HAP :: Volume #5 Volume 5

#1228: Refusing to abandon hope

Profound deep green dragon, the secret of Black Tortoise Institute not passing on. Even the Black Tortoise disciple, is not everyone has the qualifications to practice. To practice this grade of secret technique, the strength non- first essential factor, to Institute absolute loyal, is the quality that must first inspect. 玄青苍虬阵,玄武学院不传之秘。即便是玄武门人,也不是人人有资格习练。想习这等秘术,实力都非第一要素,对学院的绝对忠诚,才是第一要考察的素质。 At present although these ten several Black Tortoise disciples non- remnant are the wounds, is actually the real Black Tortoise elite, is precisely top the most loyal that batch. Also only then they, can a technique of secret of not passing on have words at fingertips and write with facility this. 眼下这十数位玄武门人虽然非残即伤,却是货真价实的玄武精英,且是最顶尖最忠诚的那一批。也只有他们这些人,才能将这等不传之秘的阵术信手拈来。 Regarding teaches this technique to at present these youngster, even if the situation compels, many people still conflict extremely, has would rather die than for the attitude greatly. Finally eliminates them to worry, Xu Chuan that you thought that they really can completely grasp?”. 对于将这阵术传授给眼前这些少年,即便是形势所迫,许多人也极其抵触,大有宁死不为的态度。最终打消他们顾虑的,还是许川那句“你觉得他们真能完全掌握?”。 Everyone teaches some, and they instructs earnestly from side by the mechanical memorizing of youngster, profound deep green dragon that like this forms although is very reluctant, wants to come is also sufficient. What is more wonderful is so studies the youngster, in the future without their raising, not possibly merges linking up this profound deep green dragon certainly, it may be said that kills two birds with one stone. 每个人传授些许,靠少年们的死记硬背和他们从旁耳提面命,这样结成的玄青苍虬阵虽很勉强,想来也够用。更妙的是如此学来的少年们,日后没有他们的提点,是绝无可能自己将这玄青苍虬阵融会贯通的,可谓一举两得。 But at present, the youngster practices an profound deep green dragon efficiency to be astonishing, even some people have congealed in such a short time the cyanogen, the degree that everyone grasps surpassed their accident/surprise. This way...... 可是眼下,少年习练玄青苍虬阵的效率惊人,甚至有人在如此短的时间里就已经凝结出了青气,每个人掌握的程度都超出了他们的意外。这样下去…… Xu Chuan starts to worry, others are, the people you look at me, I look at you, some more stubborn disciples had stopped the professor, is only cold the face is not saying a word facing the vision that the youngster has doubts. 许川开始担忧,其他人又何尝不是,众人你看我,我看你,个别更为顽固一些的门人已经停止了教授,面对少年疑惑的目光只是冷着脸一言不发。 Finally, everyone stopped, vision simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform aimed at Xu Chuan. Inside the youngster do not know, actually also felt the difference of atmosphere. The captivity life until now, making them be used to it carefully base and low, detected atmosphere not, no one dares to ask, all timidly is maintaining peaceful. 最终,所有人都停了下来,目光齐齐指向了许川。少年们不知内里,却也感觉到了气氛的异样。一直以来的囚禁生活,让他们习惯了小心卑微,察觉到气氛不对后,没有人敢多问,全都怯生生地保持着安静。 In the Xu Chuan heart also intertwines, can not hesitate all him for Black Tortoise, loyal does not need to raise to Institute that he is not willing the secret of Institute not passing on to fall into his hand, but...... looks at present the pitiful conditions of these fellow apprentices at present, is thinking the crisis that Institute then possibly faces, Xu Chuan is just about to open the mouth. 许川心中也是纠结,为了玄武可以不惜一切的他,对学院那份忠诚自是不必提,他也不愿学院不传之秘落入他手,可是眼下……看着眼前这些师兄弟的惨状,想着学院接下来可能面临的危机,许川正要开口。 senior brother!” A person calls to him suddenly anxiously, in the tone full is the meaning of caution. “师兄!”忽一人向他急唤,语气中满是警示之意。 What's wrong?” After Xu Chuan returned to the sentence subconsciously, immediately notices to make noise this Jane/simple south, is in them perceive is keenest, undertakes of duty of reconnaissance and early warning. “怎么?”许川下意识地回了句后,马上注意到出声这位简又南,正是他们之中感知最为敏锐,多承担侦查预警之职的那位。 Xu Chuan has not waited for him to reply, the vigilant vision has swept immediately to all around, only the time of such meeting, this alone room all around, suddenly are many number individual. 许川没等他回答,警惕的目光已经立即扫向四周,就只这么会的功夫,这栋独屋的前后左右,忽然多出数个人来。 