IARNBS :: Volume #5

#419: Consulting of Arrow God

From God World to Main Universe, is separated by many Energy Level world barriers. Ancient God Kunluo can only draw support from the bloodlines descendant's medium, communicates with you indirectly negotiates, has no way to make the actual investigation.” “从神界主宇宙,相隔诸多能级世界壁垒。昆罗古神只能借助血脉后裔的媒介,间接与您沟通交涉,没法做实际的探查。” The Little Primary analysis said. 小初分析道。 It most calculated using divine ability, but this to One of All Heavens' Thirteen Taboos Returner To Oneness does not have the significance. So long as you said a word on do not expose weaknesses, even the strategy was not successful, It was still hard to see the actual situation.” “祂最多运用神通进行推算,但这对诸天十三禁之一的‘归一者’毫无意义。只要您言语上不露破绽,就算策略不成功,祂也难以看出虚实。” That is good.” “那就好。” In the Luo Liang heart decides slightly. 罗亮心中稍定。 Can flicker to Arrow God Kunluo, weeds out the wool from It, the success or failure depends on this. 能否忽悠到箭神昆罗,从祂身上薅到羊毛,成败在此一举。 After a half hour . 半个小时后。 teacher.” 老师。” Ning Yeying arrives in the rests of Luo Liang, raises slightly to say. 宁夜莺来到罗亮的休息间,欠身道。 She wears snow to spin the long skirt, beautiful hair smooth like silk, the fine makeup allows, to outline simple and beautiful such as the picture appearance, the slender exquisite figure stands quietly, the makings are tranquil. 她身着一袭雪纺长裙,秀发光滑如丝,精致的妆容,勾勒出清丽如画的容颜,窈窕优美的身段悄然而立,气质宁静素雅。 Luo Liang appreciated one, asked: 罗亮欣赏了一眼,问道: „Can the bloodlines mystique that you said that how operate?” “你说的血脉秘法,要如何操作?” The sensation to the sizing up appreciation of teacher, Ning Yeying rapid heartbeat, having one is joyful and shy. 感知到老师的打量欣赏,宁夜莺心跳加快,有一丝喜悦和羞涩。 This mystique, must take an essence and blood of drop of student to direct, displays in the palm. At the appointed time, teacher only need put out a hand, grasps with my palm, induces with the mind can.” “这门秘法,需取一滴学生的精血为引,在掌心施展。届时,老师只需伸手,与我的手掌相握,以心神感应便可。” The Ning Yeying pupil light is clear, the correct manners discipline is graceful, if sound persuasive singing of moonlight goddess. 宁夜莺眸光清恬,仪容优雅,声若月光女神的婉转咏叹。 Good, goes to the following peaceful room.” “好,去后面的静室。” Luo Liang has not thought, turns around to enter following room. 罗亮没有多想,转身进入后面的房间 This lounge, Luo Liang is equipped with formation to ban, can prevent to spy on. 这处休息室,罗亮设有阵法禁制,能够防止窥探。 Meets with this matter with Ancient God, naturally wants the secret operation. 古神会晤这种事,自然要隐秘操作。 The Ning Yeying pupil glittering, is cunning and self-satisfied. 宁夜莺眸光闪烁,略带一丝狡黠和得意。 This mystique, must with the essence and blood to direct right, but does not need the double palm to grasp this intimate contact. 这个秘法,要用精血为引没错,但不需要双掌相握这种较亲密的接触。 Ning Yeying follows enters the peaceful room. 宁夜莺跟随进入静室。 In this private, the Ning Yeying breath slightly reveals the pressing, the body sends out a fresh moonlit night clove. 处于这处私人空间,宁夜莺呼吸略显紧促,身上散发一种清新的月夜丁香。 Although anticipates the teacher unspoken rule, but this solitary one male widow coexistence narrow and small close space, her instinct somewhat anxious cramped. 尽管期待老师的潜规则,但孤男寡女共处狭小封闭的空间,她本能的有些紧张局促。 Starts.” “开始吧。” Luo Liang told. 罗亮吩咐道。 Ning Yeying acknowledged, restrains the mind, compels drop of an essence and blood that from the fingertip is exuding the rose red gloss, drops in the palm. 宁夜莺应诺,收敛心神,从指尖逼出一滴泛着银红光泽的精血,滴落在掌心。 She has a thought the mnemonics, displays secret technique. 她念起口诀,施展秘术 Buzz! 嗡! On the palm the rose red essence and blood slow combustion, blooms blood-color light fog, beats one after another plain runes 掌心上银红精血缓慢燃烧,绽放一圈血色光雾,跳动起一个个古朴符文 Until some moment. 