HDC :: Volume #2 Azure Sun (青阳)

#244: simultaneous/uniform arrive

Zhang Yu used Illusory Light Divine Cut, illuminates immediately insightfully that blood colored person's shadow incomparable, seemed exposes under raging sun overcast. 张御祭出幻明神斩”,便就将那一道血色人影照得通透无比,好似阴晦暴露在了烈阳之下。 That thick blood-color in this burnt under the light immediately becomes thin, but the next flash, it actually restored. 那浓稠的血色在这等灼光之下立时变得稀薄了许多,可下一瞬间,其却又是恢复了过来。 But this strikes is only starts, after divine ability, Zhang Yu Heart Light follows comes up a pressure, just right that because the time acts bashful, blood-color escaping light is unable to avoid completely, has to conduct a collision with it. 可是这一击只是开始,在神通过后,张御心光紧随其后上来一压,由于时机拿捏的恰到好处,血色遁光无法完全避开,不得不与之进行一次碰撞。 Above the Blood Pill strong point in escaping light and essence restore, this grade of front impact must avoid strongly, under this hits, the originally restoring blood-color is also dark gets down weakly three points, although is recovering again a moment later, but pill essence qi was consumed obviously greatly one time. 血丹的长处是在遁光和精气恢复之上,这等正面碰撞是要竭力避免的,这一撞之下,原本复还的血色又暗弱下去三分,虽然再一次在片刻之后复原回来,可丹精之气显然是又被大大消耗了一次。 The Zhang Yu offensive has not arrived at this to end, Upright Essence Precious Ruler does not know when offered a sacrifice to by him in the day, is only a ray photo, made that blood-color ray slightly paused, then his Heart Light hit while the crack again. 张御的攻势并没有到此结束,元正宝尺不知何时被他祭在了天中,只是光芒一照,就令那血色光芒微微一顿,而后他心光趁隙再度撞了上去。 In following, during that blood-color escaping light fell into extreme was passive, he was damaged during the hit, recovers immediately immediately, after may recover, was damaged again, then recovered once again, it like stucked by this grade of offensive generally, did not have the means to be separated. 在接下来,那血色遁光陷入了极端被动之中,他在撞击之中受到损伤,便就立刻复原,可复原之后又再是受创,而后又一次复原,其就像被这等攻势黏住了一般,怎么也没有办法脱离出去。 But in this process, pill essence qi that Blood Pill provides is also consumed continually. 而在这过程中,那血丹提供的丹精之气也是在被持续消耗着。 Tang Feng can also maintain the sober mind early, even in fighting from the beginning, his aware mentality is clear, therefore in the fight process, he had not previously shown any flaw. 唐丰早前还能保持着清醒的头脑,甚至在斗战一开始,他自觉思路清晰无比,所以在此前交手过程中,他没有露出任何破绽。 But after gradually transports/fortunes pill strength melts, the tranquil as water state of mind started becomes chaotic moves restlessly. 可是在逐渐把丹力运化开来之后,原本平静若水的心境就开始变得混乱躁动起来。 He knows that this is the influence of Blood Pill, but this thing is the thing of evil spirits, lies in you know that obviously it has the danger to oneself, but actually does not want it correction, instead to wallow in this grade of strength, was overdrawn until own vital essence divine soul thoroughly. 他知道这是血丹的影响,可这东西之所以是邪祟之物,就在于你明明知道其对自身有危险,可却并不想将之纠正,反而会沉迷于这等力量之中,直到自身精元神魂被彻底透支。 With the lapse of time, he felt suddenly the blood in own body cannot suppress again, seems must from own body to welling up general. 随着时间的推移,他忽然感觉自己身躯之内的血液再也抑制不住,好似就要从自己的身躯冲涌出来一般。 At this moment he awakens suddenly, pill essence qi has exhausted, the courage vigor that may transport cannot stop promptly, soon, oneself must explode the blood to perish. 此刻他蓦然醒悟过来,丹精之气已然耗尽,可转运起来的血气没能及时停下,用不了多久,自己就要爆血而亡了。 