HSH :: Volume #6

#533: The war casualty of empire! Master Lang gets rich!

This Shen Lang did not have the faint in the past. 这一次沈浪没有昏厥过去。 But the entire brain almost lost all thoughts, in an instant really a blank, even wisdom brain direct down. 但整个脑子几乎失去了所有的思维,刹那间真的一片空白,甚至智脑都直接宕机了。 His body also direct motionless, as if becomes a sculpture. 还有他的身体也直接一动不动,仿佛成为了一个雕塑。 The feeling explodes instantaneously is not only the brain, his whole body, his blood. 感觉瞬间爆开的不仅仅是大脑,还有他的全身,他的血液。 What puts on this ring to feel? Be filled with wisdom! 戴上这戒指有什么感觉?醍醐灌顶! This ring each place of special energy aura as if instantaneous baptism Shen Lang whole body, inscribes in every inchs the place. 这个戒指内的特殊能量气息仿佛瞬间洗礼沈浪全身的每一处地方,铭刻在每一寸地方。 This process continued the quarter of an hour fully, Shen Lang is motionless throughout, the eye is unable to rotate, really looks like a physical body sculpture. 这个过程整整持续了一刻钟,沈浪始终一动不动,眼睛都无法转动,真的就像是一个肉体雕塑。 Finally, all finished. 终于,一切都结束了。 The Shen Lang’s brain restored the thought gradually, recovered move. 沈浪的脑子渐渐恢复了思维,紧接着身体也恢复了动弹。 He puts out a hand, looks at the ring of set on ring finger, tried one to pick slightly, finally failed, seemed thorough long on the finger general, could not pick. 他伸出手,看着套在无名指上的指环,稍稍尝试了一下能不能摘下来,结果失败了,就仿佛彻底长在手指上一般,根本摘不下来。 Why is this? It and Shen Lang bound, turned cannot fall? 这是为何啊?它和沈浪绑定了,变成了不可掉落? Why can that pick a moment ago easily from this antiquity human finger? Is because he has died? 那刚才为何能够从这个上古人类手指中轻而易举摘下来?是因为他已经死了吗? Then, Shen Lang cannot help but wants to explore this ring function. 接下来,沈浪不由得想要探索这个戒指功能。 The abstention of antiquity King, definitely special awesome. 上古王者之戒啊,肯定特别牛逼 Is a space ring? Can store up the thing, moreover can take. 是不是一个空间指环啊?能够储存东西,而且还能拿出来。 The result showed that Shen Lang wants to be many, without such matter, he attempted unable the dagger of that break to put many, but also almost lacerated the finger. 结果证明沈浪想多了,没有这么回事,他尝试了很多遍都无法将那支断裂的匕首放进去,还差点割破了手指。 After that puts on this ring, did I turn into extremely the expert? 那戴上这个戒指后,我是不是变成绝顶高手了啊? The Shen Lang falling face down body starts to make the push-up without delay, made 15 fully, then lies on the ground directly. 二话不说沈浪趴下身体开始做俯卧撑,整整做了十五个,然后直接趴在地上。 He wants. 他又想多了。 After that puts on this ring, brain inside were many a Heavenly Dao library, inside what antiquity scroll, did the antiquity ancient book have? 那是不是戴上这个戒指后,脑子里面多了一个天道图书馆,里面什么上古卷轴,上古典籍都有啊? Shen Lang unremittingly explores, finally in the brain that wisdom brain, is that x light, he wants. 沈浪努力地探索,结果脑子里面还是那个智脑,还是那个x光,他又想多了。 Is that in the ring is occupied by a grandfather? 那是不是戒指里面住着一个老爷爷啊? Naturally, he thought many. 当然,他想得更多了。 The entire two quarters, Shen Lang tried the innumerable possibilities. 整整两刻钟,沈浪尝试了无数种可能性。 It turned out that he was expected the function, this ring anything does not have. 结果发现他预料中的功能,这戒指什么都没有。 In the Lord of the Rings movie, puts on the person of Lord of the Rings to live forever, and can the stealth. 在指环王电影里面,戴上魔戒的人能够长生不老,而且还能隐身。 Lives forever this matter to have no attraction to Shen Lang temporarily, because he is young, might as well enhances some aspect ability really to come. 长生不老这件事情暂时对沈浪没有什么吸引力,因为他还年轻,还不如提升某方面能力来得实在。 The stealth function is actually good, but he wants to look at the words that the woman takes a bath, can definitely go frankly and uprightly, from the start does not need the stealth, even if Princess Dora will not care about by Shen Lang is seen anything. 隐身功能倒是非常非常不错,但他想要去看女人洗澡的话,完全可以光明正大去,压根就不需要隐身,哪怕多拉公主也不会在意被沈浪看到什么。 Moreover after the movie puts on the Lord of the Rings, will enter a very special strange space, but Shen Lang has not felt completely, therefore stealth skill did not have. 而且电影中戴上魔戒之后,会进入一个非常特殊诡异的空间,但沈浪完全没有感觉到,所以隐身这个技能也是没有了。 day, that this broken ring has any function. 日啊,那这个破戒指有什么功能啊。 This was the abstention of antiquity King, Shen Lang had a premonition that his value surpassed Regret of the Dragon. 这可是上古王者之戒啊,沈浪预感他的价值超过龙之悔啊。 Cannot any function not have. 总不能啥功能都没有吧。 But the ring has succeeded in obtaining, then studies slowly, does not worry, he walks toward outside directly. 但戒指已经到手了,接下来慢慢研究吧,也不着急了,他直接朝着外面走去。 Arrived at the energy vortex of antiquity temple again. 再一次来到上古神庙的能量漩涡。 Suddenly he surged some thought that puts out a hand to touch this light screen. 忽然他涌起了某个念头,伸手去触碰这个光幕。 Closure!” In his heart shouted one. “关闭!”他心中喊了一句。 Immediately, this light screen vanished. 顿时,这个光幕消失了。 