HAP :: Volume #5 Volume 5

#1033: The wealth of aristocratic family juniors

Air-to-air such as is. Blood Inheritance Ability of Green Peak Yao. Compares the Lin Family Mirror Traceless fame to want the inferior several points, actually is also continent few top Ability. However the Ability fame was big, the bystander does not know how to display, the Ability function actually has not been the secret. 空空如是。青峰姚氏的血继异能。相比起林家镜无痕名气要逊色几分,却也是大陆屈指可数的顶尖异能。不过异能的名气大了,外人不知的只是如何施展,异能的功能却早就不是秘密。 Comes the person to know Yao Mi status obviously early, will know him to record Yao this Ability, regarding Yao Mi sudden condition transformation slightly unconsciously accidental/surprised. This is to display air-to-air such as can have the performance that: Blows off, such as is presents. Confrontation instantly, because of blowing off, own action will not be sentenced by the opposite party in advance, later such as is presents, used often is the style of opponent, will be quicker than the opponent. As for the principle, that is Yao the secret of not passing on, outward will not be humane. 来人显然早知姚觅身份,也知他会录姚家这门异能,对于姚觅突如其来的状态转变丝毫不觉意外。这本就是施展空空如是会有的表现:放空自我,如是奉还。交锋的刹那,因为放空,自身的举动不会被对方预判,随后的如是奉还,用的往往就是对手的招式,却会比对手更快。至于其中原理,那就是姚家的不传之秘,不会向外人道了。 Hiss! 嘶! Two fingers of counter-attack like the crack sound, puncture the air like ripping the paper. However next second, Yao Mi double refers to is actually grasped by the opposite party impressively. The opponents are still smiling, previously looked is the contempt, now looks again, this is the confident self-confidence. 反击的二指有如裂声,刺破空气有如撕纸。但是下一秒,姚觅的双指却赫然已被对方拿住。对手还在笑着,先前看是轻视,现在再看,这是胸有成竹的自信。 The information that the entire Yandang closes was disclosed that the information that Yao Mi this defends pass/test Fushuai, will the opposite party lack? 整个雁荡关的情报都被走漏了,姚觅这个守关副帅的信息,对方会缺乏吗? A card sound, the severe pain transmits. Yao Mi double refers to easily by the opposite party breaking off. 卡一声响,剧痛传来。姚觅的双指轻而易举就被对方给折断。 Also insufficient pain?” Saw appearance that Yao Mi clenches teeth, the opposite party is actually a playing appearance, seems making anything to play with Yao Mi. “还不够痛吗?”看到姚觅咬牙的模样,对方却是一副玩耍的模样,似乎在同姚觅做着什么游戏。 The fresh breeze raids together at this time from one side, the fist presses like mountain sea, heads on. 一道劲风此时从侧面袭来,拳压如同山海,扑面而至。 The opponent look changes, quickly puts the Yao Mi two fingers that takes off/escapes grabs, waves to keep off toward a fist that strikes. 对手神色微变,急忙放脱抓着的姚觅二指,挥手朝来击来的一拳挡去。 Be careful!” Yao Mi called out. “当心啊!”姚觅叫道。 The opponent method is in his opinion exquisite, the ease plays with him in the stock palm. At present rescues his fist momentum might is big, may in the move, Yao Mi unable to see any mysterious change. Like oneself, will for fear that take the wrist/skill to give to break off by the opposite party at fingertips. 对手在他看来手段精妙,轻而易举就将他玩弄于股掌。眼下救他的这一拳声势威力是大,可在招法上,姚觅看不出有什么神奇的变化。生怕会像自己一样,被对方拿了手腕信手就给折断。 But is this far inferior Yao Blood Inheritance Ability changes an exquisite fist, after loud sound, shakes the opponent who Yao sought a loudly immediately draws back. When Yao Miyan exquisite technique, facing this fist had not actually revealed. 可就是这远不及姚家血继异能变化精妙的一拳,在一声轰然巨响后,立即将姚觅的对手震退了。姚觅眼中的精妙手法,面对这一拳时却一点都未显露。 What person!” The opponents are shouting a question. “什么人!”对手喝问着。 The one who knocks out the fist is Su Tang. She has left Yao Mi is not far, the offensive that but the opponent launches actually neglected her. Saw with own eyes that Yao Mi does not beat, she without hesitation then already take action. Hears the opponent to shout a question, did not reply, waves another fist on again. 出拳的是苏唐。她一直离姚觅也不远,可对手发起的攻势却把她都忽略了。眼见姚觅不敌,她不假思索便已出手。听到对手喝问,也不回答,挥手另一拳再上。 The opponents understand the might in Su Tang fist obviously, without waved to keep off like before again, the body sharply withdrew from several meters backward, then a wailing, then three partners flushed immediately toward here, he actually called the helper unquestioning. 