HSSB :: Volume #11

#1036: Yan Zhao Ge's counter-attack

Ices broken coldly, Empress Xie Mingkong True Body, finally appears before the people. 寒冰破碎,女帝解明空真身,终于出现在众人面前。 Her both eyes still closed, but extends the take action palm, sets up the palm like the blade, chops in void. 双目仍然闭合,只是伸出手掌,立掌如刀,在虚空中一劈。 This cuts, cold air restraining, void no longer ice-cold. 这一斩,寒气收敛,虚空不再冰冷。 However endless tip, by the potential of heaven splitting and earth shattering, breaks the at present world! 但是无尽锋芒,以开天辟地之势,破开眼前世界! bright Flowery Light emerges, cuts crack gloomy void, a new world, eye looks at must open. 璀璨华光涌现,斩裂晦暗的虚空,一番新天地,眼看着要为之开辟。 Palm previous moment of white clothing female pure white like jade, at this moment actually dim Nether Dark. 白衣女子的手掌前一刻洁白如玉,这一刻却朦胧幽暗 From her palm in each acupoints, a graceful air current runs out, interweaves, faint condensed into together empty shade. 自她手掌上各个穴窍内,道道曼妙气流冲出,交织间,隐隐凝结成一道虚影。 Under the empty shade covers, the slender palm, as if changes does resembles the thing of streamer non- streamer axe non- axe at the same time! 在虚影笼罩下,纤细的手掌,仿佛变作一面似幡非幡似斧非斧之物! Empress take action, reveals in Jade Pure Primordial Beginning Heavenly Book impressively, Heaven Opening Book truth ideal condition. 女帝出手,其中赫然流露出玉清元始天书之中,开天书的道理意境。 She makes the blade by the palm, under a blade wants to break primordial chaos simply, establishes separately the primordial chaos, reset earth, water, fire and wind, opens the world again! 她以掌做刀,一刀之下简直要要破开混沌,分立鸿蒙,重定地水火风,再开天地! In years past Yan Zhaoge once witnessed Mars Halberd struck, after dim Nether Dark all bright brilliance separated, presently the boundless flame, is between Earlier Heaven Later Heaven, the vitality was infinite, might was infinite. 昔年燕赵歌曾目睹荧惑戟一击,朦胧幽暗尽数被璀璨光华分开后,现无边火焰,介乎先天后天之间,生机无穷,威力无穷。 But this moment empress blade, separates Nether Dark, actually presently infinite running water. 而此刻女帝一刀,分开幽暗,却现无穷流水。 This water also saves among Earlier Heaven Later Heaven, as if the implication endless vitality is warm, but also collects the endless murderous intention to be cold. 此水也存乎先天后天之间,仿佛蕴含无尽生机温暖,但也收藏无尽杀机寒冷。 The universe that the running water everywhere, in the Heaven Primordial Great Emperor sleeve cuff inverts, the confused space and time, was infiltrated by the water glare. 流水到处,乾元大帝袖口之中颠倒的乾坤,错乱的时空,被水光浸润。 The blacksnake personal appearance increases immediately, picks up jade carriage, departs the Heaven Emperor sleeve cuff to cover the range. 黑蛇身形立即重新变大,托起玉辇,飞出乾帝袖口笼罩范围。 Heaven Primordial Great Emperor sees that for oneself , the personal appearance does not transfer the space and time rapidly. 乾元大帝见状,不为己甚,身形飞速挪移时空。 He Mt. Wanshou Five Villas Monastery Great Immortal Zhenyuan legacy, cultivates of Cosmic Light Heavenly Book Jade Pure Primordial Beginning Heavenly Book, to truth comprehend of Space and time, is quite profound. 他得万寿山五庄观镇元大仙嫡传,又修玉清元始天书之一的宙光天书,对空间和时间的道理参悟,都极为高深。 The intention moving place, crosses the empress to be cut off, arrives in front of Yan Zhaoge! 心念动处,越过女帝阻隔,来到燕赵歌面前! Empress white clothing long wide sleeve, immortal being near dust, both eyes still closed, left jade carriage, pursues to Heaven Primordial Great Emperor. 女帝白衣广袖,仙人临尘,双目仍然闭合,出了玉辇,追向乾元大帝 Although not Western Supreme Lang Qing such cultivation Void Heavenly Book, but has shoved open the Immortal Gate’s empress, the speed quickly is not only slower than Lang Qing! 虽然不似西方至尊郎青那样修行虚空天书,但已经推开仙门的女帝,速度比郎青只快不慢! The White Jade common hand grasps fist, flashing ice blue brilliance, hits to the Heaven Emperor back of the body. 白玉一般的手掌握成拳,闪动冰蓝光华,打向乾帝后心。 Heaven Emperor has not actually halted, has not turned around, has not moved aside, has not resisted. 乾帝却没有止步,没有转身,没有躲闪,也没有抵挡。 He by his back of the body, lived has suffered empress fist stiffly. 他以自己后心,生生硬挨了女帝这一拳。 