GE :: Volume #7

#679: Under Undying Tree, fights this life!

The sentiment of tumultuous times, is not the desire of simple physical body, is not the sentiment of simple men and women. 乱世之情,不是简单的肉体之欲,不是简单的男女之情。 And, has the graciousness, has righteousness, has demanding, has desire, has too many too has no alternative. 其中,有恩,有义,有求,有慕,有太多太多的无可奈何。 Ning Fan dispatches counter to turn beside Blood Formation all people, extends take action, calmly is caressing in the coffin the resting face of Mu Weiliang. 宁凡将所有人遣出逆轮血阵之外,伸出手,静静抚着棺中慕微凉的睡颜。 Some sentiments, the entire life are unable to talk clearly, just like he and Mu Weiliang pester second the sentiment. 有些感情,一生一世也无法说清,正如他与慕微凉纠缠两世的情。 Is the simple love? It is not... 是简单的爱么?不是... Does not talk clearly, but sees her to have difficult, Ning Fan will fire into Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) reckless. 说不清,只是看到她有难,宁凡会不顾一切冲向掌情 For her awaken, Ning Fan is willing to cut the state of mind, self-destroying Seven Emotions, will forever lose Samsara. 为了她苏醒,宁凡愿自斩神魂,自灭七情,永失轮回 So, then foot. 如此,便足矣。 The Mu Weiliang bright resting face, there is a tranquil beauty. 慕微凉明净的睡颜,有一种恬静的美。 Plays musical instruments flesh that may break, somewhat is slightly icy cold. 吹弹可破的肌肤,略略有些冰凉。 Ning Fan takes back the palm, the corners of the mouth brings back unexpectedly wipes the smiling face. 宁凡收回手掌,嘴角竟勾起一抹笑容。 He is smiling! 他在笑! Lost Seven Emotions, he was still laughable! 失了七情,他仍然可笑! Smiling is an expression, has nothing to do with the mood. 笑是一种表情,与心情无关。 If Ning Fan wants to smile, he then can smile, even if cannot feel happily, he was still laughable. 宁凡想笑,他便可以笑,纵然感觉不到开心,他仍可笑的。 Seemed Yun Tianjue lost Seven Emotions, still stubbornly was attached to Ning Qian, still met a anger to clash the crown, the anger cuts hateful enemy. 就好似云天决失了七情,仍死死眷恋着宁倩,仍会一怒冲冠,怒斩仇寇 The day may extinguish the favor, cannot seize the person to read. 天可灭人情,不可夺人念。 True heartlessness, even if Seven Emotions still, treats the close relative to loving is the cold blood is also heartless, that is the true heartlessness. 真正无情者,就算七情尚在,对待至亲至爱也是冷血无情的,那,才是真正的无情。 Ning Fan is not, even if self-destroying Seven Emotions, he is not a heartless person. 宁凡不是,就算自灭七情,他也不是一个无情之人。 His ten fingers pinch finger joints with the thumb, activates counter turns Blood Formation Formation Power silently, close your eyes. 他十指掐诀,默默催动逆轮血阵阵力,闭上眼。 Be continuous ten thousand miles Blood Formation, shines the blood glow in split second. 绵延万里的血阵,在一瞬间亮起血芒。 blood glow increases holds on Azure Coffin, permeates the Mu Weiliang body, melted Seven Treasures Buddhist Relics of her within the body, takes the Ning Fan general soul as the foundation, models the new thing soul new soul in Mu Weiliang within the body gradually. 血芒加持在青棺上,渗入慕微凉身体,融化了她体内的七宝舍利,以宁凡一般魂魄为根基,在慕微凉体内渐渐塑出新魂新魄。 The Mu Weiliang itself has the soul, her Three Immortal Souls is Zhi He, Mu Xiaoliang and Mu Xiaohuan, her Seven Mortal Souls is Si Wuxie. 慕微凉本有魂魄,她的三魂纸鹤慕小凉慕小鬟,她的七魄思无邪 Three Immortal and Seven Mortal Souls has not extinguished, her actually reconstruct soul. Second soul coexistence, this does not conform to the Samsara rule. 三魂七魄未灭,她却重塑魂魄。两世魂魄共存,这不符合轮回规则。 Therefore, Ning Fan received the penalty of Heavenly Dao Samsara. 所以,宁凡受到了天道轮回的惩罚。 Ning Fan has a feeling, within the body has any thing, was pulling out by a faint trace leaves. 宁凡有一种感觉,体内有什么东西,正被一丝丝抽离。 He knows, pulled out leaves, reenters the qualifications of Samsara. 他知道,被抽离的,是再入轮回的资格。 Henceforth since date , he if dies, will not have the opportunity of rebirth again. 从此日起,他若死,将再无重生之机会。 The Undying Tree strength is a little bit is also found time. 不死树的力量亦是一点点被抽空。 On the tree taking advantage of several Undying/not dead fruits, only crossed ten to come the breath time. All Undying/not dead fruits withered, finally changes to the flying ash to elapse. 