HTMS :: Volume #91

#9014: Zhao Yujian escapes distressedly!

Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul()” 霸天武魂()” The people exuded the sound of exclamation, looks to the Ling Xiao vision, was full of the admiration. 众人都发出了惊叹之声,看向凌霄的目光,充满了敬佩。 In Ancestral Dragon Island that small islands, can have such strength. 祖龙岛那种小岛屿上,能有如此的实力。 Really was very fierce. 真得是非常厉害了。 Can enter ninth, basically awakened half marvelous work first-level bloodlines. 能进入第九层的,基本上都觉醒了半神品一级血脉。 Stands summit existence in talent. 都是站在天才之巅的存在。 The strength is tyrannical. 实力强横。 Jumping the ranks the challenge is the potluck. 越级挑战更是家常便饭。 Others want to jump the ranks with them fight, that simply is the not possible matter. 别人想要越级与他们战斗,那简直就是不可能的事情。 After all in their opinion, the bloodlines rank of Hidden Dragon Divine Province was highest is also half marvelous work first-level. 毕竟在他们看来,伏龙神洲的血脉等级最高也就是半神品一级了。 Impossible to be higher. 不可能有更高的。 Other place does not dare saying that but here, they are the peaks. 别的地方不敢说,但在这里,他们就是巅峰。 But now, cultivation base has achieved Divine Pill boundary sevenfold peak cultivation base Zhao Yujian, actually jumped the ranks by Ling Xiao easily the challenge. 但现在,修为已经达到神丹境七重巅峰修为的赵玉健,却被凌霄轻而易举地越级挑战。 What is most fearful, Ling Xiao has not released the bloodlines strength. 最可怕的是,凌霄还没释放血脉力量。 This is simply inconceivable. 这简直不可思议。 Is inconceivable radically, on this person has any fearful secret. 根本难以想象,这个人身上有什么可怕的秘密。 The idea of most normal state, that has what treasure. 最常态的想法,那就是有什么宝物。 Such a thinks, felt relaxed. 这么一想,也就释然了。 Is impossible, this is impossible, I want you dead!” “不可能,这绝不可能,我要你死啊!” Zhao jade is hard to accept such aspect healthily obviously. 赵玉健显然难以接受这样的局面。 Not only oneself cultivation base was higher than a scale the opposite party, even also erupted the bloodlines strength, could not have taken Ling Xiao unexpectedly. 自己不仅修为比对方高了一个档次,甚至还爆发了血脉力量,竟然还拿不下凌霄 This keeps him from accepting simply. 这简直让他无法接受。 If this passes on, how he later also mixes. 这要是传出去,他以后还怎么混啊。 Lost face. 太丢脸了。 Too depressed. 太郁闷了啊。 A talent, cannot jump the ranks the challenge, unexpectedly jumped the ranks the challenge by others, this is absolutely unacceptable. 一个天才,不能越级挑战也就罢了,居然被别人越级挑战,这绝对不能接受。 Is unacceptable! 不能接受! Words that passes on, he must become the joke. 传出去的话,他是要成为笑话的。 However he had erupted the full power, even again angry, does not help matters. 然而他已经爆发了全力,就算再愤怒,也无济于事啊。 Shrieks and howls wildly usefully? If the sound can win greatly, that also wants the strength to do, practices the sound to consider as finished. “鬼哭狼嚎有用吗?如果声音大就能取胜,那还要实力干什么,都去练声音算了。 The Divine Pill boundary sevenfold peak on this level, was really disappointing. 神丹境七重巅峰就这点水平,真得是太让人失望了。 My motionless bloodlines, you are not my opponent, is really laughable. ” 我不动血脉,你都不是我的对手,真是可笑啊。” Ling Xiao said with a smile: I am impatient, the fight, should end!” 凌霄笑道:“我已经没耐心了,战斗,该结束了!” He had a yawn, transferred one dragon Yuan again. 他打了个哈欠,再次调用了一道龙元。 At this time dragon Yuan achieved three. 此时龙元达到了三道。 The battle efficiency rises dramatically again. 战斗力再次飙升。 Bang! 嘭! Thunder wyvern was repelled directly. 雷霆飞龙被直接击退。 The people are shocked. 众人更加震惊。 What! The battle efficiency can also be increased unexpectedly, but he still has not erupted the bloodlines strength, is this fellow the monster?” “什么!