GE :: Volume #8

#769: Heaven Shift Technique

In Golden Palace, atmosphere very cold solemn. 金殿之中,气氛十分冷肃。 On the wall hangs the entire Quicksand Star Territory map, in the map is labelling dozens blood-color circles, does not know that has what profound meaning. 墙上挂着整个流沙星域的地图,地图之中标注着数十个血色圆圈,不知有何深意。 Quicksand Clan and Monster Suppression Alliance that originally some do not gather slightly, share a common hatred at this moment, looks at present one team of Expert, angry but not dare say anything. 原本稍稍有些不合的流沙族剿妖联盟,此刻同仇敌忾,看着眼前的一队强者,敢怒而不敢言。 That team of Expert, altogether have about hundred people, each cultivation base above Life Immortal! 那一队强者,共有将近百人,各个修为都在命仙之上! Above True Immortal, there are seven people! 真仙之上,共有七人! In seven people, there are three Crossing Truth Initial Stage, two Crossing Truth Middle Stage, Crossing Truth Late Stage, Crossing Truth Peak! 七人中,有三名渡真初期,两名渡真中期,一名渡真后期,一名渡真巅峰 But in this team of Expert, which True Immortal words matter is actually not, but is surface obstructs black veil black clothes young female(s). 但这队强者之中,话事者却绝不是哪一个真仙,而是一个面遮黑纱的黑衣少女 young female(s) is only Mortal Profound Initial Stage cultivation base, however this place simply does not have any person, dares to enrage in her. 少女仅是人玄初期修为,然而此地根本没有任何一人,敢触怒于她。 Because only she has extremely special status Godly Void Pavilion Young Pavilion Lord! 只因为她有一个极其特殊的身份神虚阁少阁主 Young Pavilion Lord did not think that own request some, take me and other Quicksand Clan and alliance cultivator life as the bait excessively, tempts the monster moist main force, destroys... This act no doubt may in still the monster tide most in a short time, but these as bait cultivator, how should also from the place!” 少阁主不觉得自己的要求有些过分么,以我等流沙族联盟修士的性命为诱饵,诱出妖潮主力,一举歼灭...此举固然可在最短时间内平定妖潮,但那些身为诱饵的修士,又该如何自处!” Mu Tu suppresses to focus on the color/look of hate, diligently appears tranquil by own tone. 穆图强忍着眼中怨恨之色,努力让自己的语气显得平静。 That black clothes young female(s) is Godly Void Pavilion Young Pavilion Lord Xiao Qianci, is person who he has a dream also wants to kill! 那黑衣少女乃是神虚阁少阁主萧千慈,是他做梦也想杀死的人! But now his important matter has not become, by no means can take action extinguish kills Xiao Qianci, even cannot expose real cultivation base and status. 可如今他大事未成,并不出手灭杀萧千慈,甚至不能暴露真实修为、身份。 He never forgot, oneself Godly Void Pavilion serious criminal, Eastern Heaven serious criminal that Heaven Prison in escapes from that! 他从未忘记,自己还是神虚阁重犯,是从那‘天狱’之中逃出的东天重犯 Facial expression that this bears patiently the anger, falls in not understanding the true situation cultivator eye. Only thinks him at the discontented bait incident. 他这番隐忍怒火的神情,落在不明真相的修士眼中。只以为他是在不满诱饵一事。 Hee hee, my request is very excessive. How don't I know?” Little Monstress evil smiles, has profound meaning looks at Mu Tu greatly, subsequently also said. “嘻嘻,我的要求很过分。我怎么不知道?”小妖女邪邪一笑,大有深意地看着穆图,继而又道。 My intuition is always very accurate, the this time Quicksand monster is chaotic, has thick plot flavor/smell, the monster tide, is that Ancient heartbeat, must rapidly process. Otherwise... May cause the big calamity. Solemn Patriarch thinks, Quicksand Star Territory can have a bigger trouble?” “我直觉向来很准,这一次流沙妖乱,有很浓的阴谋味道,无论是妖潮,还是那远古心跳,都必须迅速处理。否则...或许会引起大乱子呢。穆族长以为,流沙星域会不会出现更大的乱子呢?” In one hear of Little Monstress words has the inquiry of words, Mu Tu complexion does not change, the heart actually fiercely jumps, secretly thought own planned can it be to expose inadequately? 