HS :: Volume #6

#503: Qin Feng is too intrepid

Yuncheng Flower Mansion two issues, before this is Royal Group , the upscale villa that develops continues. 云城华府二期,这是皇室集团之前开发的高档别墅续。 In an independent luxurious villa, Han Yingying purple silk rests the skirt, is carrying one glass of red wines, is sitting before the window, is appreciating the Weicheng City night scene. 一栋独立的豪华别墅里,韩盈盈一身紫色的丝绸睡裙,端着一杯红酒,正坐在落地窗前,欣赏着卫城市的夜景。 The Han Yingying stature sends concave-convex, the gentle light sprinkles on she fine three-dimensional five senses, appears more charming moving. The gentle silk night clothes atmosphere is noble, the skirt bottom obstructs to write the thigh root of Ying Ying, exposes her Double Cultivation long fair beautiful leg without doubt. 韩盈盈的身材凹凸有致,柔和的灯光洒在她精致立体的五官上,显得更加妩媚动人。柔和的丝绸睡衣大气高贵,裙底遮撰盈盈的大腿根部,将她那双修长白皙的美腿展露无疑。 Great Beauty that so a beauty and money coexist, after is many Weicheng City and Jincheng City Pampered Childe strives to be the first to snatch the outstanding person, but Han Yingying has maintained one's moral integrity, besides Qin Feng, has not displayed the excessively frivolous action to any man. 如此一个美色和金钱并存的大美人,是多少卫城市晋城市公子哥们争先抢后的尤物,只是韩盈盈一直守身如玉,除了秦枫外,并没有对任何男人表现过轻浮的举动。 Thinks of Qin Feng, Han Yingying willow brows slightly knit, in moral nature flood an intermittent stabbing pain comes, the action that last night the accidental meet in Royal Hotel, Qin Feng said that words that and that offends somebody, Han Yingying to the present has not calmed down. 想到秦枫,韩盈盈柳眉微蹙,心底里泛起一阵阵的刺痛来,昨晚在皇家酒店的偶然相遇,秦枫说的那一番话和那伤人的举动,韩盈盈到现在还没有冷静下来。 Three months ago, Han Yingying and Sima Tu, Qin Ye as well as the Li Shaojie alliance, under four person cloths the trap, made an enmity to melt the storm, succeeded took the Royal Group stock completely, this planned Han Yingying to be long-premeditated, arrived at Weicheng City from her First day, first time appears in the Qin Feng side, was carrying on this plan. However after planning to be successful, Han Yingying has not imagined joyful with proud, her at heart suddenly empty, resembled the heart to be poached was the same. 三个多月前,韩盈盈司马徒秦烨以及李少杰联盟,四个人布下陷阱,制造了一仇融风暴,成功的把皇室集团的股份全部拿下,这个计划韩盈盈蓄谋已久,从她第一天来到卫城市,第一次出现在秦枫身边时,就在进行这次计划。但是计划成功后,韩盈盈并没有想象中的喜悦和自豪,她的心里突然空荡荡的,就好像心脏被人挖走了一样。 Qin Mansion perishes, Qin Feng vanishes suddenly, the heart of Han Yingying hangs not to fall frequently on the throat, her these three months with trepidation, particularly time of quiet time, will be worried about Qin Feng, will remember also Qin Feng to vanish late that the wildness on oneself bed. 秦府灭亡,秦枫突然消失,韩盈盈的心时时刻刻都悬在嗓子眼没有落下来,她这三个月过的提心吊胆,尤其是夜深人静的时候,都会担心秦枫,同时也会想起秦枫消失那晚在自己床上的狂野。 