HDC :: Volume #7 Blue Sky (苍空)

#328: Long way non- outstanding person all living things may with proving

Yin Chu led Chen Xiaoyuan to arrive in front of Zhang Yu, is bowing with hands clasped the ritual to latter one, said: Court Manager is courteous, Court Manager today to this, in the Yin surface has really up.” 尹初带着陈小鸢来到了张御面前,对着后者一个揖礼,道:“廷执有礼,廷执今日到此,尹某着实面上有光。” His side Chen Xiaoyuan also follows curtsies, simultaneously curiously and looked at Zhang Yu naturally, she listens to Yin Chu said that this is the character above Profound Court, grasps the person of Celestial Xia authority truly, she from the beginning is the letter/believes, because Yin Chu never talked big, has anything to say anything. 身边的陈小鸢也是跟着万福一礼,同时好奇且大方的看了看张御,她听尹初说了,这位乃是玄廷之上的人物,乃是真正掌握天夏权柄之人,她一开始就是信的,因为尹初从不说大话,有什么就说什么的。 Now sees Zhang Yu, in the heart many feelings are original influential figure are so the appearances, is really the god immortal thing. 现在见到张御,心中更多的感觉是原来大人物是这般模样,果然是神仙人物。 Zhang Yu recognizes Chen Xiaoyuan, on the same day when coming Changhe Administrative Continent, he had once seen this female from afar, in that time Yin Chu spoke of one and this female is good to gather the matter, this has him today tour on invitation. 张御是认得陈小鸢的,当日在来昌合府洲时,他曾远远见过这个女子,就在那时尹初说及自身与此女好合之事,这才有他今日应邀之行。 He returned to a ritual at this time, said: fellow daoist Yin, congratulated. Today I by the fellow daoist status, as congratulatory gift guest to this. Rather than is the Court Manager status.” Saying, him to two people, as soon as nods, two, congratulated, wishing the two sentiment heart to tie forever, luck and descendants.” 他这时回有一礼,道:“尹道友,恭喜了。今日我是以道友身份,作为贺礼宾客到此。而非是廷执身份。”说着,他对着两人一点头,“两位,恭喜了,愿两位情心永结,福及后嗣。” When he said this to congratulate language, Yin Chu and Chen Xiaoyuan can feel immediately, before seeming like where, was not quite same. 在他说出这句贺语的时候,尹初和陈小鸢两人顿时都能感觉到,似乎是什么地方与之前不太一样了。 Chen Xiaoyuan is hard to talk clearly, Yin Chu can actually feel the change of deeper level sincerely. He is serious a ritual, thanked: Many thanks fellow daoist bestows to wish.” 陈小鸢难以说得清楚,尹初却是能深切感受更深层次的变化。他再郑重一礼,感谢道:“多谢道友赐祝。” Zhang Yu slight nod, confidently by below this ritual. 张御微微点头,坦然受下此礼。 He as the present Celestial Xia cultivation base dao skill highest person, is grasping Speech Seal, has truly might as soon as the law is promulgated it will be enforced. When he leaves to some language congratulated, that seriously is heaven and earth all since, all things Chong Fu, will be precisely definitely will realize. 他作为如今天夏修为道行最高之人,又是掌握着言印,是有真正言出法随之威能的。当他对某人语出恭贺的时候,那当真是天地皆从,万有崇服,且是必然会实现的。 Has this word, with getting down Edict of Sealing was not different, will definitely realize, and solely is not Yin Chu oneself, if he has the posterity, so long as follows Celestial Xia rule and order, then the good fortune has been continuous, by this Yoshisuke, this is nothing less than is a big ritual. 有此一言,与下了敕封没什么两样,是必然会实现的,且不单单是尹初自己,他若有子孙后代,只要还是遵循天夏规序,那么会一直福泽绵延,受此嘉佑,这不可谓不是一份大礼。 But this also is only only a ritual. Because on Yin Chu ability, wants to maintain these is also easy, but these years he gave up various use mystical strength, but by a status life of mortal in human world, this is the decision that he makes, passing, will so work as from now on is also so, in this grade of situation, this ritual appears precious and meaningful. 但这也仅只是一份礼。