HAP :: Volume #5 Volume 5

#1037: A little thing

The people leave, the fist leaves. 人出,拳出。 Lu Ping does not know Zhao Yinchu, actually also detected that the opposite party was not simple. This fist leaves firm decisive, is unretentive, boundless Soul Power curls instantaneously windy and snowy, making his whole person fuzzy, chaos, rushed to Zhao Yinchu like this. 路平并不认识昭音初,却也察觉到了对方绝不简单。这一拳出的坚决果断,毫无保留,磅礴的魄之力瞬间卷得风雪交加,让他的整个人都变得模糊起来,一片混沌,就这样涌向了昭音初 Zhao Yinchu pulls out the string hastily again, the dry zither music can revise, is welcoming to Soul Power that this sweeps across to come. Follows then to hear „” one after several other resounding, the person's shadow has then flown upside down together, hit to nearby mountain wall, loudly after the loud sound, did not have the sound. 昭音初连忙再拔琴弦,干涩的琴音得以修正,正迎向这席卷而来的魄之力。跟着便听到“噌噌噌噌”接连数声脆响,一道人影便已经倒飞出去,直撞向了一旁的山壁,轰然巨响后,没了声息。 Then is together the person's shadow, in a flash had then arrived at side Su Tang, puts out a hand to support her. 接着又是一道人影,一晃便已经到了苏唐身边,伸手将她扶住。 All right?” Lu Ping is asking. “没事吧?”路平问着。 Comes very promptly, all right.” Su Tang replied. “来得挺及时,没事。”苏唐答道。 „......” Also lies in ground Yao Mi, the vision is stunned, his „” shouted when Lu Ping take action, at this time has actually forgotten to say anything. Behind just from closing to leap in him, killers who must support the fight, when surprised of face, maintained them to fall to the ground the posture as if not to move in abundance. “啊……”还趴在地上的姚觅,目光错愕,他这一声“啊”还是在路平出手时喊出来的,此时却已经忘了要说什么。在他身后刚从关上跃下,就要支援战斗的众杀手,也纷纷一脸的惊讶,保持着他们落地时的姿势仿佛都不会动了。 They have a look at Lu Ping, has a look to hang on the mountain wall that confirmed back and forth innumerable, finally is certain, hangs that on mountain wall is Zhao Yinchu, stands in of ground in good condition, is not. 他们看看路平,又看看挂在山壁上那位,来回确认了无数遍,终于可以肯定,挂在山壁上的那个是昭音初,好端端站在地上的这个,绝不是。 Everyone nearly collapses. 所有人近乎崩溃。 This is Zhao Yinchu, present age one of the six big powerhouses, Five Mortal Souls linking up realm, will be makes one think to feel another potential surface of scalp tingles. 这可是昭音初,当世六大强者之一,五魄贯通境界,是让人想一想都会觉得头皮发麻的另一位面。 But now, what do they see? Zhao Yinchu was rumbled unexpectedly like this on the wall a fist, even if anyone of six big powerhouses comes, is impossible to achieve such thing! 可是现在,他们看到什么?昭音初竟就这样被人一拳轰到了墙上,哪怕同是六大强者的任何一人来,都不可能做到这样的事吧! This person...... 这人…… Knows that Lu Ping special details, eventually is only Organization a small number. At present these killer that are how regardless of not to give the low-down. At best also warned that their opponents are not simple, cannot be negligent, speaking frankly the opponent is Six Mortal Souls linking up, that feared that is the Assassin alliance must announce same place dismissed. 知道路平具体情况的,终究只是组织少部分人。眼前这些杀手那是无论如何也不会被交底的。充其量也就告诫他们对手不简单,绝不能大意,直说对手是個六魄贯通,那怕是刺客联盟要原地宣布解散了。 Was startled, all killers also realized their situation finally. Their behind is the Yandang pass/test, defends cultivator that closes is not put to death by them completely, lock of mountain pass had not been all destroyed. After Zhao Yinchu, must attack and capture this but actually strategic pass is not the matter that their only two teams of killers can complete. When but a fist bang flies the Zhao Yinchu opponent to be placed in the front, this strategic pass as if became their backers, they are simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform are retreating unexpectedly subconsciously backward, looked that appearance has to retreat to close greatly, vows with Yandang closes altogether the life or death stance. 