直到某一刻。 The blood-color light fog shakes, void transmits the spatial deep sound of some rhythm, appears faintly the distortion fuzzy light shadow. 血色光雾一震,虚空中传递来某种韵律的空冥之音,隐隐浮现扭曲模糊的光影。 teacher......” the Ning Yeying sweet and delicate voice reminded. 老师……”宁夜莺娇声提醒道。 Luo Liang nods, puts out a hand to grip Ning Yeying fair white hand. 罗亮点头,伸手握住宁夜莺的白皙素手 The palm is smooth, the superficial blood fog wells up warm, brings a difference comfortable feeling. 手掌光滑清凉,表面的血雾又涌来温热,带来一种异样舒适的感觉。 The Ning Yeying simple and beautiful quiet face, appears wipes to blush. Her heartbeat like the deer, the sprout/slender white hand trembles lightly, the place of palm contact, seems has a numb electric current feeling, raids the whole body. Renewal quickest cell phone end:: 宁夜莺清丽静谧的面庞,浮现一抹红晕。她心跳如鹿,柔荑轻颤,手掌接触的地方,好似有一丝酥麻电流感,袭遍全身。更新最快手机端:: Luo Liang and Ning Yeying both hands grasp, the mind integrates that group of blood-color light fog. 罗亮宁夜莺双手相握,心神融入那团血色光雾。 ! 唰! the next moment, he changes to together the form of fuzzy youngster, appears in world of silver blood light fog. 下一刻,他化作一道模糊少年的身影,在银血光雾的世界映现。 Center point that the blood fog twists, presents both arms healthily long, physique grand ancient Deity. 血雾扭曲的中点,呈现一尊双臂健长、体魄雄奇的古老神灵 Even fuzzy phantom, Luo Liang feels an infiltration space barrier Deity pressure together. The Main Universe principle instinct repels, collision nihility ripples. 即便是一道模糊虚影,罗亮感到一丝渗透空间壁垒的神灵威压。主宇宙的法则本能排斥,碰撞出虚无涟漪。 Who is your excellency? Stimulates my bloodlines descendant, has what intention?” “阁下是谁?激发我的血脉后裔,有何用意?” In the blood fog, a pair of gold and silver double pupil, carefully examines Luo Liang youngster phantom, has to plant fearsome pressure that pierces Soul. 血雾中,一双金银双瞳,审视罗亮的少年虚影,有种洞穿灵魂的可怖压力。 Luo Liang crosses the hands behind the back to stand, the faint smile, has high vast immeasurable aura. 罗亮负手而立,似笑非笑,有种高渺莫测气息 This person, is not really simple.” “此人,果然不简单。” Blood fog another end, God World Arrow God Kunluo, sizes up youngster phantom in field of vision. 血雾另一端,神界箭神昆罗,打量视界中的少年虚影 Generally cultivator of every world, sees his and other ancient Deity, is aura, will be shaken Soul to palpitate, dealing in reverential awe. 一般凡世的修行者,见到他这等的古老神灵,便是一丝气息,就会被震得灵魂悸动,诚惶诚恐的应对。 At this time, he revolves the pinnacle divine ability of gold and silver double pupil, the youngster whole body seems has chaos dense fog, cannot completely understand the actual situation. 此时,他将金银双瞳的神通运转到极致,那少年周身好似有一层混沌迷雾,看不透虚实。 Separates the spatial meeting, cannot calculate any causes and effects origin as before! This person possibly displayed big divine ability that cuts off the secret. Can make me not calculate that any clue, it with the foot and cultivation base, considers immeasurably deep......” “隔空会晤,依旧推算不到任何因果来历!此人可能施展了断绝天机的大神通。能让我推算不到任何头绪,其跟脚和修为,当是深不可测……” Ancient God Kunluo calculates the failure again, the heart produces dreaded. 昆罗古神再次推算失败,心头产生忌惮。 Days before, from bloodlines descendant there learned that existence and function of Luo Liang, Kunluo felt its background was not simple, was not Main Universe ordinary cultivator. 前些日,从血脉后裔那里得知罗亮的存在和作用,昆罗感觉其来头不简单,不是主宇宙的普通修行者 At that time, Ancient God Kunluo has calculated one time, does not have any result. 当时,昆罗古神推算过一次,没有任何结果。 By his boundary and ancient background, calculated that Main Universe every world cultivator, Universe Supreme, is still insufficient absolutely not to have the clue even. 