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#1042: Common mentality

People's interrogation to vermilion Kui, Lu Ping has earnest listening, is pondering the present condition diligently. However keen perceive, makes him first detect that oneself became the focus suddenly. 众人对朱魁的盘问,路平有认真听,也在努力思考着眼下的状况。但是敏锐的感知,还是让他第一时间就察觉到自己突然就成了焦点。 Coughs......” Xu Chuan just about to open the mouth, thinks suddenly ill, coughed, then after returned to normal a vitality, then said: As far as I know, you should not appear here.” Can resist the Lu Chenfeng strong strength as one, invited Lu Ping is not a Northern Dipper Institute matter, Fourth Courtyard pays close attention to Lu Ping whether to participate in this punitive expedition. As the Black Tortoise Institute core figure, Xu Chuan naturally knew Lu Ping to reject the invitation of Northern Dipper. But at present Lu Ping appears here, and various plans that disrupts the opposite party, this makes Xu Chuan suspect, the rejection of Lu Ping possibly is only the smoke shell that Northern Dipper Institute emits, to achieve “咳……”许川刚要开口,忽觉不适,微咳了一声,而后又平复了一下气血后才接着说道:“据我所知,你并不应该出现在这里。”作为一个能对抗吕沉风的超强战力,邀请路平可不是北斗学院一家之事,四院都高度关注路平能否参与这次讨伐。作为玄武学院的核心人物,许川自然知晓路平拒绝了北斗的邀请。但眼下路平却还是出现在了这里,并各种扰乱对方的谋划,这让许川不由地猜想,路平的拒绝可能只是北斗学院放出的烟雾弹,以达到 At present this unexpected effect. A Xu Chuan farsighted ponder, actually Lu Ping entire cannot. He had not realized completely Xu Chuan refers to him not should appear during this punitive expedition, how will have doubts he to appear regarding the opposite party in Yandang pass Lu Ping deeply feels the doubts 眼下这种出其不意的效果。许川一通深谋远虑的思考,却把路平整不会了。他完全没意识到许川指的是他不该出现在这讨伐之中,对于对方疑惑他怎么会出现在雁荡关中路平深感疑惑 , Oneself must hurry to Sichuan to come, passed by Yandang to close is worth very much strangely? ,自己还要赶去界川来着,路过一下雁荡关很值得奇怪吗? His doubts, regard as by Xu Chuan play the fool, immediately reveals the understanding that makes every effort to keep secret to smile. 他这一疑惑,被许川视为装傻,当即露出讳莫如深的理解一笑。 You then must make anything, we will coordinate with every effort.” Xu Chuan from bottom of one's heart said/tunnel. Lu Ping with his master gate bitter hatred, by his gradual putting down. “你接下来要做什么,我们会尽力配合。”许川发自肺腑地道。路平与他师门的深仇大恨,都被他阶段性的放下了。 You?” Lu Ping sweeps Black Tortoise various people who presented these to live is using energy, does not understand why Xu Chuan must take a stand. “你们?”路平扫了一眼在场这些活着都费劲的玄武诸人,不明白许川为何要如此表态。 „...... Xu Chuan can only with every effort encouragingly obstinate argumentative. “尽力……”许川只能勉为其难地嘴硬了一下。 You then asked quickly with every effort.” Lu Ping reminded Xu Chuan to stop changing the subject. “你快尽力接着问吧。”路平提醒许川停止跑题。 Xu Chuan deep breath, again returning to normal vitality. 许川深呼吸,再次平复气血。 You travel together altogether many people.” The interrogation continues. “你们同行共多少人。”盘问继续。 36 people.” vermilion Kuida. “三十六人。”朱魁答。 Including Zhao Yinchu?” “包括昭音初?” Beginning sound the Sir does not travel together with us.” “音初大人不与我们同行。” Us attended to 27 people.” Yao Mi interposed. “我们这边料理了二十七人。”姚觅插话道。 Our that side eight people.” Xu Chuan supplemented, then looks to vermilion Kui, is so skillful?” “我们那边八人。”许川补充,而后看向朱魁,“这么巧?” vermilion Kui knows that Xu Chuan suspected he conceals, helpless smiles bitterly: Perhaps other.” The interrogation continues, does not have the again plate to have what new idea. Yao Mi was telling carefully how leads hand/subordinate vermilion Kui calmly, when looks again to Xu Chuan, saw him as if just to experience war, has sat down exhausted thoroughly in the chair 朱魁知道许川是怀疑他有隐瞒,无奈苦笑:“或许还有其他。”