吃惊完了,所有杀手也终于意识到了他们的处境。他们的身后是雁荡关,守关的修者还没被他们诛杀殆尽,关隘的定制也还没被悉数破坏。在没有了昭音初后,要攻克这倒雄关绝不是他们区区两队杀手可以完成的事。可当一个一拳轰飞昭音初的对手摆在面前时,这雄关仿佛成了他们的靠山,他们竟是齐齐下意识地向后退却着,看那模样大有退守关上,誓与雁荡关共存亡的架势。 Lies Yao Mi who is incapable of setting out, the consciousness throughout is sober. He had then seen the functions of some Zhao Yinchu this powerhouses before, after witnessing Zhao Yinchu was flown by a Lu Ping fist bang, when is surprised, that fuzzy suspicion in oneself previous mind also obtained the verification exactly again. 趴地无力起身的姚觅,意识始终是清醒。他之前便已经看出了些昭音初这位强者的作用,在目睹昭音初路平一拳轰飞后,惊讶之余,自己先前脑海中的那个模糊猜想却也恰好再一次得到了印证。 Zhao Yinchu, feared that is extremely serious leaning branch. Although is Five Mortal Souls linking up unusual realm, however individual actual combat capability is extremely limited. Her ability, comes the abilities of other greatly auxiliary promotion people with own Sound's Soul, helping them fight. But she...... Yao Mi tries hard to recall, in today's this battle, before Lu Ping appears Zhao Yinchu has really never had the direct confrontation with anybody. 昭音初,怕是一个极度严重的偏科者。虽是五魄贯通的超凡境界,但是个人的实战能力却极其有限。她的能力,是用自己的鸣之魄来大辅提升其他人的能力,帮助他们来战斗。而她自己……姚觅努力回想,在今天这番交战中,在路平出现以前昭音初确实从未与任何人有过直接交锋。 It seems like her Five Mortal Souls did linking up, lack Strength's Soul this? 看来她的五魄贯通,是缺了力之魄这一门? Yao Mi still in this suspected that crazily, hears a sound suddenly. 姚觅还在这疯狂猜想呢,忽听到啪一声响。 Zhao Yinchu person also on mountain wall. But she has been embracing that pipa, after Lu Ping rumbles that fist does not know that encountered anything, unexpectedly was some little time, this hit on the mountain wall. After, the pipa then First Path from the mountain wall fell roughly, the continued collision sound is lingering on faintly, is reverberating in the mountain valleys. 昭音初人还在山壁上。而她一直怀抱着的那把琵琶,在路平轰出那一拳后不知遭遇了什么,竟是过了好一会,这才撞在了山壁上。啪一声后,琵琶便从山壁上一路磕磕绊绊地落了下来,持续的碰撞声不绝于耳,在山谷间回荡着。 At the mountain wall by the bang did not then have Zhao Yinchu of sound, at this time also moved finally, saw her right shoulder outward peak the peak, brings some crushed stones, her right arm has extracted from the mountain wall, with a right hand racket, the person also extracted from the mountain wall backward, toward falling. 被轰上山壁便一直没了动静的昭音初,此时也终于动了,就见她的右肩向外耸了耸,带着一些碎石,她的右臂已从山壁中抽出,跟着右手向后一拍,人也从山壁中抽出,朝下落来。 linking up? 力之魄贯通 Saw that Zhao Yinchu this shrugs pats the mountain, looks at her again mountain wall that clearly discernible human form cavity, Yao Mi then knows behind oneself thought mistakenly. Lifting a heavy weight as if light that regardless of this peak racket demonstrates, or dislodges such a body tenacious degree of human form the mountain wall, this is not the degree that Strength's Soul Perception Realm can be. 看到昭音初这一耸肩一拍山,再看她身后山壁那清晰可见的人形凹洞,姚觅便知道自己想错了。无论这一耸一拍展示出的举重若轻,又或是将山壁撞出这样一个人形的身体坚韧程度,这都不是力之魄感知境所能达到的程度。 Yao Mi suspicion cannot continue, but witnessed the prestige of Lu Ping this fist, he actually is not again flustered facing Zhao Yinchu. Is some depressed Lu Ping after helping up Su Tang, the two had not said that pays attention to oneself, oneself need to support by the arm the stretcher patient who needs to look after truly! 姚觅的猜想继续不下去了,不过目睹了路平这一拳之威,再面对昭音初他倒是不怎么慌张。就是有些郁闷路平在扶起苏唐后,那两人也没说关注自己一下,自己才是真正需要搀扶需要照看的重伤员啊! Just thinks that Su Tang turned head, looked at his one of the ground: „Are you all right?” 