对手显然已是领略到了苏唐拳中的威力,没有再像之前那样挥手去挡,身子向后急退出数米,而后一声尖啸,立即便有三個伙伴朝这里冲来,他竟然毫不迟疑地就叫帮手了。 Yao Mi is dumbfounded, looks when this comes also listless weak girl, at this time actually protected him powerfully after behind, two fists wielded the opposite party to swing the person to help, suddenly does not know should say what was good. 姚觅目瞪口呆,看着这个来时还病恹恹的虚弱女孩,此时却是威风凛凛地将他护在了身后,两拳就挥得对方摇人帮忙,一时间也不知该说什么好了。 Su Tang then looked at his one eyes actually, the vision broke off in his double referred to sweeping: Fortunately?” 苏唐倒是回头看了他一眼,目光在他那折断的双指上扫过:“还好吧?” All right.” Yao Mi shakes the head. He points is only the bone fracture, is not anything damages severely to cultivator. The opposite party saved obviously played with his mentality, otherwise only stressed the time that referred to breaking off, folding his arm was not the difficult matter. “没事。”姚觅摇头。他手指只是骨折,对修者而已不算什么大伤。对方显然是存了玩弄他的心态,不然就只抓指折断的功夫,折他一臂也不是什么难事。 „Were you are also too weak?” After Su Tang looks all around one, asked. “你们是不是也太弱了点?”苏唐环顾一圈后问道。 Confrontation then taken, not only Yao Mi. Defends numerous cultivator that closes is almost one is defeated at earliest convenience, is not the severe wound then perishes. This where is encounters, was harvested radically. 交锋便被拿下的不只姚觅。守关的众修者几乎都是一合就败下阵来,不是重伤便是殒命。这哪里是交锋,根本就是被收割。 This may cultivator from Green Peak Empire Absolute Peak Hall, although could not compare the Four Great Institutes elite , the can be regarded apex in the hall, may take a broad view at continent, absolutely is the outstanding person in cultivator, on intermediate-level a large part of that wave. If they must be become the weak ones, then innumerable cultivator of this world feared that must give up the life. 这可都是来自青峰帝国绝峰堂修者,虽比不了四大学院的精英,在堂内也算不得顶尖,可放眼大陆,绝对已算是修者中的佼佼者,中层偏上很大一部分的那一波。他们若都要算成是弱者,那么这个世间的无数修者怕都要放弃人生了。 „It is not we are too weak.” Yao Mi said. “不是我们太弱。”姚觅说。 Opponent is not very strong.” Su Tang said. “对手也不是很强。”苏唐说。 Is they enough understands us.” Yao Mi has thought. Sold information, far more than is lock that Yandang closes, even their these defend cultivator that closes, on arrives as he of vice general, to each, their strengths, their details, their flaws, had even been revealed to their time opponents. “是他们足够了解我们。”姚觅已经想到了。被卖出的情报,又何止是雁荡关的定制,连他们这些守关的修者,上到身为副将的他,下至每一位,他们的实力,他们的底细,甚至他们的破绽,都已经被呈露给他们此时的对手了。 Therefore they all one strikes to kill, has Blood Inheritance Ability Yao Mi , the enemy of gathering. 所以他们个个一击必杀,就连拥有血继异能的姚觅,也不过一合之敌。 On the contrary is Su Tang, she is not in the information of opposite party without doubt, therefore just fought, about the convenience realized that this is not they knows opponent who the flaw can beat suddenly, therefore called the helper unquestioning immediately, must by an enemy three. 反倒是苏唐,她无疑不在对方的情报之中,所以刚一交手,对方便意识到这不是他们知道破绽可以眨眼拿下的对手,于是毫不迟疑地立即呼叫帮手,要以一敌三。 Is more careful, this girl Strength's Soul is very ominous.” The opponents have been sharing and Su Tang encounter gather the collection the information. “小心些,这丫头力之魄很凶。”对手已在分享与苏唐交锋一合收集的情报。 To cultivator of Su Tang such age, many people are of unavoidable some hearts contempt. But these people are different, hear the information that the companion shares, exceptionally discrete nod, vision tight lock on Su Tang. 苏唐这样年纪的修者,很多人都难免有些轻视之心。可是这些人却不一样,听到同伴分享的情报,异常谨慎的点着头,目光紧紧锁在苏唐身上。 Saw that the opposite party is so discrete, even hesitates erratically, Yao Migang wants to say sentence anything, finally the opposite party selects in this time, together toward Su Tang take action. 看到对方如此谨慎,甚至迟疑不定,姚觅刚想说句什么,结果对方偏偏就挑在这一时刻,齐齐朝着苏唐出手 Three people, three positions, three attacks. 三个人,三个方位,三种攻击。 