Han Yingying believes that Qin Feng has not died, therefore she has stayed in Weicheng City, helping Qin Feng handle Royal Group, the Han Yingying communication power is quite splendid, in good order, and accelerated the development of Royal Group the Royal Group big weapon service handles. Han Yingying wants to wait for Qin Feng to come back, returns this brand-new Royal Group to him, then obtains forgiving of Qin Feng, two people walk old in the same place happiness to 韩盈盈相信秦枫没死,所以她一直呆在卫城市,帮秦枫打理皇室集团,韩盈盈的商业能力相当出色,将皇室集团的大械务打理的井井有条,并且加速了皇室集团的发展。韩盈盈本想等秦枫回来,把这个全新的皇室集团归还给他,然后得到秦枫的原谅,两个人走在一起幸福到老 pēng! 砰! Downstairs transmit the huge sound, absent-minded Han Yingying will awaken, Han Yingying had a scare, goes downstairs to find out hastily, finally her person just arrived at door, a shadow suddenly appears, shadow uncouthly her weapon, m. 楼下传来巨大的声响,将失神中的韩盈盈惊醒过来,韩盈盈吓了一跳,连忙下楼想要一探究竟,结果她人刚走到房门口,一道黑影突然出现,黑影粗鲁的将她械,m. Qin Feng?” Then, Han Yingying saw clearly finally came the appearance of person, unexpectedly was Qin Feng that she thought of a moment ago. 秦枫?”这下,韩盈盈总算是看清了来人的面貌,竟然是她刚才想念的秦枫 Qin Feng of this meeting resembles some not to suit, the look is fierce, the eye is red, meaningful look did not have the light emptily, like had screened out the soul. 只是这会的秦枫好像有些不对劲,神色狰狞,眼睛通红,眼神还空洞无光,像是被人抽走了灵魂一样。 huā lā! 哗啦 Qin Feng has eaten two Blood Qi Pill continually, this meets the Divine Immortal Grass property to display thoroughly, Qin Feng is ordinary with Wild Beast, is tearing Han Yingying silk to rest the skirt. 秦枫一连吃了两颗血气丹,这会神仙草的药性已经彻底发挥,秦枫就跟一只野兽一般,正在撕扯着韩盈盈身上的丝绸睡裙。 Qin Feng, are you doing? You, you are calm first, I want to chat with you well, when we chatted, then said that other matter was good?” Han Yingying was frightened by the Qin Feng present appearance, wants to shove open Qin Feng, is the Qin Feng strength is greatly infinite, a hand according to cannot move on the bed her. “啊秦枫,你在干嘛?你,你先冷静一下,我想要跟你好好聊聊,等咱们聊完了,再说别的事情好么?”韩盈盈秦枫现在的模样吓到,想要推开秦枫,可是秦枫力大无穷,一只手就把她按在床上动弹不得。 huā lā! 哗啦 The Qin Feng idle another hand has not stopped, is tearing Han Yingying resting skirt, that will rest skirt this to be pulled rags, scattered, did not have the means to cover the body of Han Yingying, enticement on that vision, making Qin Feng go crazy directly. 秦枫空闲的另一只手没有停下,不停的撕扯着韩盈盈身上的睡裙,那睡裙这会被扯成一条条碎布,零零散散的,已经没办法遮挡韩盈盈的身体,那种视觉上的诱惑,让秦枫直接发狂。 „! Does not want Qin Feng, like this!” Han Yingying calls out in alarm, going all out wants to struggle. “啊!不要秦枫,不要这样!”韩盈盈惊叫起来,拼命的想要挣扎。 ! Qin Feng stood up from failure Han Yingying suddenly, a palm of the hand claps on the outstanding buttocks of Han Yingying. This palm of the hand strength is very big, the painful Han Yingying eye tears must flow come out, the outstanding buttocks print out five red fingerprints, but these also makes the body of Han Yingying transmit an unusual feeling, body of Han Yingying soft. 秦枫突然将韩盈盈翻了个身,一巴掌拍在韩盈盈的翘臀上面。这一巴掌力气很大,痛的韩盈盈眼泪水都要流出来,翘臀印出五道红色的指印,不过这一下也让韩盈盈的身体传来一阵异样的感觉,韩盈盈的身体都软了下来。 