以他的境界和古老底蕴,推算主宇宙凡世的修行者,就算是宇宙至尊,也不至于完全没有线索。 Kunluo suspected, Ning Yeying teacher, possibly is the mighty figure reincarnation. 昆罗不由怀疑,宁夜莺老师,可能是大能转世。 Thinks toward the bad aspect. 往坏的方面去想。 This mighty figure stimulates the Kunluo heart to have the bloodlines descendant of worrying, has the scheme, the intention plans him? 这位大能激发昆罗心有牵挂的血脉后裔,是否有图谋,意图算计他? In God World and Immortal World such top world, planning and gambling of big mighty force, can stretch across desolate Space and Time. 神界仙界这样的顶级世界,大伟力者的算计、博弈,能够横跨荒古时空 Many shaking ancient and present powerful Deity, planning of motionless soldier, died in the inexplicable disaster. 不少旷古烁今的强大神灵,被人不动一兵一卒的算计,死于莫名劫难中。 In could not calculate that completely in the situation of Luo Liang clue origin, Ancient God Kunluo had suspected, is really normal. 在完全推算不到罗亮线索来历的情况下,昆罗古神有所猜忌,实属正常。 This is also Luo Liang and logical background of Little Primary discussion strategy. 这也是罗亮小初商谈策略的逻辑背景。 In the space of silver blood light fog. 银血光雾的空间里。 Crosses the hands behind the back the vertical high vast youngster, sizes up slightly, sighed: 负手而立的高渺少年,略微打量,感叹道: Kun Xiaoyue, previous time sees you, is very remote time. That time God World, peaceful ordered, not so turbulent.” 昆小岳,上次见到你,还是很久远的时代。那时的神界,安宁有序,没有这般动荡。” The Ancient God Kunluo heart slightly shakes, the complexion is austere, gold and silver double pupil twinkle divine light. 昆罗古神心头微震,面色肃重,金银双瞳闪烁神光 Kun Xiaoyue, is the given name before his achievement Ancient God. 昆小岳,是他成就古神前的名讳。 Presently the powerhouse between world All Heavens, only if mighty figure of that time, and cultivation base is not lower than him, otherwise is very difficult to trace the initial given name. 现世诸天间的强者,除非是那个时代的大能,且修为不低于他,否则很难追溯到最初的名讳。 Because, Kunluo already severed the past body. 因为,昆罗已经斩断了过去身 His remote in the past, did not exist theoretically. This can cease others to remould past Space and Time to plan him. 他的久远过去,理论上是不存在。这样可以杜绝别人重塑过去的时空算计他。 Meanwhile, general divine ability could not speculate that his foundation, is hard to wipe to extinguish him from the source truly. 同时,一般的神通推测不到他的根基,难以从源头上真正抹灭他。 „Is your excellency which mighty figure of remote time? Why has the fetters with my bloodlines descendant, but also please explain the reason.” “阁下是久远时代的哪位大能?为何与我的血脉后裔有羁绊,还请说明缘由。” The Kunluo tone becomes prudent. 昆罗语气变得慎重。 He could not speculate Luo Liang with foot origin, the opposite party can actually send out his given name with ease. 他推测不到罗亮的跟脚来历,对方却能轻松报出他的名讳。 This means that the Luo Liang origin is bigger than him with the foot. 这意味着,罗亮的来历跟脚比他大。 Kunluo forecast, this youngster possibly compared with he more ancient big mighty force, cultivation base mostly above him. 昆罗预测,这位少年可能是比他更古老的大伟力者,修为多半在他之上。 Kun Xiaoyue, does not need to suspect the suspicion. I and your bloodlines descendant, but the fate makes it so but conveniently is, and harmless. If really plans, where will make you know the slightest?” 昆小岳,不必疑心猜忌。我与你的血脉后裔,只是缘分使然的随手而为,并无恶意。如若真有算计,哪会让你知晓分毫?” Luo Liang smiles to say. 罗亮哂笑道。 hearing this, Kunluo complexion slightly relax relaxed. 闻言,昆罗面色稍微松缓。 The Luo Liang act, is frank bright, without angle of view that the concealment plots against. 罗亮的行径,算是坦率光明,没有隐匿暗算的视角。 Otherwise, covers up the secret by the opposite party the method, he only feared that was also concealed the truth in the drum. 否则,以对方遮掩天机的手段,他只怕还被瞒在鼓里。 As for my status origin, still cannot clearly pass, in order to avoid divulges a secret. But a little your excellency may feel relieved, your my not hostility.” “至于我的身份来历,尚不能明透,以免走漏风声。