May under the invasion of Blood Pill, his intelligence be abnormal, at this moment not only does not have the half silk fear, instead during fell into one type extreme to be crazy, is not only not thinking received the hand, instead also drank one crazily, the magical power essence that oneself other will only come instilled into to the blood in completely, later escaping light flashed, changed the potential of beforehand avoidance, instead flushed on own initiative toward Zhang Yu, looked that was the preparation perishes together with him. 可在血丹的侵染之下,他神智早已失常,此刻非但没有半丝恐惧,反而陷入了一种极端疯狂之中,不但不想着收手,反还狂喝一声,将自己仅余下来的法力精气全部灌输至血液之中,随后遁光一闪,一改之前躲避之势,反而向着张御主动冲来,看去是准备与他同归于尽。 Zhang Yu sees it to fire into itself, is actually stands in the sky does not dodge does not evade, indifferent looks at that escaping light, says: Imperial edict bans!” Meanwhile, his back star light wings glittered, a clear and bright ray ascended. 张御见其冲向自己,却是站在天中不闪不避,淡然看着那道遁光,口中道:“敕禁!”与此同时,他背后星光双翼闪烁了一下,一道明锐光芒升腾而起。 Tang Feng heard that great sound suddenly, whole body cannot help but shake, strength that within the body surged is suppressed forcefully, startled, has not waited him to respond, two bright rays interlocked from the day in dodge horizontally, instantly cuts him into numerous pieces. 唐丰忽然闻听得那宏大声音,浑身不由一震,体内涌动的力量似是被强行抑制了下来,不由愕然,未待他反应过来,两道明亮光芒自天中交错横闪而过,霎时将他斩成数段 But that broken into numerous pieces body made respectively several, a moment later, turned into the bunch of blood-color thick liquid common things at your convenience, floated again wriggled the moment, then turned into withered jet black one group, later quick broken came, was blown by the day wind, scattered. 而那断成数截的身躯各自挣动了几下,片刻之后,就便变成了一团团血色浓浆一般的东西,再是漂浮了蠕动了片刻,就转而变成了干枯漆黑的一团,随后很快破碎开来,被天风一吹,就飘散而去了。 Zhang Yu flicks the sleeve, midair in muddy sweeps filthily, looked at one toward the east side, saw several escaping lights passing through the sky vaguely, he thinks slightly, then harnesses azure rainbow to fly, breaks in the vault of heaven. 张御一拂袖,将半空之中的浊秽扫开,往东面望了一眼,依稀看到了几道经空而行的遁光,他微微一思,便驾青虹飞起,冲入天穹之中。 Above Crane Hall, that round of azure morning sun puts, the blazing tumble is not scattered, but gathers sky over the palace stage, for a very long time is not loose. 鹤殿之上,那一轮青色朝阳盛放开来,炽热的滚流并不分散,而是聚集在殿台上空,久久不散。 After Yun Chen this strikes puts forth, internal qi not restrainable decline downward, but after his paused, breathing, body magical power is recovers immediately. 恽尘这一击使出之后,气机不可抑制的往下衰落,不过他顿了下之后,一个呼吸吐纳,身上法力顿时又是复原回来。 But after when below azure light dissipates, he downward looks, heart cannot help but shake. 可待得下方青光消散之后,他往下一看,心头不由一震 Wu Ziwu stands there tranquilly, looking not to have received the slightest damage. 乌子午平静站在那面,看上未受到丝毫损伤 Actually Yun Chen this divine ability might is truly great, let alone in that also condensed his complete magical power, if Wu Ziwu is really the upfront withstands, cannot flatter completely. 其实恽尘这一门神通确实威能宏大,更别说那里面还凝聚了他全部的法力,乌子午若真是正面去承受,也绝然讨不了好。 At this moment he returns safe and sound, that is because in his visualization picture has one Battle Returning Heaven's Leak technique, no matter what outside all sort of attacks by surprise. All can be absorbed and resolved after the fight. 此刻他毫发无伤,那是因为他的观想图中有一门“返斗天漏之术,任外面诸般攻袭过来。