树上本来借着数颗不死果,只过了十来息时间。所有的不死果都已枯萎,最终化作飞灰逝去。 Ning Fan wants to collect the desire of Undying/not dead pit, feared that must fail. 宁凡想要搜集不死果核的愿望,怕是要落空了。 But his within the body Seal already broke, wants the pit to be also useless. 但他体内封印早已破去,要果核也无用。 Towering high Golden Divine Tree, a little bit is withering. 参天之高的金色神树,一点点枯萎着。 Mu Weiliang in Azure Coffin, the vitality in within the body is getting more and more thick. 青棺之中的慕微凉,体内的生机却越来越浓。 Ning Fan has closed the eye, controls Grand Formation to revolve silently. 宁凡闭上了眼,默默操控着大阵运转。 After losing reenters the qualifications of Samsara, he became aware to the Samsara clear(ly) on the contrary. 在失去再入轮回的资格后,他反倒对轮回的明悟多了一些。 The matter in world, has the shed then to have. 世间之事,有舍便有得。 Has been separated from Samsara. He stands outside the mountain, looked that the mountain was on the contrary clearer. 脱离了轮回。他站在山外,看山反倒更加一目了然了。 Does not know the truth about the matter, only reason is in this mountain... 不识庐山真面目,只缘身在此山中么... In the past I died in battle in this, now returns to this place. This is Samsara.” “当年我战死于此,如今又重归此地。这何尝不是一种轮回。” „The previous generation I and Weiliang meet by chance in this, has not actually protected her to be safe. This life I actually here, help her rebirth... This is Samsara.” “前世我与微凉在此相逢,却未护她平安喜乐。今生我却在此,助她重生...这何尝不是一种轮回。” Regardless of me of previous generation, is this life I. A little throughout has not changed, that is in the heart obsession... It looks like, Samsara and is unable to cancel in my heart obsession. It cannot achieve... Perhaps, Samsara is not world most powerful strength.” “只是无论前世的我,还是今生的我。有一点始终未曾改变,那便是心中执念...看起来,轮回并无法抹去我心中执念的。它做不到...也许,轮回并非世间最强力量。” Samsara...” 轮回...” Ning Fan within the body weak power of Samsara, starts to grow at the extremely slow speed. 宁凡体内一丝微弱的轮回之力,开始以极其缓慢的速度生长着。 His mind gradually loses, in counter turns in Blood Formation, seems is in one with this formation this place. 心神渐渐迷失在逆轮血阵之中,好似与此阵此地合为一体。 In Azure Coffin, Mu Weiliang faint trace memory continuously, actually converges Ning Fan Sea of Consciousness. 青棺之中,慕微凉丝丝缕缕的记忆,却汇入宁凡识海 Near his ear gradually hears the fighting method bellow. 他的耳边渐渐传来斗法的轰鸣声。 In his heart, appears pictures. 他的心中,浮现出一幕幕画面。 Indistinct, he as if sees that Ancient Heavenly Court perishes. 隐约之间,他似乎重新见到古天庭灭亡的那一幕。 Sky over Heavenly Courtyard, purple gold Giant Gate opens, golden hair man one step goes out, waves to extinguish kills innumerable Immortal. 天庭上空,紫金巨门开启,一个金发男子一步走出,挥手灭杀无数仙人 He, indeed Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion)! 他,正是掌情 He throws aside a fist size conveniently the eyeball, that eyeball, is the item of Celestial Emperor. 他随手掷下一个拳头大小的眼珠,那眼珠,是天帝之目。 He is despising to Mu Weiliang take action, actually Butterfly, the anger soars to the heavens, destroys his one item, making him incomparably shock. 他轻蔑着对慕微凉出手,却有一只蝴蝶,怒而冲天,毁去他一目,令他无比震撼。 That Butterfly, changes to the flying ash to dissipate finally. 蝴蝶,最终化作飞灰消逝。 But that Butterfly brave fierce Immortal Emperor magnificent feat, actually aroused innumerable Ancient Heavenly Court Immortal warm-blooded! 但那蝴蝶勇悍仙帝的壮举,却激起了无数古天庭仙人的热血! More and more Expert go out from purple gold Giant Gate, is the invading enemy, Heavenly Courtyard perishes to near completely! 越来越多的强者紫金巨门走出,全部是来犯之敌,天庭灭亡在即! Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) please leave a treasure, Seal all Heavenly Courtyard Divine Immortal Ancient God Heart strength. 掌情请出一宝,封印了所有天庭神仙古神心力。 Mu Weiliang charges into Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) with tears, the desire is Small Butterfly revenges, was actually lifted by Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) refers to extinguishing. 慕微凉含泪冲向掌情,欲为小蝴蝶报仇,却被掌情抬指而灭。 Old man Immortal Emperor seals into Azure Coffin the Mu Weiliang corpse, with tears. 