竟然战斗力还能提升,可他依然没有爆发血脉力量啊,这家伙是怪物吗?” Everyone is shocked. 所有人都震惊至极。 The complexion is also becomes very ugly. 脸色也是变得非常难看。 Small Ancestral Dragon Island, is born unexpectedly such talent, making martial artist of their Higashisendani so disgraced. 小小祖龙岛,居然诞生出如此的天才,令他们东仙谷的武者如此丢人。 Then, this is not the honorable matter. 说起来,这也不是什么光荣的事情。 Is impossible, is impossible!” “不可能,不可能啊!” Zhao Yujian can only so shout now, facing the attack of Ling Xiao, he has no resistance ability. 赵玉健现在只能如此呼喊,面对凌霄的攻击,他没有任何反抗能力。 A Ling Xiao fist fist rumbled. 凌霄一拳一拳轰了出去。 Thunder wyvern was hit retreats in defeat again and again. 雷霆飞龙被打得节节败退。 Finally hit directly above the wall. 最后直接撞在了墙壁之上。 Erupted the panic-stricken pitiful yell sound. 爆发出了惊恐的惨叫声。 Suppression! 压制! Suppression in the true sense. 真正意义上的压制。 Ling Xiao has not erupted the bloodlines, can so easily suppress Zhao Yujian. 凌霄连血脉都没有爆发,就可以如此轻易的压制赵玉健。 This fellow, was too fearful. 这家伙,太可怕了。 Zhao Yujian had been hit completely ignorant. 赵玉健已经被完全被打懵了。 He felt that oneself consciousness must blur. 他感觉自己的意识都要模糊了。 After dozens fists, Zhao Yujian thunder wyvern was made the prototype. 数十拳之后,赵玉健的雷霆飞龙被打出了原型。 Restores the person appearance. 恢复出人型的模样。 The whole body is the dripping with blood. 全身都是鲜血淋漓。 Has hair dishevelled, as if a lunatic. 披头散发,仿佛一个疯子。 However, this fellow were actually more than Yang Huoqiang. 不过,这家伙倒是比阳火强多了。 This fellow can also stand, Yang fire stood continually cannot come to a stop. 这家伙还能站着,阳火是连站都站不稳了。 In the crowd, Zhao Yufeng frightens is pale. 人群中,赵玉峰吓得脸色发白。 How possibly! 怎么可能! He loses to the Ling Xiao fact to Zhao Yujian who the present is unable to accept the Divine Pill boundary sevenfold peak. 他到现在都无法接受神丹境七重巅峰的赵玉健败给凌霄的事实。 This was too absurd. 这太荒唐了。 Simply absurdly. 简直荒唐透顶。 This is a joke, huge joke. 这就是个笑话,天大的笑话。 Odd. 离谱至极。 That is Zhao jade strengthens, invincible Zhao Yujian. 那可是赵玉健啊,无敌的赵玉健啊。 Damn! 该死! He is counted on Zhao Yujian acts, 他本来是指望赵玉健出手, Can get rid of Ling Xiao. In that case, can report once by the Ling Xiao shame big enmity. 可以干掉凌霄的。那样一来,就可以报曾经被凌霄羞辱的大仇。 But who knows, finally can be this unexpectedly. 可谁知道,结果竟然会是这样。 Even if Zhao Yujian, was hit so pitifully by this Ling Xiao. 纵然是赵玉健,也被这个凌霄打得如此凄惨。 He really some fears. 他真得有些害怕了。 Offends such person, is really correct? 得罪这样的人,真得是正确的吗? Bastard, you dares to injure me unexpectedly, dares to injure me unexpectedly, I must kill you, I must kill you!” “混蛋,你竟然敢伤我,竟然敢伤我,我要杀了你,我一定要杀了你!” Even if were defeated. 即便是被击败了。 Zhao Yujian still in crazy angry roaring. 赵玉健依然在疯狂的怒吼。 The strength is not good, but he is puissant. 实力不行,但他还有权力。 Their Zhao, cannot give up like this. 他们赵家,不能就这样善罢甘休。 He hates Ling Xiao bone to inter the body. 他恨凌霄入骨。 Because he knows, after today, he will definitely become the laughingstock of entire Higashisendani. 因为他知道,今日之后,他必然会成为整个东仙谷的笑柄。 Ling Xiao smiles lightly, suddenly stepped in Zhao Yujian face. 凌霄淡淡笑了笑,突然一脚踩在了赵玉健的脸上。 Stepped on the twist deformation that not charming cheek directly. 将那本来就不怎么帅气的脸蛋直接踩得就扭曲变形了。 „-!” “啊-!” Zhao Yujian exuded the sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, the whole person is in deep sorrow. 赵玉健发出了凄厉的惨叫声,整个人痛不欲生。 