审问继续,却没再盘出什么新意。姚觅仔细吩咐着手下将朱魁带下去如何安顿,再看向许川时,就见他仿佛刚经历完一场大战似的,已经彻底瘫坐在了椅子 On. However many exhausted, actually cannot cover disappointment on his moment face. 上。但是再多的疲惫,却也掩盖不住他此刻脸上的失望。 They asked that vermilion Kui also all questions will be answered, but gains has the value information, is actually very few. 他们问了许多,朱魁也是有问必答,但是获取到的有价值信息,却是少之又少。 They prepare very fully.” Had to audit the Black Tortoise disciple of interrogation to say. “他们准备非常充分。”有旁听了审问的玄武门人说道。 Xu Chuan nods worn out. When Yao Mizhuan who in addition explains comes back, the look is equally dignified. 许川有气无力地点了点头。另边交待完毕的姚觅转回来时,神色一样凝重。 Has not sought the victory, the forethought defeat.” By him who the good and comprehensive aristocratic family educates, even can summarize the present experience with the military tactics. “未谋胜,先虑败。”受过良好而又全面世家教育的他,甚至能用兵法总结眼下的体会。 What do you mean?” Lu Ping reveals the somewhat low cultural level. “什么意思?”路平显露出偏低的文化水平。 At present this condition within they consider. The information that therefore each action person has limits very much. We are unable to gain from their here besides them act any other effective information.” Yao Midao. “眼下这种境况在他们考虑之内。所以每一位行动人掌握的信息都很局限。我们无法从他们这里获取除他们行动之外的任何其他有效信息。”姚觅道。 „Doesn't he have speaking of Zhao Yinchu does not travel together with them?” Lu Ping said. “他不是有说到昭音初不与他们同行?”路平说道。 Yes.” “是。” Now which therefore Zhao Yinchu does go?” Lu Ping asked. “所以昭音初现在去哪了?”路平发问。 This is the question that cannot ask from him.” Yao Mi regrets to express. “这正是从他身上问不出的问题。”姚觅遗憾表示。 „Do I with have a look?” Lu Ping questionnaire opinion. “我跟去看看?”路平征求意见。 Everyone stares. Zhao Yinchu is Yandang closes all human eyes to look to leave. Does she want to go? With has a look is a very ordinary mentality, but no one this mentality arrangement on Zhao Yinchu. What because ordinary mentality match is even 所有人愣。昭音初是雁荡关所有人眼看着离开的。她要去哪?跟上去看看是个挺平常的思路,但是没有人会把这种思路安排在昭音初身上。因为平常思路该匹配的是平 The average men, is Zhao Yinchu ordinary people? She is not, she is one of the present age top powerhouses, goes to the ordinary mentality to deal with her? How dying character first writes understands. 常人,昭音初是平常人吗?她不是,她是当世顶尖的强者之一,去平常思路去应对她?“死”字怎么写得先了解一下。 However Lu Ping used such common mentality to aim at Zhao Yinchu. 然而路平偏偏就用这样寻常的思路去针对起了昭音初 „Do you determine?” When Yao Mi spoke this saying some sound slightly shivering, what must go is Lu Ping, but he seems makes him pursue Zhao Yinchu to be equally anxious. “你确定吗?”姚觅说这话时声音略微有一些颤抖,要去的是路平,可他仿佛是让他去追击昭音初一样紧张。 „Can I also hit two with her?” Lu Ping takes a broad view at all around. “就我还能和她打两下吧?”路平放眼四周。 You asked......” Yao Mi not to think the deep discussion, caught up with the person directly. “您请……”姚觅不想深度探讨,直接赶人了。 I take a look.” Lu Ping said to Su Tang immediately, but looked at periphery people, some did not feel relieved hesitant: You......” “我去瞧瞧。”路平随即对苏唐说道,但看了一圈周围众人,又有些不放心地犹豫了起来:“你……” I keep this, should unable to help with you together.” Su Tang said. “我留这吧,跟你一起应该也帮不上什么忙。”苏唐说道。 Good.” Lu Ping nods, immediately turned around the room, neat. “好。”路平点头,立即转身出了屋,干脆利落。 „Did this walk?” Yao Mileng, looks Lu Ping to Su Tang is especially kind, he thinks that Lu Ping will also urge their several to look after Su Tang one kind well. “这就走了?”姚觅愣,看着路平苏唐的格外关切,他以为路平还会叮嘱他们几句好好照看苏唐一类的。 