Instance of both sides contact, in Heaven Emperor both eyes, reappearing time perpetual flow common ripple. 双方接触的瞬间,乾帝双目里,浮现时光长河一般的波纹。 In he by the time perpetual flow package, was been all around void the time to flow backwards directly! 他被时光长河包裹,周遭虚空里的时间直接倒流! The time of flowing backwards, rewrites Heaven Emperor to be hit by the empress fist forcefully the fact, lets people at present scene, when restores also to have the distance appearance for this fist. 倒流的时光,强行改写乾帝被女帝拳头打中的事实,让众人眼前景象,恢复为这一拳还有距离时的模样。 Presents all people, except for with is the True Immortal’s empress, only then practices Yan Di that Everlasting Heavenly Book Yan Zhaoge and Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud protect oneself, can discover fishy. 在场所有人,除了同为真仙的女帝,就只有修练无极天书燕赵歌太易华云护身的燕狄,能发现其中蹊跷。 Falls in other person of eyes, including the Cao Jie and other Supreme powerhouses, is only the spirit slightly is absent-minded, derives the personal opinion to cross the empress to fight with the fists unconsciously the Heaven Emperor matter. 落在其他人眼里,包括曹捷至尊强者在内,都只是精神略微恍惚,不觉得自己见过女帝一拳打中乾帝的事情。 Empress Xie Mingkong light snort|hum, the palm of making a fist opens suddenly. 女帝解明空轻哼一声,握拳的手掌猛然张开。 Changes the fist is the claw, an empress hand invisible time perpetual flow for visible, like is holds cotton tape, the light perpetual flow will hold at that time. 变拳为爪,女帝一只手化无形的时光长河为有形,像是抓住一根布带一样,将那时光长河抓住。 The chill in the air wreaks havoc, the billowing cold air, has worn down wonderful of that time light perpetual flow, as if will change to the ordinary running water. 寒意肆虐,滚滚寒气,消磨了那时光长河的神妙,仿佛将之化作普通的流水。 Then, silk waste turn into ice. 然后,水结成冰 When Heaven Emperor immortal qi melts light perpetual flow, was frozen a glacier instantaneously. 乾帝仙气所化之时光长河,瞬间被冻结成一条冰川。 But the empress second fist, once more strikes! 而女帝第二拳,再次打落 Shouted......” Heaven Emperor long put out a breath, still had not paused to turn around, at own body, suffered an empress fist once more hardly. “呼......”乾帝长长吐出一口气,仍然没有停步转身,再次以自己身躯,硬挨女帝一拳。 This fist, he is unable to melt. 这一拳,他无法化解。 The fair face, azure qi dodges. 白皙的面庞,青气一闪。 The right hand sleeve shakes, the air current circles, the person's shadow departs. 右手袖子一抖,气流盘旋间,更是有一个人影从中飞出。 Is previously is taken away the suppression by Heaven Primordial Great Emperor with Universe in the Sleeve impressively Northeast Supreme Liu Zhenggu. 赫然是先前乾元大帝袖里乾坤收走镇压的东北至尊刘铮谷 At this time because also Heaven Emperor was wounded by the empress, but was forced to put. 这时也因为乾帝被女帝击伤,而被迫放出来。 But Heaven Primordial Great Emperor while this opportunity, personal appearance, not only keeps, instead fires into Yan Zhaoge fast! 乾元大帝趁此机会,身形非但不停,反而更加快速冲向燕赵歌 Heaven Primordial Great Emperor, takes oneself injured for the price impressively, must strike to kill Yan Zhaoge first. 乾元大帝,赫然是以自身受伤为代价,也要先将燕赵歌击杀。 His carrying on the back lets spot that the empress hits, is correct saying that azure light gushes out. 他背上让女帝击中的部位,有道道青光从中涌出。 As if the tree seed germinates, the seedling emerges as the times require, however grows into the towering great tree instantaneously. 仿佛树种发芽,树苗破土而出,然而瞬间长成参天巨树。 azure light interweaves, just likes branch winding, the arm of cling empress, prevents it the footsteps that continues to go forward. 青光交织间,犹如树枝缠绕,卷住女帝的手臂,阻挡其继续前进的脚步。 The empresses frown slightly, sees the at present green and luxuriant green great tree, instantaneous one are many, changes an entire forest directly, surrounds her. 女帝微微蹙眉,就见眼前郁郁葱葱的青色巨树,瞬间一化多,直接变化成一整座森林,将她包围。 Towering great trees, the tree shade is connected, hiding the sky and covering the earth, among the spiritual qi circulations, forms a close world. 一株株参天巨树,树荫相连,遮天蔽日,灵气流转间,形成一个封闭的世界。 Destroys these great trees purely, being insufficient makes the empress withdraw fast. 单纯摧毁这些巨树,不足以让女帝快速脱身。 The at present woods, are gigantic array formation! 