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#29: Let him horizontally

Master Guo, does not know that this auction, can once have a mind the thing?” Zhou Yang inquired, otherwise here atmosphere, does not know when will refuse to compromise? “郭大侠,不知道此来拍卖会,可曾有心动之物?”周阳询问道,不然这里的气氛,不知道会僵持到什么时候? This time is to actually want to seek to guard Xiangyang, routs the law of Mongolian army.” Middle-aged Guo Jing stern-faced say/way, although learns the military tactics on military solemn posthumous writings, but the troops and compared with the allied armies of army force Xiangyang city, both can be said as, huge difference. “这次却是希望寻找守卫襄阳,击溃蒙古大军之法。”中年郭靖一脸凝重道,虽然习得武穆遗书上的兵法,但是襄阳城的兵力和盟军大军兵力相比,两者可以说是,天壤之别。 The Mongolian armies attack each time, at least several tens of thousands armies, but the soldier in Xiangyang city, on the soldiers of 5000 old and weak . Moreover, the equipment is extremely bad, the soldiers do not have the fighting spirit. 每次蒙古大军来攻,至少都有数万大军,而襄阳城的士兵,也就五千老弱之兵,而且,装备极差,士卒毫无斗志。 If not for the Mongolian armies attack a city each time, has large numbers of Jianghu people, comes to help defend a city, the Xiangyang city was broken through early. 若不是每次蒙古大军攻城,都有大批的江湖人士,前来帮助守城,襄阳城早被攻破。 With the start of war, the Jianghu person loses seriously, but, the Mongolian armies are attacking and occupying, the casualness pulls up several tens of thousands slave armies, both are in inverse proportion, one day, this imbalance, will become giant stone that will crash the Xiangyang city. 随着大战的开始,江湖人士损失惨重,但是,蒙古大军在攻占地,随便就拉起一支数万奴隶大军,两者此消彼长,总有一天,这种失衡,会成为压垮襄阳城的巨石。 Guo the youngster Guo Jing facial color suppresses red, he does not know how to call in another world. “郭・・・・・・・”少年郭靖面色憋得通红,他也不知道如何称呼另一个世界的自己。 You can call his Brother Guo.” Nearby young married woman Huang Rong, the accent said with a smile. “你可以叫他郭大哥嘛。”一旁的少妇黄蓉,调笑道。 Guo big Elder Brother, after Mongolia, will attack Song?” Some youngster Guo Jing worries said, side is lives more than ten years of family/home, side is own country, between the family/home countries, how making him choose? “郭・・・大・・・哥,蒙古以后会攻打大宋吗?”少年郭靖有些担心道,一边是自己生活十几年的家,一边是自己的国,家国之间,让他如何抉择? Perhaps your there Mongolia, cannot.” The young married woman Huang Rong faint say/way, here has certainly the person of gold/metal country, inquired that Mongolia extinguished gold/metal news is too easy, gold/metal Guo ignores Mongolia uprising, similarly, Song will not perhaps suppress Mongolia surely, youngster Guo Jing also was really lucky, but their couples, perhaps which day, battle dead Xiangyang city. “你那里的蒙古,或许不会了。”少妇黄蓉幽幽道,这里一定有金国之人,打听到蒙古灭金这个消息太容易了,金国必定不会放任蒙古崛起,同样,宋国恐怕也会打压蒙古,少年郭靖还真是幸运,而他们夫妻,或许哪一天,就会战死襄阳城。 Perhaps, I can help you 12.” The Zhou Yang light say/way, in the heart actually decided on near the Xiangyang city, the attention of Crooked Bodhi Snake, that can increase the snake guts of skill, surely is the best-selling thing. “或许,我能帮助你们一二。”周阳淡淡道,心中却是打定了襄阳城边,菩斯曲蛇的注意,那个可以增加功力的蛇胆,必定是畅销之物。 This little brother, has not known your name, if really can help Guo Jing defend Xiangyang, goes through fire or water not to refuse under any circumstances surely.” Some middle-aged Guo Jing excited say/way. “这位小兄弟,还不知你的姓名,若是真能帮助郭靖守住襄阳,必定赴汤蹈火在所不辞。”中年郭靖有些激动道。 Zhou Yang.” The Zhou Yang light say/way, is intimate forever, so long as Master Guo, cultivation base goes a step further again, in greatly Song and the Mongolia, was invincible existence, in ten thousand army, was accepted after passing an examination the severed head, such as took something out of the pocket.” 周阳。”