HDC :: Volume #7 Blue Sky (苍空)

#326: accumulated changes the bright success and failure

After Zhang Yu left Azure Sun Superior Continent, then toward Jade Capital. This time he does not have the choice to use own strength, but rides the contact creation flying boat. 张御离开了青阳上洲后,便是往玉京而来。这次他没有选择使用自身力量,而是乘坐往来的造物飞舟 Now the flying boat speed was raised non- is a tiny bit, many creation techniques under oppressed with Origin Xia this archenemy obtained the skip-type development, used the half day merely, spanned took moon/month even taking year as the distance of idea in the past, arrived at Jikong Superior Continent, and smoothly entered in Jade Capital. 如今飞舟速度提升了非是一星半点,许多造物技艺都是在与元夏这个大敌压迫之下得到了飞跃式的发展,仅仅只是用了半日,就跨越以往以月甚至以年为计的路程,来到了冀空上洲,并顺利进入了玉京中。 He looked at palatial Yuanshang Stage, there is the Celestial Xia center is, has order to transmit every time from here, goes to Celestial Xia various continents and constellations again. 他看了一眼巍峨的原尚台,那里是天夏的中枢所在,每时每刻都有谕令从这里传递出来,再去到天夏各洲宿 From Eastern Court to the Celestial Xia native place, he is holds the post of Profound Mansion to wield, but never has actually stepped into this one step, later wants to come unable. 东庭天夏本土,他都是担任过玄府执掌,可却是从未踏入过此中一步,以后想来也是不会了。 He leisurely strolls the line, across arched bridge vast mansion, comes to Pure Truth Mountain, saw at present still here cultivation Nie Xinying, latter magical power hidden moves, in his opinion, can tread Profound Venerable boundary that step momentarily. 他信步而行,穿过穹桥广厦,来至白真山中,见到了目前仍在这里修行聂昕盈,后者法力隐动,在他看来,随时可以踏出玄尊之境那一步 After all this senior sister was the same day is also integrated Profound Court promotion, if not for destruction Origin Xia were quick, then following will also join during the resistance as the strength of Profound Venerable level. fighting finished ahead of time, she also not anxiously to higher boundary, but pressed the aura. A preparation reprecipitation period of time. 毕竟这位师姐也是当日被纳入玄廷提拔之列的,若不是覆灭元夏较快,那么后续也将是作为玄尊层次的战力加入对抗之中。只是斗战提前结束,她也是不急着去往上境,而是将气息压了下来。准备再沉淀一段时日。 Originally Master Xun also already achievement higher boundary, yes, by Master Xun ability, this is not the natural matter.” In the Nie Xinying facial expression brings little listless, after that day don't, has not seen Master Xun again.” “原来荀师也已成就上境了,也是,以荀师的能为,这不是理所应当的事么。”聂昕盈神情之中带着几许怅惘,“只是自那日别过之后,就再也未曾见过荀师了。” Zhang Yu is clear, do not look that the Nie Xinying manner is strong, but her actually most honor the master and respect their teachings, even to the Court Manager Deng hanger-on, optional that very even if the latter displays, as long as has looked, Nie Xinying in every sense of the term execution. 张御是清楚的,别看聂昕盈为人强势,可她其实最为尊师重道,即便到了邓廷执的门下,哪怕后者表现的十分随意,可但凡有所关照,聂昕盈都会不折不扣的执行。 He said: senior sister Nie cultivation is full gradually, if climbs higher boundary, then in the future or some opportunities will see Master Xun.” 他道:“聂师姐功行渐满,若是攀去上境,那么日后或有机会见到荀师。” Nie Xinying lightly smiled, said: Since junior brother my cultivation is full gradually, that explained that I have the deficiency, that then polishes a period of time again, junior brother, your chapter, wants to come not to stay is actually too long, past under same side can there probably take a walk?” 