一个老者仙帝慕微凉尸身封入青棺,眼含热泪。 Celestial Emperor falls, the emperor female dies, God Heart was sealed, Heavenly Courtyard met such as the Demon Clan Monster Race general difficult running away catastrophe mostly. 天帝陨,帝女死,神心被封,天庭多半会如魔族妖族一般难逃浩劫了。 But this so what! 但这又如何 Dead what to fear! 一死何足惧 Extinguishes what to fear! 一灭何足惧 Heavenly Courtyard all immortals, kills off outside the territory along with Old Man the enemy! Revenges for the Emperor!” 天庭诸仙,随老夫杀尽域外之敌!为帝君报仇!” Kills!” “杀!” Kills!!” “杀!!” Kills!!!” “杀!!!” Although Butterfly dies, but actually its obsession, transmitted to all people. 蝴蝶虽死,但却将它的执念,传达给了所有人。 ordinary butterfly still did not fear, their solemn Heavenly Courtyard Immortal, there is what to fear! 一只凡蝶尚不惧死,他们堂堂天庭仙人,又有何惧! Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) gaze ice-cold, directs, various Heaven Collapse burst. 掌情目光冰冷,一指点出,诸天崩溃。 That finger/refers, may die out Samsara! 那一指,可寂灭轮回 Only one finger/refers, then have several Immortal Emperor Level Immortal die! 只一指,便有数仙帝级仙人陨落 However, nobody dreads Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion), nobody dreads outside the territory the enemy! 然而,无人畏惧掌情,无人畏惧域外之敌! Old man Immortal Emperor laughs, both eyes actually blood-red, unexpectedly is direct impact Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) goes, self-detonation Mortal Body! 老者仙帝哈哈大笑,双目血红,竟是直冲掌情而去,自爆肉身 Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) stuffy snort/hum, resembled to receive some injury, outside some side many territories Expert was killed by self-detonation. 掌情闷哼一声,似受了些伤势,身旁则有不少域外强者自爆生生炸死。 Many Immortal both eyes blood-red, starts in the way of fighting tooth and nail, extinguishes kills outside the territory the enemy. 更多的仙人双目血红,开始以搏命的方式,灭杀域外之敌。 The person of cultivate Dao, mostly pities life, but at this moment, their what to fear dies! 修道之人,大多惜命,但这一刻,他们何惧一死! Giant Immortal Emperor combustion Nascent Divinity, fist glow is having the strength of rumbling heaven, strikes to Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion). 一名巨人仙帝燃烧元神,拳芒带着轰天之力,击向掌情 The innumerable mountains and rivers are accordingly broken, facing so formidable fist glow, Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) lifts refers, then giant Immortal Emperor Mortal Body according to becoming flying ash. 无数山河应声而碎,面对如此强大的拳芒,掌情只是一抬指,便将巨人仙帝肉身按成飞灰。 The Mortal Body destruction, giant Immortal Emperor Nascent Divinity actually laughs to charge into Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion)! 肉身毁灭,巨人仙帝元神却哈哈大笑冲向掌情 Outside territory the person, get lost/rolls!” “域外之人,滚回去!” Bang! 轰! Nascent Divinity self-detonation, Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) one time was scratched again. 元神自爆,掌情一次被微微伤到。 Another body rides Immortal Emperor of ox to look at the day to smile. Fires into Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion). 又一名身骑黄牛的仙帝望天而笑。冲向掌情 In that laughter, is passing the heroics of not being able saying that has does not fear the Heaven and Earth breadth of spirit! 那笑声之中,透着说不出的豪迈,有不畏天地的气魄! Chinese rhubarb, you predeceases, Old Man follows!” “大黄,你先死,老夫紧随其后!” Under this Immortal Emperor made, the ox under body charges into Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) immediately reckless! 这名仙帝一令之下,身下的黄牛立刻不顾一切冲向掌情 That ox strength endures compared with Immortal Emperor, a head pair of corner, is sharp incomparable, pierces the defenses of most Immortal Emperor sufficiently! 那黄牛实力堪比仙帝,头上一对犄角,更是锐利无比,足以洞穿大多数仙帝的防御! evil creature courts death!” 孽畜找死!” Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) snorted coldly, lifted refers to extinguishing the ox. 掌情冷哼一声,抬指灭了黄牛。 Although the ox extinguishes. But pair of Golden Ox Horn of his head, has not actually destroyed under Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) one finger/refers, but castrates does not reduce, pricks in the Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) dantian. 