都可先行吞纳其中,可等到斗战之后再去化解 What is fiercest, while displaying this divine ability, can not by any launching attacks of diversion. 最厉害的是,在施展这门神通的同时,可以不受任何牵制的发动攻击。 If he can successfully hit the rival in a breath, making both sides internal qi connected, then he can also swallow the strength of accepting to reverse, the opponent will withstand to strike with own joint effort from him. 若是他能在一息之内成功击中敌手,使双方气机相连,那么他还可以将自己吞纳过来的力量反转回去,对手就会承受来自他和自身的合力一击。 Previously in Wonderful Profound Boundary, he also used this divine ability to cut off that daoist vitality, that person changed into the dust finally, was because of his own sword's divine ability. 先前在灵妙玄境之中,他也就用这门神通才斩断了那名道人的生机,其人最后化为尘埃,也是因为中了自己的剑上神通之故 He prepared when Yun Chen displays divine ability play the same old trick, but just now when wanting so achievement, Song of Cicadas Sword actually spits the murderous intention suddenly secretly, making him have no way to make use the attack, had no way to reflect that strength, as the matter stands, after he previously swallowed the strength then only strong point that accepted reduced and solved. 他本来准备在恽尘施展神通故技重施,可方才在欲如此作为时,蝉鸣剑却是突然暗吐杀机,令他没法趁势攻击,也就没法将那力量反照回去,这样一来,他先前所吞纳的力量便只能事后再去化解了。 Yun Chen can also guess correctly, Wu Ziwu reduced certainly and solved own divine ability with any unique method, but he, although is startled, but not only does he not feel dispirited, but he actually feels far more confident. 恽尘也能猜到,乌子午一定是用什么独特手段化解了自己的神通,可他虽然吃惊,可非但不觉沮丧,反而是平添了无数信心 The opposite party he display divine ability around cannot disturb him, that without a doubt will be Song of Cicadas Sword suppressing. 对方他施展神通的前后并没有能对他进行干扰,那毫无疑问是蝉鸣剑将之给压制住了。 But whether there is he performs magical power now, so long as Song of Cicadas Sword continues to be able for him to do the diversion, then he can display divine ability unceasingly. 而他现在有无尽法力,只要蝉鸣剑继续能为他做牵制,那么他就可以不断施展神通 He actually does not believe the mighty divine ability bang to go out, the opposite party can reduce and solve. 他却不信一个个威能宏大的神通轰出去,对方能够一直化解下去。 Wu Ziwu actually did not prepare so to continue again, even if he can easily reduce and solve the Yun Chen offensive, may be unable to take Yun Chen not to have the significance. 乌子午却是不准备再这般继续下去了,就算他能轻易化解恽尘的攻势,可拿不下恽尘也就毫无意义。 Now problem above that flying sword, so long as flying sword were made, then defeats Yun Chen also shortly. 现在问题关键就在那飞剑之上,只要飞剑被制,那么击败恽尘也就在顷刻之间。 he forms a mudra, revolves Void Spreading Flow's End technique, in the Crane Hall palace stage sky splits cavities immediately, tries to shift Song of Cicadas Sword into the void. 他把法诀一拿,运转“阐空漏尽之术,鹤殿殿台天空之中顿时裂开一个又一个空洞,试图将蝉鸣剑转入虚空之中 But Song of Cicadas Sword because no doubt the distance is far, might cannot display completely, for example the potential of All-Severing Cut is unable putting forth anytime and anywhere, but this loses concentration by Zhang Yu remote governing , compared with Yun Chen, his fighting experience must enrich too many. 蝉鸣剑固然因为距离较远,威能没有能够完全发挥出来,譬如斩诸绝之势就无法随时随地的使出,可这到底是由张御分神遥御的,与恽尘比起来,他的斗战经验要丰富太多。 Takes facing the Wu Ziwu divine ability lock, he simply has not made flying sword dodge moves the avoidance, but is toward the palace stage beside banned in directly the dense fog puts on, instantly submerges does not see. 面对乌子午神通锁拿,他根本没有让飞剑闪挪躲避,而是直接往殿台之外禁制迷雾之中一穿,霎时没入其中不见。 