Um 4, Qin Feng, your quick character!” A Qin Feng palm of the hand gets down, the big hand has pressed firmly between the fingers the Han Yingying chest, Qin Feng this will not have the reason, starts not to know the weight, Han Yingying ache at the same time, a pleasant sensation, she had realized finally that a few words, the pain is joyful! “嗯4,秦枫,你快字!”秦枫一巴掌下去,大手已经捏住了韩盈盈胸口,秦枫这会没有理智,下手也不知道轻重的,韩盈盈疼痛的同时,还有一种快感,她总算是体会了那一句话,痛并快乐着! pū cī! 噗呲 Han Yingying has not recovered from the ache, the tender body shakes fiercely, incomparable enrichment that suddenly the feeling body changes, then, the full room resounded had the rhythm flap, Han Yingying changed chanted / recites. 韩盈盈都没有从疼痛中回过神来,娇躯猛地一震,突然感觉身体变的无比的充实,接着,满屋子就响起了有节奏的拍打声,还有韩盈盈跌宕起伏的呻/吟。 Qin Feng was very powerful, now the Divine Immortal Grass property, is heroic invincible, Han Yingying felt that the person must disperse have put up, meaning that but Qin Feng do not stop. 秦枫本就很强悍,现在中了神仙草的药性,更是英勇无敌,韩盈盈感觉人都要散架了,但是秦枫一点都没有要停下来的意思。 Passed slantingly! 一个斜过去了! Two passed slantingly! 两个斜过去了! As if a twinkling, five slanting on the past. 仿佛一眨眼,五个斜就过去了。 Qin Feng has been controlling the initiative, back and forth transformation posture, some Han Yingying from the beginning also revolts, but afterward tired is not good, lies in the Qin Feng bosom directly, closely jumps Qin Feng, whatever he goes to the movement. 秦枫一直操控着主动权,来回变换姿势,韩盈盈一开始还有些反抗,但是后来累的不行,直接就趴在秦枫的怀里,紧紧迸秦枫,任由他去运动。 Eight passed slantingly, with a Qin Feng low roar, he stopped finally, Han Yingying long relaxing , this motionless lying down on the bed, was really a wee bit strengths will not have from top to bottom. 八个斜过去了,伴随着秦枫一声低吼,他总算是停了下来,韩盈盈长长的松了口气,她这会一动不动的躺在大床上,真是浑身上下一丁点的力气都没有了。 Shout! 呼! Slow one minute, Qin Feng has opened the eye slowly, empty pupil this will restore the exquisite ray, Qin Feng strange looks at the present situation, looks lies down Han Yingying stark naked under oneself body, that feeling looked like loses had recalled was the same. 缓了一分钟,秦枫慢慢张开眼睛,原本空洞的眸子这会恢复了精湛的光芒,秦枫奇怪的看着眼前的情况,看着一丝不挂躺在自己身下的韩盈盈,那感觉就像是失忆了一样。 I how your here?” Qin Feng asked suddenly. “我怎么会在你这里?”秦枫突然问道。 The Han Yingying corners of the mouth pull out, if currently also has the strength, wishes one could to kick to death Qin Feng: „Did you raise the pants to repudiate a debt? Are your men this?” 韩盈盈嘴角一抽,要是现在还有力气,都恨不得踹死秦枫:“你提了裤子就想赖账么?你们男人是不是都这样?” Han Yingying is worn out, voice of speech is very small, but falls in the Qin Feng ear is grating, Qin Feng has misunderstood the meaning of Han Yingying words obviously, and Han Yingying these words are also very easy crooked. Qin Feng thought that the Han Yingying affirmations and many men have rested, otherwise can say that your men did raise the pants not to acknowledge mistakes this words? She has not rested with other man, knows that what welldoing other man is? 韩盈盈有气无力的,说话的声音很小,但是落在秦枫耳中却非常刺耳,秦枫显然是误会了韩盈盈话语的意思,并且韩盈盈这句话也很容易让人想歪。