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#1842: Which the time went

Boy, knows now Father fierce, urging your little darling to surrender hands tied, kneels kowtows to apologize on the ground that my Junior Disciple Brother died, I can keep an entire corpse to you.” “小子,现在知道老子的厉害了吧,劝你乖乖束手投降,跪在我师弟死去的地上磕头谢罪,我可以给你留个全尸。” Wang Jun does not know Qin Feng in being truant the matters of his nine Sky Sword knacks, but also adopts an extremely arrogant stance, in Qin Feng heart funny, bellows to him: Also feels all right to say fiercely on this ability, a long time has not massacred me, this sword method really laughable...... Saw how Grandfather killed people a moment ago, One Sword extinguishes one!” 王俊根本不知道秦枫在偷学他九天剑诀的事情,还摆出一副狂妄姿态,秦枫心中好笑,冲他大吼:“就这点能耐也好意思自称厉害,老半天都没杀掉我,这种剑法实在可笑……看到爷爷刚才怎么杀人的吧,一剑灭一个!” Qin Feng must enrage Wang Jun intentionally, quite makes him display the more styles of nine Sky Sword knacks. 秦枫是故意要激怒王俊,好让他把九天剑诀的更多招式施展出来。 Actually Qin Feng had discovered a matter, he was truant the beginning of the universe seven blades that the beginning of the universe has sent before, breaks the non- shade sword of Hengshan, Qi Tianpai thousand cuts, non- Waning Moon Sword law...... But when is truant these Martial Skill secret manual, the opposite party has displayed part of styles, but Qin Feng can actually rely on good fortune formidable Heart Art, improves these Martial Skill voluntarily. 其实秦枫发现了一件事情,他之前偷学过混元派的混元七刀,断横山的无影剑,齐天派的千丝斩,无里莫的残月剑法……而偷学这些武技秘籍时,对方只是施展了一部分招式,但秦枫却能够凭借造化篇的强大心诀,将这些武技自行完善。 But now after obtaining divine creative force, his comprehension and perfect ability become more formidable. 而如今得到了造物篇后,他的这种领悟和完善的能力变得更加强大。 Ants that your this acts recklessly, since you die eagerly, that Father helps you!” “你这不知死活的蝼蚁,既然你急于一死,那老子就成全你!” Words successful enrages Wang Jun, his both hands brandish unceasingly, nine Spirit Sword of that Changkong (vast sky) flight had the life to be ordinary immediately, interlocked overlapped is attacking Qin Feng. 一番话成功的将王俊激怒,他双手不断挥舞,那长空飞行的九把灵剑顿时有了生命一般,重叠交错着攻击秦枫 The sky does not have the trace, but flying sword had flown. 天空没有痕迹,但飞剑已经飞过。 More specifically, in the sky has covered entirely the sword mark, but these sword marks were before remain, present nine flying sword speed strangely quick, they have flown the place did not have the trace, has waited till the new space, Changkong (vast sky) that the forward flight crossed reappeared sword qi that the air burst. 更确切的说,天空上布满了剑痕,但这些剑痕却是之前留下来的,如今的九把飞剑速度奇快,它们飞过的地方并没有痕迹,等到了新的空间,之前飞过的长空才浮现出空气破裂的剑气 Good fierce sword method, has the place of equally good results from different methods with the Waning Moon Sword method.” “好厉害的剑法,跟残月剑法有异曲同工之处。” In the Qin Feng heart sighed that he is even more thorough to the comprehensions of nine Sky Sword knacks at this time, to study this set of sword method, he has also paid the price of blood, under the pursuit of nine flying sword, he was slivered the blood person, but on him is not only the skin flesh wound, some time ago two flying sword horizontally hit in his abdomen and back, although his prompt revolution aura protects the body, but the body caused heavy losses. 秦枫心中感叹,他此时对九天剑诀的领悟越发透彻,不过为了学习这套剑法,他也付出了血的代价,在九把飞剑的追击下,他被切成了血人,而他身上已经不光是皮外伤,不久前就有两把飞剑横撞在他腹部和背部,虽然他及时运转气息护体,但身体还是受到了重创。 Ha Ha! I thought that your boy is crazy is not crazy? Everybody on, revenges for Wang Xiu together!” “哈哈!我看你小子还狂不狂了?大家一起上,为王修报仇!” Feels the Qin Feng aura to be getting more and more weak, Wang Jun cried loud and long. 感受到秦枫的气息越来越弱,王俊长啸一声。 These under wait is at this moment, immediately, 20 shadows fire into Changkong (vast sky), fierce offensive already Qin Feng surrounding. 