一听小妖女话中有话的提问,穆图面色不改,心头却猛地一跳,暗道自己的谋划难道已经曝光了不成? Thinks, thought that Little Monstress is being mysterious, wraps his words. 想了想,又觉得小妖女是在故弄玄虚,套他的话。 Everyone knows. Eastern Heaven Godly Void Pavilion Young Lord Xiao Qianci, mental like the monster, shrewdness is extremely deep, conduct attitude also evil, the person is been innumerable by she has planned. 谁都知道。东天神虚阁少主萧千慈,心智如妖,城府极深,行事作风亦正亦邪,被她算计过的人数不胜数。 The Little Monstress name, indeed came from this. 小妖女的称谓,正是由此而来。 Who knows that this Seductress looked through his plan. Is wrapping his words? 谁知道这个妖女是真的看破了他的计划。还是在套他的话? Mu Tu had not replied that the inquiry of Little Monstress , to continue by Quicksand Patriarch and alliance Alliance Leader status on the contrary, was expressing the protest to Little Monstress. 穆图没有回答小妖女的提问,反倒继续以流沙族长联盟盟主的身份,向小妖女表示着抗议。 The Little Monstress black pupil sparkled, smilingly looks at Mu Tu, the pupil color/look of suspicion actually does not reduce instead increases. 小妖女黑眸闪了闪,笑眯眯地看着穆图,眸中的怀疑之色却不减反增。 Young Lady thought. This can Mu Tu be secret instigation of Eastern Heaven Monster Chaos?” That Crossing Truth Peak True Immortal respectful sound transmission asked. 小姐觉得。这穆图会是东天妖乱的幕后主使?”那名渡真巅峰真仙恭敬传音问道。 Un, has the possibility very much. However I always thought. This Eastern Heaven Monster Chaos has not imagined is so simple...” “嗯,很有可能。不过我总觉得。这场东天妖乱没有想象中那么简单...” Because there is Ancient God's Heart to appear... Ancient God's Heart, cannot fall into the other people hand, this is the treasure, must obtain by my Godly Void Pavilion! If there is this thing, bell sacrifice success rate, will enhance many without doubt!” Crossing Truth Peak Old Monster gaze hot heat passage. “因为有古神之心出现么...古神之心,不能落入外人手中,此乃之宝,必须由我神虚阁获得!若有此物,钟祭成功率,将无疑提高许多!”渡真巅峰老怪目光火热道。 Un...” “嗯...” Little Monstress complexion obvious somewhat unnatural, has complied with one careless, she is very as if repugnant to that bell sacrifice... 小妖女面色明显有些不自然,漫不经心地应了一声,她似乎对那钟祭十分反感... Young Lady relax, this generation of bell sacrifice sacrificial offering already elected, has not been one's turn Young Lady...” Resembles the detection the facial expression of Little Monstress difference, that Crossing Truth Peak Old Monster makes noise to comfort to say. 小姐放心,此代钟祭的祭品早已选好,还未轮到小姐...”似察觉到小妖女异样的神情,那名渡真巅峰老怪出声宽慰道。 Elder Luo relax, I do not have any pressure... Innumerable receiving favor that my this obtains, is Godly Void Pavilion bestows, to be Godly Void Pavilion, but that 1 day of death, will not have two words.” Little Monstress coldly said. 罗长老放心,我没有任何心理压力...我这一世所获得的无数荣宠,皆是神虚阁所赐,到了该为神虚阁而死的那一日,自不会有二话的。”小妖女冷冷道 Young Lady understands well... The life is decided by the day, is not exactable.” 小姐明白就好...命由天定,不可强求。” Little Monstress no longer pays attention to that Crossing Truth Peak old man , to continue smilingly to wrap/sets of the Mu Tu words, and repeatedly stressed, exterminates the monster tide to fight a battle to force a quick decision, must with the law of luring the snake from its hole she proposes! 小妖女不再理会那渡真巅峰的老者,继续笑眯眯地套起穆图的话,并一再强调,剿灭妖潮必须速战速决,非用她所提的引蛇出洞之法不可! Mu Tu looks like complexion is pale, in the heart actually sneers, he looks forward to use the Little Monstress method, fights a battle to force a quick decision, comes the one time beyond example grand campaign, the blood of one time nature collection enough many sacrificial offering... 