黄牛虽灭。但他头上的一对金色牛角,却并未毁于掌情一指之下,而是去势不减,刺入掌情丹田之中。 ! 噗! Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) since opening Realm Gate, first time coughs the blood! 掌情自开启界门以来,第一次咳出鲜血! That Immortal Emperor reveals the sorrowful color/look, that sorrowful, because of elapsing of ox. 仙帝露出哀痛之色,那哀痛,是因为黄牛的逝去。 Once, he was a shepherd boy, was riding the ox. Line in Linjian, meets by chance Immortal Master, henceforth steps into the immortal way... 曾经,他还是一个牧童,骑着黄牛。行于林间,偶遇仙师,从此踏入仙途... That cow accompanied his first, now. Died... 那牛陪了他一世,如今。已死... Chinese rhubarb is not anxious, Old Man sought you! Haha!” “大黄莫急,老夫来寻你了!哈哈!” Old man Soldier Melting Mortal Body, the whole body changes to the number suddenly endless Sword Glow, charging into Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) that fierce does not fear. 老者骤然兵解肉身,周身化作数之不尽的剑芒,悍不畏死的冲向掌情 Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) gaze went cold. Lifts under the finger stop most Sword Glow, was still actually injured by some small Sword Glow. 掌情目光一寒。抬指挡下大多数剑芒,却仍被小部分剑芒所伤。 When ox Immortal Emperor constrains Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion), tens of thousands of Immortal have charged into purple gold Giant Gate! 在黄牛仙帝拖住掌情之时,成千上万的仙人冲向了紫金巨门 Not unnecessary spoken language. Without the hesitation of moment, has, is only being duty-bound not to turn back gaze! 没有多余的言语。没有片刻的犹豫,有的,只是义无反顾的目光 Bang! Bang! Bang! 轰!轰!轰! Taking place of the fallen Heavenly Courtyard Ancient Immortal, with the body of respective flesh and blood, hits above purple gold Giant Gate! 前仆后继的天庭古仙,用各自的血肉之躯,撞击在紫金巨门之上! They, must destroy Heavenly Gate! 他们,要毁了天门 The purple gold Giant Gate gradually fissure is densely covered, gradually is illusory, gradually starts to close. 紫金巨门渐渐裂痕密布,渐渐虚幻,渐渐开始关闭。 Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) gaze gloomy and cold, this has destroyed! 掌情目光阴冷之极,此门已毁! Outside the territory that opens with great difficulty the channel, so ruined! 好不容易打开的域外通道,就这般毁掉了! Counts plan of million years, is destroyed in a moment! 百万年的谋划,毁于一旦! Emotion Wielding Great Venerable, removes!” Outside a territory Immortal Emperor clenches teeth to say. 掌情大尊,撤吧!”一名域外仙帝咬牙道。 Although outside the territory the channel destroyed, but the destruction the God, Monster and Demon three clans, have eliminated their heart, spirit and blood one after another, has calculated to win, does not need to continue to lose the military strength once more. 虽说域外通道毁去了,但相继覆灭了神妖魔三族,剥夺了他们的心灵血,已算大胜,没必要再次继续损耗兵力。 „To walk! this Emperor!” “想走!本帝准了吗!” A dignity middle-aged man, is treading million black Starlight, step by step! 一个威严之极的中年男子,踏着百万黑色星光,步步而来! He wears the black imperial robe, an item was gouged, does not live to flow the black blood. 他身着黑色龙袍,一目被生生剜出,不住流着黑血。 He is looking at this place battlefield, is looking at already Heavenly Courtyard Immortal that almost died in battle completely, has a good laugh! 他望着此地战场,望着已几乎全部战死的天庭仙人,仰天大笑! Dies together!” “一起死吧!” Bang! 轰! At this moment, Celestial Emperor self-detonation, surplus Heavenly Courtyard Immortal, complete self-detonation! 这一刻,天帝自爆,剩余的天庭仙人们,全部自爆 The strength of terrifying self-detonation, sweeps across, does not have outside the number field enemy in abundance die... 恐怖之极的自爆之力,席卷开来,无数域外之敌纷纷陨落... Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) coughs up blood with amazement, he is unable to believe that had been cut Celestial Emperor that kills by oneself obviously, is keeping unexpectedly also the one breath! 掌情骇然咳血,他无法置信,明明已被自己斩杀的天帝,竟还留着一口气! When the key, gives him fatal heavy injury! 在关键之时,给予他致命重创 Innumerable Black Star Force submerge Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) within the body, Zhang Qing (Wielding Emotion) injury is heavy, clenches teeth, in former an instant of purple gold Giant Gate total collapse, returned to outside the territory. 