IACTTTW :: Volume #2

#192: apocalypse exchange

In the morning! 清晨! Changed so many contents?” “又修改了这么多内容吗?” Giving a thought to the navigation look is dignified, " zombie Atlas » content that just glanced through has many changes, most attracts the attention is food brain introduction. 顾航神色凝重,刚翻阅的《丧尸图册》内容有很多改变,其中最吸引注意力的就是‘食脑者’的介绍。 More looked that more heart is startled. 越看越心惊。 More looks is more shocking. 越看越震惊。 Un, met with food brain, cleans up two cities with the aid of its ability, a municipal level, a county level, was thinking continuation, but eats brain eventually is zombie, ominous is cruel, can only “嗯,跟食脑者碰面,借助它的能力清理两座城市,一个市级,一个县级,本想着继续,但是食脑者终究是丧尸,凶性残暴,只能 In this chapter content renewal... 本章节内容更新中...
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