Outside Jin Jun is turning away from the energy vortex, sitting cross-legged is motionless on the ground. 外面矜君背对着能量漩涡,盘坐在地上一动不动。 ? 呃? Opening!” Shen Lang also ordered in the heart. “开启!”沈浪又在心中下令。 Immediately, this energy vortex appeared. 顿时,这个能量漩涡又出现了。 Is this function useful? It seems like the weak, makes the slaughter big slaughter second-rate person come, living will be kneeling did the antiquity anthropolite move out? Also or moves out the Spiritual God statue simply? 这个功能有用吗?看上去很鸡肋啊,难道让屠大屠二等人进来,活生生将里面跪着的上古人类化石搬走?又或者索性将神灵雕像搬走? Naturally, as the matter stands he can close the energy vortex of Stupa Mountain that giant antiquity vestige. 当然,这样一来他就能够关闭浮屠山那个巨型上古遗迹的能量漩涡了。 But this does not have the significance, another side of that energy vortex, does not know many Stupa Mountain top powerhouses, special warrior, innumerable antiquity weaponry, Shen Lang, once closes the energy vortex, the Stupa Mountain’s person directly to/clashes. 但这也没有意义啊,那个能量漩涡的另一边,不知道有多少浮屠山顶级强者,特种武士,无数的上古武器装备,沈浪一旦关闭能量漩涡,浮屠山的人直接就冲过来。 This antiquity king Jie on opening and weak function of closure energy vortex? 难道这上古王戒就一个开启和关闭能量漩涡的鸡肋功能? I do not believe! 我不信啊! Definitely also has other heaven defying function I not to discover. 肯定还有其他非常逆天的功能我没有发现。 Shen Lang went out of the antiquity temple, Jin Jun set out saying: „Does your majesty, we go back?” 沈浪走出了上古神庙,矜君起身道:“陛下,我们回去?” He had not asked that actually Shen Lang obtained anything in, because Jin Jun thought that this is not he should ask. 他也没有问沈浪在里面究竟得到了什么东西,因为矜君觉得这不是他应该问的。 .................. ……………… After two quarters. 两刻钟后。 Shen Lang appeared in this antiquity temple, together came in also had the slaughter to be big, slaughter two, Blue Storm three super strongmen. 沈浪又出现在这个上古神庙内,一同进来的还有屠大,屠二,蓝暴三个超级大力士。 He closed the energy vortex, making these three giants come to move the thing, that 50 meters high person surface snake body Spiritual God statue can move also moves out, been able to move out words even. 他关闭了能量漩涡,让这三个巨人进来搬东西,那个五十米高的人面蛇身神灵雕像能够搬得动也搬走,搬不走的话就算了。 Finally, cannot move completely, the Spiritual God statue of that person surface snake body too greatly was too heavy. 结果,完全搬不动,那个人面蛇身的神灵雕像实在太大太重了。 That moved out the antiquity King fossil. 那就把上古王者化石搬走。 The result...... cannot move unexpectedly. 结果……竟然也搬不动。 But these three people super super strongman, let alone is only anthropolite, even an elephant they still moved out. 这三个人可是超级超级大力士,别说是区区一个人类化石,就算是一头大象他们也搬走了。 Finally is entirely still completely. 结果完全纹丝不动。 That finds the way to cut off an arm to walk.” Shen Lang said. “那就想办法砍断一根手臂走。”沈浪道。 The Jin Jun face trembles, wants to expostulate saying: Your majesty, this...... this was the antiquity King, perhaps had the honored unparalleled bloodlines, was this not quite appropriate?” 矜君面孔一颤,想要劝诫道:“陛下,这……这可是上古王者,或许拥有尊贵无双的血脉,这样是不是不太合适?” Shen Lang said: Nothing is inappropriate, naturally wanted to be awe-stricken regarding the civilization of antiquity, but if with the practical interest conflict, that must allow to pass through for the practical interest.” 沈浪道:“没有什么不合适的,对于上古的文明当然要充满敬畏,但如果和现实利益冲突,那就必须为现实利益让路了。” The slaughter big and other these words are very long, drew out the babbit metal sword fiercely, exhausts all strengths, cuts fiercely. 屠大等这句话已经很久了,猛地拔出了乌金战刀,用尽所有的力量,猛地斩下。 pēng!” !” A loud sound, deafening. 一声巨响,震耳欲聋。 The slaughter big giant same body of flew directly, the fingers/tiger mouth splits the hemorrhage, the corners of the mouth hemorrhage. 屠大巨人一样的身躯直接飞了出去,虎口裂开出血,嘴角出血。 However the arm of this antiquity King fossil, was still safe and sound. 但是这个上古王者化石的手臂,依旧安然无恙。 This, this was also too firm. 这,这也太坚固了吧。 The slaughter does not believe in evil doctrines greatly, cancels the blood of corners of the mouth, gets hold of the babbit metal sword of distortion, must come to conduct for the second time to divide to cut. 屠大不信邪,抹去嘴角的鲜血,握紧变形的乌金战刀,又要过来进行第二次劈斩。 Ok.” Shen Lang said: Walks!” “算了。”沈浪道:“走!” .................. ……………… Your majesty, 50,000 people have built up completely, can leave momentarily.” Madman Lan said: Moreover all commodities in Diamond Peak vestige have installed completely, can bring to go out completely.” “陛下,五万人已经全部集结完毕,随时可以离开。”兰疯子道:“而且金刚峰遗迹内的所有物资都已经全部装好,可以全部带出去。” The so-called these commodities, basically are all kinds of grain, regarding Shen Lang they are the precious seeds. 所谓这些物资,基本上都是各式各样的粮食,对于沈浪来说它们都是宝贵的种子。 50,000 people have built up, but where leaves? 