Wu Ziwu was banned the dense fog is stranded, but the flying sword contact results in Yun Chen Profound Leader official seal to permit, at all not by such trapped/sleepy hindrance, but is such simple one deals, makes Wu Ziwu all tentative plans fail directly. 乌子午是受禁制迷雾所困,可飞剑往来得恽尘玄首印信允许,根本不受此等困阻,而就是这么简简单单的一个应对,就直接让乌子午所有设想都是落空。 Incessantly so, Wu Ziwu also discovered, after the flying sword conceals enters in the dense fog, the threat instead becomes greatly, he induces is unable to extend to the dense fog , is also unable to know where this sword will come out, but perhaps at that flying sword speed, flashes to kill front, this compels him to branch out part of heart force to alert defend. 不止如此,乌子午还发现,飞剑藏入迷雾之中后,威胁反而变得更大,他感应无法延伸到迷雾之中,也就无法知道到此剑会从哪里出来,而以那飞剑的速度,恐怕一闪之间就可杀到面前,这就逼得他不得不分出一部分心力来戒备守御 But when he loses concentration copes with flying sword, Yun Chen once again the divine ability preparation finished, and rumbling that is without hesitation. 而就在他分神对付飞剑之时,恽尘又一次将神通准备完毕,并且毫不迟疑的轰了出来。 When wants the tribinh his possibly such without any scruples divulges divine ability magical power, that slightly some controls are just now ineffective, the looks at prestige is vast, actually middle wasted too many magical power, but this strength is to actually condense. 要知平时他可没可能这么毫无顾忌的宣泄神通法力,方才那一次还稍稍有些控制不力,看着声威浩大,其实当中浪费了太多的法力,而这一次力量却是凝聚许多。 When that round of azure morning sun appears, no longer is violent racing leisurely/scatter, but purely blazing, condenses extremely, blooms directly sky over Wu Ziwu standing. 那一轮青色朝阳浮现之时,不再是暴烈奔散,而是纯粹炽热,极为凝聚,直接就在乌子午站立上空绽放开来。 Wu Ziwu sees that fierce azure glow to illuminate, will melt as before by divine ability, but similarly, on one chapter is his being sure opposite party strength, but in his heart confident, was actually becomes calm many. 乌子午见那烈烈青芒照来,依旧以神通将之化去,不过同样,上一回是他吃不准对方力量,而这一次他心中有底,却是变得从容了不少。 His also when counter-attacks one, however dives Song of Cicadas Sword at this moment in dense fog actually not to his opportunity, sword momentum to his one finger/refers, divulges on a sword internal qi to come out slightly slightly, immediately makes him be nervous and uneasy, has to give up the idea. 他本还待反击一手,然而此刻潜于迷雾之中的蝉鸣剑却没有给他这个机会,剑势对他微微一指,稍稍泄露一点剑上气机出来,立刻令他如芒在背,不得不放弃了想法。 Song of Cicadas Sword or Yun Chen, if disperses, he has the means to cope, but both sides this cooperates hand in hand, was actually maintained the war. 无论是蝉鸣剑还是恽尘本身,若是分散开来,他都有办法对付,可是双方这一携手合作,却是堪堪将战局维系了下来。 The Wu Zichen look sinks, although his divine ability may unceasingly the breathing rival, has its limit location, special Yun Chen this grade of full of fierce strength divine ability, is more impossible to swallow to accept unlimited. 乌子辰神色微沉,他的神通虽可不断吐纳敌手,也是有其极限所在的,特别恽尘这等充满了狂烈力量的神通,更是不可能无限度吞纳下去。 Regarding this disadvantageous situation, he decides to change oneself tactic. 对此不利情形,他决定改变自己的战术。 His Yanshu visualization picture, defend attacks divine ability of enemy to prepare, but has not transferred moves substitution and evasion technique, actually facing the common enemy, he does not need this grade of change, original divine ability is enough use. 