穆图看起来面色铁青,心中却是冷笑,他巴不得利用小妖女的方法,速战速决,来一次空前盛大的战役,一次性搜集足够多的祭品之血... The Little Monstress pupil light changes, she saw the hypocrisy of Mu Tu. 小妖女眸光微变,她看出了穆图的口是心非。 This Mu Tu, actually wants to initiate large-scale slaughtering in entire Quicksand Star Territory, his goal where... This monster is really he plans randomly...” “这穆图,竟然想要在整个流沙星域引发大规模的杀戮,他目的何在...这场妖乱果然是他策划的么...” Little Monstress is hesitating, suddenly has cultivator to enter Golden Palace, report said that 小妖女正沉吟间,忽然有修士进入金殿,禀报道, 5th Alliance Leader, Ning Fan!” 第五盟主,宁凡到!” One hear of Ning Fan arrive, each and every single (person) alliance cultivator reveals the strange color/look, but these Quicksand Clan cultivator, is having the loathing and hate color/look of more or less, hate is Ning Fan slaughters the action of Quicksand Clan person. 一听宁凡到来,一个个联盟修士纷纷露出古怪之色,而那些流沙族修士,则或多或少带着厌恶、怨恨之色,怨恨的自是宁凡杀戮流沙族人的举动。 A Little Monstress actually rare lip angle check, shows the smile that is from the heart. 小妖女倒是罕有的唇角一勾,露出发自内心的微笑。 Ning Fan enters at the beginning of Eastern Heaven, she is closing up breaks through Life Immortal Realm, by no means knows Ning Fan arrival. 宁凡进入东天之初,她尚在闭关突破命仙境界,并不宁凡到来一事。 After she goes out, heard the Ning Fan news, goes to Slaughter Star immediately, has actually just missed and not met with Ning Fan. 当她出关之后,听说了宁凡的消息,立刻前往杀戮星,却与宁凡失之交臂、并未相遇。 At that time, Ning Fan already left Slaughter Star, even left Six Desires Star Territory... 那时候,宁凡早已离开杀戮星,甚至已经离开六欲星域... Little Monstress this also prepares to continue to inquire the Ning Fan whereabouts, discovers Ning Fan, pesters his well. 小妖女本还准备继续打探宁凡的下落,找出宁凡,好好纠缠他一番。 Has not actually thought that she in this critical moment received the pavilion to order, making her go into action personally, having the person to solve the Quicksand Star Territory monster to be chaotic, and finds out the monster chaotic real cause. 却不曾想,她会在这个紧要关头接到阁中命令,令她亲自出马,带人解决流沙星域的妖乱,并查出妖乱的真正原因。 She comes Quicksand Star Territory, is only completed the task. 她来流沙星域,本来只是来完成任务的。 Has not thought, comes this place, she then heard the Ning Fan hearsay. 不曾想,一来此地,她便听说了宁凡的传闻。 This is a fate... 这算是一种缘分么... „Has he really become Monster Suppression Alliance Alliance Leader? Did he slaughter in this Quicksand World really? Is he really Ghost Profound Initial Stage cultivation base?” “他真的成了剿妖联盟盟主么?他真的在这流沙界大开杀戒了?他真的已是鬼玄初期修为了?” In Little Monstress heart a series of questions, steps into Golden Palace split second in Ning Fan, got the answer. 小妖女心中一连串疑问,都在宁凡踏入金殿一瞬间,得到了答案。 5th Alliance Leader, truly is Ning Fan without doubt. 第五盟主,确实是宁凡无疑。 But Ning Fan, truly is Ghost Profound Initial Stage Realm! 宁凡,确实已是鬼玄初期境界 Initially when with. He is also only Seven Plums Young Lord, just Vein Opening entered into cultivates Path of Dao. But she, already close to become Immortal. 初遇之时。他还只是七梅少主,刚刚辟脉迈入修道之路。而她,已临近成仙 Now has a reunion in Eastern Heaven, she finally broke through Mortal Profound Initial Stage, has stepped into 2nd step Realm, but he, is actually Ghost Profound Initial Stage... 如今重逢于东天,她终于突破了人玄初期,踏入了第二步境界,而他,却已是鬼玄初期... Hee hee, was surmounted by him, Ancient Chaos Successor. Really is very fearful...” “嘻嘻,还是被他超越了呢,乱古传人。果然十分可怕...” Little Monstress laughs, to make the countless person dumbfounded actions of suddenly. 