五万人都已经集结完毕了,但是从哪里离开? At present known can go out from two places, one is the east energy vortex, after Shen Lang closes that energy vortex, can with 50,000 people enter Stupa Mountain’s that giant antiquity vestige, then toward eastern several thousand li (0.5 km), can go out from Black Stone Island. 目前已知可以从两个地方出去,一个就是东边的能量漩涡,沈浪关闭那个能量漩涡后,就可以带着五万人进入浮屠山的那个巨型上古遗迹,然后再往东几千里,就可以从黑石岛出去。 But this road walks does not pass, Lord of Stupa Mountain did not make in another side of energy vortex deploys many military forces, Shen Lang these 50,000 people just made an appearance, may encounter the slaughter of innumerable antiquity equipment. 但这条路是走不通的,浮屠山之主不制造在能量漩涡的另外一边部署了多少武力,沈浪这五万人刚刚露面,可能就会遭到无数上古装备的屠杀。 Then an exit|to speak, was the past lei zu with that place that Jin Jun and the others came. 那么还有一个出口,就是当年嫘祖带着矜君等人进来的那个地方。 Naturally that exit|to speak is to close now, Jin Jun has looked with Shen Lang, that is not an energy vortex, is a leafed door, indestructible gate, moreover with Diamond Peak outer covering unified whole. 当然那个出口现在是关闭的,矜君带着沈浪去看过,那不是一个能量漩涡,就是一扇门,坚不可摧的门,而且和金刚峰外壳浑然一体。 This leaf of great gate Shen Lang can open, opened with antiquity king Jie, then led 50,000 people to go out from here. 这扇巨门沈浪可以开启,用上古王戒开启,然后带领五万人从这里出去。 But after he hesitant long time, has not opened. 但他犹豫良久之后,还是没有开启。 According to his expectation, Stupa Mountain and Ying Guang definitely also deployed the large army in this exit. 按照他的预料,浮屠山赢广肯定在这个出口处也部署了重兵。 Regarding Stupa Mountain and Ying Guang, most valuable is Shen Lang, must apprehend Shen Lang to succeed in obtaining by any means possible, like this they can continue to launch Regret of the Dragon, can continue maintains to the Great Yan Empire’s strategic deterrent. 对于浮屠山赢广来说,最有价值的就是沈浪,千方百计也要捉拿沈浪到手,这样他们才能继续发射龙之悔,才能继续保持对大炎帝国的战略威慑。 These two exits cannot walk, was this Diamond Peak antiquity vestige already not the third exit|to speak. 这两个出口都不能走,可是这个金刚峰上古遗迹已经没有第三个出口了啊。 What to do? 怎么办? He must leave here as soon as possible, returns to Raging Tide City’s. 他一定要在最短时间内离开这里,返回怒潮城的 ............ ………… Shen Lang has not guessed wrong! 沈浪没有猜错! In the end of southern part sea region antiquity vestige, is the east side of this energy vortex, Stupa Mountain deployed impressive antiquity weapons, the countless antiquity strong crossbow, the antiquity fought the crossbow, innumerable gu insect weapon, a surprisingly large number hell regiments. 南部海域上古遗迹的尽头,也就是这个能量漩涡的东边,浮屠山部署了惊人数量的上古武器,不计其数的上古强弩,上古战弩,无数的蛊虫武器,还有数量惊人的地狱军团。 So long as Shen Lang has the person from this energy vortex emergence, Stupa Mountain launches the destructive attack without delay directly, under the bombardment of this strong military force, how long these 50,000 people could not support to be able the destruction. 沈浪只要带人从这个能量漩涡一出现,二话不说浮屠山直接发动毁灭性打击,在这个强大武力的轰击下,这五万人支撑不了多久就会覆灭。 Moreover, outside of Diamond Peak this exit|to speak, Stupa Mountain and Ying Guang also deployed the magnanimous antiquity weapon, even the light energy control center has nine, light/only rides special warrior over several hundred that carves. 不仅如此,在金刚峰这个出口的外面,浮屠山赢广也部署了海量的上古武器,甚至光能量控制中心就有九个,光骑雕的特种武士就超过几百名。 If the Shen Lang’s person comes out from here, will be attacked by the ruination. 沈浪的人如果从这里出来,也会遭到毁灭性攻击。 That what to do? 那怎么办? Shen Lang focused on another direction of special channel. 沈浪将目光放在了特殊通道的另外一个方向。 The antiquity special channel was the same like the seamless tunnel, is connecting each antiquity city, the east side led to the southern part sea region antiquity vestige, west side that? 上古特殊通道就如同无缝隧道一样,连接着各个上古城市,东边通往南部海域上古遗迹,那西边呢? Your majesty, we have gone to the western special channel, moreover exploration 10 times, but gave up completely.” Jin Jun said: Because the western special channel has encountered the huge destruction, is dangerous, we lost several hundred people in that side.” “陛下,我们去过西边的特殊通道,而且探索不下十遍,但全部都放弃了。”矜君道:“因为西边的特殊通道已经遭到了巨大的毁坏,非常危险,我们在那边损失了几百人。” Special channel of destruction? 毁坏的特殊通道? Shen Lang also listened to Princess Helen saying that that was very fearful. 沈浪也听海伦公主说过,那是非常可怕的。 Either does not have the air, either presents the energy leakage, either is the fearful high temperature can melt the steel. 要么没有空气,要么出现能量泄漏,要么是可怕的高温能够将钢铁都融化。 In brief in the special channel of antiquity vestige destruction, any matter likely happened, Princess Helen was so powerful does not dare to rush hardly, rather left from the opening of special channel returns to the sea level. 总之上古遗迹毁坏的特殊通道之内,什么事情都可能发生,海伦公主如此强大都不敢硬闯,宁可从特殊通道的裂口离开回到海面上。 Shen Lang said: I attempt to explore.” 沈浪道:“我尝试着去探索一下。” Jin Jun trembles saying: I accompany you to go.” 