聂昕盈轻轻一笑,道:“既然师弟功行渐满,那说明我还有不足之处,那便再打磨一段时日,倒是师弟,你这回回来,想来不会停留太久,昔日同门那里可要走动下么?” Zhang Yu said: This time will visit some old friends, but some same side then did not disturb, many years do not see, each other settle, visit rashly, that also disciple increases the worry.” 张御道:“此番会去探访一些故旧,不过有些同门便不去打扰了,多年不见,彼此相安,贸然登门,那也徒增烦恼。” Nie Xinying said: Pouring is also, by the junior brother present status, if the human relations were few in the past, if saw, is for no reason increases burden to them.” 聂昕盈道:“倒也是,以师弟现在的身份,若是以往交际少,若去见了,也是平白给他们增添承负。” Afterward a elegant eyes revolution, said: No matter others, junior brother since comes Pure Truth Mountain, that makes senior sister call several days well, after all next time meet again/goodbye, when also did not know.” 随后秀眸一转,道:“不管别人,师弟既然来白真山,那就让师姐好好招呼几日,毕竟下回再见,也不知道何时了。” Zhang Yu nodded slightly, complied. 张御微微点首,应了下来。 After Pure Truth Mountain he treated three days, he then left Jade Capital, as before while crossing creation flying boat line, toward Yinluo Superior Continent line. 白真山他待了三日后,他便离开了玉京,依旧是乘渡造物飞舟而行,往尹洛上洲而行。 After one day, he has stood above the Yinluo Superior Continent jurisdiction Yang State boundary, comes to the suburb, leisurely strolled to walk into a deep valley of spiritual light dense and full arrange/cloth strange flower and grass, here was the institute of Tao Dingfu settling down. 一日之后,他已然站在了尹洛上洲治下阳州地界之上,来至郊外,信步走入了一处灵光氤氲、满布奇花异草的幽谷之中,这里乃是桃定符定居之所。 Celestial Xia Profound Venerable except for Profound Leader, resided in upper layer in the past mostly, because of the distribution of responsibility, many Profound Venerable also fell above land from this, after the war, returned to the Pure Dome sea of clouds to continue cultivation, but also had few people to remain. 天夏玄尊过去除了玄首,大多数居于上层,不过因为职责之分派,诸多玄尊也是由此落到了地陆之上,大战之后,许多回到了清穹云海继续修持,但也有一部分人留了下来。 Resembles Tao Dingfu, does not like the upper layer chilly atmosphere immediately, then chose the latter. Is good works in lower layer because of the salary of present profound grain is instead easier, therefore places lower layer even, does not affect cultivation. 桃定符,便就不喜欢上层的清寂氛围,便是选择了后者。好在如今玄粮之俸在下层做事反而更为易得,所以即便身处下层,亦是不影响修行 Zhang Yu lifts the head, the front presented one at this time extravagantly long like the porch, stretches across the brook the pavilion, Tao Dingfu sleeves behind one's back wait/etc. there, after seeing him, smiles, holds a ritual, later is sideways to direct, said: junior brother, I then know that you will certainly come, the good tea has prepared.” 张御这时把首一抬,前方出现了一座阔长如廊,横跨溪流的凉亭,桃定符正是负袖等在那里,见到他之后,笑了笑,执有一礼,随后侧身一引,道:“师弟,我便知道你一定会来,好茶早已备妥。” The Zhang Yu also ritual, walked into the pavilion, after this sits down, looks out, sees the limpid water current to flow from the cobblestone beach, the fluent sound is delightful, the distant place obvious waterfall, under the water drop splash, has seven color halo mapping a set, is distinctively colored, magnificent varied. 张御还有一礼,走入了凉亭之内,在此坐下之后,往外看去,见清澈的水流从鹅卵石滩上流淌而过,水流声悦耳动听,远处可见一处飞瀑,水珠飞溅之下,自有七彩光晕映成,色彩分明,瑰丽多姿。 