因为就尹初本人的能为,想要维护住这些也是容易,可是这些年来他放弃了运使各种神异力量,而是以一个凡人的身份生活在人间,这是他本人做出的决定,过往如此,今后当也是如此,在这等情形下,此礼才显得贵重且有意义。 The body of Yin Chu thanks, is sideways saying: Also invited the fellow daoist seat of honor.” 尹初谢过之身,侧身道:“还请道友上座。” Zhang Yu nodded, he walked into., when he presents to sit well, under lived it up, various guests also discuss spiritedly, guessed his status 张御颌首,他走入了席中,待他在座上坐定,底下又是热闹了起来,诸宾客也是议论纷纷,猜测他的身份。 Some people assured incomparably said: Looks at this appearance, certainly is Profound Mansion cultivator, moreover cultivation base is quite great, no wonder said is influential figure, does not know how old Yin knows.” 有人笃定无比道:“看这位样子的,一定是玄府修道人,而且修为相当不浅,难怪说是大人物,也不知道老尹是如何认识的。” Although Yin Chu just now said the word Court Manager, but this grade of title, only various continents and constellations Profound Leader and Profound Corrector, have dao skill cultivator, Jade Capital these upper layer business government officials know, but here presents, is only some delivery boat lords, even if the status is also not low, hearing is also perplexed. 虽然尹初方才说了“廷执”一词,可这等称谓,也只各洲宿玄首玄正、有道行修士,还有玉京那些上层事务官吏知晓,而这里在座,只是一些运载舟主,纵然身份也是不低,听到了也是不明所以。 Now the beyond heaven war just now ended, this does erratically refer to the great cultivator gentleman who gets down from the front battlefield?” “如今天外战事方才是结束,这位指不定是从前方战阵之上下来的大修士吧?” „Such a saying also really had the possibility. Uncertain this cultivation is enormous, coming back to hold the post of the important post.” “这么一说还真有可能。不定这位功行极大,回来要担任要职的。” Hiss, old Yin also really has the skill, heard? Above must recruit some boats Lord to be responsible for the contact transporting the thing to outer constellation, has this in the back, can perhaps be one's turn old Yin.” “嘶,老尹还真有本事,听说了么?上面要征召一些舟主去往外宿负责往来运物,有这位在背后,说不定就能轮到老尹了。” That old Feng said: Hi, illuminated me saying that this possibly had the background, may definitely be less than Profound Leader, did you know? old Feng has seen Profound Leader......” 那个老冯道:“嗨,照我说这位可能有来头,可肯定不及玄首,你们知道么?老冯可是见过玄首的……” The words have not said, others impatient interruption, ok, old Feng, this matter had said many returned, that is only you stands in crowd by far meet.” 话还没说完,别人不耐烦的打断,“行了,老冯,这事说过多少回了,那只是你站在人堆远远见上一面。” old Feng liquor had drunk many, one hear is not convinced, said: Saw from afar? I told you, at that time all people who saw Profound Leader what may be unable to see clearly, oneself were dizzy, what did that call? This is celestial/heaven and man separates! But this not, and really has influential figure so to come Changhe Administrative Continent, where Profound Leader can there the least bit wind sound/rumor?” 老冯酒本已喝多,一听不服气了,道:“远远看见怎么了?我告诉你们,那时候所有看到玄首的人可什么都看不清,自身都是晕乎乎的,那叫什么?这是天人有隔!但这位可不是啊,并且真有这般大人物昌合府洲,玄首那里哪能半点风声都没有?” The people one want is also reasonable, but at this time and someone said: This actually not necessarily.” 众人一想也有道理,可这时又有人道:“这却不见得。” In place person long opens the mouth and says: If in the common custom, or this, high position is accompanied by a retinue, is difficult to cover the whereabouts, and goes to place, if not for in view of local Profound Mansion, will inform mostly, but Profound Mansion different also......” 座上一个人悠悠开口道:“若是世俗之中,或是这样,上位者前呼后拥,难掩行踪,并且去到一地,若不是针对当地玄府,多半是会告知的,可玄府不同也……” The people put down the wine glass unconsciously, the person of looks at this speech. 众人不觉放下酒杯,看着这说话之人。 