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#2250: Chapter 2250 to True Martial Sacred Sect, moves the way initially greatly

Chapter 2252 to True Martial Sacred Sect, moves the way initially greatly 第2252章初至真武圣宗,大迁途 Must know nine territories, although is a whole, but actually in each territories is not interlinked. 要知道九域虽然是一个整体,但其实每一域之间都是不相通的。 Xu Zimo when nine territories, once attempted initially passes through two territory barriers, almost wanted half life. 徐子墨在初来九域,曾经试图穿越两域屏障时,差点要了半条命。 Even if the Great Emperor even is the Great saint powerhouse, needs to pass through between two territories, is a very difficult matter. 哪怕是大帝甚至是大圣的强者,需要穿越两域之间,也是一件很困难的事情。 But True Martial Great Emperor is wields a sword to divide merely. 真武大帝仅仅是挥剑一劈。 A so superficial sword, actually opens channels between nine territories completely. 如此轻描淡写的一剑,却将九域之间的通道全部打开。 Does not need to withstand what space turbulent flow again. 不需要再承受什么空间乱流。 At this moment, nine territories just now is a genuine body, can open access thoroughly. 此刻,九域方才是真正的一体,能够彻底畅通无阻。 At this moment is not only the Yuan Yang Continent person, indigenous of nine territories, start to go to the different regions. 这一刻不仅仅是元央大陆的人,就连九域的土著,都开始前往不同的地域。 After all regarding many general cultivator, can have a spanning opportunity, is very rare. 毕竟对于很多一般的修士来说,能有一个跨越的机会,也是十分难得的。 Entire Heavenly Peak Territory almost lived it up in this flash. 整个天极域几乎在这一瞬间都热闹了起来。 Countless people start to flood into. 无数的人都开始涌入其中。 Regarding the Yuan Yang Continent so lively scene, as well as this completely new world, the people in nine territories feel curiously. 对于元央大陆如此热闹的景象,以及这个全新的世界,就连九域的人都感觉到好奇。 Some people even run on own initiative Yuan Yang Continent. 有些人甚至主动跑进去元央大陆 True Martial Great Emperor has not prevented. 真武大帝也没有阻止。 In any case three days, at the appointed time Yuan Yang Continent thorough seal, the person in which world no matter you are, the opportunity without. 反正三天时间,届时元央大陆会彻底的封闭,不管你是哪个世界的人,都将无出来的机会。 But in Yuan Yang Continent, the person slight hesitation of True Martial Sacred Sect, under the leadership of oneself old ancestor willow tree three swords, had not all left Yuan Yang Continent. 元央大陆内,真武圣宗的人没有丝毫的犹豫,在自家老祖柳三剑的带领下,全部离开了元央大陆 First, is mainly relations between True Martial Great Emperor and True Martial Sacred Sect. 第一,主要是真武大帝真武圣宗之间的关系。 Since came to nine territory world, naturally must turn to the old ancestor. 既然来了九域世界,自然要投靠自家老祖。 Moreover development of True Martial Sacred Sect in nine territories, is very good, can say that now is the Heavenly Peak Territory overlord. 而且真武圣宗在九域的发展,也是十分不错的,可以说如今已然是天极域的霸主。 At the appointed time True Martial Sacred Sect of two world merge in together, regarding Yuan Yang Continent True Martial Sacred Sect is very meaningful. 届时两个世界的真武圣宗合并在一起,对于元央大陆真武圣宗是很有意义的。 Also a little, is they yearns for nine territory world. 还有一点,也是他们向往九域世界。 Before only then the Great Emperor can the ascension world, ask that who was not delighted. 以前只有大帝能够飞升的世界,试问谁又不欢喜呢。 The Great Emperor in Yuan Yang Continent is the absolute ceiling. 大帝在元央大陆便是绝对的天花板。 However nine territory world, the innumerable powerhouses combine in together, formed this colorful world. 但是九域世界呢,无数的强者组合在一起,形成了这个多姿多彩的世界。 The radiant civilization compared with Yuan Yang Continent, wanted is too many broadly. 璀璨文明比起元央大陆,要广阔太多了。 At this moment in the entrance of Yuan Yang world, countless people are lining up to be about to leave here. 此刻在元央世界的大门口,无数人排着队准备离开这里。 