但有一点阁下可放心,你我绝非敌对者。” Luo Liang paused. 罗亮顿了顿 Influence that because that great misfortune before ten thousand years, was organized by the enemy of that All Heavens. For not sticking one's neck out, I have no recourse to be reincarnated, am dormant in Main Universe.” “由于万载前的那场大劫,受那诸天之敌组织的影响。为明哲保身,我迫不得已转世,蛰伏在主宇宙。” Hears here, Ancient God Kunluo changes countenance: Originally your excellency is also receives the Return To Oneness Great Tribulation disaster to affect. Under that catastrophe, many Sirs in All Heavens chose to shun the world at that time.” 听到这里,昆罗古神不禁动容:“原来阁下也是受到归一大劫的灾害波及。那场浩劫下,当时诸天中的不少大人都选择避世。” Kunluo guesses secretly, which big shot who this youngster once hid away the reincarnation. 昆罗暗自揣测,这位少年是曾经隐遁转世的哪位大佬。 Then disaster, from ordinary Deity, to Immortal King and Divine King, and even the Emperor of exceedingly high penetrating place, involved. No one dares saying that can the upfront counter flood-fighting class/flow, can avoid the great misfortune completely. 当时的劫难,从普通神灵,到仙王神王,乃至通天彻地的帝君,都牵连进去。没人敢说能正面逆抗洪流,可以完全避开大劫。 Said, your excellency and I are person of same belief, has the common enemy?” “这么说,阁下与我是同道者,有着共同的敌人?” The Ancient God Kunluo probe said. 昆罗古神试探道。 In All Heavens, Ancient God Kunluo is Return To Oneness Organization hostile hostility. 诸天中,昆罗古神归一组织的敌对仇视者。 That but actually not necessarily. I also do not want with Return To Oneness for the enemy, to avoid merely, does not want to be involved, destroys innumerable year of Dao Foundation.” “那倒未必。我亦不想与归一为敌,仅仅是回避,不想受牵连,毁去无数年的道基。” The Luo Liang indifferent denial said. 罗亮淡然否定道。 Ancient God Kunluo slightly obviously disappointed, simultaneously the suspicion desalination of innermost feelings most. 昆罗古神稍显失望,同时内心的猜忌淡化大半。 Does not want to resist with Return To Oneness Organization directly, not sticking one's neck out, this is the normal idea of All Heavens mighty figure. 不想与归一组织正面对抗,明哲保身,这是诸天大能的正常想法。 Only if there is sage of heaven, or has the enmity with Return To Oneness, will do against. 除非心怀苍天的圣人,或者与归一有仇怨,才会去对着干。 Ancient God Kunluo is a latter situation. 昆罗古神是后一种情况。 Your excellency does not want with Return To Oneness Organization for the enemy, the ambition to be different, I can understand.” “阁下不想与归一组织为敌,志向不同,我能理解。” Ancient God Kunluo sighed the sound. 昆罗古神叹声。 His mind moves, thinks of anything, tone humble say/way: 他心神一动,想到什么,语气谦逊的道: I observe your excellency to have the background greatly, the status is ancient, is immeasurably deep with the foot, far ultra our generation. At this time, the issue asked you to teach.” “我观阁下大有来头,身份古老,跟脚深不可测,远超我辈。此时,有一个问题请您教。” Any issue. If related to with Return To Oneness for the enemy, does not close and my status secret, or may explain 12.” “什么问题。如果不是涉及与归一为敌,关及我个人的身份隐秘,或可解答一二。” Luo Liang calm say/way. 罗亮波澜不惊的道。 He said, acknowledges the status magical skill, above Ancient God Kunluo. 他这么说,是承认身份道行,远在昆罗古神之上。 Ancient God Kunluo deeply inspires, asking of respect: 昆罗古神深吸一口气,略带敬意的问道: I want to know, One of All Heavens' Thirteen Taboos Dao Monarch Profound Dragon, next time presently the general time of the world?” “我想知道,诸天十三禁之一的‘玄龙道君’,下次现世的大概时间?” Dao Monarch Profound Dragon?” 玄龙道君?” The Luo Liang vision flashes, slightly reveals the surprise. 罗亮目光一闪,略显诧异。 He thinks secretly, immediately intention of clear Ancient God Kunluo. 他暗自思索,顿时明白昆罗古神的用意。 So-called All Heavens' Thirteen Taboos, is among All Heavens 13 hangs the riddle mystically the taboo. 