To him, in the world anything looks originally, when therefore he was still maintaining the person sense at this moment, if increases high and vast, that was short of the lots of fun. 对于他来说,世上任何物事直望本来,而故他此刻仍旧保持着人身之时的感官,若一位攀升高渺,那就少了很多乐趣了。 Tao Dingfu also sat, said full of enthusiasm: These tea leaves are I plants and picks personally, had not previously taken to call the person of same belief, junior brother might as well taste.” 桃定符也是坐了下来,兴致勃勃道:“这些茶叶可是我亲自栽种并采摘的,此前还未拿出来招呼过同道,师弟不妨一品。” Zhang Yu lifts tasted a mouthful, slightly does to hesitate, raised the head saying: senior brother used the water of Eastern Court Mountain of Serenity.” 张御举盏品了一口,略作沉吟,抬头道:“师兄是用了东庭安山之水。” Tao Dingfu patted clapping, said with a smile: „, Is I makes person Eastern Court there transport specially, has not spent many.” 桃定符拍了拍手,笑道:“正是啊,是我特意让人东庭那里运送过来的,也没有花费多少。” Because he is in the native place to have the official function, every year has the symbolic gold salary, is only as Profound Venerable, Celestial Xia gold is almost useless in him, therefore he is thinking the means expense goes out, part is used from the Eastern Court there water of delivery making tea. 因他身在本土有职事,每年都是有象征性的金元俸禄的,只是身为玄尊,天夏金元于他几乎无用,所以他都是想着办法花销出去,其中一部分就是用来从东庭那里运载烹茶之水。 Actually if he moves by big magical power, in the world a lot can easily accomplish, but in the mediocrity, he integrates to be mediocre as far as possible rule and order, can not use magical power not to use magical power, this is instead more satisfied. 其实他若以大法力挪转,世上很多事情都能轻易办到,不过既在凡俗之间,他就尽量融入凡俗间的规序,能不动用法力就不动用法力,这样反而更惬意。 And he discovered, is his choice so does incessantly, many Profound Venerable actually are also so, some past in Wonderful Profound Boundary through exchange precious material by thing easy object space, may buy with Celestial Xia gold now. Therefore some Profound Venerable believe, again continue like this, perhaps some day can see that buys profound grain with Celestial Xia gold. 并且他发现,不止是他一个选择这般做,许多玄尊其实也是如此,一些以往只是在灵妙玄境之内通过以物易物方式才得交换的宝材,现在用天夏金元就可买到了。故是有一些玄尊认为,再如此下去,说不定有朝一日能看到用天夏金元买到玄粮 He thought that this possibility will not necessarily not appear. 他觉得这个可能未必不会出现。 He has not gone to try to calculate after this, how can be, the unknown situation can bring more interests to him, what is more important is he fears the trouble, is disinclined to think so many. 他没有去试着推算这之后会是如何,未知的情形能给他带来更多趣味,更重要的是他这个人十分怕麻烦,懒得去想那么多。 After Zhang Yu several tea, asked: senior brother recently how?” 张御品了几口茶后,问道:“师兄近来如何?” Tao Dingfu said: Is passable, did not use fighting, brother that was the big good deed.” 桃定符道:“还算凑合吧,不用斗战了,于为兄而言那是大好事了。” Zhang Yu said: „In those days saw senior brother, it may be said that the bustling place, many were comes this to ask senior brother to build the knowledge true spirit person of same belief, at this time actually disappears.” 张御道:“往日见师兄时,可谓门庭若市,多是来此请师兄打造知见真灵的同道,今时却是不见了。” Tao Dingfu waves a sleeve, said free and easy: brother gave me that disciple these.” 桃定符一挥袖,洒脱道:“为兄把这些都交给我那弟子去了。” Zhang Yu nods, said: senior brother bustled about so many years, now should also enjoy some date and time at ease.” 