因为如果是那个天神赢了,恐怕我们是没有活路的” Numerous devils: „” 众恶魔:“” Although this saying sounds some to be not quite right, but also probably seems to be reasonable, on that day the stance of god obviously wanted the life of their complete people, but Titan seems like and may not this. 虽然这话听起来有些不太对劲,但似乎也好像有道理,那天神的姿态明显是要了他们全部人的命,但那泰坦看起来并不一定会这样做。 What do you want to say?” Szabo coldly opens the mouth to say. “你想说什么?”萨博冷冷开口道。 Lanaia: I want to say that we can cooperate a wave 拉娜娅:“我想说我们可以合作一波” Cooperation?” Szabo sneers: „Do present we have the capital of cooperation?” “合作?”萨博冷笑一声:“现在的我们还有合作的资本吗?” Has Lanaia to catch the eye to look to the opposite party: Outside you also has a huge devil regiment!” “有”拉娜娅抬眼望向对方:“你们外面还有一个庞大的恶魔军团!” You want to say that outside has the regiment not to dare to move us in you?” On Szabo face sneers really: You us, when the child does deceive?” “你是想说外面有军团在你们就不敢动我们吗?”萨博脸上冷笑更甚:“你在把我们当小孩糊弄?” Did not have the deity regiment and has the deity regiment is completely two existences, before both sides were evenly matched, but Bolton has fallen from the sky now, the opposite party feudal lord was actually also, hit, absolutely did not have the odds of success! 没了天神的军团和有天神的军团完全是两种存在,之前双方势均力敌,可现在波顿已经陨落,对方领主却是还在的,打起来,完全没有胜算! If both side feudal lords did die?” Lanaia said suddenly. “如果两方领主都死了呢?”拉娜娅突然道。 Eh?” “额?” Several devils stare, immediately some doubt is looking at the opposite party. 几个恶魔一愣,顿时有些狐疑的望着对方。 „Don't you find it strange?” Lanaia looks at the surroundings: Had such many matters, such magnificent scene, our feudal lord Sirs have not appeared “你们难道不觉得奇怪吗?”拉娜娅望了望周围:“发生了这么多事,这么大场面,我们的领主大人却没有出现” This Szabo stares, looking that immediately has doubts approached the opposite. “这”萨博一愣,顿时疑惑的望向了对面。 Yes, this situation, if a moment ago deity , is also insufficient not to have the counter- resisting force, why hasn't Vogu appeared? 是呀,这种情况,刚才如果有一个天神在,也不至于那么没有反抗力呀,为什么沃古没有出现呢? Because he, if appeared, I am will not act absolutely, even may in accordance with the situation, acts to him!” “因为他如果出现了,我是绝对不会出手的,甚至有可能会视情况,对他出手!” Numerous devils: „!!!” 众恶魔:“!!!” Why?” Verafa some asking of being able to think through. “为什么?”维拉法有些想不通的问道。 Nephal is also puzzled, only Szabo, the complexion will be lost in thought in the surprised several seconds from now on. 奈法尔也是一脸疑惑,唯独萨博,在惊疑几秒过后脸色陷入了沉思。 I understood!” Saab said suddenly: That then cooperates!” “我明白了!”萨博突然道:“那便合作吧!” Szabo?” The Verafa complexion changes, Szabo actually to waving of he is comforting, Verafa gawked, but the trust Szabo made her depress the doubts temporarily. “萨博?”维拉法脸色一变,萨博却对着他安抚的挥了挥手,维拉法愣了一下,但对萨博的信任还是让她暂时压下了疑惑。 Lanaia nods: Walks, pays attention to the following two fellows, that imaginary technique master nearby dead spirit and Andrew of are almost a rank, is more careful!” 拉娜娅点了点头:“走吧,注意后面两个家伙,那个幻术师旁边的亡灵和安德鲁差不多是一个级别的,小心些!” Szabo nods, the group then contract in a formation, goes toward Big Bro Dog position tracing- 萨博点了点头,一行人便收缩在一个阵型里,朝着狗哥位置追踪而去- Senior, what situation?” Runs, Nephal uses beforehand Szabo to keep oneself blood demon mark to ask curiously. “前辈,什么情况?”奔跑间,奈法尔利用之前萨博留在自己身上的血魔印记好奇问道。 She is mercenary Szabo also uses the secret technique to send greetings returns spookily said. “她是雇佣兵”萨博也用着秘术传音幽幽回道。 You were said that she did want to betray their feudal lords?” “你是说她想要背叛他们领主?” Does not want to!” Szabo narrows the eyes to focus to say “不是想是必须!”萨博眯着眼道
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