HAP :: Volume #5 Volume 5

#1030: Been able to understand great person

Yandang area inside the Great Wall. 雁荡关内。 After garrison commander Song Wenfeng exposed the status Lu Ping carried off, the vice general Yao Mi nature logically becomes the commanding general who Yandang closed/pass. At this time he sits before that spy who has not died, the interrogation has continued some little time, but has achieved nothing. But these two physical conditions become even more are also bad. Nearby the master medicine of standby reminded, Song Wenfeng wielded starting reluctantly, hints the doctor to go forward to treat and cure, but he himself agitated walks slowly and aimlessly to start in the stone building. 在守将宋文凤暴露身份被路平带走后,副将姚觅自然顺理成章地就成了雁荡关的主将。此时他坐在未死的那个奸细面前,审讯已经持续了好一会,可是一无所获。而这两位的身体状况也变得愈发糟糕起来。一旁待命的师医上来提醒了一下,宋文凤无奈地挥了下手,示意医师上前救治,而他自己则烦躁的在石屋里踱起步来。 Sir.” After the doctor went forward to examine a that two people of condition, returned to side Yao Mi quickly, I suggested first to make some treatments, after making their two people rest some time, interrogates will be quite good.” “大人。”医师上前查看了一下那二人的状态后,很快回到了姚觅身边,“我建议先做些救治,让他们二人休息些时间后再来审问会比较好。” „?” Yao Mi caught the eye to look at that half-dead two people, when nodded, was fierce remembers anything, the vision became sharp, stared stares to this doctor. “哦?”姚觅抬眼看了看那半死不活的二人,正待点头,猛得想起点什么,目光都变得锐利起来,直勾勾地盯向这医师。 What did you call?” Yao Mi asked suddenly. “你叫什么?”姚觅忽然问道。 Wu Dian.” The doctor replied. “吴典。”医师答道。 Had Dr. Lao Wu.” In Yao Miyan sharp quick restraining, as if all are only. “有劳吴医师了。”姚觅眼中的锐利很快收敛,仿佛一切都只是无意间。 Sir walks slowly.” “大人慢走。” In seeing off of doctor, Yao Mi left this stone building. Defended welcomed in trusted subordinate immediately. Yao Mi has not spoken, but caused a meaningful glance toward the room. 在医师的恭送中,姚觅离开了这石屋。守在门外的亲信立即迎了上来。姚觅没有说话,只是朝着屋里使了一个眼色。 Can become the person of his personal trusted subordinate, naturally can comprehend Yao Mi intention, has not revealed any doubts, immediately nods, has not followed Yao Mi to leave, but was silent continues to defend outside this stone building. 能成他贴身亲信的人,自然很能领会姚觅的意图,未露任何疑惑,立即点了点头,没有跟随姚觅离开,而是无声地继续守在了这间石屋外。 Yao Mi walks in the area inside the Great Wall, quick some subordinates look for him. 姚觅走在关内,很快又有部下找上他来。 lock how?” Yao Mi saw that the person asked immediately. 定制都如何?”姚觅看到来人随即问道。 „A lock matter does not have.” Comes on the face of person, an unbelievable appearance. 定制一点事都没有。”来人的脸上,一副难以置信的模样。 How can?” Yao Mi is surprised. The Lu Ping flying enters the pass, at least banged into three lock, finally lock has not played any role, wants to come to be eradicated by him at fingertips, but listens to the subordinate to report at this time, lock unexpectedly is safe and sound. “怎会?”姚觅惊讶。路平飞身入关,至少撞入了三处定制,结果定制没起到任何作用,想来是被他信手破除,可是此时听部下汇报,定制竟是安然无恙。 „Hasn't lock started?” Yao Mi thinks it over as if only then this possibility. 定制没发动?”姚觅想来想去似乎只有这一种可能。 Mobilized subordinate definitely to say, „, but had not been destroyed.” “发动了”部下却十分肯定地说道,“但是并未遭到破坏。” Therefore you said, he rushed, touches lock, but has not used any technique to destroy, same rushed probably nothing happened?” Yao Midao. “所以你是说,他闯进来,触动到了定制,但也没有采用任何手法去破坏,就好像什么都没发生一样就闯过来了?”姚觅道。 