眼前的树林,乃是一座巨大阵法 Heaven Primordial Great Emperor, sets up conveniently, was one compared with initially Yan Zhaoge in Radius Mountain with the aid of morning river river water arrangement incomplete Nine Winding Turns of the Yellow River Array, but must more formidable array formation. 乾元大帝,随手立阵,就是一座比当初燕赵歌方圆山借助朝河河水布置的残缺九曲黄河阵,还要更加强大的阵法 Temporarily impedes the footsteps that the empress goes forward, Heaven Emperor continues the shuttle to be void, arrives in front of Yan Zhaoge instantaneously. 暂时绊住女帝前进的脚步,乾帝则继续穿梭虚空,瞬间来到燕赵歌面前。 Although Northeast Supreme Liu Zhenggu just got out of trouble, but also some rise unable to clarify the condition muddleheadedly. 东北至尊刘铮谷虽然刚刚脱困,还有些头昏脑涨弄不清状况。 But he sees this scene, even if knew perfectly well one are not the Heaven Primordial Great Emperor match, still furiously rushed to rescue to Yan Zhaoge. 但他见此情景,哪怕明知自己不是乾元大帝对手,也仍然奋力向燕赵歌这边驰援。 Just four people......” the Heaven Emperor vision tranquilly has swept Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, Cao Jie and Liu Zhenggu four people: Primordial Unity Broken Tower Array? The one point use does not have.” “刚好四个人......”乾帝目光平静扫过燕赵歌燕狄曹捷刘铮谷四人:“太乙破阙阵吗?一点用处都没有的。” Let alone except for Executing Immortal Array, other array formation cannot make Martial Saint cut the immortal. 别说除了诛仙阵,没有其他阵法能让武圣斩仙。 Even if there are, Heaven Emperor does not care. 就算有,乾帝也不在意。 Now Realm Above the Realm, speaks of array formation, in the middle of Five Emperors, his Heaven Primordial first! 当今界上界,说到阵法,五帝当中,他乾元第一! Dies Azure Tree and Daoist Drawing In Mist in Nine Winding Turns of the Yellow River Array cannot inherit his array formation attainments. 死在九曲黄河阵里的青树子牵岚道人没能继承他的阵法造诣。 But in the past only listened to Taoist Shi that has spoken in his disciple, by Way of Array Formation, in entire Realm Above the Realm Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, is outstanding. 但当年只在他门下听过讲的石道人,论阵法之道,在整个界上界仙桥武圣中,都非常出众。 Besides the Taoist Shi in person array formation talent good, with the guidance of Heaven Emperor, inseparable. 除了石道人本人阵法天赋不俗以外,同乾帝的教导,密不可分。 Primordial Unity Broken Tower Array, on Heaven Emperor originally has remnant formation diagram. 太乙破阙阵,乾帝手上本就有残篇阵图 If the Yan Zhaoge four people arrange this before him, he may break in a flash. 燕赵歌四人若是在他面前摆下此阵,他弹指之间就可破去。 Has or does not have Primordial Unity Broken Tower Array, to Heaven Primordial Great Emperor, is indiscreet. 有或者没有太乙破阙阵,对乾元大帝来说,并无分别。 Other array formation , is the same. 其他阵法,也是一样。 Nine Winding Turns of the Yellow River Array in front, if not for shoves open the Immortal Gate’s powerhouse to control, if Heaven Primordial Great Emperor also regarding does not have the thing, steps on directly! 九曲黄河阵在面前,若不是推开仙门的强者驾驭,乾元大帝也视之如无物,直接踩过去! He only cares about back empress at this moment, at any time possibly runs out of array formation that oneself arrange temporarily. 他此刻只在意背后的女帝,随时可能冲出自己临时布置的阵法 Therefore Heaven Primordial Great Emperor not multi- idle talk, directly once more a finger, point to the Yan Zhaoge's forehead! 所以乾元大帝没有多废话,直接再次一指,点向燕赵歌的眉心! In the woods, the empress feels the change outside array formation, the surface such as the cold frost. 树林内,女帝感受到阵法外的变化,面如寒霜。 Heaven Primordial, not must play these tricks.” Her closed pair of eyes, the eyelid tremble slightly, must open suddenly. 乾元子,莫要耍这些小聪明。”她闭合的双眼,眼皮陡然轻微颤动,就要睁开。 But she quick light well, realized that situation is not right. 可是她很快轻咦一声,察觉情况不对。 Staking everything on a single throw of the dice Heaven Primordial Great Emperor has also discovered exceptionally. 孤注一掷的乾元大帝也发现了异常。 As if has had nothing to do with the at present battlefield, stands there peacefully, can only wait for that Yan Zhaoge of two Great Emperor fighting results, brilliance sparkle, sprinkles the world at this moment! 仿佛已经与眼前战场无关,安静站在那里,只能等待两位大帝交手结果的燕赵歌,这一刻身上光华闪耀,洒落天地!
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