Saw after True Martial Sacred Sect arrival that the willow tree three swords lead, many people allow to pass through on own initiative. 看到柳三剑带领的真武圣宗到来后,许多人都主动让路。 Some people even climbed the relations. 有人甚至攀起了关系。 Willow tree senior, you invited quickly, perhaps the god of the north old ancestor is waiting for you in front.” “柳前辈,你快请,说不定真武老祖就在前面等着你们呢。” Willow tree senior, but also remembers me, before True Martial Sacred Sect encountered difficulty, I have also provided the help.” “柳前辈,还记得我嘛,之前真武圣宗遇难,我还提供过帮助呢。” „Can senior, lead us to join True Martial Sacred Sect together, this outside world we are not familiar, if encounters the danger, but also asked the senior to intend to help 12.” “前辈,能不能带我们一起加入真武圣宗啊,这外面的世界我们也不熟悉,万一遇到危险,还请前辈出手能帮助一二。” The people talked at once. 众人七嘴八舌。 As we all know, True Martial Sacred Sect must rise thoroughly. 大家都知道,真武圣宗要彻底崛起了。 After all True Martial Great Emperor ruled Yuan Yang Continent directly, body Great Way, this all sorts of behaviors, are making clear to the great strength of True Martial Great Emperor. 毕竟真武大帝直接统治了元央大陆,身化大道,这种种行为,都在昭示着真武大帝的强大。 But perhaps their old ancestors, have perished where. 而他们的老祖,说不定已经沉沦在何处了。 Regarding nine territory world, the people are not only novel and worries. 对于九域世界,众人是既新奇又担忧的。 After all the future thing, always follows too many things. 毕竟未来的事物,总伴随太多的东西。 But True Martial Sacred Sect looks like everyone's pillar. 真武圣宗就像是大家的主心骨。 The willow tree three swords were very actually long are thought highly by so many people. 柳三剑倒是很久没有被这么多人恭维了。 Before True Martial Sacred Sect declined, Xu Zimo after going to Yuan Yang Continent helped True Martial Sacred Sect, the True Martial Sacred Sect aspect has changed for the better. 之前真武圣宗没落,徐子墨在去往元央大陆帮助真武圣宗后,真武圣宗的局面才有所好转。 However because the sect decline background was too weak. 不过因为宗门的没落底子还是太薄弱了。 After Xu Zimo leaves, True Martial Sacred Sect then starts to close the entrance, regroups after a defeat, self-cultivation. 徐子墨离开后,真武圣宗便开始关闭山门,重整旗鼓,修身养性。 To save the strength, finally flies to ascend to heaven again. 想要积攒实力,最终再一飞登天。 Therefore this period of time True Martial Sacred Sect is extremely low-key. 所以这段时间的真武圣宗是极其低调的。 But as now birth of True Martial Great Emperor, Sacred Sect magnificent sparkles again. 而如今随着真武大帝的出世,圣宗的辉煌再次闪耀起来。 The willow tree three swords are impolite with them. 柳三剑也没有跟他们客气。 Because in the world of powerhouse, the strength is eternal, other are fabricated. 因为在强者的世界里,实力才是永恒的,其他都是虚妄的。 The willow tree three swords take the lead, the True Martial Sacred Sect elders and disciples also follow behind. 柳三剑走在前面,真武圣宗的长老们、弟子们也都跟在身后。 The people are the crest of wave completely leave, valiant spirited. 众人可谓是风头尽出,雄赳赳气昂昂。 Many people envy. 许多人都不禁羡慕不已。 Even also some people felt the own old ancestor does not make every effort to succeed. 甚至还有人觉得自家老祖不争气。 After the True Martial Sacred Sect person first leaves, other talents follow. 真武圣宗的人先离开后,其他人才紧随其后。 Bridged over the Yuan Yang Continent space gate, the body after experiencing a dizzy space switch over. 跨过元央大陆的空间门,身体在经历了一番天旋地转的空间切换后。 The form of people appears in nine territory world. 众人的身影都出现在九域世界。 Enters, many people then can feel that rich spiritual energy feeling. 一进入其中,很多人便能感受到那种浓郁的灵气感。 This is some big world with the difference of small-scale world. 这是一些大型世界跟小型世界的不同。 The spiritual energy rich degree and quality of big world are not a rank. 大型世界的灵气浓郁程度和质量都不是一个级别的。 Although regarding the Dao Fruit later powerhouse, spiritual energy very big degree is unimportant. 