所谓“诸天十三禁”,即是诸天间十三个神秘悬谜的禁忌。 Not necessarily refers to for the character, but is one type exceeds All Heavens, may be called non-solution the taboo exists. 不一定是指代人物,而是一种超越诸天,堪称“无解”的禁忌存在。 Peak mighty figure that even Immortal King and Divine Emperor, these eternal do not extinguish, facing All Heavens' Thirteen Taboos, must maintain enough awe, if the contact, may also fall into rashly forever lonesome. 即便是仙王神帝,那些永恒不灭的巅峰大能,面对诸天十三禁,都要保持足够敬畏,若是贸然接触,亦是可能身陷永寂。 Return To Oneness Organization of Returner To Oneness representative, is One of All Heavens' Thirteen Taboos, names The Root of Mystery. 归一者代表的归一组织,便是诸天十三禁之一,又名“源点之谜”。 Ancient God Kunluo mentioned Dao Monarch Profound Dragon, similarly was One of All Heavens' Thirteen Taboos. 昆罗古神提到的“玄龙道君”,同样是诸天十三禁之一 What Dao Monarch Profound Dragon represents is individual, some not influence. According to Luo Liang knows, this is in All Heavens' Thirteen Taboos a mysterious neutral character. 玄龙道君”代表的是个人,并非某个势力。据罗亮所知,这位是诸天十三禁里一位神秘中立的人物。 You wantten thousand years a present big machine to transport with the aid ofDao Monarch Profound Dragon, copes Return To Oneness Organization?” “你想借助‘玄龙道君’万年一现的大机运,去对付归一组织?” Luo Liang say/way looking pensive. 罗亮若有所思的道。 Ancient God Kunluo mentality not wrong. 昆罗古神的思路没有错。 All Heavens' Thirteen Taboos, each thing representative, is existence of mysterious non-solution. The strength in All Heavens is very difficult to shake, only if the transcendence All Heavens strength. 诸天十三禁,每一个事物代表,都是神秘无解的存在。诸天内的力量很难撼动,除非是超脱诸天的力量。 To solve Returner To Oneness and The Root of Mystery truly, only has to borrow is listed as the strength in All Heavens' Thirteen Taboos similarly. 想真正解决归一者源点之谜,唯有借用同样列居诸天十三禁之中的力量。 But, Dao Monarch Profound Dragon each time the present world is very with all due respect short, counted on that it copes with Return To Oneness Organization full power, is not realistic.” “但恕我直言,‘玄龙道君’每次现世很短暂,指望它全力对付归一组织,并不现实。” Say/Way that Luo Liang shakes the head slightly. 罗亮微微摇头的道。 I naturally know this truth. But Dao Monarch Profound Dragon after all can with Returner To Oneness compound mysterious taboo.” “我自然知晓这个道理。但‘玄龙道君’毕竟是能与‘归一者’并列的神秘禁忌。” Kunluo sighed painstakingly. 昆罗苦叹道。 If can obtain its Grand Dao Wish fortunately ‚’, made the wish, at least can deliver the serious attack to Return To Oneness Organization.” “如果能有幸得到它的‘大道之愿’,许下心愿,至少可以对归一组织带来沉重打击。” Luo Liang is a little at heart funny. 罗亮心里有点好笑。 You are in front of Returner To Oneness, inquires about in view of his strategy? 你这是当着归一者的面,探寻针对其本人的策略? But Kunluo said, has the theory chance of success. 昆罗所说,有理论成功的几率。 Dao Monarch Profound Dragon, average ten thousand years present world one time. 玄龙道君,平均万载现世一次。 It in All Heavens, seeks for oneself defect the thing. 它会在诸天间,寻找一件自己“缺失”的事物。 Lacking of Dao Monarch, is lacking of Grand Dao. 道君之缺,亦是大道之缺。 If some life between All Heavens, can obtain the thing of lacking fortunately, Dao Monarch Profound Dragon will then satisfy its wish. 如果诸天间的某个生灵,能有幸获得所缺之物,玄龙道君便会满足其一个心愿。 Since ancient. 自亘古以来。 Obtains lucky fellow who Grand Dao lacks, all wishes of proposing, Dao Monarch Profound Dragon satisfied completely, without exception. 获得大道之缺的幸运儿,提出的所有心愿,玄龙道君全部满足,无一例外。 Therefore, among All Heavens has a legend, Dao Monarch Profound Dragon can complete all wishes! 因此,诸天间有个传说,玄龙道君能完成一切心愿! The premise is, you must find Dao Monarch the thing of defect. 前提是,你要找到道君的缺失之物。
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