矜君一颤道:“我陪您去。” Then, in Jin Jun and slaughter are big, slaughter two, Blue Storm and the others under the protections, west side the Shen Lang thorough Diamond Peak vestige special channel explores. 接下来,在矜君、屠大、屠二、蓝暴等人的保护下,沈浪深入金刚峰遗迹西边的特殊通道进行探索。 The east side of special channel led to the Stupa Mountain control the giant antiquity vestige, that west side to where? Was unknown completely. 特殊通道的东边通往浮屠山控制的巨型上古遗迹,那西边通往哪里?就完全不得而知了。 Continuously toward west, continuously toward west. 一直往西,一直往西。 Went out merely was less than 30 li (0.5 km), here air is getting more and more thin. 仅仅走出了不到三十里,这里的空气已经越来越稀薄了。 But what is strange, feeling that Shen Lang has not suffocated unexpectedly, as usual the breath, the blood oxygen quantity still is completely completely normal. 但非常诡异的是,沈浪竟然没有丝毫窒息的感觉,完全照常呼吸,血氧量依旧完全正常。 This...... this was strange. 这……这就诡异了。 Quick Shen Lang understood, this is because the antiquity king Jie on hand. 很快沈浪明白了,这是因为手上的这枚上古王戒。 Its special functions, that maintains survival under the adverse circumstance finally, where no matter were not worried that can suffocate. 它总算有一个特殊功能了,那就是维持恶劣环境之下的生存,不管在哪里都不担心会窒息。 „......” Quick warhorse, was knelt on the ground directly, could not take a walk again, because oxygen massive insufficiency. “呜……”很快战马受不住了,直接跪在了地上,再也走不动了,因为氧气已经大量不足。 Shen Lang dismounts the walk, said: Pulls the warhorse.” 沈浪下马步行,道:“把战马牵回去。” Yes.” Several martial arts experts said, then they pull all warhorses to return. “是。”几名武道高手道,然后他们牵着所有战马返回。 Jin Jun is leading several top players , to continue to accompany Shen Lang to go forward. 矜君率领着几名顶级高手,继续陪伴沈浪前进。 Continues to penetrate the western special channel, the air is getting more and more thin . Moreover the temperature is getting higher and higher. 继续深入西边特殊通道,空气越来越稀薄,而且温度越来越高。 Your majesty, the front several kilometers are the destruction place of special channel, temperature astonishing high, can the steel heat, each exploration end in the front 500 meters.” The Jin Jun difficult opens the mouth, his martial arts is high, but is also uncomfortable at this time, the brain makes up the ventilation seriously insufficient, the whole person possibly drops down momentarily. “陛下,前面几千米就是特殊通道的一个毁坏地点,温度惊人之高,能够将钢铁烧红,我们每一次探索都在前面五百米结束。”矜君艰难开口,他武功非常高,但此时也非常难受,脑补供氧已经严重不足,整个人随时都可能倒下。 But the slaughter is big, the slaughter two, Blue Storm these three super fierce people, had broken through the Grandmaster powerhouse, but also soon suffocated at this time, three people who talked endlessly all the way, at this time was ordinary like the dead dog, walks staggering, must fall down momentarily. 而屠大、屠二、蓝暴这三个超级猛人,早已经突破了宗师强者,但此时也快要窒息了,一路上喋喋不休的三个人,此时如同死狗一般,走路都踉踉跄跄,随时都要摔倒在地。 Shen Lang knows, the front several kilometers place special channel destruction, presented the fearful high temperature, consumes completely the oxygen that all makes, therefore the proceeding oxygen is thinner. 沈浪知道,前面几千米处特殊通道毁坏,出现了可怕的高温,把所有制造出来的氧气全部消耗掉了,所以越往前氧气越稀薄。 Here temperature has exceeded astonishing 60 degrees Celsius, besides Shen Lang, other three people completely sweat profusely, quick must dehydrate . Moreover the words that proceeds again including water are still even useless, because seethed with excitement thoroughly, is unable to quote. 这里的温度都已经超过惊人的60摄氏度,除了沈浪之外,其他三人完全大汗淋漓,很快就要脱水了,而且再往前的话就算带水也没有用,因为彻底沸腾了,也根本无法引用。 Shen Lang said: You go back, I alone continue to explore, I at the back of some commodities, continue to go forward.” 沈浪道:“你们回去,我一个人继续探索,我背着部分物资,继续前进。” Jin Jun just about to opens the mouth, Shen Lang prevents saying: This is the order, you can count on that I not only does not suffocate, but also as if cannot feel the high temperature.” 矜君刚要开口,沈浪阻止道:“这是命令,你们放心,我不但不窒息,而且也仿佛感觉不到高温。” This 60 degrees Celsius high temperature, changing into beforehand Shen Lang is not thoroughly good, not only suffers heat-stroke, even must hang. 这60摄氏度的高温,换成之前沈浪早就彻底不行了,不但中暑,甚至都要挂了。 But now he is still comfortable, the entire body seems at the constant temperature condition. 但现在他依旧非常舒适,整个身体仿佛处于恒温状态。 Once feels the danger, I return immediately.” Shen Lang said: You could rest assured that these environment made the inadequate any injury to me.” “一旦感觉到危险,我就会立刻返回。”沈浪道:“你放心,这些环境对我造不成任何伤害了。” Yes! Your majesty!” Jin Jun said. “是!陛下!”矜君道。 Then, Shen Lang continues to go forward at the back of a small number of commodities, as before lively incomparable. 然后,沈浪背着少数的物资继续前进,依旧轻快无比。 Continued thoroughly along the western antiquity special channel, here air was getting more and more thin, the temperature was getting higher and higher, was getting higher and higher. 