虽然对于道果之后的强者来说,灵气已经很大程度不重要了。 However regarding most ordinary cultivator, spiritual energy is all cores. 但是对于大多数普通修士而言,灵气便是一切的核心。 Many Yuan Yang Continent cultivator after are relieving to spiritual energy of nine territory world initially. 许多元央大陆修士在初步解除到九域世界的灵气之后。 Feels this obvious variation instantaneously. 瞬间就感觉到这种明显的差异化。 within the body stagnates for a long time shackles even to start to become less crowded. 体内停滞许久的桎梏甚至开始松动起来。 Several people break through realm at the scene, obtained the breakthrough. 有好几个人当场冲破境界,得到了突破。 ...... …… Front, but True Martial Sacred Sect?” “前方可是真武圣宗?” The Daoist looks at the tide of people that comes in swarms, starts to shout greatly. 有一名道人看着蜂拥而至的人潮,开始大喊道。 This Daoist voice is deafening, suppressed the tide of people of clamoring instantaneously. 这道人声音震耳欲聋,瞬间就压制住了喧哗的人潮。 What matter fellow daoist has,” willow tree three swords stood on own initiative, inquired. “道友有何事,”柳三剑主动站了出来,询问道。 I am the god of the north old ancestor arrange to aid your, True Martial Sacred Sect of nine territories in front. “我是真武老祖安排过来接应你们的,九域的真武圣宗就在前面。 You follow me, ” Daoist said with a smile. 你们都跟我走吧,”道人笑道。 This Daoist named nine secret Daoist, is nine territory world True Martial Sacred Sect this generation of most competent elders. 这道人名叫九秘道人,乃是九域世界真武圣宗这一代最有实力的长老。 Also is the next sect candidate. 也是下一任宗门的候选人。 True Martial Great Emperor arranges him, has own ponder. 真武大帝安排他,也是有自己的思考。 Yuan Yang Continent with nine territory world, two sect fuses mutually. 元央大陆与九域世界,两个宗门相互融合。 Then everyone's position, will adjust. 那么所有人的职位,也都会有所调整。 Yuan Yang Continent True Martial Sacred Sect must be partial to True Martial Sacred Sect of nine territories. 元央大陆真武圣宗肯定要偏向九域的真武圣宗 Then nine secret Daoist must certainly complete the ideological work all the way. 那么一路上九秘道人肯定要做好思想工作。 Although this is not what important matter, but True Martial Great Emperor also considers the mood of everyone. 虽然这不算什么大事,但真武大帝也考虑到每个人的情绪。 True Martial Sacred Sect is he establishes personally, True Martial Great Emperor is anything is special regarding his emotion. 真武圣宗是他亲手创立,真武大帝对于他的情感是什么特殊的。 After all True Martial Great Emperor does not have the parents, without finding a wife to give birth, to him, True Martial Sacred Sect is similar to the child. 毕竟真武大帝没有父母,没有娶妻生子,对于他而言,真武圣宗就如同孩子。 Saw that the willow tree three sword belts the people are leaving, other Yuan Yang Continent indigenous also starts to disperse. 看到柳三剑带着众人离开,其他元央大陆的土著们也开始分散开。 Gradually accepts to understand nine territory world. 都逐渐接受去了解九域世界。 ...... …… In True Martial Sacred Sect, 真武圣宗内, Has Manchurian crane long cry, Qilin contends, the Divine Dragon day falls. 有仙鹤长鸣,麒麟角逐,神龙天降。 The cultivator holding a sword line, the person of great strength pulls out the mountains and rivers, has the wind and cloud gathering, mountain Kuwata. 修士仗剑行,力士拔山河,更有风云汇聚,山海桑田。 The fog tentacle may , the under foot like the fairyland, various treasure trove Tamada finds at everywhere. 云雾触手可及,脚下如同仙境,各种宝地灵田随处可见。 Big trees just like the towering, rare spirit beast find at everywhere. 一棵棵大树宛如参天,罕见的灵兽更是随处可见。 The disciples are prosperous, sect progresses day by day. 弟子们欣欣向荣,宗门蒸蒸日上。 The willow tree three sword belts many disciples are dazzled. 柳三剑带着众多弟子可谓是看花了眼。 Compared with Yuan Yang Continent, here True Martial Sacred Sect just like huge difference, difference of cloud mud. 元央大陆相比,这里的真武圣宗宛如天壤之别,云泥之别。 Did not say exaggeratingly. 这么说一点都不夸张。 () ()
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