无数黑色星力没入掌情体内,掌情伤势沉重,一咬牙,在紫金巨门彻底崩溃的前一瞬,逃回了域外。 Outside the other territories the enemy, all dies... 余下的域外之敌,俱死... ... ... Ning Fan open eyes, feels within the body to be many little power of Samsara, is silent. 宁凡睁开眼,感受着体内多出少许的轮回之力,沉默不语。 He obtained Weiliang memory, this then said, Weiliang lost in the past memory... 他得到了微凉记忆,这便是说,微凉失去了往昔的记忆么... If she wakes up, will not remember the matter of Heavenly Courtyard destruction again, yes... 她若醒来,不会再记得天庭覆灭之事,是么... This is also good, that memory to her, is sad, might as well forget. Cannot think, on the eve of Heavenly Courtyard perishes, has occurred unexpectedly so heroically fights...” “这样也好,那段记忆对她而言,只有悲伤,不如遗忘。只是想不到,天庭灭亡前夕,竟发生过如此壮烈的一战...” Repairs Path of Dao, solid, when pities the life, but every so often, actually has to disregard the life.” “修道之路,固当惜命,但很多时候,却又不得不将性命置之度外。” Ning Fan Finger Secret Art does not live in the change, Undying Tree close to withered thoroughly, is almost one does not have the Spiritual Nature dead wood. 宁凡指诀不住变化,不死树已临近彻底枯萎,几乎已是一株毫无灵性的枯木。 The Mu Weiliang soul also almost thorough complete, she, immediately is a genuine live person. 慕微凉的魂魄也已几乎彻底补全,她,马上便是一个真正的活人了。 Her steady breathing, spreads to the Ning Fan ear, making Ning Fan mind even more tranquil. 她平稳的呼吸声,传入宁凡耳中,令宁凡心神愈发宁静。 Her corners of the mouth bring back a smile, did not know in the sleep the dream to any good deed. 她嘴角勾起一丝微笑,不知睡梦中梦到了什么好事。 Small Butterfly... Do not run, wait a minute/etc. I...” Words that her sleep talking, said gently, making Ning Fan be able help laughing. 小蝴蝶...不要跑,等等我...”她轻轻梦呓,说出的话,让宁凡哑然失笑。 Originally, what she dreams is he. 原来,她梦见的是他。 Passes a small little while again, she can awaken... 再过一小会儿,她就会苏醒... Suddenly, said innumerably the light of Teleportation shines in the sky. 忽然间,无数道传送之光在上空亮起。 Number endless Buried Immortal Clan person, appears in the Undying Tree surroundings! 数之不尽的葬仙族人,出现在不死树的周围! Si Wuxie and the others catch up with side Ning Fan completely, each dignified looks at sky. 思无邪等人全部赶来宁凡身边,各个凝重之极地看着天空。 Ning Fan, situation some are not wonderful. Did she resurrect? If resurrected thoroughly, our then retreats, not suitable and these person of head confrontations...” The Si Wuxie beautiful eye is dignified. 宁凡,情形有些不妙。她复活了么?若已彻底复活,我们这便撤退,不宜与这些人正面交锋...”思无邪美目凝重。 The fools can also see. These Buried Immortal Clan person newcomer were bad. 傻子也看得出。这些葬仙族来者不善了。 Short ten count breaths the time, 9 Ancestors 18 Kings catches up unexpectedly completely! 短短十数息功夫,九祖十八王竟全部赶来! The continuous Buried Immortal Clan person catches up with this place, Void Fragmentation already the have several hundred people! each and every single (person) Murderous Qi is steaming! 源源不断的葬仙族人赶来此地,碎虚有数百人!一个个杀气腾腾! Also misses a while, may resurrect thoroughly.” The Ning Fan fist grips tightly to say. “还差一会儿,才可彻底复活。”宁凡拳头紧握道。 Hateful!” The Si Wuxie delicate eyebrows are tight, scolded one lowly. “可恶!”思无邪秀眉紧蹙,低骂了一句。 She for Seal Breaking, Magic Force almost consumes spatially. True Body/this Senior crosses Large Heavenly Tribulation, this moment Clone has been at the collapse condition, does not have the strength of again war. 她为了破封,法力几乎耗空。本尊大天劫,此刻分身已处于崩溃状态,根本无再战之力。 Even if Clone unobstructive, is unable to resist entire Buried Immortal Clan depending on Loose Immortal Clone absolutely. 就算分身无碍,也绝对无法凭一个散仙分身对抗整个葬仙族的。 Lu Xiu and the others because of Seal Breaking, completely weakly. 卢修等人因为破封,全部虚弱之极。 Loose Demon Magic Force is good to exhaust most. Before so war, Loose Demon again fiercely also useless. 散魔法力好耗去大半。在如此大战之前,散魔再厉害也无用。 Undying Tree destroyed! Undying Tree destroyed really! Haha, haha!” Undying Tree that 9 Ancestors 18 Kings looked at withered, complete both eyes with tears, has a good laugh. 