他的厌恕观想图,守御攻敌的神通皆备,但是并没有转挪替避之法,其实面对一般敌人,他也不需要这等变化,原来的神通已是足够运使 May facing the present situation actually be insufficient, but during he consciousness is to actually know many seal, if can read, standing divine ability that may grasp one for evading the revolutions moves, he is self-confident, so long as has a crevice to appear, can the reverse war. 可面对眼下局势却是不够,但在他意识之中却是知道不少章印,若能观读,立可掌握一门替避转挪的神通,他自信只要有一个空隙出现,就能反转战局。 His spirit essence already, when condensed visualization picture to exhaust . Moreover the present is the fighting time, he did not have this opportunity to make this matter. 只是他的神元早已在凝聚观想图的时候用尽了,而且现在是斗战时候,他也没这个机会来做此事。 Then only means that that to Grand Chaos seeking strength! 那么唯有一个办法,那就是向大混沌求取力量! In his memory also has Chaotic Chapter cultivator memory, by present cultivation, seeking one to move escapes substitution and evasion technique is not anything, at the worst afterward reduces and solves by outer medicine and that's the end. 他的记忆中也有浑章修士忆识,以现在的功行,求一个挪遁替避之法并不算什么,大不了事后再以外药化解就是了。 The idea is certain, immediately a mind revolution, saw one piece instantly endless dark, at the same time, in his double pupil also the dark colors dodge to pass. 主意一定,立时心神一转,霎时看到了一片无尽幽暗,与此同时,他双眸之中也有一片幽暗之色一闪而逝。 At this time, he was guarding against Song of Cicadas Sword to arrive, why did not know, this sword actually hung there has not moved, even Yun Chen same has not launched the offensive again. 这个时候,他本在提防蝉鸣剑到来,可不知为何,此剑却是悬在那里未动,连恽尘也一样没有再发起攻势。 His thoughts stirred, thought of anything suddenly, turns the head to look suddenly. 心思一转,蓦然想到了什么,猛然转头望去。 Then sees dense fog one outside that palace stage to surge, then disperses to the two sides rolling, whole body shrouded in jade mist and cloud light young daoist walks in from outside. 便见那殿台之外的迷雾一阵涌动,而后向两边滚滚分散,一个浑身被玉雾云光笼罩的年轻道人自外走了进来 He one step treads above palace stage, that Song of Cicadas Sword sent out a clear to howl, a revolution, flew to fall before his body baseless, by him, as soon as grasped in the hand. 他一步踏到殿台之上,那蝉鸣剑发出一声清啸,凭空一转,飞落至他身前,被他一把握在手中。 Yun Chen relaxes, bowed in the midair, slightly said excitedly: Profound Corrector!” 恽尘松了一口气,在半空中打一个稽首,略显激动道:“玄正!” Zhang Yu nods to return a courtesy to Yun Chen, looks again to Wu Zichen, says: Profound Leader had made contribution, getting down to be is one's turn us to strive.” 张御恽尘点首回礼,再看向乌子辰,口中道:“玄首已是尽力了,下来该是轮到我们出力了。” Yun Chen is astonished saying: „ We? „ 恽尘讶道:“我们?“ Zhang Yu holds Song of Cicadas Sword, wields the sleeve one to wield toward the side, the sword light mistake, outside fog simultaneously dispersing, reveals the outside the endless vault of heaven. 张御持住蝉鸣剑,挥袖往侧面一挥,剑光过处,外间云雾齐齐散开,显露出外间的无尽天穹来。 Yun Chen cannot help but look up, sees only beside the palace stage, dozens daoist fly high to stand, outside the body the magical power ray sparkle, vibrates the atmosphere. 恽尘不由抬头看去,只见殿台之外,数十名道人凌空而立,身外法力光芒闪耀不已,震动大气。 Not only in this has profound cultivator and Chaotic Chapter cultivator from Profound Mansion, has came from Wonderful Profound Boundary true cultivator! 这里面不但有来自玄府玄修浑章修士,更有许多来自灵妙玄境真修 The Zhang Yu wrist/skill shakes, Song of Cicadas Sword expresses a resounding through the skies clear cry immediately, his looks at Wu Ziwu, said loudly: „ fellow daoists, along with me puts to death this liao together! „ 张御手腕一震,蝉鸣剑顿时发出一声响彻云霄的清鸣,他看着乌子午,放声言道:“诸位道友,随我一同诛杀此獠!“ ...... …… ...... ……
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