As if was this.” Department evil ways. “似乎就是这样了。”部下道。 This and this minutely examine 1 Yao Mi to insist that again suspected is lock has problems. “这、这再细查一遍一姚觅坚持怀疑是定制出了什么问题。 Had checked three, I even have try.” The subordinates are saying, pulls the sleeves of left arm to look to Yao Mi, sees only on the small arm the netted burn, obviously just ironed. This is really Yandang closes to protect the injury that some mechanism/organization in lock can create. This subordinate also the depth like Yao Mi suspected obviously lock has the issue, this will try by the mortal body. However now looks like, issue not in lock, but in Lu Ping. The youngster has the method that they do not know, making their lock exist in name only. “已经查了三遍了,我甚至有亲身去试。”部下说着,挽起左臂的衣袖给姚觅看,只见小臂上网状的灼伤,明显是刚刚烙上去的。这确是雁荡关上防护定制中的某个机关会造成的伤势。这部下显然也像姚觅一样深度怀疑定制有问题,这才会以肉身去试。但是现在看来,问题不在定制,而是在路平。那少年有着他们不知的手段,让他们的定制形同虚设。 Is good because of him is not the enemy.” Yao Mi is saying, what remembers fiercely, that miss who he leaves behind?” “好在他不是敌人。”姚觅说着,猛又想起什么,“他留下的那个姑娘呢?” That not in that?” Subordinates toward closing one finger/refers, on Yao Michao looked, sees to close above the wall, Su Tang stands in the wind, is looking at the direction of area inside the Great Wall, resembles is waiting for the return of Lu Ping. “那不在那?”部下朝关上一指,姚觅朝上一看,就见关墙之上,苏唐站在风中,望着关内的方向,似在等待路平的归来。 „Isn't she wound heavy needs to rest? How to run to close?” Yao Midao. “她不是伤重需要多休息吗?怎么跑关上去了?”姚觅道。 This miss is also out of the ordinary. The speed that she restores is astonishing.” The subordinates said. “这姑娘也非比寻常。她恢复的速度非常惊人。”部下说道。 This what person?” Yao Mi whispered secretly. His such aristocratic family juniors, will pay attention to the extraordinary person instinct, even becomes friends with. This side is whispering, at the same time then also took a step toward closing, will not then arrive at the Su Tang side greatly directly. “这都什么人呐?”姚觅暗自嘀咕。他这样的世家子弟,对非凡人士本能地会去关注,甚至结交。这一边嘀咕着,一边便也迈步朝着关上去了,不大会便径直来到了苏唐的身边。 Miss should be many some rests is.” Approaches, Yao Mi while says. “姑娘应该多些休息才是。”一边走近,姚觅一边开口说道。 Su Tang looked that smiled saying with a smile to him: Is unimportant, so long as does not fight, rests.” 苏唐看向他笑了笑道:“不要紧,只要不打架,就是休息。” Yao Mileng. East this words, seem like some playboys to be used for the exceptional brain remnant words, actually does not want to say from such a young girl mouth. Thinks that the subordinate mentioned her resiliency to be astonishing, Yao Mi knows that this was not the lies. 姚觅愣。这种话,很像是东都一些纨绔用来自命不凡的脑残话,却不想从这样一位少女口中说出。想到部下说起她恢复力惊人,姚觅知道这不是虚言。 Closes multi- lock, the miss is not familiar, must be many carefully some.” Yao Mi pulled on the words lock. “关上多定制,姑娘不熟悉,要多些小心。”姚觅把话扯到了定制上。 I will not move heedlessly.” Su Tang said. “我不会乱动。”苏唐说。 Sir! 1 this time had the subordinate sharply sharply to clash suddenly. “大人!一这时忽有部下急急冲来。 The true enlightenment and Su Tang exchange smoothly, could find out anything's Yao Mi to be broken somewhat annoyedly from her here, the angry glare stares: What shouted?” 正觉和苏唐交流顺利,或许可以从她这里探出些什么的姚觅被打断得有些恼火,怒目瞪去:“喊什么?” Some people came 1 subordinate to call out. “有人来一部下叫道。 What person?” Yao Mi facial expression immediately one tight. If Institute or the Empire person, the subordinate does not need such a sensational appearance. “什么人?”