不死树毁了!不死树真的毁了!哈哈,哈哈!”九祖十八王看了看已经枯萎的不死树,全部双目含泪,仰天大笑。 Then, killing intent of all people completely Ning Fan locking! 而后,所有人的杀机全部将宁凡锁定! Is beyond this newcomer, extinguishes kills the Buried Immortal Clan person! 就是这个外来者,一路灭杀葬仙族人! Is beyond this newcomer, destroyed Undying Tree! 就是这个外来者,毁去了不死树 Among the startled anger, Second Ancestor saw Loose Demon suddenly. Is startled slightly, actually disdains. 正惊怒间,二祖忽然看到了散魔。微微一怔,却是不屑。 Sees Ming Que (bright sparrow) again, subsequently saw Mu Weiliang in Azure Coffin, he reveals overjoyed the looking expression! 再看到明雀,继而看到了青棺之中的慕微凉,他露出大喜过望的表情! Loose Demon is also pill body turned into Demon. But the Pill Demon two types, one type is Pill Body, one type is Demon Body. 散魔也是丹体成魔。但丹魔有两种,一种是丹身,一种是魔身 He is Demon Body, not pill strength. It is not able to help First Ancestor resurrecting. 他是魔身,并无丹力。无法帮助始祖复活的。 Ming Que (bright sparrow) is Pill Demon, is Pill Body, quality extremely high Pill Demon! 明雀是一个丹魔,是丹身,一个品质极高的丹魔 Mu Weiliang has absorbed the Undying Tree compensation. For a short time, not thorough refining! 慕微凉吸收了不死树的全部力量。一时半刻间,还未彻底炼化 If seizes Mu Weiliang, sacrifice gives to First Ancestor, power of Undying can transmit to First Ancestor surely! 若将慕微凉捉去,祭献给始祖,不死之力定能传达给始祖 If seizes Ming Que (bright sparrow), sacrifice gives to First Ancestor, beginning Ancestor Pill demon Physique must be possible to restore thoroughly! 若将明雀捉去,祭献给始祖,始祖丹体质必可彻底修复! Do not despair, although Undying Tree destroys, but female in that small Pill Demon and Azure Coffin, has the use to First Ancestor greatly!” “诸位不要绝望,不死树虽毁,但那个小丹魔青棺之中的女子,却对始祖大有用处!” Captures alive these two females, kills completely!” “把这二女生擒,余者,全部杀死!” 9 Ancestors 18 Kings made entire life, the Buried Immortal Clan Expert tide flushed generally in the Undying Tree direction! 九祖十八王一生令下,葬仙族强者潮水一般朝不死树方向冲来! Sisi, Ming Que (bright sparrow), you protect Azure Coffin in this! Big Head, your these people keep under Undying Tree similarly, protects Azure Coffin!” 思思,明雀,你们在此护青棺大头,你们这些人同样留在不死树下,守护青棺!” Buried Immortal Clan, I cope!” 葬仙族,我一人对付!” Ning Fan one step, steps the expansive sky, Expert that imposing fearless looks at wells up tidal. 宁凡一步,踏上长空,凛然无惧看着潮水般涌来的强者 formation to the last act, has been possible to revolve voluntarily. He may fight! 阵法已至尾声,可自行运转了。他可一战! Loose Demon and the others, only need to protect good Mu Weiliang to be then enough! 散魔等人,只需要保护好慕微凉便足够! Before Mu Weiliang resurrects thoroughly, anybody gave up any idea of that flies to Undying Tree in ten thousand miles! 慕微凉彻底复活前,任何人都休想飞至不死树万里之内! Melts the black clothes, pulls out earth Void Soul, in the Ning Fan eye Demon Sense is dreadful, to day one finger/refers, 8800 paint Black Stars appears under the sunny day suddenly! 化黑衣,抽大地虚空魂,宁凡眼中魔念滔天,向天一指,八千八百颗漆黑星辰骤然浮现于青天白日之下! His lives, will not make Mu Weiliang 2nd time die! 他此生,绝不会让慕微凉第二次死去! Undying Tree in ten thousand miles, is his inviolable restricted area! 不死树万里之内,就是他不可侵犯的禁地! Black Star Technique! Celestial Emperor Black Star Technique! And unexpectedly some these many Life Source Stars!” 9 Ancestors 18 Kings all in great surprise. 黑星之术天帝黑星之术!且竟有这么多本命星辰!”九祖十八王俱都大惊。 The next instance, the Ning Fan big hand grasps, inexhaustible black Starlight, condenses Stars Bow! 下一个瞬间,宁凡大手一抓,无穷无尽的黑的星光,凝聚成一把星辰之弓 Ancestor Demon Demon Symbol, changes to the strange trace, engraves above Star Bow! 祖魔魔符,化作奇异的纹路,刻印在星弓之上! This is Six Wings First Ancestor Secret Technique —— Executing Stars Bow! 此为六翼始祖秘术——诛辰之弓 Ning Fan without delay, bends the bow an arrow, shoots at Buried Immortal Clan Cultivators! 宁凡二话不说,弯弓一箭,射向葬仙族群修 The strength of this arrow, has as if roused 8800 stars great power! 这一箭之力,似乎勾动了八千八百道星辰大势 In an instant that this arrow projects, 33rd level Heavenly World all regions by black Starlight are bathed, are during the fierce tremor! 