Yao Mi has not looked dry/does, he twists the body to forward. figure seems glittering. Yao air-to-air such as is, does not counter-attack passively. Blood Inheritance Ability of these respected families were regarded as the biggest buried treasure by them, will try hard to develop the Blood Inheritance Ability merit function unlimited, from this derives many as far as possible, Ability that only then their families can use. The movement art technique that Yao Mi shows at this time, then develops to come from this, very unexpectedly. 姚觅没有干看着,他拧身向前。身形仿佛在闪烁。姚家的空空如是,不是只有被动反击。这些大家族的血继异能都被他们视为最大的宝藏,会无限度地努力开发血继异能的功功能,由此衍生出尽可能多的,只有他们家族能用的异能。姚觅此时施展的身法技,便是由此开发而来,很是出其不意。 To such method, even if learns about Yao Mi to be capable of displaying beforehand, is actually not able to sentence completely in advance. Especially at this time three goals may choose for Yao Mi, he will bully near which is? This is not any information can disclose beforehand. 对这样的手段,即使事先知悉姚觅有能力施展,却也无法完全预判。尤其此时有三个目标可供姚觅选择,他会欺近的将是哪一个?这可不是任何情报可以事先透露的。 Three people have to have the protection together, the offensive have to slow down some. Everyone branched out some careful actually perceive Yao Mi Soul Power. But this Yao air-to-air such as day, main point in a conceals, when they catch the real trend that Yao seeks finally, together cold light already, Yao Mi unretentive take action, and used divine armament. 三人不得不一起有了防备,攻势不得不放慢了些许。每个人都分出了部分精心却感知姚觅的魄之力。可这姚家的空空如日,要点就在一个藏,当他们最终捕捉到姚觅的真实动向,一道寒光已随之而出,姚觅毫无保留的出手了,并且动用了神兵 The aristocratic family juniors, oneself strength also has the diligent degree limited to the natural talent of everyone, but to the divine armament aspect, that may be uncommon on each one take action. At this time revealed that is Fifth Level divine armament: Thorn. 世家子弟,自身实力受限于每个人的天资还有勤奋程度,但到了神兵方面,那可就个个出手不凡了。此时亮出的,便是一件五级神兵:荆棘。 The thorn is the short-sword, above covered entirely the short thorn, seems like not fine beautiful. But displays the instance of attack in Yao Mi at this time, these short thorns on sword blade fly suddenly. Yao Mici to goal then only one, the short thorn that but these depart, actually shoots together toward three opponents. What awfully is these projects the short thorn also twinkle that to be unexpectedly uncertain, inherits movement art that Yao Mi just now displayed unexpectedly. 荆棘是柄短剑,上面布满了短刺,看起来一点也不精致养眼。可就在姚觅此时施展出攻击的瞬间,剑身上的那些短刺忽都飞起。姚觅刺向的目标便只一个,可这些飞出的短刺,却是朝着三个对手一起射去。更要命的是这些射出的短刺竟也闪烁不定,竟也继承了姚觅方才施展的身法 It is not good! 不好! In three people of hearts shouted together secretly, really did not have too many confidence this offensive total to evade. Has the attack of Fifth Level divine armament boost, the might above Three Mortal Souls linking up, added on this hard to deal with change by Yao Mi let alone. The maximum wealth that the aristocratic family juniors have, this hits the incisiveness that shows in Yao Mi. 三人心中一起暗叫,实在没有太多信心可以将这攻势全数躲过。有五级神兵助力的攻击,威力远在三魄贯通之上,更何况还被姚觅加上了这难缠的变化。世家子弟所拥有的最大财富,在姚觅这一击中可谓展现的淋漓尽致。 Su Tang also sees the opposite party to be in a dilemma, holds the opportunity double fist to wield together. Moves mountains the fist pressure is to let three people are miserable beyond description. Must not beat shortly, a zither music resounds in this time suddenly. But the melody slowly , the helpless person three people, the facial expression inspires suddenly, three people had the movement together. They flashed through the short thorn of thorn to snap, two people together, kept off the double fist of Su Tang, but Yao Mijing bristles to that goal, changed from guest to host, Yao Mi wrist/skill was grasped by him, in an instant was earth-shaking, was flung to turn by the opposite party in the place. 苏唐也看出对方进退两难,抓住机会双拳一起挥出。排山倒海般的拳压更是让三人苦不堪言。眼看就要不敌,一声琴音忽在此时响起。曲调缓缓而至,不知所措的人三人,忽然神情一振,三个人一起有了动作。他们闪过了荆棘的短刺乱射,两人一起,挡下了苏唐的双拳,而姚觅荆棘刺向的那个目标,更是反客为主,姚觅的手腕被他拿住,转眼便是翻天覆地,被对方甩翻在地。 bent/tune sound still unceasingly, from closing Zhao Yinchu, she opens not to pay attention to the fight, but shot. 曲音犹自不断,来自关下的昭音初,她开起来并没有关注战斗,只是自顾自地弹起了曲。 Slaughtering that however closes, actually conducted quickly. 但是关上的杀戮,却进行得更快了。
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