秦枫觉得韩盈盈肯定和很多男人睡过,不然怎么能说‘你们男人是不是提了裤子都不认帐’这种话?她没有跟别的男人睡过,怎么知道别的男人是什么德行? You are really disgusting!” Qin Feng stared Han Yingying one with raw hate, took the clothes to go out of the room. “你真恶心!”秦枫凶狠的瞪了韩盈盈一眼,拿着衣服就走出了房间。 Han Yingying is suddenly scared, she casually complained, has not thought that will enrage Qin Feng, one line of clear tears fall following the elegant cheek of Han Yingying, she thought that Qin Feng was really too a bastard, regarded oneself is really the vent tool, regarded that imprudent woman? 韩盈盈突然傻眼,她就是随便抱怨了一句,没想到会激怒秦枫,一行清泪顺着韩盈盈的俏脸蛋滑落下来,她觉得秦枫实在是太混蛋了,真把自己当成是发泄工具,当成那种不检点的女人么? To come to come? Came that aggressive j matter sweet words and honeyed phrases not to have each time, but must fling a complexion to leave 想来就来?每次来了还那么生猛j事了一句甜言蜜语都没有,还要甩个脸色走人 The chest vibration of Han Yingying air/Qi, she gave Qin Feng Royal Group yesterday, and informs Qin Feng the news through Qin Huang that side, Han Yingying was somewhat tired, wants Jincheng City, but she cannot put down Qin Feng, has waged the ideological struggle here, but this time matter, making Han Yingying very sad, she has completed also the decision, today must leave to leave Weicheng City, do not come back! 韩盈盈气的胸脯抖动,她昨天才把皇室集团交给秦枫,并且是通过秦皇那边把消息告知秦枫,韩盈盈已经有些累了,想要回晋城市,可她还是放不下秦枫,一直在这边做思想斗争,但是这次的事情,让韩盈盈非常伤心,她心里也做好了决定,今天就要动身离开卫城市,再也不要回来了! Qin Feng is also angry, extreme vitality! 秦枫也很生气,非常非常的生气! After he wakes up sees Han Yingying worn out lying down under the oneself body, surges at heart a warm take pity on emotion, Qin Feng has Han Yingying at heart, wanted to chat with Han Yingying well, can perhaps solve the beforehand some conflicts, has not actually thought that Han Yingying emits that a few words suddenly, making Qin Feng not have any interest immediately. 当他醒来后看到韩盈盈有气无力的躺在自己身下,心里涌起一阵温馨怜惜的情感,秦枫心里还是有韩盈盈的,原本想要跟韩盈盈好好聊聊,说不定能够化解之前的一些矛盾,却没想到韩盈盈突然冒出那么一句话来,让秦枫顿时没了任何兴趣。 Ok, such woman, does not want.” Qin Feng was whispering at heart, suddenly thinks that the oneself greater part of the night sends / the matter of sentiment to come, Qin Feng now was in Fourth Layer Martial Practitioner, the patience and strength in meditation were the average man are unable to compare, because how that matter will change lost the reason? “算了,这样的女人,不要也罢。”秦枫在心里嘀咕了一阵,突然想到自己大半夜发/情的事来,秦枫如今都是内四层武者了,耐性和定力都是常人无法相比的,怎么会因为那种事情变的失去了理智呢? Qin Feng always thought that this matter some fishy, that feeling like was prescribed medicine, but Qin Feng thinks it over, cannot feel the brains, because nobody gives him to put the medicine! 秦枫总觉得这事有些蹊跷,那感觉就像被人下了药一样,可是秦枫想来想去,也还是摸不着头脑,因为没有人给他下过药啊! Had the doubts of being filled with, Qin Feng to arrive at Feitian Bar, according to the agreement, Ximen Chuixue and Yun Ze waited here, Liu Wenjing also sat in one side, three people did not speak, in respective cultivation. 