正想呢,苏唐回头了,看了地上的他一眼:“你没事吧?” Yao Mi is moved, is holding up the head to show the smile diligently, just when wants to exhort sentence you are careful and so on words. Saw that he can also smile, Su Tang has turned, looks at Zhao Yinchu that drops to be ready in full battle array. 姚觅感动啊,努力昂着头露出微笑,正想嘱咐句“你们当心”之类的话时。看到他还能笑,苏唐头已经扭回,望着正落下的昭音初严阵以待起来。 Before Lu Ping is treads, one step, protected Su Tang after behind. Follows then to raise hand, the flying sound cuts to attack continually toward Zhao Yinchu. 路平则是踏前了一步,将苏唐护在了身后。跟着便已扬手,飞音连斩朝着昭音初攻去。 In Zhao Yinchu of midair not to reveal that any stance of dodging, actually raises both hands, about the thumb and middle finger keep rubbing one after another, hit crisp sounds to refer, continuously and crowded, just like the firecracker was ordinary. 身在半空的昭音初没有显露出任何闪避的姿态,却是扬起双手,左右拇指与中指接连不停地搓动,打起了一个又一个脆生生的响指,连续而又密集,犹如爆竹一般。 In this sound continuously refers to the sound, Zhao Yinchu falls to the ground safely, the facial expression is actually not relaxed. 就在这样连续不断的响指声中,昭音初安然落地,神情却是一点也不轻松。 The attack that the Lu Ping flying sound cuts continually was reduced and solved by her, before is one such as, in the prepared situation, she still cannot distinguish Lu Ping this is wields many to record Flying Sound Slash in an instant. She can only refer to reducing and solving with the sound that similarly dense such as the rain gets down, even hit more than ten sounds to refer to her finally, to this grade of powerhouse, the potential state that this being separated oneself controlled, is rare is embarrassed. 路平飞音连斩的攻击被她化解了,可是一如之前,在已经有所准备的情况下,她依然没能分辨出路平这刹那间是挥出了多少记飞音斩。她只能用同样密如雨下的响指去化解,到最后她甚至多打了十多个响指,对这等强者来说,这种脱离自己掌控的势态,已是难得一遇的窘迫了。 Finally she then just fell to the ground, the Lu Ping person has then killed, was such as previously a fist like that. 结果她这才刚一落地,路平的人便又已经杀上来了,又是如先前那般的一拳。 Zhao Yinchu reveals the forced smile, resists the both arms before body looks very clumsy. The when fist of Lu Ping has not arrived at her body, then has heard loud sound, the Zhao Yinchu person is rumbled to fly a loudly again. 昭音初露出苦笑,招架在身前的双臂看起来很是笨拙。路平的拳还未到她身时,便已听到一声轰然巨响,昭音初的人再次被轰飞出去。 Also come? 又来? Everyone thinks when Zhao Yinchu will be inserted the mountain wall once again, actually this time Zhao Yinchu actually soars unexpectedly, the form getting smaller, getting smaller, non-stop flies the mountain valley peak finally unexpectedly, vanished to disappear. 所有人都以为昭音初将又一次被嵌入山壁时,却不料这次的昭音初却一飞冲天,身影越来越小,越来越小,最后竟是直飞出了山谷的顶端,消失不见了。 Where you hit her go......” not to know where transmitted blurting out surprised. “你把她打哪去了……”不知从哪里传来一声脱口而出的惊讶。 Lu Ping actually also in dumbfounded, hears this question, is shaking the head subconsciously: „It is not I.” 路平却也在目瞪口呆,听到这声疑问,下意识地摇着头回了一句:“不是我。” Who that can also be! 那还能是谁! This time no one makes noise, but in everyone's vision reveals is such question. Scene so many eyes look that is a Lu Ping fist gets down obviously, Zhao Yinchu was then struck to fly to disappear. 这次没人出声,但所有人的目光中流露出的就是这样的质疑。现场这么多双眼睛看着呢,明明就是路平一拳下去,昭音初便被打飞不见了。 I have not caught up toward on.” Lu Ping turns the head to say toward behind Su Tang. “我也没朝上发力啊。”路平转头朝身后的苏唐说道。 Was she escapes with the strength?” Su Tang said. “是她借力逃了吧?”苏唐说。 This person a little thing.” Lu Ping said. “这个人有点东西。”路平说。 A little thing? 有点东西? inside the valley is very peaceful, but in everyone's heart, such unstated criticism sound resounds. 山谷里挺安静,但在所有人的心中,这样的腹诽声响成一片。 That is natural, that is Zhao Yinchu.” Only has Su Tang to reply Lu Ping as before calmly. “那是当然啦,那可是昭音初。”只有苏唐依旧平静地回答着路平
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