They all are the clothing/taking colors that ash throws, not eye, but on each face actually wears a mask. This and other common concealing, is usually useless to cultivator. So long as is Infusion's Soul Linker, grasps Penetrating Vision kind of Ability casually, can easily look through. But at present this numerous Black Tortoise elite, grasping is wiser than similar Ability Penetrating Vision, actually cannot see through anyone of true colors. This seemingly simple wearing a mask, is not obviously simple, can play like this special effect, has been possible to be included within the divine armament category. 他们全都是一身灰扑扑的服色,并不如何起眼,但是每个人脸上却都蒙着面。这等寻常的掩饰,对修者通常是没用的。只要是冲之魄贯通者,随便掌握一门透视一类的异能,就可以轻易看破。可是眼下这一众玄武精英,掌握着比透视高明许多的同类异能,却没能看穿任何一人的真面目。这看似简单的蒙面,显然并不简单,能起到这样的特殊效果,已可划入神兵范畴了。 Eight people.” “八人。” Does not have the vacancy.” “无空位。” Sky has the fluctuation.” “上空有波动。” The Black Tortoise people are centered on Xu Chuan gathers calmly, and shares the news that perceive is arriving in a short time fast. Eight people, eight positions, have closely sieged in which them. Even in their sky, had to display the Ability trace, made being unable to escape even with wings truly arrangement. 玄武众人以许川为中心不动声色地聚拢,并飞快分享着自己短时间内感知到的讯息。八个人,八个方位,已将他们紧紧围困其中。甚至在他们的上空,都有施展了异能的痕迹,做出了真正“插翅难飞”的安排。 „......” The Xu Chuan opens the mouth, wants to make some exchanges with the opposite party, where thought two characters just take action, together cold glow already toward his quick firing. “诸位……”许川开口,想和对方做些交流,哪想两个字刚刚出手,一道寒芒已朝他急射而来。 Although Xu Chuan did not have both hands, the operation is actually very agile, twists the body anxiously, where wants to be only this unexpectedly also not enough, abhorred the cold light that shot to come also to have the deflection toward him suddenly, raided as before toward him. Is good because of Xu Chuan Black Tortoise disciple prompt take action, single-handed revolving, Soul Power squeezes out together the light symbol, with this cold light bumps into, immediately melted it. 许川虽没了双手,运作却还是很敏捷,急一拧身,哪想只是这样竟还未够,朝他疾射而来的寒光忽也有了偏转,依旧朝他袭来。好在许川身旁的玄武门人及时出手,单手旋转,魄之力拧出一道光符,与这袭来的寒光相撞,顿时将其化了去。 However this cold light is just the opposite party launches the offensive one of them, eight people, had the movement at the same time, they not slightly loathsome, comes, after standing firm position, they then started the attack immediately, take action is killing move. Shoots at the Xu Chuan cold glow, obviously saw the status of his leader. Other offensive divided to others, their sky, melted suddenly makes a debut the snow sword, shot suddenly. 然而这道寒光只不过是对方发起攻势的其中之一,八个人,在同一时间有了动作,他们没有丝毫拖泥带水,现身,站定方位后,他们便立即开始了攻击,出手便是杀招。射向许川的寒芒,显然是看出了他领头人的身份。其余的攻势则分向了其他人,他们的上空,也突然化出道道雪剑,骤然射下。 Careful under foot!” “小心脚下!” Four sides also has the above attack not to end unexpectedly, the sole also had the fluctuation of Soul Power, since the offensive explodes from the place bottom unexpectedly suddenly. 只是四面还有上空的攻击竟还未完,脚底也有了魄之力的波动,竟然还有攻势从地底突然爆起。 Is eight river sands!” When some people called to break the opposite party offensive name, the voice fell, in the Black Tortoise people two have dropped down. “是八河沙!”有人叫破了对方这攻势的名字,话音落下时,玄武众人中已有两人倒下。 Their itself/Ben is a group of stretcher patients, the opposite party eight people of strengths is uncommon, with is eight river sand offensive crowded strategies, the offensive of emerging one after another incessantly, is projecting on their time conditions to be unsatisfactory, in disadvantage of being able to continue. 他们本就是一批重伤员,对方八人实力不凡,又用得是八河沙这种攻势密集的阵法,层出不穷的攻势,正打到他们此时状态不佳,无以为继的劣势上。 Reviews the youngster, the sudden change makes them stunned, suddenly is helpless. Dealing that the subconsciousness makes, the technique keeps the Black Tortoise elites from looking straight ahead coarsely. Is good because of the opposite party eight people of weights of attack obviously is not the youngster, the resistance of youngster moves unnecessarily. 反观少年们,突如其来的变化让他们错愕,一时间都是手足无措。下意识做出的应对,手法粗陋让玄武精英们无法直视。好在对方八人的攻击重点显然并不是少年们,少年们的抵御很多都是多此一举。 At present opposite party eight people of figure revolve such as flies, Xu Chuan catches the opposite party offensive to feel to have a dizzy spell, knew in the heart where condition also of other same side very to go. Also at this moment, can only refuse to abandon hope. 