沿着西边的上古特殊通道继续深入,这里空气越来越稀,温度越来越高,越来越高。 Finally has exceeded wuliubai degrees Celsius, but Shen Lang was still unsensible, this antiquity king Jie completely protected his body to be in top form, the oxygen deficit will not suffocate, will not be fired by the high temperature. 最后已经超过了五六百摄氏度了,但沈浪依旧毫无感觉,这个上古王戒完全保护他的身体处于最佳状态,不会缺氧窒息,也不会被高温灼烧。 Naturally, he has no growth to the Shen Lang’s physical strength, after walking several kilometers, Shen Lang also as before tired. 当然,他对沈浪的体力没有任何增长,走了几千米之后,沈浪也依旧累得不行。 Paternal grandmother, can't you increase the little physical strength to me? I did not strive for making me how powerful, at least battle efficiency of over one goose was also good. I did not strive for being able to win Mulan, but can you make me have the steamroll Zhang Chunhua ability at least? 奶奶的,你就不能给我增加一点点体力吗?我也不求让我多么强大,起码超过一鹅的战斗力也行啊。我也不求能够赢木兰,但你起码要让我有碾压张春华的能力吧? Quick, Shen Lang saw the breakage place of that special channel. 很快,沈浪看到了那个特殊通道的破损处。 This antiquity special channel was similar to the seamless tunnel, was nothing slight defect, but among this time this has melted twisted, the release the astonishing high temperature, here temperature had forbidden any lifeform to pass through. 这上古特殊通道就如同无缝的隧道,原本是没有任何瑕疵的,而此时中间这一段已经融化扭曲了,释放出了惊人的高温,这里的温度已经禁止任何生物通行了。 But Shen Lang walked as before non-obstructively , to continue thoroughly, thorough, thorough. 沈浪依旧毫无障碍地走了过去,继续深入,深入,深入。 Then, the destruction of this antiquity special channel was getting more and more serious, totally becomes the forbidden area of life. 接下来,这个上古特殊通道的毁坏越来越严重了,完全成为了生命的禁区。 The air does not have thoroughly, the temperature is still astonishing, but what is fearful is the energy explodes flashes, in the entire channel possibly blows out the terrible energy impact anytime and anywhere, is astonishing, can tear into shreds any lifeform easily, meets a cruel death directly. 空气已经彻底没有了,温度依旧惊人,而可怕的是能量爆闪,整个通道内随时随地都可能爆出可怕的能量冲击,非常惊人,可以轻而易举将任何生物撕碎,直接粉身碎骨。 This is not the energy vortex, no jurisdiction, changes into beforehand Shen Lang, unravelled directly. 这可不是能量漩涡,也没有什么权限,换成之前的沈浪,直接就灰飞烟灭了。 These energies exploded dodge Princess Helen also saying that even she such high martial arts must go all out to dodge does not dare to touch, but Shen Lang was still safe and sound, these energies exploded dodge stroke on his body, vanished instantaneously without a trace, instead one type scratches the itchy feeling. 这些能量爆闪海伦公主也说过,连她这么高的武功也要拼命闪避不敢触碰,但沈浪依旧安然无恙,这些能量爆闪击打在他的身上,瞬间消失得无影无踪,反而有一种挠痒痒的感觉。 Shen Lang continues thoroughly, thorough, thorough, walked several kilometers toward the western antiquity special channel, was simply exhausted. 沈浪继续深入,深入,深入,朝着西边上古特殊通道又走了几千米,简直筋疲力尽了。 Almost should go back, the thorough words, the water must drink up, if the physical strength exhausts completely, that went back is also difficult. 差不多该回去了,再深入的话,水就要喝光了,如果体力完全耗尽的话,那回去也难了。 At present this antiquity special channel as if cannot see the end to be common completely, Shen Lang then walked tens of thousands meters, moreover here damages everywhere, melts the distortion everywhere. 眼前这个上古特殊通道仿佛完全看不到尽头一般,沈浪这才走了几万米而已,而且这里到处都是破损,到处都是融化扭曲。 Proceeds again one kilometer. 再往前走一千米。 However really proceeds again one kilometer, anything does not have as before, therefore he told himself again, proceeded again one kilometer. 但是真的再往前一千米,依旧什么都没有,于是他再一次告诉自己,再往前一千米。 Then, does not know that proceeded to win several kilometers again. 就这样,不知道再往前夺走了几千米。 Suddenly...... an energy vortex appears in Shen Lang’s at present. 忽然……一个能量漩涡出现在沈浪的眼前。 He cannot help but wild with joy. 他不由得狂喜。 Did some energy vortex, represent are entering the next antiquity vestige? 有能量漩涡,就代表着进入下一个上古遗迹了? This Shen Lang not cautious, but without delay, rushes over toward that energy vortex directly. 这一次沈浪没有小心翼翼,而是二话不说,直接朝着那个能量漩涡冲了过去。 No feeling, like still ordinary across the ordinary light shadow, Shen Lang rushed to the next antiquity vestige directly. 依旧没有任何感觉,如同穿过普通的光影一般,沈浪直接冲到了下一个上古遗迹。 Then, he was shocked completely. 然后,他完全惊呆了。 This, this, where is this? 这,这,这是哪里啊? Before the Diamond Peak antiquity vestige, his half person's shadow had not seen. 之前在金刚峰上古遗迹之内,他连半个人影都没有见到。 But this antiquity vestige, was a giant square, above knelt densely and numerously completely the person, countless. 而这个上古遗迹,就是一个巨大的广场,上面密密麻麻跪满了人,不计其数。 However...... everyone becomes the fossil, on the face showed the painful desperate expression, feeling that this is more like the judgment day. 