姚觅神情立时一紧。如果是学院或是帝国的人,部下自不必这样一副大惊小怪的模样。 „Is” has words on the tip of the tongue, the tongue of this subordinate starts to tie a knot unexpectedly, has no way to say a name obstinately. “是是”话到嘴边,这部下的舌头竟然开始打结,愣是没法说出一个名字。 Small does not dare the wild talk, please step comes to see personally.” The subordinates said finally. “小的不敢妄言,还是请您移步亲自来看。”部下最后说道。 Is Lu Ping?” Su Tang asked the sentence at this time. “是路平吗?”苏唐这时问了句。 No.” Comes the person to shake the head. “不。”来人摇了摇头。 Yao Mi had not asked again, anxious step toward closing the observation post walks. Su Tang also with, Yao Mi noticed not making a sound, has not actually made the stop. 姚觅没有再多问,急步朝着关上的瞭望台走去。苏唐不声不响地也跟了上来,姚觅留意到,却也没做阻拦。 In the observation post, guards cultivator here is the Infusion's Soul powerhouses. Crystal stereoscope that on the stage erects furthermore, the seen thing is extremely far. Yao Mi hears on the stage to make noise, as if everyone is speaking, suddenly could not hear clearly is saying anything. After he arrives, everyone is peaceful immediately, is lying that on crystal stereoscope is also let the position hastily. 瞭望台上,驻守在这里的修者都是冲之魄的强者。更兼台上架设的晶体镜,看到的东西自是极远。姚觅听得台上甚是喧闹,似乎人人都在说话,一时间也听不清在说些什么。在他到来后,所有人顿时安静下来,正趴在晶体镜上的那位也是连忙将位置让了出来。 Some Yao Mi doubt looked at people, their facial expressions, what are seemingly more is excited. 姚觅有些狐疑地看了一圈众人,他们的神情,看上去好像更多的是激动。 Come what person? 来的什么人? Yao Mi had not asked that before gathering crystal stereoscope, looks. The angle of crystal stereoscope moves just right, his eyes looked in the cliffs to have several people to close the direction to walk toward Yandang. They take the color to be similar, seemed to be intent to resemble was divided into three teams accidentally, but before their these people most, a person, the crest elevation hair bun, a tobacco mosaic short Chinese-style jacket skirt, looked with the rock and cold snow extremely not phase contrast of this land of the polar north, was actually the numerous eastern China girls most popular appearance for a part, but in her bosom, but also is holding a sea azure pipa. 姚觅没有多问,凑到晶体镜前望去。晶体镜的角度调得恰到好处,他一眼就瞧到了山崖间有数人正朝雁荡关方向走来。他们服色相仿,似有意似无意地分成了三队,而在他们的这些人的最前,还有一人,头顶高髻,一身青花襦裙,看下去与这极北之地的山石、寒雪极不相衬,却是繁华东都的姑娘们最流行的扮相,而在她的怀里,还抱着一把海青色的琵琶。 Yao Mi immediately dumbfounded, understood thoroughly these subordinate conditions are why strange. Because this walks before most, seems like the woman who is incompatible with periphery all, is an out-and-out great person. 姚觅顿时呆住,也彻底了解了这些部下为什么状态奇奇怪怪的。因为这個走在最前,与周围一切看上去都非常格格不入的女人,可是个不折不扣的大人物。 She called Zhao Yinchu, before she has not become famous, but east spent a Geisha who in the lane in that many banisters found at everywhere. But after she becomes famous, eastern this flower lane named sweet water alley became heroic place of crouching tiger , hidden dragon suddenly, but that banister that she is at also changes name to the illustrious sound to spin henceforth, became as if northwest Luo City general existence. 她叫昭音初,在她没有成名之前,只是东都花巷里那许多勾栏中随处可见的一名歌妓。但在她出名之后,东都这条名叫甜水胡同的花巷忽就成了一个卧虎藏龙的英雄地,而她所在的那间勾栏也从此改名昭音纺,成了仿佛西北洛城一般的存在。 Present age six big powerhouses, Zhao Yinchu is middle not most mystical one. 当世六大强者,昭音初是当中最不神秘的一个。 