小妖女嘻嘻一笑,忽然做出无数人目瞪口呆的举动。 She hopping along, plunged into the bosom of Ning Fan, an affectionate charming tone, said the sentence gently, husband... For a long time does not see, do you have to think me ~ 她就那么一蹦一跳的,跳入了宁凡的怀中,更一副亲昵妩媚的语气,轻轻道了句,“夫君...许久不见,你有没有想我~” Really is she...” Feeling that Ning Fan split second had having a headache. “果然是她...”宁凡一瞬间有了头疼的感觉。 His Six Desires main status does not give up the exposition. Only thinks to be lower-key, facilitates him to walk Eastern Heaven, to steal Incense Fire. 他连六欲之主的身份都舍不得暴露。只想低调一些,方便他行走东天、偷盗香火 Which knows, Little Monstress comes up husband, a hug, threw in him being a focus of public attention position. 哪知道,小妖女上来一句夫君,一个拥抱,就把他扔到万众瞩目的位置上了。 Perhaps starting today, his Ning Fan gives up any idea of again in the Eastern Heaven low key conduct. 恐怕从今日起,他宁凡休想再在东天低调行事。 Godly Void Pavilion Young Pavilion Lord husband. The status of so shocking everybody, is not a Slaughter Palace disciple can place on a par. 神虚阁少阁主夫君。如此惊世骇俗的身份,可不是一个杀戮殿弟子可以相提并论的。 Then is Old Monster in Godly Void Pavilion, feared that must pay attention to Ning Fan... 便是神虚阁中的老怪们,怕也要关注起宁凡吧... Little Monstress that this natural disposition does not change, just now meets, intentionally adds to stop up to him! 这个本性不改的小妖女,才刚一见面,就故意给他添堵! Ning Fan sees Little Monstress cunning expression in the eyes. Knows, this woman does not want to let his low key intentionally. Makes trouble to him sincerely! 宁凡一看到小妖女狡黠的眼神。就知道,这女人是故意不想让他低调。诚心给他捣蛋! husband, were you angry?” Little Monstress innocent looks at Ning Fan, the chest pasted Ning Fan to push pushing, the stance wanted the multi- love affairs to have the multi- love affairs. 夫君,你生气了?”小妖女一脸无辜地看着宁凡,胸口贴着宁凡挤了挤,姿态要多爱昧有多爱昧。 Ning Fan because of the Little Monstress behavior vitality/angry, he already will certainly not be made fun of by this woman. 宁凡当然不会因为小妖女的行为生气,他早就被这女人捉弄惯了。 And Ning Fan also understands, Little Monstress makes his low key not get up intentionally, has the idea of sincerely making trouble, also protects his idea with the Godly Void Pavilion reputation. 宁凡也明白,小妖女故意让他低调不起来,有诚心捣蛋的想法,还有神虚阁名头保护他的想法。 Thanks.” Ning Fan shows a faint smile, tightened the Little Monstress slender waist gently. “谢谢。”宁凡微微一笑,轻轻紧了紧小妖女的纤腰。 Said that thanked many are estranged, others are your cherishing one's relatives daughter, helping you not should be ~ Little Monstress smiles smart-alecky, jumps out the Ning Fan bosom, has gathered together the temple silk. “说谢多生分,人家可是你的亲亲小娘子,帮你不是应该的嘛~”小妖女俏皮一笑,跳出宁凡怀抱,拢了拢鬓丝。 She had heard the Ning Fan fact, knows in Slaughter Palace passes cautiously, had heard Ning Fan offended Fei He and Yao Qingyun, offended Pill Sect, offended Quicksand Clan... 她听说过宁凡的事迹,知道在杀戮殿内过得如履薄冰,听说过宁凡得罪了费和姚青云,得罪了丹宗,得罪了流沙族... Therefore, she has given Ning Fan in the presence of everyone Godly Void Pavilion Young Pavilion Lord husband the status, wants to come this status to spread over Eastern Heaven quickly. 所以,她当众给了宁凡神虚阁少阁主夫君’的名分,想来这个名分很快就会传遍东天 At the appointed time, is Pill Sect Sect Master wants Ning Fan, feared that must think over well. 届时,便是丹宗宗主想要动宁凡,怕也要好好掂量掂量了。 At this moment, in Golden Palace the complete silence, the originally dispute sound, early stops because of the arrival of Ning Fan! 