但是……每一个人都成为了化石,脸上露出了痛苦绝望的表情,这一幕更像是世界末日的感觉。 Over several hundred thousand people kneel here, arrival of waiting destruction. 超过几十万人跪在这里,等待毁灭的到来。 These several hundred thousand people have the civilians, has the aristocrat, has the army, has the man, has the woman, is completely antiquity human. 这几十万人有平民,有贵族,有军队,有男人,有女人,全部都是上古人类。 However...... becomes the fossil completely, is not only the body, their clothes, the equipment, the weapon becomes the fossil, melts with the body completely in the same place. 但是……全部都成为了化石,不仅仅是身体,还有他们的衣服,装备,武器都成为了化石,和身体完全融在一起。 But this incomparably shocks as before. 但这一幕依旧无比震撼。 Shen Lang the first time is not saw so many people, West Route that the war of previous Dingyuan city, Kingdom of Jin Crown Prince leads 600,000, extend dozens over a hundred li (0.5 km), limitless, cannot see the end. 沈浪不是第一次见到这么多人,上一次定远城之战,晋国太子率领的西路军足足有六十万,延绵几十上百里,无边无际,根本看不到尽头。 But this time, these several hundred thousand people arrange neatly, kneel in this square. 而这一次,这几十万人就整整齐齐排列,跪在这个广场上。 On average the area over three square meters of everyone, several hundred thousand people will not build up in other words completely in this less than two square kilometers region, even the feeling of one human forest. 平均每个人的占地面积不会超过三平米,也就是说几十万人全部集结在这不到两平方公里的区域内,甚至有一种人类森林的感觉。 This antiquity vestige, merely was only a Square, the middle had an antiquity palace, from the Shen Lang probably about two kilometers. 这个上古遗迹,仅仅只是一个大广场,中间有一个上古宫殿,距离沈浪大概两千米左右。 Shen Lang across half square, across dense and numerous antiquity anthropolite, to square central that main hall. 沈浪穿过半个广场,穿过密密麻麻的上古人类化石,前往广场中央的那个大殿。 This feeling a little infiltrates the person, because several hundred thousand people become the fossil, just like burial figures of warriors and horses, only then your one person active, felt that everyone's vision looks to your. 这种感觉真是有点渗人,因为几十万人都成为了化石,如同兵马俑一样,只有你一个人能动,就感觉所有人的目光都望向你一人。 Went through the crowd fast, Shen Lang arrived at this square center main hall. 快速穿过了人群,沈浪来到了这个广场中心的大殿。 However in this also completely empty, anything does not have, only then a giant sarcophagus. 然而这里面也空空如也,什么都没有啊,只有一具巨大的石棺。 Who is this sarcophagus inside person? 这石棺里面的人又是谁? However depends upon the Shen Lang’s strength probably unable to turn on this giant sarcophagus, but he saw a hand imprint in the surface of sarcophagus quickly, moreover in this hand imprint also leaves leeway the position of ring, probably in the antiquity king Jie with Shen Lang hand was exactly the same. 不过依靠沈浪的力量可打不开这巨大的石棺,但他很快在石棺的表面上看到了一个手印,而且这个手印上还留有指环的位置,好像和沈浪手中的这个上古王戒一模一样。 Therefore, the Shen Lang instinct placed in the hand this hand imprint. 于是,沈浪本能地将手放在了这个手印上。 Rumble......” “轰隆隆……” This sarcophagus opened, has a scare Shen Lang slightly. 这个石棺开启了,把沈浪稍稍吓了一跳。 In this is also lying down a King, because his top of the head also brings a royal crown, the body puts on golden king robe, both hands is holding a long sword, on the right ring finger also the mark, this is wears the ring to stay behind for a long time, but above is completely empty, the ring that obviously he wears has passed to the next generation King. 这里面也躺着一个王者,因为他头顶也带着一个王冠,身上穿着金色的王袍,双手抱着一支长剑,右手无名指上还有一个印痕,这是长期戴指环留下的,只不过上面空空如也,显然他佩戴的指环已经传给下一代王者了。 If Shen Lang has not guessed that wrong, this sarcophagus inside King should be the father of antiquity temple that King, or grandfather, either a higher rank, he has not experienced the judgment day, but passes away, therefore buries in this square main hall, looks at reverently for the innumerable people. 如果沈浪没有猜错的话,这个石棺里面的王者应该是上古神庙那个王者的父亲,或者祖父,又或者更高辈分,他没有经历世界末日,而是老死的,所以下葬在这个广场大殿中,供无数子民瞻仰。 Shen Lang attempted to take down the sword in this antiquity King hand, but he eventually gave up. 沈浪尝试着想要取下这个上古王者手中的剑,但他最终还是放弃了。 This sarcophagus inside King also becomes the fossil, but his clothing, his royal crown, the treasured sword in hand has not become the fossil, has not passed with his corpse fossil as one. 这个石棺里面的王者也成为了化石,但是他身上的衣衫,还有他的王冠,手中的宝剑都没有成为化石,也没有和他的尸体化石通为一体。 However this sword was too heavy was too heavy, exceeded several hundred jin (0.5 kg), Shen Lang with motionless, moreover this sword looked very magnificent, was more like a decoration function. 不过这支剑实在是太重太重了,超过了几百斤,沈浪是拿不动的,而且这支剑看上去非常华丽,更像是一种装饰作用的。 This sword takes motionless, can take away his royal crown actually, but ok, is only the gold is mounting the imperial crown of gem. 这支剑拿不动,倒是可以拿走他的王冠,不过算了,就只是黄金镶嵌着宝石的皇冠而已。 