带着满心的疑惑,秦枫来到了飞天酒吧,按照约定,西门吹雪云泽已经等在这里,刘文静也坐在一边,三个人也不说话,都在各自修炼 Big Bro Qin, you came back, are you all right? We here waited for you from last night, if you did not come back, we were anxious!” Yun Ze First saw Qin Feng, even/including Mao. 秦大哥,你回来了,你没事吧?我们从昨晚就在这里等你了,你要是再不回来,我们都要急死了!”云泽第一个看到秦枫,连铆了上来。 Qin Feng smiled to Yun Ze, hints oneself to be all right. 秦枫云泽笑了笑,示意自己没事。 Ximen Chuixue pays a visit Host!” Ximen Chuixue also comes up to give regards. 西门吹雪拜见主人!”西门吹雪也上来问好。 Liu Wenjing, stared Qin Feng one actually ill-humoredly, has not spoken with Qin Feng. 倒是刘文静,没好气的瞪了秦枫一眼,都没跟秦枫说话的。 In the Qin Feng heart is somewhat strange, but Yun Ze and Ximen Chuixue still, Qin Feng then suppress the curiosity, first mentioned the proper business with them: „Is motion how is it?” 秦枫心中有些奇怪,但是云泽西门吹雪还在,秦枫便将好奇心压住,先跟他们说起了正事:“行动怎么样?” Ximen Chuixue stands on one side to cross the hands behind the back to stand, look ice-cold like the frost, Yun Ze opens the mouth to say throughout: Big Bro Qin, according to your meaning, I and Chuixue Big Bro has destroyed completely Fang Family, although that Zhang Family person helps, but has not gotten rid, we have not started afterward that two black robe male to come to them, Chuixue Big Bro cut away the strength is high a that person of arm, to save me, making that two people escape!” 西门吹雪站在一边负手而立,神色始终冰冷如霜,云泽开口说道:“秦大哥,按照你的意思,我和吹雪大哥已经灭掉了方家,那张家人虽然来帮忙,但是并没有真的出手,我们也没有对他们下手后来那两个黑袍男来了,吹雪大哥切掉了其中实力较高那人的一条胳膊,但是为了救我,让那两个人逃跑了!” Yun Ze spoke of here, a face guilty color, he thought oneself not only has not helped Qin Feng, instead also implicated this motion. 云泽说到这里,一脸愧疚之色,他觉得自己不但没有帮到秦枫,反而还拖累了这次的行动。 Qin Feng has patted the shoulder of Yun Ze, gentle saying: Livestock, you do is very good, do not have remorse at heart, this time I must thank you to be willing to get rid to help.” 秦枫拍了拍云泽的肩膀,柔和的说道:“畜,你做的很好,不要有自责的心里,这次我还要感谢你肯出手帮忙呢。” Big Bro Qin, you think highly of me, that is my being honored.” Yun Ze relaxed at heart, he discovered that oneself not with wrong person, Qin Feng looks like his own Big Bro same treats oneself. 秦大哥,您看得起我,那是我的荣幸。”云泽心里松了口气,他发现自己没跟错人,秦枫真的就像是他亲大哥一样对待自己 Had understood from Yun Ze here the approximate situation, Qin Feng then looks to Ximen Chuixue, this takes a quick look around, Qin Feng that frightens almost throws down. 云泽这里了解了大致的情况,秦枫便看向身边的西门吹雪,这一眼看去,吓的秦枫差点摔倒。 Chuixue, you entire? In turned into the First Layer strength? Do not frighten me!” Qin Feng feels the body of Ximen Chuixue up and down, has felt carefully, present Ximen Chuixue is really in the First Layer strength, weak does not want, Qin Feng felt that the oneself casual palm can pat him. 吹雪,你咋整的?怎么变成内一层的实力了?你可别吓我啊!”秦枫上下摸着西门吹雪的身子,仔细感受了一下,如今的西门吹雪真是内一层的实力,弱的不要不要的,秦枫感觉自己随便一掌都能拍死他。. <\;>\; recommends the following hot novel: <\; / >\; <\;>\;推荐以下热门小说:<\;/>\;
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