这一刻,金殿之内鸦雀无声,原本的争议声,早因为宁凡的到来而停止! Quicksand Clan Cultivators and alliance Cultivators, each and every single (person) gaze shocks looks at Ning Fan, cannot think, Ning Fan can ganging up on Godly Void Pavilion Young Pavilion Lord, make contact with the line with Godly Void Pavilion this colossus... 流沙族群修联盟群修,一个个目光震撼地看着宁凡,怎么也想不到,宁凡能‘勾搭’上神虚阁少阁主,与神虚阁这种庞然大物搭上线... Godly Void Pavilion various Expert, then the each and every single (person) gaze circle stares looks angrily at Ning Fan! 神虚阁强者,则一个个目光圆瞪地怒视宁凡 They regard Ning Fan gaze, did not have any hostility. 他们看待宁凡目光,本不带任何敌意。 But after Little Monstress announced she and Ning Fan relationship, they have to regard as the entire life archenemies Ning Fan! 但在小妖女公布她与宁凡关系之后,他们不得不将宁凡视为生平大敌! The Little Monstress status is special, does not lose innocence possibly, is not moved possibly, did not allow that involves with any man. 小妖女身份特殊,不容许失去清白,不容许动情,不容许与任何男子有牵扯。 Then is some Eastern Heaven influences intends to send out within sect outstanding, seek a marriage alliance to Little Monstress, often by Godly Void Pavilion powerful decline. 便是一些东天势力有意派出宗内俊杰、向小妖女求亲,也往往会被神虚阁强势回绝。 Former Qiong Dao Sect Dao Child He Shixiu, strove for marrying one of the Little Monstress Eastern Heaven heaven's chosen wholeheartedly. 从前的琼道宗道子何世修,也是一心求娶小妖女东天天骄之一。 What a pity, He Shixiu is unqualified, his back Qiong Dao Sect is similarly unqualified, including does not have to the qualifications that Godly Void Pavilion discusses marriage directly. 可惜,何世修太不够格,他背后的琼道宗同样不够格,连向神虚阁正面提亲的资格都没有。 He Shixiu can do, but back flatters Little Monstress, in order to trades beautiful woman heart... 何世修能做的,只是背后讨好小妖女,以求换得佳人芳心... What a pity, he too has underestimated the Little Monstress capturing difficulty, not only has not captured the Little Monstress heart, but also compensated the life in Rain World... 可惜,他太低估了小妖女的攻略难度,不仅没攻略到小妖女的芳心,还把性命赔在了雨界... Nowadays, innumerable Eastern Heaven heaven's chosen want to marry Little Monstress that actually cannot marry, acknowledged unexpectedly personally Ning Fan is her husband! 现如今,无数东天天骄想娶却不能娶的小妖女,竟亲口承认宁凡是她的夫君 Godly Void Pavilion various can Expert, how not have the hostility to Ning Fan? 神虚阁强者,如何能不对宁凡心存敌意? He, is my Xiao Qianci husband, you want to begin to him!” Little Monstress gaze one cold, sweeps to Godly Void Pavilion various Expert. “他,是我萧千慈夫君,你们想对他动手么!”小妖女目光一冷,扫向神虚阁强者 Her gaze is having the threat, this threat, is Crossing Truth Peak Old Monster does not dare to disregard, holds the fist in the other hand to ask for mercy in a hurry, 目光带着威胁,这威胁,便是渡真巅峰老怪都不敢无视,匆匆抱拳告罪, Subordinate does not dare!” 属下不敢!” Does not dare right...” Little Monstress just wants to nod satisfied, suddenly, in the people spreads a unharmonious sound. “不敢就对了...”小妖女正想满意地点点头,忽然间,众人之中传出一道不和谐的声音。 Your status is special, cannot involve with any man, this child, similarly not with the qualifications that you involve!” Crossing Truth Initial Stage middle-aged Daoist coldly said. “你身份特殊,不可与任何男子有所牵扯,此子,同样没有与你牵扯的资格!”一个渡真初期的中年道人冷冷言道。 He regards the Little Monstress facial expression, is bringing obvious disrespecting. 他看待小妖女的神情,带着明显的不敬。 Behind him has the backer. Backer status, is not nonsense Godly Void Pavilion Young Pavilion Lord can compared to. 他背后自有靠山。那靠山身份地位,可不是什么狗屁神虚阁少阁主可以相比的。 If he is Ancient Chaos Successor! First Generation Pavilion Lord last words. Elder Xu can it be does not know!” Little Monstress is looking at that middle-aged Daoist, the charming face frost is cold. “若他是乱古传人呢!