You also moistened Higashisendani light/only, otherwise depends on your words, has died!” “你也就是沾了东仙谷的光,不然就凭你这句话,已经死了!” Ling Xiao coldly said: I warned you, if had again the next time, I ensure made you die a tragic death, you remembered to me!” 凌霄冷冷道:“我警告你,如果再有下一次,我保证让你死得很惨,你给我记住了!” Zhao Yujian does not dare to speak. 赵玉健不敢吭声了。 He can feel that sufficiently desperate terrifying aura that on Ling Xiao transmits. 他能感受到凌霄身上传来的那股足以让人绝望的恐怖气息。 He believes that so long as dare to speak at a venture again, this lunatic will certainly kill own. 他相信,只要自己再敢乱说话,这个疯子一定会杀了自己的。 Although Ling Xiao stands there lightly, but he can feel that invisible killing intent has condensed a beast of prey. 虽然凌霄只是淡淡站在那里,但他能感觉到,那无形的杀意已经凝聚成了一头猛兽。 This time, with the interest. “这一次,就拿点利息。 This thing, turned over to me! ” 这东西,归我了!” Ling Xiao pointed on storage ring taking away Zhao Yujian. 凌霄将赵玉健手指上的储物戒给拿走了。 That is my my!” “那是我的我的啊!” Zhao Yujian shouts. 赵玉健喊道。 Your? The present was my, regarded is you buy a lesson, in this world, some people you were do not annoy.” “你的?现在是我的了,就当成是你花钱买个教训吧,这世上,有些人你是惹不得的。” Ling Xiao takes storage ring, threw into own storage ring. 凌霄拿着储物戒,扔进了自己的储物戒里面。 Anxiety that Zhao Yujian looks. 赵玉健看的肉疼不已。 But in that his complete family belongings. 那里面可是他的全部家当啊。 This was also too unlucky. 这也太倒霉了吧。 Not only comes under attack, but must build storage ring, today really loses face. 不仅挨打,还要将储物戒搭出去,今天真得是太丢脸了。 Go away, I do not want to see you!” “滚吧,我不想看到你!” A Ling Xiao foot kicks out Zhao Yujian. 凌霄一脚将赵玉健踢了出去。 Zhao Yujian called out pitifully, struggled to crawl. 赵玉健惨叫一声,挣扎着爬了起来。 Under supporting by the arm of others, escapes toward outside. 在旁人的搀扶之下,朝着外面逃去。 Elder Brother, waits for me!” “哥,等我!” Zhao Yufeng does not dare to stay here, runs toward outside crazily. 赵玉峰也不敢留在这里了,疯狂往外面跑。 Ling brother's strength, really makes one admire, but, Zhao jade strengthens that boy always to seek revenge for the slightest grievance, your excellency is surely careful.” “凌兄的战力,实在让人佩服,不过,赵玉健那厮向来睚眦必报,阁下千万要小心啊。” The dawn fairy maiden says. 晨曦仙子开口说道。 I know.” “我知道。” Ling Xiao nods saying: Many thanks the fairy maiden cared, then, I said goodbye in advance!” 凌霄点了点头道:“多谢仙子关心,那么诸位,我就先行告辞了!” Buys the thing that oneself admired, Ling Xiao does not want to continue to stay here. 买到了自己心仪的东西,凌霄也不想继续留在这里了。 Therefore turns around to leave. 所以转身离开。 As for these things of his sale on commission, has basically sold-out, just before leaving time, he all Saint stone extractions. 至于他寄卖的那些东西,基本已经卖完了,临走的时候,他将所有圣石提取。 The toba tartars fight with in beautiful also plan to stroll, has not gone back together. 拓跋战和于丽还打算逛一逛,就没有一起回去。 Ling Xiao helped Taiyuan Bingchen buy something. 凌霄太渊冰尘买了一些东西。 Finally then leaves. 这才最后离开。 Returned to the dwelling, Ling Xiao to put out that two crouches/submits Longshi who snatched from Zhao Yujian hand. 回到了住处,凌霄拿出了从赵玉健手里抢来的那两块伏龙石。 Actually, 1st and bends down the Ryongseok-ri surface to have the thing on the 3rd. 其实,一号和三号伏龙石里面都有东西。 Even these two crouches/submits Longshi things, the value also surpassed the land calcedony. 甚至这两个伏龙石的东西,价值还超过了大地玉髓。 Ling Xiao observes closely No. 2 crouches/submits Longshi to shout out the price, because these two things that bend down Ryongseok-ri are not quite suitable he. 凌霄之所以盯住二号伏龙石叫价,只是因为这两块伏龙石里的东西不太适合他。
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