眼前对方八人身形运转如飞,许川只是捕捉对方攻势就已经觉得头晕目眩,心知其他同门的状况也比自己好不到哪去。此时此刻,也只能死马当活马医了。 Ties!” Xu Chuan takes the bull by the horns, drinks in the sound severely, the cyanogen has raised. The time that the youngster learn/study is too short, although many people have peeped the access initially, may only depend on their time degrees to form big not possibly to break. Their these disabled, must put together own all, removes obstacles for the youngster. “结阵!”许川当机立断,一声厉喝声中,青气已然升起。少年们学习的时间太短,虽有不少人已初窥门径,可只靠他们此时的程度想结成大阵断无可能。他们这些伤残人士,也得拼上自己的所有,为少年们铺路搭桥。 His orders, other disciples also move in abundance, the youngster who command teach starts to act. But they, were clear the youngster who respective professor was in what degree, was clear that need to make anything. 他这一声令下,其余门人也纷纷动起,号令自己教授的少年开始动作。而他们,清楚各自教授的少年到了什么程度,也清楚自己需要做些什么。 In an instant, cyanogen hold, just like a piece of lotus leaf greatly, unfolds sky over the people suddenly. Close offensive from eight river sands, what method, was swept away. 刹那间,青气大盛,犹如一片荷叶,陡然间在众人上空铺开。来自八河沙的细密攻势,无论是何种手段,都被一扫而空。 The youngster of heart no distracting thoughts, to command movement without hesitation, the efficiency that they learn/study are extremely then high, at this time displays the Ability efficiency is also uncommon. With the desperate support of Black Tortoise people, profound deep green dragon in had some appearances unexpectedly in an instant. Although is very different away the perfect condition. But this Black Tortoise Institute does not pass on secret array, does encirclement that also eight river sands this killer group develops can it be that kill the technique to compare? 心无杂念的少年们,到号令便不假思索的动作,他们学习的效率极高,此时施展异能的效率也是不凡。在玄武众人的拼命支援下,玄青苍虬阵竟在刹那间有了些模样。虽距完美状态相去甚远。可这玄武学院的不传秘阵,又岂是“八河沙”这种杀手集团开发的围杀技可比? Until now was only self-confident take action, eight people of saying a word, in the eye showed the shocking look at the same time. They not necessarily know profound deep green dragon, was actually clear that they just this wave of offensive might, how many originally is the strategic place opposite party is assigning, where wants to clear off unexpectedly like this? 一直以来只是自信出手,一言不发的八人,眼中同一时刻露出了震惊的神色。他们未必识得玄青苍虬阵,却清楚他们刚这一波攻势的威力,本是又要冲着对方几条命去的,哪想竟被这样一扫而光? Black Tortoise Institute...... worthily is Black Tortoise Institute.” In eight people, were mute the sound to sigh with emotion one. 玄武学院……不愧是玄武学院。”八人中的一位,哑着声音感慨了一句。 However their offensive have not actually stopped. The details of their very clear this group of Black Tortoise disciples, but these youngster, mention in the information that received some time ago. 但是他们的攻势却也没有就此打住。他们很清楚这批玄武门人的底细,而那些少年,在不久前收到的情报中也提到了。 Nothing to be worried. This is their conclusions. 不足为虑。这是他们的结论。 Actually Black Tortoise Institute, but also really has many skills, one pile of spent forces, can so reduce and solve a wave of their offensive unexpectedly cleanly attractively. 倒是玄武学院,还真是有两把刷子,一堆强弩之末,竟还能如此干净漂亮地化解一波他们的攻势。 However, stopped. The eight person same thoughts, when that sigh with emotion sound to Black Tortoise Institute has not fallen, a new offensive they have launched again. But maps their view, actually covers that cyanogens above Black Tortoise people, the imposing manner is more abundant, the color is fiercer. In the cyanogen of Dutch leaf-shape, a lotus raises slowly, is in bud. In eight people of hearts, raises together not a very good premonition. 不过,也就到此为止了。八个人一样的心思,在那句对玄武学院的感慨声未落时,新一波的攻势他们已经再度展开。可是映入他们眼帘的,却是笼罩在玄武众人上方的那片青气,气势更盛,色彩更烈。荷叶状的青气之中,一朵荷花冉冉升起,含苞待放。八人心中,也一起升起一股很不好的预感。 Reduces and solves their offensive? 化解他们的攻势? That vaguely as if probably is a very matter while convenient, from the start is not the key point. As for true key point...... 那依稀仿佛好像就是很顺带的一件事,压根就不是重点。至于真正的重点…… As that lotus blooms rapidly, just like the dragon goes to sea the pressure of mortal form, throws toward them. 随着那朵荷花急速绽放,犹如龙出海般的魄之压,顿朝他们扑来。
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