周阳淡淡道,“靠人永远不如靠己,只要郭大侠,修为再进一步,在大宋和蒙古,就是无敌的存在,万军之中,取上将首级,如探囊取物。” Guo, although already Xiantian Realm small accomplishment, but must be busy with the military affairs every day, perhaps the martial arts have nothing the too big progress again, even if puts down the military affairs, is still hard to break through.” The Guo Jing facial color is somewhat gloomy, this idea he has also thought that is a Xiantian Realm boundary, is more difficult than to break through one, if cultivates for a long time, the martial arts have not broken through, perhaps the Xiangyang city had been broken through. “郭某,虽然已经先天境小成,可是每天都要忙于军务,武道恐怕再无有太大的进步,即使放下军务,也难以突破。”郭靖面色有些暗淡,这个主意他也想过,可是先天境一个境界,比一个难突破,若是长时间修炼,武道没有突破,襄阳城恐怕早就被攻破了。 Brother Jin should not be anxious, but at present this Sir teachers of the state Excellency.” Young married woman Huang Rong is the vision shines, hearsay Sir teachers of the state Excellency is the deity descends to earth, falling dust in world, no matter the hearsay is not accurate, but, can the person different world , transfer to the same world, absolutely is the extraordinary person. “靖哥哥别急,眼前这位可是国师大人。”少妇黄蓉却是眼光发亮,传闻国师大人是神仙下凡,降尘于世,不管传闻准不准,但是,能够将不同世界的人,不知不觉间,挪移到同一个世界,绝对是非凡之人。 Middle-aged Guo Jing, is a face anticipation. 中年郭靖,也是一脸期待。 Near the Xiangyang city, the canyon, has Crooked Bodhi Snake there, takes his guts to take, not only, can increase the skill, but, can the strong essence, helping Master Guo break through the innate small accomplishment bottleneck, is very relaxed, later Master Guo can choose some Crooked Bodhi Snake to breed, escorts to the Myriad Worlds' Shop transaction, here definitely has the commodity of satisfied Master Guo.” Zhou Yang answered, finally exposed his goal. “在襄阳城附近,有一处深谷,在那里有一种菩斯曲蛇,取其胆服用,不仅,可以增加功力,而且,可以强壮精气,帮助郭大侠突破先天小成的瓶颈,还是十分轻松的,之后郭大侠可以选择一些菩斯曲蛇养殖,送往万界楼交易,在这里绝对有满足郭大侠的商品。”周阳解释道,终于暴露出他的目的。 However middle-aged Guo Jing and young married woman Huang Rong is a face is joyful, this indeed is good means that once the Mongolian armies invade one's territory, middle-aged Guo Jing can kill the command, even enters the Mongolian army center directly, assassinates Mongolian leader. 不过中年郭靖和少妇黄蓉却是一脸喜悦,这的确是一个不错的办法,一旦蒙古大军来犯,中年郭靖就可以杀死统帅,甚至直接杀入蒙古大军腹地,刺杀蒙古首领。 Xiantian Realm small accomplishment, but can also resist by the army, once breaks through the boundary of innate great accomplishment, only if the army several tens of thousands armies siege in central, moreover under premise that in this person does not want to break through, may kill. 先天境小成,还能靠大军抵挡,一旦突破先天大成之境,除非大军数万大军围困在中央,而且是在这人不想突破的前提下,才有可能杀死。 Sir teachers of the state Excellency is not good, your majesty tied down by a hooligan.” The small cassia bud, quickly runs up to the Zhou Yang side to say. 国师大人不好了,陛下被一个流氓缠住了。”小桂子,急急忙忙跑到周阳的身边说道。 Doesn't have the guard?” The Zhou Yang doubts said that to protect the Liu Bian security, Zhou Yang arranges standard Wei temporarily in protection of Liu Bian. “不是有护卫吗?”周阳疑惑道,为了保护刘辩的安全,周阳可是将典韦暂时安排在刘辩的身旁保护。 By the standard Wei's strength, the common master class, was not the enemies of his three gathering, the hooligan shuts in the prison directly not on the line. 以典韦的实力,寻常的一流高手,都不是他的三合之敌,流氓直接关进大牢不就行了。 That person says Han Liu Bang.” Some small cassia bud facial color strange say/way. “那人自称汉高祖刘邦。”小桂子面色有些古怪道。 Master Guo, Guo Jing, has the matter to say goodbye below in advance, Bulma you accompany Master Guo they to stroll the Luoyang city everywhere.” Their several people of natures hear, little Gui innertube Zhou Yang is walking toward the city west, there is the good food place of Luoyang city. “郭大侠,郭靖,在下有事先行告辞,布玛你陪郭大侠他们四处逛一逛洛阳城。”他们几人自然听见,小桂子带着周阳向着城西走去,那里是洛阳城的美食地。 I am Han Liu Bang, does anyone of you dare to bump me is the treason and heresy?” Zhou Yang in the distant place, hears being unruly of hooligan very much, regarding Liu Bang, Zhou Yang can not say that a favorable impression, this abandons the wife, hooligan emperor who slaughters the hero, in the Zhou Yang eye is a waste. “我是汉高祖刘邦,你们谁敢碰我就是大逆不道?”周阳在很远处,就听到一个流氓氏的撒泼,对于刘邦,周阳可以说没有一点好感,这个抛弃妻子,杀戮功臣的流氓皇帝,在周阳眼里就是一个人渣。 