IATV :: Volume #19

#1841: Chapter 1841 pre-war arranges, discussing official business

King northern slight nod. 王北微微点头。 Said: „ I heard before, Evil Demon Territory by Saint courtyard attacking and occupying. 说道:“我之前听闻,孽魔域被圣庭给攻占了。 Inside had many demon clans to be killed. 里面有许多魔族都被杀了。 Wants demon clan that comes this to be escapes. 想来这应该是逃跑出来的魔族吧。 The hidden is so deep . Moreover the strength is so strong. 隐藏如此深,而且实力已经这么强了。 If not for he this time breaks through, we could not feel. ” 若不是他此番突破,我们都感觉不到。” Demon clan with my immortal clan is the world enemy,” immortal jade, if said lightly. “魔族与我仙族乃是世敌,”仙玉若淡淡说道。 Initially the immortal clan chaos, the immortal standard lost, including very big reason then because of the demon clan.” “当初仙族大乱,仙典丢失,其中有很大原因便是因魔族而起的。” That what to do? “那怎么办? Do we want to kill him? ” North the kings asked. 我们要杀他吗?”王北问道。 Can look, he has started to obey the immortal jade, if. 看得出来,他已经开始听从仙玉若的。 After all the immortal standard succeeds in obtaining, if the immortal jade that lineage/vein are very likely to become legitimate, thus commands the immortal clan. 毕竟仙典到手,仙玉若那一脉很可能成为正统,从而统领仙族。 Must make the plan to be good ahead of schedule. 还是要提早做打算才好。 Does not worry, by our strengths not necessarily is his opponent,” immortal jade, if shakes the head. “不着急,以我们的实力不一定是他的对手,”仙玉若摇了摇头。 Said: Is close to him on own initiative, first inquired his origin, as well as had other partners.” 说道:“主动接近他,先打听一下他的来历,以及有没有其他同伙。” Moreover now Yaochi is tightly guarded, wants to kill people here, only fears the Western King mother also non- reason. “而且如今瑶池戒备森严,想在这里杀人,只怕西王母也不原因。 Needs further consideration. ” 从长计议。” North the kings also nods, said: „ It is not really good, waits for the Yaochi chaos the time. 王北也点点头,说道:“实在不行,等瑶池大乱的时候。 We seize the chance to kill him again. ” 咱们趁机再杀他。” They have made the preparation, as for other, does not worry to begin for the time being. 两人内心已经做了准备,至于其他的,暂且不着急动手。 But after Xu Zimo opens eyes, three flowers have condensed, the power and influence starts reserved. 徐子墨睁开眼后,三花已经凝聚,威势开始内敛。 He said toward Grandpa king with a smile: Many thanks Way Protector.” 他笑着朝王爷爷说道:“多谢护道了。” Minor matter,” Grandpa king beckons with the hand. “小事,”王爷爷只是摆摆手。 Then the flat peach Saint will continue to conduct, has the maidservant in Yaochi to come this to dance specially. 接下来蟠桃圣会继续举办,有瑶池的侍女专门来此跳舞。 The purplish red silk fabrics, the flag dances in the air. 紫红绸缎,旗帜飞舞。 But the vision of people are not on this obviously, there are few people to become friends with Xu Zimo on own initiative. 但众人的目光显然不在这上面,有一部分人主动来结交徐子墨 All of this world cannot leave the benefit, the itself/Ben is a great-circle, the rise. 这世界的一切都离不开利益,本就是一个大圈,起起落落。 Xu Zimo is actually disinclined to deal with. 徐子墨却是懒得应付。 Drank the immortal fine jade to ferment, ate the flat peach, in the afternoon the flat peach Saint is also about to end. 喝了仙琼酿,吃了蟠桃,下午时分蟠桃圣会也快结束了。 Basically the influence on the scene is willing with Yaochi cooperation. 基本上在场的势力都是愿意与瑶池合作的。 Over the following several days, it is estimated that these reinforcements will arrive. 接下来几天,估计这些援兵就会到位。 Before the conclusion, the Western King mother stood up toward the people said: „ This time the matter Yaochi life or death, asked everyone. 结束前,西王母站起身朝众人说道:“此番事瑶池存亡,就拜托大家了。 That side monster race is ready to make trouble, I estimated that the war will be happening, but also hopes that everyone can work as one. ” 妖族那边蠢蠢欲动,我估计战争就在不日发生,还希望大家能齐心协力。” Decides does not lose the grandmother to hold,” people shout with one voice greatly. “定不负王母所托,”众人齐声大喊道。 