初代阁主的遗命。许长老难道不知么!”小妖女望着那名中年道人,俏脸霜寒。 That personal name is Xu Nian, with her is not Faction, that person of back backer, always disagrees with her. 那人名为许年,与她并非一个派系,那人背后的靠山,向来与她不和。 Ancient Chaos Successor? Is he Yin-Yang Transformation cultivator?” Xu Nian first is slightly startled, has remembered the Godly Void First Ancestor last words, but a moment later, sneers. 乱古传人?他是阴阳变修炼者?”许年先是微惊,想起了神虚始祖的遗命,但片刻之后,又是冷笑。 How is he then Ancient Chaos Successor can? First Ancestor last words, not necessarily needs you to complete. You must remember your mission, maintains the distance with this child!” Xu Nian said with a sneer. “他便是乱古传人又能如何?始祖遗命,也未必需要你去完成的。你须记住你的使命,与此子保持距离!”许年冷笑道 If I must to complete the First Ancestor last words surely the name, making him make my husband?” Little Monstress coldly said. “若我定要以完成始祖遗命的名义,让他做我夫君呢?”小妖女冷冷道 If Young Pavilion Lord insists on so, could not say before this time stills Eastern Heaven, the this Xu person must help Young Pavilion Lord one slightly be busy , helping the Young Pavilion Lord brightness sword to cut the emotions! True Technique. Heaven Shift!” “若少阁主执意如此,说不得此次平定东天之前,许某人要帮少阁主一个小忙了,助少阁主慧剑斩情丝!真术移天!” The Xu Nian stride steps, the Crossing Truth Initial Stage imposing manner flies upwards in entire Golden Palace! 许年大步一迈,渡真初期的气势在整个金殿之中飞扬! He breaks through Crossing Truth Realm 20 years, Realm not yet stably, compared with same level Crossing Truth, but was extremely weak. 他突破渡真境二十年,境界尚未稳固,比起同级渡真,可算是极弱了。 But in front of Ning Fan, he has fully from high. Regardless of cultivation base and background, self-examined that is far from Ning Fan may compare! 但在宁凡面前,他却有着十足的自高。无论修为、背景,自问都远非宁凡可比! He did not mind that helps Little Monstress remove Ning Fan! 他不介意帮小妖女除掉宁凡 In name, he respects the Little Monstress status, considers for the Godly Void Pavilion general situation, then has killed Ning Fan. In the pavilion also nobody can blame him. 名义上,他是顾全小妖女的身份,是为了神虚阁大局着想,便是杀了宁凡。阁中也无人能怪罪他。 In fact, if he has killed Little Monstress husband. Can leave behind together the stain above Little Monstress Dao Heart. 实际上,他若杀了小妖女夫君。便可在小妖女道心之上留下一道污痕。 The this time bell sacrifice sacrificial offering, Little Monstress has not obtained the sacrificial offering qualifications. 这一次钟祭祭品,小妖女没有获得祭品资格。 Next one time bell sacrifice sacrificial offering, Little Monstress, if damages Dao Heart, naturally does not have the qualifications of becoming sacrificial offering! 一次钟祭祭品,小妖女若损道心,自然更无成为祭品的资格! But he in Faction that sacrificial offering, will have the qualifications to win... 而他所在派系的那个祭品,将有资格胜出... Thinks that may have this good deed occurrence, Xu Nian is eager to try, with extinguishing killed Ning Fan to be then quick. 一想到可能会有这种好事发生,许年自是跃跃欲试,与灭杀宁凡而后快了。 Displays the Heaven Shift Technique instance in him, Heaven and Earth trembles suddenly, but he and Ning Fan form simultaneously vanishes in same place, appears in the Quicksand World sky! 在他施展出移天之术的瞬间,天地忽然一颤,而他与宁凡的身影齐齐消失于原地,出现在流沙界的上空! „It is not good!” The Little Monstress charming face changes countenance, where thinks that husband gave Ning Fan to annoy unexpectedly so troublesome. “不好!”小妖女俏脸变色,哪里想到一句夫君竟给宁凡惹来了如此麻烦。 The lotus steps step, Little Monstress changes to the escaping rainbow to plunder Golden Palace, raises the head to look at the expansive sky, black pupil ice cold! 