But Shen Lang discovered pleasantly surprised, the antiquity in this sarcophagus looked under the neck to rest the head on an antiquity scroll, the jade crystal same antiquity scroll. 但紧接着沈浪惊喜地发现,这石棺内的上古望着脖子下枕着一个上古卷轴,玉石晶体一样的上古卷轴。 Shen Lang attempts to pull out, attained easily. 沈浪尝试着抽出来,轻而易举拿到了。 Scanned this antiquity scroll with x light eyes slightly, he gives up immediately. 稍稍用x光眼扫描这个上古卷轴,他立刻放弃了。 It is not because this antiquity scroll inside content was unimportant, because its material capacity greatly was too too big, in such a volume of scrolls, unexpectedly fully several thousand pages, moreover p. 1 that Shen Lang just scanned was very obscure, almost could not understand. 不是因为这个上古卷轴里面的内容不重要,而是因为它的资料容量太大太大了,这么一卷卷轴里面,竟然整整有几千页,而且沈浪刚刚扫描的第一页就无比晦涩,几乎完全是看不懂的。 This scroll is very important, should be in the antiquity civilization a very precious antiquity ancient book, perhaps inside has many secrets, many related technologies. 这个卷轴很重要,应该是上古文明中一个非常宝贵的上古典籍,里面或许有很多秘密,很多相关技术。 But Shen Lang does not have the time now, even if light scanning technique this scroll also takes several double-hour, he holds into the bosom this scroll directly, then places in the palm the sarcophagus surface hand imprint. 沈浪现在没有时间,哪怕光扫描这个卷轴也要几个时辰,他直接将这个卷轴揣入怀里,然后将手掌放在石棺表面的手印上。 Rumble......” this giant sarcophagus shut down again. “轰隆隆……”这个巨大的石棺再一次关闭了。 .................. ……………… Then, Shen Lang continued to explore this antiquity square vestige. 接下来,沈浪继续探索这个上古广场遗迹。 Besides several hundred thousand antiquity anthropolite, almost did not have a thing in the world. 除了几十万个上古人类化石之外,几乎一无所有了。 Shen Lang is also attempting blood fossil that wanted to take here antiquity human, but failed as before, their fossil bodies as before were indestructible, invulnerability. 沈浪也尝试着想要取走这里上古人类的血液化石,但依旧失败了,他们的化石身躯依旧是坚不可摧,刀枪不入。 Really strange, in antiquity temple that King fossil indestructibly also excusable, because his bloodlines are noble, but these several hundred thousand antiquity human, had many military officers obviously, the warrior, was not a King, their fossil bodies were also indestructible, definitely is unable to destroy the slightest. 真是奇怪,之前上古神庙内那个王者化石坚不可摧还情有可原,因为他的血脉高贵,但这几十万上古人类,明明有很多将领,武士,并不是王者,他们的化石身体也坚不可摧,完全无法毁坏分毫。 Shen Lang continues to observe, discovered that these several hundred thousand people of expressions are the same. 沈浪继续观察,发现这几十万人的表情都一样。 Desperate thorough on the wane. 绝望中彻底凋零。 This feeling, has to plant seems like in the deep sleep, then becomes the fossil eternal. 这种感觉,有种像是在沉睡,然后永恒成为化石。 Shen Lang uses x light scanning technique their whole bodies again, determined again, on these ancient analogies this world human to be much more powerful much. 沈浪再一次用x光扫描他们的全身,再一次确定,这些上古人类比这个世界人类要强大得多得多。 No matter the blood vessel, the heart, the five main internal organs (entrails), is not same. 不管是血管,心脏,五脏六腑,都不大一样。 Their heart volumes surpass 60% of this world human, the brain volume surpass 30%. 他们的心脏体积超过这个世界人类的百分之六十,大脑体积超过百分之三十。 Even shortest antiquity human, still over two meters about three, maximum over two meters 67. 就算最矮的上古人类,也超过两米三左右,最高的超过两米六七。 Naturally, because the entire body became the fossil, therefore is unable to distinguish their skeletons, the special characteristics of veins, moreover could not smell any energy aura, as if the fossil surface blocked all. 当然,因为整个身体都成为化石了,所以也无法分辨出他们骨骼,筋脉的特质,而且也嗅不出任何能量气息,仿佛化石表面将所有一切都封锁起来。 But Shen Lang roughly can judge, these antiquity human, even if the ordinary soldier, is strong. 沈浪大致可以判断,这些上古人类,哪怕是普通的士兵,都非常非常强。 Mulan already enough, but she conducted the bloodlines transformation, close to antiquity human. 木兰已经足够强了,但她只是进行了血脉蜕变,接近上古人类而已。 Princess Ning Han was stronger, but she is also conducts bloodlines to transform, was close to antiquity human. 宁寒公主就更强了,但她也是进行过一次血脉蜕变,也只是接近上古人类。 That pure antiquity human strong? 那纯正的上古人类会有多强? But such strong antiquity human civilization, destroyed unexpectedly completely, is actually what strength to make them destroy? 而这么强的上古人类文明,竟然完全毁灭了,究竟是什么力量让他们毁灭的? Once this thought deeply pondered, could not pull out simply, Shen Lang abandons immediately one side. 这个念头一旦深入思考,简直就拔不出来了,沈浪立刻抛开到一边。 He needs to continue to explore the outlet, must leave this underground vestige, returns to Raging Tide City with the quickest speed, saves Raging Tide City. 他需要继续探索出路,要离开这片地下遗迹,用最快速度返回怒潮城,拯救怒潮城 According to the time, Stupa Mountain and Ying Guang’s army has soon built up, soon marched toward Raging Tide City. 按照时间,浮屠山赢广的军队已经快要集结完毕,快要朝着怒潮城进军了。 .............................. ………………………… Then the time, the Shen Lang interest accrual explores each corner of this giant square. 