张御点点头,道:“师兄忙碌了这么多年,如今也该享得一些闲散时日了。” Tao Dingfu laughs, said: junior brother knows me.” But he also hey, said later: Pitifully I actually am know, even my Celestial Xia did not have Origin Xia this threat, should still have other existence, because Celestial Xia will not permit this grade of matter,” he sighed one, „when should worry when also worried.” 桃定符大笑一声,道:“还是师弟知我。”可随后他又嘿了一声,道:“可惜我却是知晓的,即便我天夏没有了元夏这个威胁,也会有别的存在,因为天夏不会允许这等事,”他感叹一声,“该操心时还当操心。” Zhang Yu said: Govern these date and time came, to see many old friend, actually only some senior brother thought of these. So long as senior brother in world, will still face toiling in world, only has upward forward, results in transcendence.” 张御道:“御这些时日来,见了不少故友,却是唯有师兄想到了这些。但只要师兄还在世间,自会面对世间之劳碌,唯有向上迈进,方得超脱。” Tao Dingfu said with a smile: seek the dao my hopes, the upper layer scenery, glances from the personally. However mentioned this, my actually thing was in doubt, wants to ask junior brother to have a liking for looks.” 桃定符笑道:“求道吾之所愿,上层风光,自会亲去一览。不过说起这个,我倒是有一物拿不准,想请师弟看上一看。” Zhang Yu said good, Tao Dingfu was not but actually anxious, judged tea, was the chat, when the late day fell, heavenly canopy faded out, in the mountain then floated bright gentle flying lamp bowls, illuminated dreamlike the entire deep valley. 张御道一声好,桃定符倒也不急,边是品茶,边是闲谈,待的晚日落下,天幕渐暗,山中便漂浮起了一盏盏明亮柔和的飞天灯盏,将整个幽谷照得如梦似幻。 But at this time in the mountain the clear spring actually does not know when changed into the dense hot spring, in the valley increased many warm feelings, an unmanned small boat fluttered from the upstream, just now stopped to the pavilion under. 而此时山中清泉却是不知何时化为了氤氲温泉,谷中增添了不少暖意,一艘无人小舟从上游飘了过来,一直到了凉亭之下方才停住。 Tao Dingfu stood up, said: junior brother comes along with me.” 桃定符站了起来,道:“师弟随我来。” He puts the teacup, flings the sleeve, took the lead to step the small boat, Zhang Yu also walked later, this boat went downstream, the cross-strait local scenery continuously to back up, in day lamp bowl several, if the flowing light glimpse, went out swiftly dozens li (0.5 km). 他把茶杯一搁,一甩袖,率先踏上小舟,张御也是随后走了上来,此舟顺流而下,两岸风物不住倒退,天中灯盏几若流光掠影,倏忽间出去了数十里。 At this time the front presented great jade suddenly, the small boat is actually does not stop, flushes away toward it, and bangs into swiftly, in an instant, entered Wonderful Profound Boundary probably, the front presents a spacious wilderness, here anchors except for middle is harnessing huge white flying boat, almost does not have the thing to exist. 此时前方忽然出现了一面大玉璧,小舟却是停也不停,朝其冲去,并倏然撞入其中,转眼间,像是进入了一处灵妙玄境,面前出现一座空旷原野,这里除了当中停泊着一驾巨大的白色飞舟,几乎无物存在。 Zhang Yu looks, this boat and same day Tao Dingfu presented as a gift to his white boat is somewhat similar, was only surface is-and-a-half light insightful outer coverings, inside had flickering cloud light to flash. 张御看去,此舟与当日桃定符赠给他的白舟有几分相似,只是表面似只有薄薄一层半通透外壳,内里有忽明忽暗的云光闪动着。 Tao Dingfu waves, the outer covering melts an entrance, two people walked into together, then sees inside has a thing float there, it about one zhang (3.33 m), all over the body such as Ying jade, seeming the silkworm cocoon is common. 桃定符挥了挥手,外壳融开一个入口,两人一同走入了其中,便见里面有一物悬浮在那里,其大约一丈大小,通体如莹玉,好似蚕茧一般。 