在这一箭射出的一瞬,第三十三天界所有地域都被黑色星光沐浴,处于剧烈的颤动之中! Died innumerably many years of Immortal remains, when feeling this Black Star Force, withered bone bursts into tears unexpectedly, strange. 无数死去多年的仙人遗骨,在感受到这股黑色星力之时,竟枯骨流泪,诡异之极。 This is the technique of Celestial Emperor! Once was the innumerable Heavenly Courtyard Ancient Immortal glory! 此乃天帝之术!曾是无数天庭古仙的荣耀! The bowstring clank long cry, the arrow leaves, not returns! 弓弦铮铮长鸣,箭出,无回! That crazy Black Star arrow light, is bringing obsession of Ning Fan second together, changed to the number by the whatever happens/10 million black arrow rain, the locust rain is common, kills innumerable Divine Transformation and Void Refinement cultivation base Buried Immortal Clan person one by one! 那一道疯狂的黑星箭光,带着宁凡两世之执念,化作了数以千万的黑色箭雨,蝗雨一般,将无数化神炼虚修为葬仙族一一射杀! cultivation base is lower than Void Fragmentation 3rd Heavenly Layer cultivator, directly by arrow rain heavy injury! 修为低于碎虚三重天修士,直接被箭雨重创 Even if 8th Fragment cultivator, was shaken by this arrow glow slightly draws back, is unable to approach Undying Tree! 就算是碎八修士,也被此箭芒稍稍震退,无法靠近不死树 Ning Fan bends the bow, makes contact with the 2nd arrow, shoots toward a 8th Fragment cultivator arrow. 宁凡弯弓,搭上第二箭,朝着一名碎八修士一箭射去。 Is projecting the instance of this arrow, Ning Fan bends the bow the ripple fire 15 arrow, projects the arrow of stars to other 15 8th Fragment cultivator completely! 在射出此箭的瞬间,宁凡弯弓连射十五箭,对另外十五碎八修士全部射出星辰之箭! His Magic Force already consumed spatially, this a path of arrow light, almost completely is Star Force. 法力早已耗空,这一道道箭光,几乎全部是星力所化。 Star Force already such, instant kill 8th Fragment, easy! 星力已如此之强,瞬杀碎八,轻而易举! A 8th Fragment cultivation base yellow face old man, before disdain arrow light of looks at close to body, lifts refers to pressing down, said with a sneer, arrow glow...” 一名碎八修为的黄脸老者,不屑地看着临近身前的箭光,抬指按下,冷笑道,“屈屈箭芒...” His voice has not fallen, was pierced Heavenly Spirit by an arrow, Black Star Force destroys in within the body recklessly, destroys Extinguish! its Nascent Divinity instantaneously 他话音未落,已被一箭洞穿天灵,黑色星力在其体内肆意破坏,将其元神瞬间毁灭! Finally, this 8th Fragment Old Monster Mortal Body explodes the powder is Blood Mist perishes! 最终,此碎八老怪肉身爆散为血雾而亡! 8th Fragment cultivator, was killed by a Ning Fan arrow! 碎八修士,被宁凡一箭射杀! Other 8th Fragment cultivator complexion in great surprise, realized that this arrow light is fierce, nobody dares to shake the arrow glow with Mortal Body again hardly! 余下的碎八修士纷纷面色大惊,意识到此箭光厉害,无人再敢拿肉身硬撼箭芒! Golden Shield, daoist talisman, Treasure Armor... Each article Defensive Divine Ability and Magical Treasure were displayed by other 15 8th Fragment Old Monster. 金盾,灵符,宝甲...一件件防御神通法宝被余下的十五碎八老怪施展而出。 Scoff! Scoff! Scoff! 嗤!嗤!嗤! A each article defends Magical Treasure to be pierced, formation was broken through, Divine Ability fell from the sky. 一件件防御法宝被洞穿,阵法被攻破,神通被陨灭。 each and every single (person) 8th Fragment cultivator was pierced Heavenly Spirit by the arrow of stars, nurses hatred die, explodes to disperse everywhere Blood Mist! 一个个碎八修士被星辰之箭洞穿天灵,含恨陨落,爆散成漫天血雾 Buried Immortal Clan remaining 16 8th Fragment Old Monster, only one puts in an appearance then by Ning Fan instant kill! 葬仙族尚存的十六碎八老怪,只一个照面便被宁凡瞬杀 Not yet die 325 Buried Immortal Clan Void Fragmentation and 40,000 many Void Refinement, complete gaze drastic change! 尚未陨落的325名葬仙族碎虚4万多名炼虚,全部目光剧变! 9 Ancestors 18 Kings is also the gaze drastic change, they self-examine the only person of strength, is not certainly possible to put in an appearance to extinguish kills 16 8th Fragment cultivator! 九祖十八王亦是目光剧变,他们自问单凭一人之力,绝无可能一个照面灭杀16名碎八修士 Ning Fan kills 16 8th Fragment cultivator one after another, is his limit. 宁凡接连射杀十六碎八修士,已是他的极限。 But in his eye, Demon Sense is getting deeper and deeper, face upwards the long and loud cry! 