The flat peach Saint will end, in fact besides Nanzhou nine as well as beyond permits Zhiyuan the interlude, other is normal. 蟠桃圣会结束,事实上除了南洲九宗以及许致远的插曲外,其他还算正常。 The external influence was arranged in Penglai Pagoda, but the people of various Yaochi lineage/vein were worried by the Western King mother, went to day Qiongdao to hold a small meeting specially. 外来的势力都被安排在蓬莱阁,而瑶池各脉的人被西王母着急,特意去天琼岛开了个小会。 Day Qiongdao is the immortal lineage/vein center, is the Western King mother usually holds the place of congress. 天琼岛是仙脉的中心,也是西王母平时召开大会的地方。 What makes Xu Zimo not think, oneself were actually also said. 只是让徐子墨没想到的是,自己竟然也被叫上了。 Only listens to Grandpa king to say with a smile: „Before grandmother just before leaving told, making you go with me together.” 只听王爷爷笑道:“王母临走前吩咐,让你跟我一起去。” Your this Western King mother Mai what bottle gourd,” Xu Zimo said with a smile. “你们这西王母买的什么葫芦,”徐子墨笑道。 Grandmother estimated that wants to chat with you alone,” Grandpa king said. “王母估计想跟你单独谈谈吧,”王爷爷说道。 At least this grandmother stands you, even did not hesitate to offend several other lineage/vein. “起码这次王母是站在你这边的,甚至不惜得罪了其他几脉。 This sentiment you may the main point. ” 这个情你可要领啊。” Xu Zimo smiles, vigilant saying: Beforehand reaches an agreement, your Yaochi and monster race matter I do not mix.” 徐子墨笑了笑,警惕的说道:“事先说好,你们瑶池与妖族的事我不掺和。” Xu Zimo did not fear monster race, but is the key he and Yaochi is not ripe. 徐子墨倒也不是怕了妖族,而是关键他与瑶池不熟啊。 His present position is very awkward. 他如今的地位很尴尬。 Must say that changes the situation in Yaochi, not cannot , he once in use a Demon Lord residual strength. 要说改变瑶池的局势,也并非不能,他一旦动用上一任魔主残留的力量。 Let alone monster race, even if the Saint courtyard he can also hit. 别说妖族了,哪怕是圣庭他也能打上去。 But key strength is to save a life, with one few one time, he does not want to waste on Yaochi. 但关键这力量是救命的,用一次少一次,他不想浪费在瑶池身上。 But if not use this strength, wants to help Yaochi thoroughly, is somewhat rare. 但若是不动用这股力量,就想彻底帮助瑶池,有些难得。 cultivation base of three flowered boundaries, oneself truly can achieve the same step to be invincible. 三花境的修为,自己确实可以做到同阶无敌。 But monster race has three corpse boundaries. 妖族可是有三尸境的。 Although explained that in the surface has not appeared, at present monster race 16 monster king are completely three flower boundaries. 虽然说明面上没出现过,目前妖族的十六妖王全部是三花境。 But not possible unexpected. 但不可能不防啊。 Perhaps Yaochi do have three corpse powerhouses? 说不定瑶池自家也有三尸强者呢? Xu Zimo understands monster race as well as Yaochi were too few, is unable to understand. 徐子墨对于妖族以及瑶池了解的太少了,也无从了解。 He can only watch changes quietly as far as possible, does not comply with Yaochi, does not reject. 他只能尽可能静观其变,不答应瑶池,也不拒绝。 If the Western King mother really lays cards on the table with him, he instead did not say. 西王母真要是跟他摊牌,他反而不好说。 Grandpa king at this time opens the mouth. 王爷爷这时开口了。 You come to Yaochi do not seek for the profound deep goddess inheritance.” “你来瑶池不是要寻找玄冥女神的传承嘛。” Xu Zimo nods. 徐子墨点点头。 If the Western King mother gives you inheritance, making you help Yaochi?” Grandpa king asked. “若是西王母把传承给你,让你帮瑶池呢?”王爷爷反问道。 Some Xu Zimo headaches, this somewhat is truly thorny. 徐子墨有些头疼,这确实有些棘手。 However he said with a smile: You will not feel, I can change Yaochi this time present situation.” 不过他还是笑道:“你们不会觉得,我能改变瑶池这次的现状吧。” You may look at me high.” “你们可高看我了。” You went saying that with the grandmother,” Grandpa king were not many says anything. “那你去跟王母说吧,”王爷爷也不多说什么。 