那些手下等的就是这一刻,顿时,20多道黑影冲向长空,凶猛的攻势已经将秦枫包围。 In this crowd the good and evil also two real virtual environment member, other are Buddha Light Boundary, in addition the ground also stands real virtual environment Late Phase Wang Jun to assume personal command, suddenly Qin Feng felt strong killing qi, he felt oneself, if did not counter-attack, must die really in this. 这人群中好歹也有两名真灵境修士,其余都是佛光境界,再加上地面还站着个真灵境后期的王俊坐镇,一时间秦枫感受到了浓烈杀气,他感觉自己要是再不反击,真要陨落在此。 Buzz! 嗡! In the air flutters suddenly a strange fluctuation of energy. 空气中突然飘荡一阵奇异的能量波动。 In the Qin Feng hand, grasps a modeling to dazzle the cool black long blade, this model of imprisonment is a Destruction Satanic Equipment treasured sword, when initially participated in talent General Assembly that the shore downtown streets conduct extremely, Qin Feng wins from Big Dipper view talent Disciple Su seven there. 秦枫手中,握着一把造型炫酷的黑色长刀,这把禁锢的模型是一把毁灭暗黑装的宝刀,还是当初参加滨极坊市举办的天才大会时,秦枫从七星观天才弟子苏七那里赢来的。 When the imprisonment wields falls, Void pulls out together black blade qi, that blade qi spreads all around immediately, is centered on Qin Feng, has rapidly formed a black hole aperture. 当禁锢挥落,虚空拉出一道黑色刀气,那刀气顿时扩散四周,以秦枫为中心,快速形成了一个黑洞般的光圈。 Air setting, time as if in this moment static. 空气凝固,时间仿佛在这一刻静止。 That flies the twenty member in midair to frame Changkong (vast sky) suddenly, is maintaining on the posture and face of attack the fierce look, nine flying sword appear the primary forms, is surrounding in the Qin Feng body week, the sword glow is swift and fierce, unexpectedly also stop motion in Void. 那飞到半空的二十几名修士突然定格长空,保持着进攻的姿势和脸上凶猛神色,九把飞剑现出原形,正包围在秦枫身周,剑芒凌厉,竟然也在虚空中停格。 The surrounding area in 500 meters, without any sound, all vitalities vanishes, has the Qin Feng aura to disseminate in the air. 方圆500米内,没有任何声音,一切生机消失,只有秦枫的气息在空气里传播着。 This is Qin Feng second time displays the imprisonment, actually equally by this might shock of best quality goods real, when he has gotten back one's composure, immediately chops a blade horizontally, the black glow flashes through, as if has become the midair truncation two halves, was framed the Void twenty member, simultaneously around the middle cut off. 这是秦枫第二次施展禁锢,却一样被这把极品真器的威力震惊,当他回过神时,立即横劈一刀,黑芒闪过,仿佛将半空截成了两半,而那被定格虚空的二十几名修士,也被同时拦腰斩断。 Buzz! 嗡! After short several seconds, is a fluctuation of energy, the explosive sound resounds through Changkong (vast sky), the attack of that several member falls, all restore as usual. 只是短暂的十几秒后,又是一阵能量波动,爆炸声响彻长空,那十几名修士的攻击落下,一切恢复如常。 How can like this?” “怎么会这样?” Regarding Wang Jun, he was unclear had had anything a moment ago, as if that several seconds, like was several centuries long. But he was shocked by the present picture, the remnant bodies under that several famous artisan scatter in his body week, the rivers of blood, the scene incomparably bloody terrorist. 对于王俊而言,他记不清刚才发生过什么,仿佛那十几秒的时间,像是过了十几个世纪一样漫长。但他被眼前的画面惊呆,那十几名手下的残体散落在他身周,血流成河,场面无比血腥恐怖。 hōng lóng! 轰隆 However he did not have the time to ponder that had anything a moment ago, counts Daoist waist thick or thin from chop to fall spatially, when sees these Thunder and Lightning instantaneous, Wang Jun felt the unprecedented fear and death aura. He is the real virtual environment Late Phase member, is not the fellow who that type has not experienced, he sees Thunder Jie who the empty god member has broken through initiates, feared that is who compares to this moment top of the head landing is also mediocre? 然而他已经没时间去思考刚才发生了什么,数道人腰般粗细的雷芒从空劈落,当看到这几道雷电瞬间,王俊感受到了前所未有的恐惧和死亡气息。