When this young has entered Profound Mansion, but cannot sneak a peek at Grand Dao Chapter finally, but the good and evil is to also practice pantingly, the speech may be more convincing than the common person. 这位年轻时可是入过玄府的,只是最后没能窥见大道之章,不过好歹也是练过气的,说话可比寻常人更有说服力。 This person sees the people to look, actually is also somewhat self-satisfied, coughed , to promote the wine glass, waits for under others associative compound to give the oneself wine glass to fill, this continues to say in the urging continually: If the cultivation enough high person, the contact is actually not able to detect, therefore this cultivation is less than Profound Leader either, did not attach great importance, either is......” 这人见众人望过来,却也是有几分得意,咳了一声,推出酒杯,等着别人会意之下给自己酒杯斟满,这才在连番催促中继续道:“若是功行足够高之人,往来却是无从察觉到的,所以这位要么功行不及玄首,不被重视,要么就是……” Saying, he referred to one finger/refers toward on, reveals one you to understand look. 说着,他朝上指了一指,露出一个“你们都懂得”眼神。 Listened to this saying, many people are half believing and half doubting, have more people not to believe that but why does not know, everyone was the unconsciously sound small, the manner also restrained. 听了这话,有许多人将信将疑,有更多人则是不信,但不知道为什么,所有人都是不自觉声音小了下来,原本举止也是收敛了许多。 Yin Chu at this time considers apology one to Zhang Yu, then respected liquor, is puts to turn many people, various people also has to be convinced his alcohol capacity, the atmosphere is also returns warmly. 尹初此时对张御告歉一声,便去敬了一圈酒,将许多人都是放翻,诸人也不得不服气他的酒量,气氛也是重归热烈。 When he however returned to your presence leisurely, holds up one cup of tea, hinting Chen Xiaoyuan also holds up the cup, said: I know fellow daoist not to drink wine, then use tea in the place of wine, my couple respect fellow daoist one cup.” 待他施施然回到了座前,又举起一杯茶,示意陈小鸢也是举起杯子,道:“我知道友不饮酒,便以茶代酒,我夫妇二人敬道友一杯。” Zhang Yu is raises glass correspondingly. Getting down two people is also chats, said that the matters of some sides, here does not involve any mystical, such as the two common person is chitchatting generally. 张御自是举杯相应。下来两人也是闲聊起来,说一些身边之事,这里并不涉及任何神异,就如两个寻常人一般攀谈着。 After the liquor over three patrol, sees the wedding breakfast to become the last act, Zhang Yu also said goodbye to leave ahead of time, Yin Chu couple saw off personally, gaze he free and easy steep back is going to be far in the light gradually gradually. 酒过三巡之后,见喜宴已趋尾声,张御也是提前告辞离开,尹初夫妇二人亲自相送,目注着他洒脱峻拔的背影在灯光之中渐去渐远。 After Zhang Yu leaves Changhe Administrative Continent, went to some next worlds to walk, when returned to Eastern Court again, is two months later. However the sound of ears firecracker not only unceasingly, instead is warm, because of the date and time to the lunar new year's season, has passed tonight is next year, but in this year, he decided to cross with foster father and the others here together. 张御离开昌合府洲之后,又去一些下世走了一圈,待再一次回到了东庭,已是两月之后了。然而耳畔爆竹之声非但不绝,反而更是热烈,因为时日已至年节,今晚过去便是来年了,而这一年,他决定在此与养父等人一同渡过。 Li Qinghe welcomed before the gate very early in the morning, saw him to return, bows with hands clasped the ritual saying: mister.” 李青禾一早就在门前相迎,见他归来,揖礼道:“先生。” Zhang Yu un, he said: In dwelling has not seen teacher, teacher isn't he willing to come?” 张御嗯了一声,他道:“宅中未见老师,老师他不愿来么?” Li Qinghe said: Mr. Tao said that he was old, was used to a person to live in contentment, does not want again coming out thank your for your hospitality others. Only said that wrote a poem to present as a gift to mister.” Saying, he handed over a booklet good paper to come. 李青禾道:“陶先生说了,他年纪大了,更是习惯了一个人安居,不想再出来叨扰别人了。