Two people Qiongdao goes upwards. 两人朝天琼岛而去。 Grandpa king consoles to say all the way: „ You with casting gratitude and grudges of crane lineage/vein settle. 一路上王爷爷劝解道:“你与铸鹤一脉的恩怨就此了结吧。 Actually that white crane founder somewhat hides shortcomings, his feelings do not go bad. ” 其实那白鹤祖师只是有些护短,他个人心肠不坏的。” Casts crane lineage/vein to insult your plant lineage/vein, opening that you look at actually,” Xu Zimo returns said. “铸鹤一脉欺辱你们植物一脉,你倒是看的开,”徐子墨回道。 That is under some disciples, in fact in the high levels is very harmonious,” Grandpa king also said. “那都是底下一些弟子,事实上高层之间还挺和睦的,”王爷爷又说道。 Casts crane lineage/vein the Grand Elder Buddhist relics. “还有铸鹤一脉的大长老地舍利。 Just the flat peach Saint met him not to come, your time went to be able to see him. 刚刚蟠桃圣会他没有来,你这次去应该可以看到他。 The white crane founder person is good, but this Buddhist relics you did not use politely. ” 白鹤祖师人不错,但这地舍利你就不用客气了。” Xu Zimo can hear among two people to have the enmity. 徐子墨听得出两人之间应该有仇怨。 The Western King mother goes out from the immortal lineage/vein, after two people arrive at a day of Qiongdao, then entered in the main hall quickly. 西王母是从仙脉走出的,两人来到天琼岛后,很快便进入了大殿内。 Some people see Xu Zimo, knits the brows to ask slightly: Our Yaochi discussing official business, how did this child come?” 有人看到徐子墨,微微皱眉问道:“咱们瑶池议事,此子怎么来了?” Is grandmother's request,” Grandpa king answered. “是王母的要求,”王爷爷解释道。 The people have not then said anything. 众人便没有说什么。 Xu Zimo saw the Buddhist relics, Yaochi once the law enforcement elder. 徐子墨果真见到了地舍利,瑶池曾经的执法长老。 Sees only his long hair black and white mixture, the facial expression is scrupulous about every detail, stands does not talk with others there. 只见他一头长发黑白夹杂,神情一丝不苟,站在那里也不与别人交谈。 The arrival of Xu Zimo has not even brought to his attention. 徐子墨的到来甚至没引起他的注意。 In a while, the Western King mother also came. 没过多久,西王母也过来了。 Today worries everyone, I think that everyone should understand was anything. “今天将大家着急起来,我想大家应该都明白是什么事了。 Said respectively, that side monster race how? ” 都各自说说吧,妖族那边如何了?” Is about unable to suppress,” an elder of cold ice lineage/vein said. “已经快压不住了,”寒冰一脉的长老说道。 That side Icewind Dale, the monster race army assembles, according to news that we investigate, is of Milky Way turtles and nether world tigers ten six monster race.” “冰风谷那边,妖族大军集结,根据我们探查到的消息,乃是十六妖族之一的银河龟与幽冥虎。” „Can monster race have to send for?” The Western King mother asked. 妖族可有派人来?”西王母问道。 Sent, they want us to submit, and withdraws from Kunlun Mountain to take over control by them,” this elder returns said. “派了,他们要我们臣服,并且退出昆仑山由他们接管,”这长老回道。 Dream of a fool, our Yaochi, even if died in battle, cannot such as its hope,” has the elder angry say/way. “痴人做梦,咱们瑶池纵使战死,也不能如其所愿,”有长老愤怒道。 According to you looked when this war can hit?” The Western King mother asked. “依你们看,这战争什么时候能打起来?”西王母问道。 „, At monster race that side speed, most three days will then launch the general attack on the 3rd,” the elder of immortal lineage/vein takes the lead to say. “三日,以妖族那边的速度,最多三日便会发起总攻,”仙脉的长老率先说道。 That feels the winning percentage how much?” “那诸位觉得胜率几何呢?” Did not say, but I and other meetings have defended Kunlun Mountain deadly,” some people showed loyally, said strongly. “不好说,但我等会已死保卫昆仑山,”有人表忠心,强硬说道。 Only if treading me and other corpses, otherwise does not make monster race enter Kunlun Mountain.” “除非踏着我等尸体,否则绝不让妖族进入昆仑山。”
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