Before Liu Bian body, height about nine chi (0.33 m) standard Wei, takes two long halberds, horizontally in front, but protects the Liu Bian security, has not had any injury to Liu Bang, although standard Wei has not studied, but also knows that the founders in guy towards are Liu Bang. 刘辩身前,身高大约九尺的典韦,拿着两把长戟,横在前方,只是保护刘辩的安全,并没有对刘邦有任何伤害,虽然典韦没有读过书,但是也知道大汉朝的创立者是刘邦 Sir teachers of the state Excellency.” Looks that the Zhou Yang half step walks, all around soldiers, the facial color ratio is respectful to Liu Bian. 国师大人。”看着周阳快步走来,四周的士卒,面色比对刘辩还恭敬。 Em.” Zhou Yang nods gently, turns around to look to Liu Bang at the same time, Liu Bang wears a shabby clothing, the hair is somewhat chaotic, living is a modeling of hooligan. “恩。”周阳轻轻点了点头,转身看向一边的刘邦,刘邦身穿一身破旧不堪的衣衫,头发有些乱糟糟的,活生生的就是一个流氓的造型。 Name: Liu Bang. “姓名:刘邦 Status: Myth, the life of hidden dragon. ” 身份:神话,潜龙之命。” Originally is Liu Bang in myth, once betrayed Yi Xiaochuan, making him wander about destitute to cultivating the Great Wall, this is a superficial loyalty is incomparable, in the back is actually cruel and merciless, the hypocrite of resorting to all means that is deep the essence of thick black theory. 原来是神话中的刘邦,曾经出卖易小川,让他流落到修长城,这是一个表面义气无比,背地里却是心狠手辣,不择手段的伪君子,深得厚黑学的精髓。 Liu Bang sees with own eyes Zhou Yang to come, the eye glitters to dread, but, thinks are rotten life, quick did not fear, careless is sizing up Zhou Yang. 刘邦眼见周阳前来,眼睛闪烁着一丝畏惧,不过,一想自己就烂命一条,很快就不怕了,大大咧咧的打量着周阳 Does not know that what demand this brothers do have?” Zhou Yang said with a smile lightly. “不知这位兄弟有什么需求?”周阳淡淡笑道。 I want ten 120 gold and two, not five beautiful women.” In the Liu Bang eye is glittering greedily, eager looks at Zhou Yang. “我要十・・・・・・一百两黄金和二个,不五个美女。”刘邦眼中闪烁着贪婪,眼巴巴的看着周阳 You, go to the recent procuress to call.” Zhou Yang is telling to a soldier. “你,去将最近的老鸨叫过来。”周阳对着一个士兵吩咐道。 Soldier hears word, in high spirits runs toward a lane entrance. 士兵闻言,兴冲冲的向着一个巷口跑去。 Liu Bang hears word, the saliva flowed, in the heart regretted secretly, originally own status was so easy-to-use, if we had known wanted some. 刘邦闻言,不禁口水都流出来了,心中暗暗后悔,原来自己的身份这么好用,早知道多要一些了。 Before long, appearance a gorgeous female of being beautifully attired, with the soldiers, walks quickly. 不一会,一个打扮的花枝招展的艳丽女子,跟着士卒,快步走来。 Comes the person, is protecting this brothers, one enjoys to the Yihongyuan backstage well, do not let him stand.” Zhou Yang night/lodge health/guard is telling to nearby palace, then turns the head to look to the procuress, the light say/way, must make him satisfy.” “来人,护着这位兄弟,好好到怡红院后台一番享受,别让他站着出来。”周阳对着一旁的宫中宿卫吩咐道,而后转头看向老鸨,淡淡道,“务必让他满意。” Asked Sir teachers of the state Excellency to feel relieved.” Procuress hears word, the eyeful shines, vows solemnly saying that this is helps teachers of the state Excellency work, does not know that the present person is so unlucky? In the Yihongyuan backstage, only then turtle- Duke, when the time comes looks certainly for several strong turtles- Duke. “请国师大人放心。”老鸨闻言,满眼放光,信誓旦旦道,这可是帮国师做事,也不知眼前之人怎么这么倒霉?在怡红院后台,只有龟-公,到时候一定多找几个强壮的龟-公。 Four night/lodge health/guard, no matter but struggling and pitiful yell of Liu Bang, are putting up the Liu Bang tight following procuress. 四个宿卫,可不管刘邦的挣扎和惨叫,架着刘邦紧紧跟着老鸨。 You made a mistake, the present person is really Han Liu Bang.” There are several phase splitting shapes with reckless song, wears the young people half step of armor to run to prevent to say. “你们搞错了,眼前的人真是汉高祖刘邦。”一个和胡歌有几分相像,身穿铠甲的年轻人快步跑来阻止道。 Yi Xiaochuan, do you also want to go back?” Zhou Yang waves, the night/lodge health/guard direct half step drags away Liu Bang, wants to save Liu Bang Yi Xiaochuan hears word, the whole body shakes to stop. 易小川,你还想不想回去?”周阳一挥手,宿卫直接快步拖走刘邦,原本想拯救刘邦易小川闻言,浑身不由一震停了下来。 ********** ********** Thank HK that crowd, 10 coin coins hit to enjoy 感谢“HK那群”,十币币打赏 Sought the recommendation!!! 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