只说是写了一首诗赠给先生。”说着,他递了一张折好的纸过来。 Zhang Yu brings to open, this poem named «Guizhou», the poem said: Since time immemorial the truthful historical style of writing all pitied black ink, not chisels the character to enter the protective pavilion. Always the human world real beautiful scenery, trillion people enjoy the peace!” 张御拿来打开,此诗名为《黔首》,诗曰:“古来史笔皆惜墨,亦无凿字入碑亭。从来人间真胜景,亿万生民享太平!” Always the human world real beautiful scenery, trillion people enjoy peacefully......” “从来人间真胜景,亿万生民享太平……” Zhang Yu meditates several, received this, said: teacher does not hope, that waits me to have the free time to visit again.” 张御默念几遍,将此收了起来,道:“老师不愿,那待我有暇再去探望。” When returned to mansion, the feast of lunar New Year's Eve had displayed the table, after greeting Zou Zheng, he also entered:, after tasting several emaciated looks, Qing Xi cautiously asked „After the new year's celebration, does not know where the mister preparation does go to?” 待回到了宅邸之中,除夕之宴已是摆上了桌,在问候了邹正之后,他也是入了席,在品尝了几口菜色后,青曦小心翼翼问道:“过年之后,不知先生准备去哪里?” Zou Zheng also puts down the wooden chopsticks, looked. 邹正也是放下木箸,看了过来。 Zhang Yu said: Has a look everywhere, walks everywhere, these years my cultivation, had too many scenery to miss wholeheartedly, now planned that ascended, and traced into the chart.” 张御道:“四处看看,四处走走,这些年我一心修行,有太多的风光错过了,如今打算去拾起来,并描入图中。” Qing Xi one hear, cheers one, said: Too good, mister, these painting instruments I give mister to remain.” 青曦一听,欢呼一声,道:“太好啦,先生,那些画具我都给先生留着呢。” The Zhang Yu nod said: Had a mind.” 张御点头道:“有心了。” At this time, outside the high tower the fireworks and firecracker made a sound again, a brilliant smoke and fire instant outshone the nighttime sky. 这个时候,高阁之外烟花爆竹再度响了起来,一蓬绚烂的烟火瞬时照亮了夜空。 But in the flash of this twinkle, Zhang Yu opens the eye in upper layer, his turns the head looks to one side, there also one group of bright light dispersing, and illuminated to him. 而就在这闪烁的一瞬间,张御上层睁开眼目,他转首看向一侧,那里亦有一团明光散开,并向他照了过来。 That is the whereabouts higher layer path, now opens wide before him again. 那是去向更上层的道路,如今再度在他面前敞开。 Meanwhile, above origin emptiness mighty figures is the aura turbulence, cannot help but looks to Pure Profound Dao Palace is, actually on the same day the destruction constant straight say/way, the bright light called, many mighty figure were the heart has a feeling, they are then thinking at that time whether this will flee, said to. 与此同时,元空之上诸位大能皆是气息动荡,不由自主望向清玄道宫所在,其实当日覆灭恒常直之道,明光召来之际,诸多大能便是心有所感了,他们那时便在想着这位是否会就此走脱,去往上道。 But this time, this has not worried, considers not to stay again. 这一次,这位已无牵挂,当是不会再停留下来了。 Zhang Yu gaze that bright light, but at the same time, his back had six projected body shape shades to reappear, each projected body represented one to go to higher boundary path. He can Ren Zeqi one, but toward, because in the truth each projected body can the qualifications of higher boundary. 张御目注那明光,而与此同时,他背后有六个映身形影浮现了出来,每一个映身都是代表着一个可以去往上境道途。他可以任择其一而往,因为道理上每一个映身都是可以有通向上境的资格的。 But he has not chosen its one alone, under his thought rotation, each projected body all changes to dao talisman, and one after another slowly and falls into his body firmly. 而他并没有单独选择其一,在他意念转动之下,每一个映身皆是化作一枚道箓,并且一个个缓慢而坚定的落入他的身躯之中。 In the academy dwelling, had the food to carry continuously, Li Qinghe, Qing Shu and Qing Xi took a seat, and under Zou Zheng led to invite to wish the new year together, enthusiasm hobnobbed, but at the same time, Celestial Xia trillion others all were so. 