Arrives at the near, he is pointing at the say/way: junior brother, this is I after achievement Profound Venerable, knowledge true spirit that because the temporary inspiration builds, but was at variance with me to make greatly in the past.” 走到近前,他指着道:“师弟,此这是我在成就玄尊之后,因为一时之灵感所打造的知见真灵,只是大异于我以往所造。” Got down he to explain a difference. knowledge true spirit usually can only attach in cultivator body, and recognizes it is master, but his spiritual light flashes built knowledge true spirit, actually without this limiting and restricting, so long as writes down a body at will, after the birth then can independent cultivation. 下来他解释了一下其中之不同。知见真灵通常只能依附在修道人身上,并认其为御主,不过这个他灵光一闪所打造的知见真灵,却没有这个限碍,只要随意载入一个躯壳,在诞生之后便能够自主修行 And not only this, this thing can the multiplication, but the appearance of this thing, if spreads, will give entire Celestial Xia to bring the change inevitably. He felt in this danger, but if eliminated , felt somewhat a pity, and he also thought that so did cannot solve the problem truly. 不止如此,这个东西还是能够自我繁衍的,而这个东西的出现,若是流传出去,势必将给整个天夏带来改变。他感受到了此中之危险,可若就此消除,也是觉得有些可惜,并且他也觉得这般做并不能真正解决问题。 Now Zhang Yu to this, happen to invites a that person view, after all now in Celestial Xia, fears has not looked farther ahead compared with Zhang Yu. 如今张御到此,正好请其人一观,毕竟如今天夏之中,怕是没有比张御看得更远了。 After Zhang Yu hear this thing introduction, the facial expression was still tranquil, he said: Then is senior brother does not take this road, some people will come this road. The key does not lie above this thing it, but is lies in the restraint, any unrestricted change is calamity, but the restraint must establish by rule and order. Compared with this, lets this thing birth with it in others hand, Yu thinks you start this field of endeavor is quite been good by senior brother.” 张御听完此物介绍后,神情仍是平静,他道:“便是师兄不走这条路,也是会有人来走这条路的。关键不在于此物本身之上,而是在于约束,任何不受约束的变化都是灾劫,而约束则必得由规序来建立。与此相比,与其让此物诞生在他人手中,御以为还是由师兄你来着手此道较为好。” The enemy of destruction outside, Celestial Xia gets down to will certainly enter a period of vigorous development. Did not say knowledge true spirit, in the Celestial Xia current creation technique, in creation presents this grade of matter perhaps is also not the far matter. 外部之敌覆灭,天夏下来必将迎来一个蓬勃发展的时期。不说知见真灵,以天夏目前的造物技艺,造物之中出现这等物事恐怕也是不远之事。 The change always has the advantages and disadvantages two aspects, how the reform abuses, making an advantageous side be partial to oneself, this was the necessity that Celestial Xia had, actually in the future Celestial Xia will meet, continued this crisis, but these will wait for them to be solved. 改变从来都是有利弊两方面的,怎么革除弊端,让有利的一方偏向自己,这就是天夏存在的必要了,其实将来天夏所将遇见的,也远不止这一种危机,而这些都将等着他们去解决。 Tao Dingfu said: Since junior brother said, in the brother heart was also confident.” His looks at this thing, sighed: Is willing to be this thing can bring more profits to Celestial Xia.” 桃定符道:“既然师弟如此说,为兄心中也是有底了。”他看着此物,感叹道:“愿是此物能给天夏带来更多益处吧。” After saying, two people walked together, only had the sparkling stone cocoon that flickered still to glitter there. 说完之后,两人一同走了出去,唯有那忽明忽暗的莹茧仍在那里闪烁着。 ...... …… ...... ……
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