但他的眼中,魔念却越来越深,仰天长啸! His head grows a pair of demon corner/horn, the back gives birth to eight wings, whole body Demonic Qi is dreadful! 他的头上长出一对魔角,背后生出八翼,周身魔气滔天! Ancient Demon!” 9 Ancestors 18 Kings gaze shakes completely. 古魔!”九祖十八王全部目光一震。 Art of Taking Life!” 杀生之术!” Ning Fan swallows Blood Qi of this place die, changes to own Essence, then, pulls open Star Execution Bow by Essence once more, has aimed at Buried Immortal Clan 7th Fragment cultivator! 宁凡强吞此地陨落者的血气,化作自身精气,而后,以精气再次拉开诛辰弓,对准了葬仙族碎七修士 expression in the eyes, Evil Qi is shocking, Demon Sense is dreadful! 一个眼神,煞气惊世,魔念滔天! To expression in the eyes on Ning Fan ominous offense, 40,000 many Buried Immortal Clan Expert all crazily retrocede at this moment, does not dare with it fighting! 对上宁凡此刻凶戾的眼神,4万多名葬仙族强者全部疯狂后退,不敢与之争锋! Arrow of might this stars is too strong, they cannot resist! 这星辰之箭威力太强,非他们可以抵挡! This place only has 9 Ancestors 18 Kings, may endure with a Ning Fan war! 此地唯有九祖十八王,可堪与宁凡一战! 16 King sneers, Ancient Demon so what! Your Bow Technique might is not weak, but instant kill 8th Fragment, retreats in fear my clan junior, actually cannot frighten me and other Loose Immortal! Immortal Technique, Great Withering Glory Finger!” 十六王冷笑一声,“古魔又如何!你弓术威力不弱,可瞬杀碎八,吓退我族小辈,却吓不到我等散仙仙术,大枯荣指!” This person refers to separating to select spatially, Ning Fan by the deep yellow referring to glow the cage, the body has the indication of collapse immediately unexpectedly. 此人一指隔空点出,宁凡立刻被深黄的指芒所笼,身体竟有崩溃之征兆。 Clenches teeth, has actually aimed at 16 King Star Bow, projects an arrow forcefully. 一咬牙,却是将星弓对准了十六王,强行射出一箭。 Next an instant, Ning Fan Mortal Body dry lonesome, explodes to disperse ink trace, subsequently recongeal, is actually looks deathly pale, resembles by 16 King heavy injury. 一瞬,宁凡肉身枯寂,爆散成墨影,继而重凝,却是脸色惨白之极,似被十六王重创 But 16 King lifts the hand point to Star Arrow, was shaken by this arrow merely draws back has counted hundred steps, qi and blood turns wells up, has not actually been injured. 十六王抬手点向星箭,仅仅是被此箭震退了数百步,气血翻涌,却并未受伤。 High under stands sentences! 高下立判! You are not weak, but non- this King match! You, can die!” “你不弱,但非本王对手!你,可以死了!” 16 King lifts the hand, is Great Withering Glory Finger selects, the Ning Fan fist grips tightly, his expression in the eyes was already crazy! 十六王抬手,又是一记大枯荣指点出,宁凡拳头紧握,他的眼神已然疯狂! It is not the match, he still the match of non- Loose Immortal, but, this so what! 不是对手,他仍非散仙之对手,但,这又如何 Starlight One Revolution, his injury instantaneous healing! 星光一转,他伤势瞬间痊愈! One according to the broken good bow, waves, Summer Sovereign Sword already in hand! 一把按碎行弓,挥手间,夏皇剑已然在手! His whole body bloody glow soars to the heavens suddenly, Sword Finger 16 King! 他周身忽然血光冲天,剑指十六王 Soldier Melting...” 兵解...” The light two characters read, actually gave the 16 King feeling of ghost big braving! 淡淡的二字念出,却给十六王一种亡魂大冒之感! But other 26 ancestors and kings, the complete look, loudly exclaimed with amazement, 16 King, fast drew back, this sword light cannot resist with all one's strength!” 而其他的26名祖王,全部神色骇然之极,大吼道,“十六王,速退,此剑光不可力敌!” Ning Fan was already crazy, if not crazy, how may be called for the demon! 宁凡已然疯狂,若不疯狂,如何堪称为魔! The previous generation he is only ordinary butterfly, then does not fear Emotion Wielding Immortal Emperor. 前世他仅是凡蝶,便不惧掌情仙帝 This life he also does not fear 9 Ancestors 18 Kings, insufficient Buried Immortal Clan! 今生他亦不惧九祖十八王,不足葬仙族 Under Undying Tree, fights this life! 不死树下,战今生! By my remnant thought, changes you this life! 以我残念,换你今生! Kills!” “杀!” His demonic roar soared to the heavens, has forgotten all, only remembered. 他一声魔吼冲天,遗忘了一切,只记得一点。 Here is his battlefield, his Half-Step will not make concessions, regardless of pays any price!( To be continued please search floating astronomy, novel is better to renew is quicker!) 这里是他的战场,他半步也不会退让,无论付出任何代价!(未完待续请搜索飄天文學,小说更好更新更快!)
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