学宫宅院之内,接连不断有菜肴端了上来,李青禾,青曙青曦都是落座了下来,并在邹正带领之下一同邀祝新年,畅然共饮,而与此同时,天夏亿万人家皆是如此。 Zhang Yu looks at that endless bright light, oneself the road, being doomed is to point out forwards, therefore he will not go to cut off with this world involves. 张御看着那无尽明光,自己所走之路,注定是要指道向前的,所以他不会去与尘俗断绝牵连。 Until now, many cultivator, even if progresses, must maintain the humane will of the people as far as possible, particularly human body cultivator achieve the dao mighty figure, they do not pursue what remote antiquity to forget kindnesses, but still holds the original sentiment will. 一直以来,许多修道人哪怕上进,也要尽量保持人性人心,尤其是人身修士成道大能,他们并不去追逐什么太上忘情,而仍是保有原先的情志。 He feels very good, if went to the high place, the oneself also wrong behavior, then made all not to have the significance. First the status of some people, then seek Grand Dao by this status, is the say/way of true celestial/heaven and man being on good terms. 他觉得很好,若是去到了高处,把自己也不当人了,那么所做一切也没有意义了。先是有人的身份,而后再是以这个身份去探求大道,才是真正天人相契之道。 Read reaches to this, he said: „, although endless, may in other end, in this place.” 念及于此,他道:“道虽无尽,可在彼端,又在此间。” During the speeches, there is rumble dao sound to spread, but his body phantom fluctuates, he from stands up same place, having the posture of naturally and unrestrainedly to step into toward the front endless bright light, but another he, then remained same place, later turned around to move toward another direction. 说话之间,有隆隆道音传出,而他身上虚影浮动,一个他自原地站起,带着洒然之姿往前方无尽明光之中踏入进去,而另一个他,则是留在了原地,随后转身走向了另一个方向。 The two person obviously is contrary and good, from is getting more and more far, but can actually feel inexplicably, although the direction is different, they can finally inevitably good to one. 两个人明明是相背而行,距离越来越远,可却莫名能感觉到,虽然方向不同,他们最终必然是能行到一处的。 The previous Zhang Yu form submerged in the light gradually, then Zhang Yu returned to origin emptiness, and line, went to the Pure Dome sea of clouds downward, went to Celestial Xia land again, returned to Eastern Court mansion, and face upwards Bo, in spiritual wine the cup tossed down. 前一个张御身影渐渐没入了光中,而后一个张御则是回到了元空之中,并往下而行,去到了清穹云海,再去到了天夏地陆,回到了东庭宅邸之内,并一仰脖,将杯中灵酿一饮而尽。 Date and time circulation, in an instant in January/one month in the past. 时日流转,转眼一月过去。 Mountain of Serenity, on Goddess Peak. 安山,神女峰上。 Zhang Yu sleeves behind one's back stands, overlooks this piece of sea and land, initially he started all in this, lightened this beacon-fire here, now looks, that scene curtain is close at hand. Is worth happily, he and Celestial Xia high and low effort not empty, trades the present mountains and rivers exquisite silk, peace throughout the country, all living things were correct. 张御负袖而立,俯瞰这片海陆,当初他就是在此开始了一切,又在这里点亮了这个烽火,如今回望,那一幕幕似都是近在眼前。值得欣慰的,他与天夏上下的努力并没有空落,换来了如今山河锦绣,天下太平,众生有道。 At this time a small-scale flying boat flew at this time, and stopped in the peak, the cabin door melted, Qing Xi said: mister, prepared, can start.” 这时一驾小型飞舟这时飞了过来,并在峰上停下,舱门融开,青曦道:“先生,都准备好了,可以启程啦。” Zhang Yu nodded, he looked at an under foot again, past has passed, perhaps the new outset, will also start from here, thinks of here, he shows a faint smile, then taking a step stand forth. 张御点了点头,他再看了一眼脚下,过去的已然过去,新的起始,或许也将从这里开始,想到这里,他不由微微一笑,而后迈步向前走去。 A moment later, a bright flowing light vanished in thick cloudy sky. 片刻之后,一道灿烂流光消失在了浓厚云穹之中。 ( Main text ends) (正文完) ...... …… ...... ……
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