莲步一迈,小妖女化作遁虹掠出金殿,仰首望着长空,黑眸冷寒 In her behind, each and every single (person) Old Monster, fixes one's gaze on to look at the day one after another. 在她的身后,一个个老怪鱼贯而出,纷纷凝眸望天。 above the vast sky, Ning Fan and Xu Nian were stranded in barrier, that barrier, is Heaven Shift Technique barrier! 长空之上,宁凡许年被困在一处结界之中,那结界,是移天之术结界 Heaven Shift Technique is one of the Godly Void Pavilion Space Secret Technique, some small number of talented person cultivate successfully, Xu Nian does not only know that any bullshit luck, unexpectedly lucky cultivate successfully this technique, obtained some Immortal Emperor to recognize... 移天之术乃是神虚阁空间秘术之一,唯有少数人才可修成,许年不知走了什么狗屎运,竟侥幸修成了此术,获得了某个仙帝赏识... Once Heaven Shift Technique launches, will then be stranded the player and enemy in Heaven and Earth barrier, only if cultivation base is higher than use technique big Realm, otherwise nobody may bang broken barrier! 移天之术一旦展开,便会将敌我双方困于天地结界之中,除非修为高于施术者一个大境界,否则无人可轰碎结界 This Heaven Shift Technique is Xu Nian displays, his cultivation base is Crossing Truth, this then means that only if has Shedded Void take action, otherwise nobody may break through Heaven Shift barrier, breaks in barrier two people of fighting method! 移天之术许年施展,他的修为渡真,这便意味着除非有舍空出手,否则无人可攻破移天结界,打断结界中二人的斗法 Heaven Shift Technique, sieges Great Divine Ability that the enemy cultivates! 移天之术,是围困敌修的大神通 Xu Nian depends Heaven Shift Technique, has saved disgustingly, must be in front of Little Monstress, has killed Ning Fan, breaks Ning Fan Dao Heart! 许年仗着移天之术,存了恶心,要当着小妖女的面,杀了宁凡,破掉宁凡道心 Junior, this Xu does not have the enmity with you without the injustice, but actually has to extinguish you today personally kills in this barrier. Only if this Xu opens this barrier personally, otherwise does not have cultivator under any Shedded Void to break barrier, saves you! this Xu made you make bright White Ghost, if you died, does not need to hate me!” Xu Nian hypocritically said with a sneer. “小辈,许某与你无冤无仇,只是今日却不得不亲手将你灭杀于此结界之内了。除非许某亲手开启这结界,否则没有任何舍空之下的修士能打破结界,将你救走!许某让你做了个明白鬼,你若死了,也不必恨我!”许年假惺惺地冷笑道 Death? Why will I die? If you in Crossing Truth Realm self-torture 1000 years, are stable Realm, perhaps I will also think that you are an archenemy. Present you, have not killed my strength! You may know, was world has a word, called being caught in one's own trap?” “死?我为何会死?若你在渡真境界苦修千年,将境界稳固,或许我还会觉得你是大敌。如今的你,可没有杀我的实力!你可知,世间有一个词,叫‘作茧自缚’?” Ning Fan eyes flash with a cold light, coldly returns to say. 宁凡眼中寒芒一闪,冷冷回道。 Little Monstress truly has brought in a trouble for him, but Ning Fan by no means will blame Little Monstress, she is only a good intention. 小妖女确实为他引来了一个麻烦,不过宁凡并不会责怪小妖女,她只是一番好意。 This Xu Nian, seemingly does not satisfy the need with Little Monstress, is her enemy... 许年,貌似与小妖女不对路啊,是她的敌人么... Then in this barrier, helping her remove an enemy!” “便在此结界中,帮她除掉一个对头吧!” Ning Fan lifts the hand, offers a sacrifice to together Black Gold Sword Glow, cuts to Xu Nian. 宁凡一抬手,祭出一道乌金剑芒,斩向许年 A snorted coldly sound said that Xu Nian disdains, insignificant skill...” 许年不屑的冷哼一声道,“雕虫小技...” The vibrato of that last character has not ended, his complexion has changed suddenly. 那最后一个字的颤音还未完,他的面色已骤然大变。 Where also anything despises the Ning Fan mood! 哪里还有什么轻视宁凡的情绪! what! Second Step Concept condense Dao Armament!” 什么!第二步意境凝成道兵!”
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