接下来时间,沈浪计息探索这个巨大广场的每一个角落。 This thinks that will not have to attain, finally discovered a leafed door, discovered a leaf of stone door in the corner of square, to underground stone door. 本以为会毫无所获,结果发现了一扇门,在广场的角落发现了一扇石门,通往地下的石门。 Moreover what is most essential is this leaf of stone door opens? 而且最关键的是这扇石门是打开的? What's the matter? 怎么回事? stone door of any antiquity vestige should not be closed? Why does this leaf open? 任何上古遗迹的石门不都是应该关闭的吗?为何这一扇是打开的? Behind of stone door was the deep steps channel, Shen Lang walked cautiously. 石门的后面是深深的阶梯通道,沈浪小心翼翼地走了下去。 Continuously thorough, thorough, thorough. 一直深入,深入,深入。 Soon also did not have the oxygen, but Shen Lang was still safe and sound, because he had antiquity king Jie. 很快又没有氧气了,但沈浪依旧安然无恙,因为他有上古王戒。 Penetrated on the kilometer fully, finally to the end. 整整深入了上千米,终于到头了。 Then, Shen Lang is shocked thoroughly. 然后,沈浪彻底惊呆。 At present is a giant incomparable abyss, to does not dare to imagine completely. 眼前是一个巨大无比的深渊,大到完全不敢想象。 Is too deep to see the bottom downward, does not bottom upward. 往下深不见底,往上也不见底。 Does this mean this abyss directly to lead to the ground world? Can go out from here? However raised the head goes upward, is completely completely empty. 这是不是意味着这个深渊直接通向地面世界?能够从这里出去?但是抬头往上去,完全是空空如也啊。 Shen Lang starts to observe this abyss, the diameter surpasses tens of thousands meters giant gulf. 沈浪开始观察这个深渊,直径超过几万米的巨大深坑。 On the sheer precipice has several hundred several thousand hole holes densely and numerously, each hole kondow exceeds dozens meters. 悬崖峭壁上密密麻麻有几百几千个洞孔,每一个洞孔都超过几十米。 Does this hole hole seem like a lair? 这洞孔看上去像是一个巢穴? On this abyss sheer precipice has the path of circling, opens cutting directly from the cliff, Shen Lang explores the cavern along the stone-paved road. 这深渊悬崖峭壁上有盘旋的道路,直接从悬崖上开凿出来的,沈浪沿着石道去探索洞穴。 Arrives at the first cavern, immediately was startled. 来到第一个洞穴,顿时又惊了一下。 This...... this is really a lair, a lair of large-scale lifeform, because Shen Lang sees the skeleton, the height exceeds 20 meters, the wingspan exceeds 15 meters, this is a large-scale flight lifeform, is not the great vulture, but is more like a more special flight lifeform. 这……这果然是巢穴,一种大型生物的巢穴,因为沈浪看到骸骨,身长超过二十米,翼展超过十五米,这还是一种大型飞行生物,不是巨雕,而更像是一种更特殊的飞行生物。 Shen Lang innermost feelings cannot help but hot. 沈浪内心不由得热了起来。 This giant flight lifeform, simply is the best air force, is definitely stronger than Snow Vulture, if can harvest several eggs to be good. 这种巨型飞行生物,简直是最好的空军啊,肯定比雪雕更强,如果能够收获几个蛋就好了。 He then explores the following lair, some strange discovery, in this inside many lairs had the skeleton, but some lairs are spatial, moreover what is fearful is really has to move the trace, this on behalf of what? Represents some very long beforehand people to come? Moreover took away in these caverns things? 他接着探索接下来的巢穴,有了一个奇怪的发现,这里面很多巢穴里面有骸骨,但有些巢穴却是空的,而且可怕的是竟然有移动过的痕迹,这代表着什么?难道代表着很久以前有人来过?而且拿走了这些洞穴里面的东西? He does not dare to expect to be able a flight giant beast, even if the egg satisfied. 他都不敢奢望能够得到一只飞行巨兽,哪怕有一个蛋就满足了。 However after exploring dozens lairs, had not discovered including half egg. 但是探索了几十个巢穴之后,连半个蛋都没有发现。 Most lairs are completely empty, in the lair of small part is lying down a skeleton, that is the fossil of flight giant beast. 大部分巢穴都是空空如也,还有小部分的巢穴里面躺着一具骸骨,那是飞行巨兽的化石。 The 100 th lair. 第一百个巢穴。 Shen Lang decided that after exploring this lair, stops, immediately gives up , to continue to look for the outlet. 沈浪决定,探索完这个巢穴后就停止,立刻放弃,继续寻找出路。 However, this 100 th lair is very strange, is very different...... 但是,这第一百个巢穴很诡异,很不一样啊…… Other lair only then dozens meters depth, but this lair is too deep to see the bottom unexpectedly. 别的巢穴只有几十米深而已,而这个巢穴竟然深不见底。 Shen Lang is unceasingly thorough, thorough, thorough, walked several hundred meters fully, finally came to the end of this cavern. 沈浪不断深入,深入,深入,整整走了几百米,终于走到了这个洞穴的尽头。 This is a pond, giant pond. 这是一个池塘,巨大的池塘。 Shen Lang cannot help but pokes head in cautiously, wants to scan the interior of this pond with x light eyes. 沈浪不由得小心翼翼探出头去,想要用x光眼扫描这个池塘的内部。 However next second! 然而下一秒钟! „......” “嗷……” An incomparably giant shadow flushed fiercely, opens big mouth, swallowed the Shen Lang body directly. 一个无比巨大的影子猛地冲了上来,张开大嘴,直接将沈浪身体吞了进去。 Touches to guard completely, Shen Lang was eaten. 完全触不及防,沈浪就被吃了。 .................. ……………… Note: Master Lang must get rich, the brothers asked the monthly ticket, asked surely! 注:浪爷又要发财了,兄弟们求月票啊,千万拜托了啊!
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