Gone is quicker, come back is also quicker.” Su Tang said with a smile. “去的快一些,回来的也快一些。”苏唐笑道。 What are your two people relate?” Yao Mi is very curious. Two people of young, but the understanding and faith, are his entire life have not actually seen. “你们两人是什么关系?”姚觅十分好奇。二人年纪都不大,可彼此之间的了解和信赖,却是他生平未见。 Like the family member, you doesn't have the family member?” Su Tang said. Family members? Yao Mileng. What flashes through in his mind is his serious in speech and manner, severely to somewhat harsh father ; Is that status is noble, likes speaking the custom, the rack wants the big mother compared with anyone ; These since childhood with him “就像家人一样啊,你没有家人吗?”苏唐说。家人?姚觅愣。在他脑海中闪过的是他那不苟言笑,严厉到有些苛刻的父亲;是那位身份高贵,爱讲规矩,架子比谁都要大的母亲;还有那些从小就跟他较 Brothers and sisters who the vigor, is not convinced. This is Yao Mi familiar family member appearance. 劲,互不服气的兄弟姐妹。这才是姚觅熟悉的家人模样。 This.” Yao Mi nods, has not said anything again. Su Tang has not rushed out through the door like Lu Ping rapidly, actually with. Outside the room everyone this time stopped the work in hand, raised the head to look up to together dumbfoundedly, is looking at that say/way from the form that closing to rise with a spring “这样啊。”姚觅点了点头,没有再说什么。苏唐没有像路平那样迅速夺门而出,却还是跟了出去。屋外所有人此时都停下了手里的工作,一起目瞪口呆地抬头仰望着,望着那道自关上一跃而起的身影 , Is climbing at this time on the mountain wall of standing tall and erect, same place, will then leap good long one section an again upwardly, after several rises, the person has then disappeared in the peak of mountain wall. ,此时正攀在高耸的山壁上,一顿再一起,便又会向上跃出好长一截,数个起落后,人便已经消失在了山壁的顶端。 Yandang closes a peace. Sees such skill, such ability, everyone thought that the work that closes in Yandang does not have the significance. Finally at this moment, a fluctuation of Soul Power transmits from the above suddenly, along mountain wall, along the air, after going directly to Yandang closes, immediately causes Yandang to close these to have lock of automatic defend function to manifest suddenly. But all 雁荡关上一片安静。看到这样的身手,这样的能耐,所有人都觉得他们在雁荡关上的工作毫无意义。结果就在这时,一股魄之力的波动忽从上方传来,沿着山壁,也沿着空气,直达雁荡关后顿时引得雁荡关上那些具备自动御敌功能的定制纷纷发作。而所有 cultivator was swept by this fluctuation is a mind will drag from now on. 修者被这股波动扫过后都是一阵心神摇曳。 What situation.” Face pale Yao Mi flushed from the command headquarters. „Did this meet?” Su Tang looks up, the look is dignified. That after all is Zhao Yinchu, Lu Ping realm, although is higher, has the imprisonment of Intense Locked Soul, cannot bring into full play the strength. Confronts Five Mortal Souls linking up, is very “什么情况。”一脸惨白的姚觅从指挥所里冲了出来。“这就遇上了吗?”苏唐抬头望着,神色凝重。那毕竟是昭音初,路平境界虽然更高,却有销魂锁魄的禁锢,并不能充分发挥实力。对阵五魄贯通,还是很 Is worth being worried about. 值得担心一下的。 „Hasn't Zhao Yinchu left?” Yao Mi listened to under the back of the body in great surprise, the brain to make up the innumerable possible bad conditions in an instant. 昭音初没有离开吗?”姚觅听后心下大惊,刹那间已经脑补出了无数可能发生的糟糕状况。 But above the mountain wall, the cliff border, Lu Ping and Zhao Yinchu is separated by several meters, just fought Soul Power of collision, is curling results in the snowflake to dance in the air in two people all around freely. 而在山壁上方,峭壁边沿,路平昭音初相隔数米,刚刚交手碰撞的魄之力,正卷得雪花在两人周遭不住地飞舞着。 On the Zhao Yinchu face full is stunned: How you know that I haven't walked?” I do not know, I want to pursue you to come.” Lu Ping said. 昭音初脸上满是错愕:“你怎么知道我没走?”“我不知道,我想追追你来着。”路平说。
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