他身为真灵境后期的修士,也不是那种没见识的家伙,他见过虚神修士突破引发的雷劫,怕是比起此刻头顶降落的雷芒也不过如此吧? Anything is impossible, I early have said that you could not kill me, but I can extinguish you!” “没什么不可能的,我早说过,你杀不了我,但我可以灭了你!” Thunderous transmits Qin Feng loudly and clearly such as the sound of clock, Wang Jun also wants to refute, but he launches in salvos the sound chance not to have, instantaneously meeting a cruel death that explodes. 雷鸣中传来秦枫洪亮如钟的声音,王俊还想反驳,可他连发出声音的机会都没有,瞬间在雷海中炸的粉身碎骨。 That moment of when by being hit, in his eyes covers entirely the fear, he determined that these Thunder and Lightning might endure compared with the empty god god revere the breakthrough the prestige of thunder tribulation, but this offensive actually sends out from a Buddha Light Boundary member hand, does not know how the opposite party achieves. 当被雷芒击中的那一刻,他眼中布满恐惧,他确定这些雷电的威力堪比虚神神尊突破的雷劫之威,可这种攻势却是从一个佛光境修士手中发出,也不知道对方是怎么做到的。 At the point of death before, Wang Jun has a lot not to think clearly, but he does not need to understand, because the death represented to vanish. When Qin Feng just stepped into the southern Peng Chau this lands, then a double hit kills numerous Fokuang member and four real virtual environments Venerable, this war made him make the confidence, even if arrived here, he will not end up to turn out the situation of allowing to be oppressed. 临死前,王俊有很多事情想不明白,不过他也不用想明白,因为死亡代表着一切消失。当秦枫刚踏入南坪洲这片土地,便一连击杀众多佛光修士和四名真灵境强尊,这一战让他打出了信心,就算来到这边,他也不会落得任人宰割的处境。 Wang did Jun die? Everybody comes out quickly, Wang Jun and Wang Xiu died!” “王俊死了?大家快出来啊,王俊和王修都死了!” The fight did not end a meeting, runs No. over a hundred person from these houses, Realm of these people generally in Buddha Light Boundary, there is minority Saint King and immortal qi time member exists. 战斗结束没一会,从那些房屋里跑出来上百号人,这些人的境界普遍在佛光境,也有少数的圣王仙气期修士存在。 Qin Feng leaps falls into the crowd, frightens the people immediately retreat, is taking a look at him with the vigilant look, actually saw a Daoist shade to clash from the crowd, the mouth exuded the pleasantly surprised scream: Head Qin? Really is you?” 秦枫一跃落入人群之中,吓得众人立即后退,用警惕的神色打量着他,却见一道人影从人群里冲了过来,嘴里发出惊喜的喊叫声:“秦掌门?真的是你么?” Because of the action of this member, other people are silly at the same time do not dare to move heedlessly, Qin Feng looked on that member had one, always thought that his appearance looks familiar, may a short time actually unable to think. 因为这个修士的举动,其他人都傻愣在一边不敢乱动,秦枫在那名修士身上看了有一阵,总觉得他面貌看着熟悉,可一时半会却也想不起来。 „Are you?” Qin Feng asked. “你是?”秦枫问道。 Head Qin, the one who is small is day Yun Jian Disciple what Chao, do you still remember me?” 秦掌门,小的是天云剑弟子何超啊,您还记得我么?” When the day Yun Jian name report comes out, other people are bewildered, have not listened to this sect and schools obviously, but Qin Feng actually dull at the scene, he searches for after the memory, has remembered the present middle-aged man, this person came from divine land Great Earth unexpectedly, but day Yun Jian is also a divine land Great Earth large amount gate. 云剑的名字报出来时,其余人一脸茫然,显然是没听过这个门派,但是秦枫却呆愣当场,他在记忆中搜寻一番后,已经想起了眼前的中年男人,这个人竟然是从神州大地过来的,而天云剑也是神州大地的一大宗门。 „Did you also come to here?” In the Qin Feng words has the words, only then what ultra can understand. “你也来了这边?”秦枫话中有话,也只有何超能够听懂。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完) Home station important notice: Please use free novel APP of home station, is adless, broken against pirating, to renew quickly, the member synchronization bookshelf, please pay attention to the WeChat public number 本站重要通知:请使用本站的免费小说APP,无广告、破防盗版、更新快,会员同步书架,请关注微信公众号 gegegengxin gegegengxin ( Holds down three seconds of duplication) (按住三秒复制) Downloading free microreader!! 下载免费阅读器!!
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