Too when many east common people in the flowered street forget to return has seen her, even First Grade perfumed hair-oil. 太多东都的寻常人都在花街流连忘返时见过她,甚至一品芳泽。 But in six big powerhouses, she is most sudden one. As if overnight, common Geisha who this chief among flowers is not even, became a powerhouse suddenly, is world peak that. 而在六大强者,她又是最突然的一个。似乎就是一夜之间,这位连花魁都算不上的寻常歌妓,忽就成了一位强者,还是世间最顶尖的那种。 Perhaps this sudden change, she is not even able the fast adaptation. Became Zhao Yinchu of six big powerhouses did not seem to want to change. But everyone who she knows actually changed, everyone becomes very tactful. The banister that is at became her industry not making a sound, even the original proprietress covets the title deed that for a long time actually does not get very much, passed in her hand through the relay station unexpectedly. 这突如其来的改变,或许连她本人都无法快速适应。成了六大强者的昭音初似乎没有想要改变。但她认识的所有人却都变了,大家都变得很识趣。所在的勾栏不声不响地就成了她的产业,甚至连原老板娘觊觎很久却始终不得的地契,竟也通过驿站转送到了她手中。 Many people will disappear from east from now on, this is their driving behaviors, Zhao Yinchu has not as if made anything from beginning to end, has not wanted to make anything. Even illustrious sound work place new name is not she is driving, but called unknowingly like this, then she also tacitly approved. 许多人自此从东都消失了,这都是他们主动的行为,昭音初从始至终似乎都没有做过什么,也没有想要做什么。甚至连昭音坊这个新名字都不是她主动起的,而是不知不觉地就这样叫开了,而后她也就默认了。 But the industry of this illustrious sound work place, even the title deed, is really the insignificant thing. But here east, the Green Peak Empire power center, presented this grade of great person, can the mighty waves that material that can cause weigh can it be that? Suddenly many even are the great people in legend, appears continuously here. 但这昭音坊的产业,甚至地契,实在都是微不足道的东西。这里可是东都,青峰帝国的权力中枢,出现了这等大人物,会引起的波澜那岂是物质可以衡量的?一时间许多甚至是传说中的大人物,都接连不断地出现在这里。 However until now, the illustrious sound work place opens the door to do business as before, Zhao Yinchu also as before is a Geisha. Even if most common others, so long as the illustrious sound work place, had the tune that the opportunity hears her to shoot. As for goes a step further that no one to know that can also, after that day, too many people never have such thoughts after all. 然而时至今日,昭音坊依旧打开门做生意,昭音初也依旧是其中一名歌妓。哪怕是最寻常的人家,只要来了昭音坊,就都有机会听到她弹的曲。至于更进一步那就没人知道还可不可以了,毕竟从那一天之后,太多人就连想都不敢想了。 Yao Mi came from the big aristocratic family, he has not only seen Zhao Yinchu, has listened to her tune, even knows that all aristocratic families and large clans who tries to win over and flatter this powerhouse, even the Green Peak Empire aspect, had not been let it go the satisfactory result finally. 姚觅出身大世家,他不仅见过昭音初,听过她的曲,甚至知道所有试图去拉拢、讨好这位强者的世家、大族,甚至青峰帝国方面,最终都没有得到满意的结果而不了了之。 No one knows that Zhao Yinchu is actually thinking anything, wants anything. 没人知道昭音初到底在想什么,想要什么。 However at this moment, this continent is top, the great person who actually no one can understand, appeared here impressively, closes toward Yandang that Yao Mi defended. 但是此时此刻,这个大陆顶尖,却谁也看不懂的大人物,赫然出现在了这里,朝着姚觅所守的雁荡关来了。 Yao Mi cannot attend to surprisedly, defending the pass/test is his responsibility, facing such great person, first, he must first fluster is the respect. 姚觅顾不上惊奇,守关是他的职责,面对这样的大人物,第一时间,他得先慌为敬。
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